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[00:14:36] <cmn32480> the prodigal son hath returned!
[02:49:49] <cmn32480> well.. Happy Mothers Day to all... we are good through midnight UTC (8pm Eastern) tomorrow
[03:01:14] <cmn32480> ~gnight #editorial
[03:01:16] * exec explicitly twerks a keg of frustration for #editorial
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[12:47:33] <janrinok> lurk lurk lurk
[17:05:06] * nick waves to janrinok and Deucalion
[17:20:43] * janrinok waves back
[17:22:31] <nick> how goes?
[17:23:09] <janrinok> not bad, and you?
[17:25:12] <nick> it goes ok, seems like summer arrived today
[17:25:34] <janrinok> our weather is just breaking - possibility of a thunderstorm tonight
[17:25:58] <nick> i'm hoping it cools down tomorrow, got holes to dig and concrete to mix tomorrow
[17:26:39] <janrinok> if you didn't dig the holes, you wouldn't have to fill 'em with concrete again....
[17:27:10] <nick> now you tell me!
[17:27:31] <janrinok> :0
[17:28:47] <janrinok> Celebrating VE day here today, I was wreath-laying this morning
[17:30:28] <nick> a local ceremony?
[17:30:57] <janrinok> well, there are celebrations all over europe, but the ceremony that I attended was local
[17:32:36] <janrinok> about 50-60 people, perhaps a few more
[17:33:25] <nick> that seems quite good i'd think
[17:33:34] <janrinok> not bad, for a small village
[17:35:13] <nick> can't say you'd get that sort of turn out here
[17:35:31] <janrinok> I'm not even sure that the UK mark it as a significant date
[17:36:15] <nick> doesn't it all get lumped together for remembrance sunday?
[17:37:37] <janrinok> probably, whereas most of Europe marks each event separately. Liberation of each town/village, VE day, Normandy Landings etc as well as the French specific dates which I don't attend, e.g. victory in Algeria, etc
[17:38:20] <nick> UK has a much more detached/distant relationship to the conflicts from my perspective
[17:39:04] <janrinok> Nov 11 here is only to mark WW1 and not other wars, whereas in the UK we use that day to remember all war dead from any conflict _since_ WW1
[17:40:16] <nick> i've always associated remembrance sunday with ww2, even though it is supposed to be about ww1, but few people (including myself) know much of anything about ww1 i think
[17:41:18] <janrinok> I tend to remember those friends that I have lost in FRY, Iraq or Afghanistan on 11 Nov, as well as those from previous conflicts
[17:43:25] <nick> being in the forces, it must be natural to do so, and that's how i feel it should be, but then how people choose to mark that is very much their own
[17:43:55] <janrinok> yep, agreed, I don't mind those that don't recognise the date as anything special
[17:44:03] <nick> anyone lost in war is a tragedy that shouldn't be forgotten because it was an 'unpopular' war or less 'important' or something
[17:45:06] <janrinok> we tend to separate the military task from the politics behind it - although in fact the former results from the latter
[17:45:25] <nick> it's a complex issue however you take it, some people have very different views. i have my own opinions but i can respect the sacrifice many people have made and it's never a good thing
[17:46:40] <nick> it nearly always results from someones politics i'd imagine, if not directly the politics of your own government
[17:46:50] <janrinok> exactly
[17:48:37] <janrinok> I could do with the weather staying dry for the next day or two - I have several jobs to go outside which I would prefer to do in the dry
[18:01:16] <nick> dry would be good, i just want a breeze
[18:01:31] <janrinok> is that to help the concrete dry?
[18:05:36] <nick> help keep me dry, working all day in the sun without a breeze and i'll get all nasty and sweaty
[18:05:42] <nick> which i object to happening in this country
[18:05:43] <janrinok> k
[18:06:12] <nick> it's part of the deal when working in tropical places, but when i'm working in london, i expect it to be overcast :p
[18:06:33] <janrinok> sell, you usually you will get your way in London :)
[18:06:48] <janrinok> *well, you ...
[18:07:20] <nick> indeed, although we've had a good run from last week were the weather has been ideal
[18:09:34] <nick> back to wearing shorts full time :D
[19:03:14] <janrinok> gtg - bye, back on sometime this week
[19:03:35] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[23:24:31] <Deucalion> Deucalion waves to nick