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[15:45:08] <nick> http://www.bloomberg.com
[15:45:09] <systemd> ^ 03Denied Breaks, U.S. Poultry Workers Wear Diapers on the Job - Bloomberg
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[16:15:18] <takyon> I finalized the gringer story + Q&A
[16:15:30] <takyon> it needs some finishing touches but I would like a sanity check
[16:15:38] <takyon> things that might need to change
[16:15:52] <takyon> 1. add some links to Q&A thread, other stories
[16:16:13] <takyon> 2. better text (the part that I wrote saying, "Oh here's the Q&A stuff:"
[16:16:18] <takyon> 3. link to user profiles
[16:16:42] <takyon> 4. fix instance where a special character did not copy of over (I think it is the "micro" symbol)
[16:21:02] <takyon> I went ahead and added the micro symbol
[16:21:15] <takyon> I emailed gringer to get clarification on that, so might change it later
[16:22:12] <takyon> respond here, I will return before the story goes live, hopefully.
[16:22:24] <takyon> in about 5 hours
[17:29:49] <CoolHand> takyon: I'll give it a look
[17:34:56] <CoolHand> honestly I think its about as good as can be hoped - I think it pushes the limits of the format of the site really.. but I don't have issues with it
[18:49:21] <takyon> I think it could use some horizontal rules
[18:52:29] <CoolHand> that might be good... I wonder if maybe hit should be broken a bitter earlier than just at the Q&A stuff also.. it's a pretty big wall of txt that will hit the front page..
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[22:48:29] <Deucalion> Thanks takyon & Coolhand
[22:48:35] * Deucalion hangs head in shame