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[00:20:03] <Bytram> Deucalion: if anyone should be hanging their head, it would be me. I was the one who conceived of the Q&A and did not complete what I started. You most kindly volunteered to take it over from me, and made connections with the TedX folks and got approvals and permissions.
[00:48:37] <Bytram> takyon++ Many thanks for finishing the Q&A story!
[00:48:37] <Bender> karma - takyon: 32
[00:48:43] <Bytram> takyon++
[00:48:43] <Bender> karma - takyon: 33
[00:48:57] <Bytram> CoolHand++ thanks for 2nding the story, too.
[00:48:57] <Bender> karma - coolhand: 32
[00:49:07] * Bytram goes off to hang HIS head.
[00:49:54] <Bytram> story queue ran dry, /me quickly pushes out a story
[01:13:01] <takyon> bytram noooooooooo
[01:13:07] <takyon> I just pushed the ad story
[01:13:13] <Bytram> k
[01:13:22] <takyon> you can second edit it I guess
[01:13:46] <takyon> I found the missing URL and pared down the story.... which is quoted in its entirety in the original submission!
[01:15:48] <Bytram> it wasn't there when I looked! You are quick!
[01:15:48] <Bytram> did you find a link to the story?
[01:15:48] <Bytram> personally, I would prefer the entire story to getting just htelink.
[01:15:48] <Bytram> *the link
[01:15:48] * Bytram goes to 2nd it
[01:24:22] <takyon> pop my story in there and then I will add the japan DoS story
[01:24:56] <Bytram> am alaready on it
[01:24:58] <Bytram> =)
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[01:25:33] <takyon> i noticed
[01:25:39] <takyon> I look at those editor sessions
[01:27:43] <Bytram> I do, too.
[01:28:09] <Bytram> intresting story, this one: http://arstechnica.com
[01:28:10] <systemd> ^ 03Indefinite prison for suspect who won’t decrypt hard drives, feds say | Ars Technica
[01:28:25] <takyon> it seeeeeems like we've run that
[01:28:28] <takyon> maybe not
[01:28:34] <Bytram> kinda
[01:28:44] <Bytram> we had a story announcingthat he'd been held for some number of months
[01:28:55] <Bytram> this one goes further,
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[01:29:37] <Bytram> basically that the prosecutors have urged the feds to keep the suspect in prison until he fesses up his passwords.
[01:30:11] <Bytram> it *is* the same case with the same suspect.
[01:32:09] <Bytram> Up until I saw this, I was onder the impression that the courts could compel me to hand over my physical key, but they were unable to force me to produce a password from memory as that would violate the 5th amendment -- I'd have been corecered to testify against yself.
[01:32:30] <Bytram> breaktime; biab; afk
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[22:40:30] <takyon> I submitted an article about IBM's PCM research
[22:40:39] <takyon> Phoenix's didn't even have a URL
[22:40:59] <takyon> however, I think my source disagrees with other sources on whether "3 bits per cell" was actually demonstrated
[22:41:04] <takyon> give it a read if you would
[22:45:24] <takyon> because i looked at several other sources, and they uncritically report that "IBM demonstrated 3 bits per cell"
[22:45:56] <takyon> whereas Next Platform said something along the lines of "they demonstrated 2 bits per cell, and said they have a path to 3 bits"
[22:46:05] <takyon> leaving me confused
[22:46:09] <takyon> so yeah, just a heads up
[22:59:18] <nick> ibm does seem to be claiming 3 bits
[23:01:00] <takyon> "In any event, up until now, PCM was able to store one bit per memory cell, but a team of researchers at IBM’s lab in Zurich, Switzerland have demonstrated they can store two bits per cell and a path to three bits per cell – equivalent to the density of modern flash memory."
[23:02:11] <nick> i'd buy that
[23:02:56] <nick> i was just reading the phys.org article on it which claims IBM as the source and no author
[23:02:59] <takyon> and then in the next paragraph they ahve...
[23:03:08] <takyon> Reaching three bits per cell is a significant milestone because at this density the cost of PCM will be significantly less than DRAM and closer to flash.”
[23:03:13] <takyon> which is from the IBM man
[23:03:35] <nick> http://phys.org
[23:03:36] <systemd> ^ 03IBM scientists achieve storage memory breakthrough
[23:03:46] <takyon> either way, the headline of "multiple bits per cell" should be accurate
[23:04:08] <nick> yeah
[23:04:47] <nick> well
[23:04:58] <nick> actually RTF Source
[23:05:00] <nick> says it's 2 bit
[23:05:05] <nick> so the 3 bit is lies
[23:05:15] <takyon> gg tech reporters
[23:05:18] <nick> from the abstract: "we also show feasibility of 3 bits/cell PCM, for the first time ever."
[23:05:30] <takyon> right, I read that too
[23:05:41] <nick> so they have not demonstrated it
[23:05:53] <nick> but just have good reason to believe they can soon
[23:05:57] <takyon> kind of an ambiguous statement, I could see how tech reporters would trip over their diapers reporting it that way
[23:06:36] <nick> no one reads the source material, and we're only talking about the abstract ffs
[23:06:52] <takyon> yeah
[23:07:03] <takyon> I could look and see if i can grab the whole paper, but if it's new that's unlikely
[23:07:21] <nick> most of the tech press is just reprinting press releases
[23:07:31] <nick> but that really is most of the news media in general
[23:07:31] <takyon> no doubt
[23:07:36] <takyon> hence the diaper comment
[23:07:46] <nick> aye
[23:07:53] <takyon> all I'm saying is
[23:08:12] <takyon> Huggies and Depend support VR technology
[23:08:40] <nick> lol
[23:11:13] <nick> does it mean i'm old because VR doesn't interest me?
[23:11:42] <nick> i'm interested in reading about the developments in the tech, but don't actually have any desire to use it
[23:18:23] <takyon> honestly, I think it is probably worth giving the Cardboard a go (yet I haven't)
[23:18:55] <takyon> we're talking about something that you can assemble yourself, or purchase for $5-10 if you're lazy, or get for free with your copy of the New York Times (certain issues)
[23:19:29] <takyon> it's entry level, it will let you check this shit out, and it doesn't have annoying tether/cords like Oculus Rift and other high end headsets do
[23:19:35] <takyon> it's all done on the smartphone
[23:19:51] <takyon> I would get a cardboard but my smarthphone is kind of shit so I would rather wait and do it later
[23:20:06] <takyon> there's also Gear VR, a $100 option that has been bundled for free with Samsung phones
[23:20:16] <takyon> but yeah, cardboard? why not
[23:20:34] <takyon> you can make your own diaper out of old newspaper. preferably the NYT
[23:23:12] <takyon> I recently got a bluetooth mouse to use with my phone, but holding a phone and using the mouse is a little annoying. I was thinking about how having the phone strapped to my face and then using the bluetooth mouse could be a lightweight web browsing replacement on the go
[23:23:19] <takyon> just don't do it in public
[23:26:37] <nick> the cardboard is worth a go at some point perhaps, i'd not turn down the opportunity to try VR out if it was there
[23:28:27] <takyon> I think the cardboard option is about the committment level you want, because there's a largely unspoken problem with high end headsets.
[23:28:33] <takyon> Do you know what it is, nick?
[23:29:07] <nick> ive heard of it is about as far as it goes
[23:29:24] <takyon> It's FACE GREASE, nick. It's your disgusting human face juices.
[23:29:39] <nick> lol
[23:29:55] <takyon> wearing a VR headset will proliferate your essence into the foam covering
[23:30:11] <nick> yeah, the whole headset thing as it is now is not appealing
[23:30:22] <takyon> so good luck with sharing it.
[23:30:34] <takyon> apparently you need to wipe it down with alcohol periodically
[23:30:39] <nick> i wear goggles and stuff to protect my eyes usually, putting some headgear on like that is counter-intuitive to me
[23:31:06] <takyon> counter-intuitive? with VR you're protecting your eyes AND entertaining yourself! it's perfect
[23:31:25] <nick> vr protects eyes?
[23:31:34] <takyon> sure
[23:31:47] <takyon> if someone throws a baseball at your face while you're in the basement, it will just bounce off
[23:32:15] <nick> ive not seen that angle in the marketing
[23:32:42] <takyon> VR has a wide field of view. anything could happen!
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