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[02:10:18] <Bytram|away> cmn32480: !!
[02:10:27] <cmn32480> heya Bytram
[02:10:38] <Bytram|away> howz thngz?
[02:11:02] <cmn32480> working on the Wondows 10 privacy shutdown
[02:11:18] <Bytram|away> oooh, that could be, umm, interesting!
[02:11:27] <Bytram|away> .me does. not. want.
[02:11:35] <cmn32480> meh.. if it sucks too bad.. I got 30 days to roll back to Win 7
[02:12:05] <Bytram|away> good luck!
[02:12:20] <cmn32480> thanks
[02:12:22] <Bytram|away> hey, I struggled a bit with the shipping/sending data story
[02:12:29] <Bytram|away> was half -asleep at the time
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[02:12:36] <Bytram> ahh, that's better!
[02:12:49] <cmn32480> feeling a little more here?
[02:12:56] <Bytram> I may have bolluxed up cloud provider in the writeup -- need a keen eye to go over it
[02:13:05] <Bytram> well, I'm still not all there, but yeah!
[02:13:30] <cmn32480> it looked ok to me
[02:13:52] <Bytram> ok, I just have this thing about 'the cloud' and wanted to be careful
[02:14:08] <Bytram> about how I refrred to it; wasn't at all sure that I was consistent...
[02:14:27] <Bytram> within what I wrote as well as wrt the referenced article.
[02:14:48] <cmn32480> I did add the obligatory xkcd as an editors note
[02:15:00] <Bytram> umm, that goes back well before xkcd
[02:15:13] <cmn32480> https://what-if.xkcd.com
[02:15:13] <systemd> ^✓ 03FedEx Bandwidth
[02:15:28] <cmn32480> yes, i realize that, but it is a well knwn representation
[02:15:55] <Bytram> http://catb.org
[02:15:55] <systemd> ^ 03sneakernet
[02:17:37] <Bytram> I just checked my files; I found "jarg400.txt" which is version 4.0.0 of the "Jargon file" and which is dated "24 JUL 1996"
[02:18:40] <Bytram> whereas xkcd.com has Creation Date: 2003-01-26T02:25:10Z
[02:18:45] <Bytram> =)
[02:19:30] <cmn32480> oh... pardon me.. I should step back onto the sidewalk and off your lawn...
[02:19:42] <Bytram> LOL!
[02:20:25] <cmn32480> all right... I have turned off every privacy thingie that I can find
[02:20:37] <cmn32480> and many that are hidden w/o powershell
[02:20:42] <Bytram> nod nod
[02:21:02] <Bytram> what are you using as a reference? or are you just walking through all the menus you can find?
[02:21:42] <cmn32480> http://www.blackviper.com
[02:21:42] <systemd> ^✓ 03Black Viper?s Windows 10 Service Configurations ? Black Viper | www.blackviper.com
[02:21:49] <cmn32480> https://www.safer-networking.org
[02:21:51] <systemd> ^ 03Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows
[02:21:56] <cmn32480> https://voat.co
[02:21:56] <systemd> ^✓ 03Windows 10 telemetry network traffic analysis, part 1: | technology
[02:22:03] <cmn32480> https://support.microsoft.com
[02:22:03] <systemd> ^✓ 03.ng-hide .error-content { display: none; text-align: center; font-family: 'Segoe UI'; padding-bottom: 12px; } .error-content h2 { margin-top: 8px; margin-bottom: 24px; color: black; } if (!window.angular) { document.onreadystatechange = function () { if (document.readyState == "complete") { document.getElementById...
[02:22:06] <Bytram> I forgot about that guy! thanks for the reminder (Black Viper)
[02:22:47] <cmn32480> and I had compiled a lot of ath to create a set of registry keys, and a powershell script to disable a lot of the crap
[02:22:55] <cmn32480> he's very good
[02:23:09] <Bytram> "a lot of ath" ??
[02:24:33] <cmn32480> ath?
[02:24:50] <Bytram> what you wrote: "and I had compiled a lot of ath to create a set of registry keys, and a powershell script to disable a lot of the crap"
[02:25:02] <cmn32480> oh
[02:25:08] <cmn32480> sorry... stupid fingers
[02:25:21] <chromas> do they have a lithp?
[02:25:23] <Bytram> np
[02:25:35] <cmn32480> pothibly
[02:25:56] <Bytram> so, being still confused, what did you mean by "a lot of ath" ??
[02:26:09] <cmn32480> shoudl have likely been a lot of stuff
[02:26:14] <cmn32480> or a lot of it
[02:27:15] <cmn32480> because I'm doing it on a bunch of machines for work, I have to be able to automate it
[02:27:51] <Bytram> nod nod
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[11:34:24] <CoolHand> wow.. submissions queue is kinda empty this morning... might have to find something to submit.
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[15:04:38] <nick> urghh
[15:04:45] <cmn32480> yep
[15:06:10] <nick> one of those days, isn't it?
[15:06:40] <cmn32480> roof nosedive to concrete kind of a day
[15:08:06] <nick> ive had much of a wasted day, and the landrover has been condemned by our mechanic
[15:08:23] <nick> which is not ideal at this point in time
[15:11:35] <cmn32480> can'yt imagine why that woudl be good news...
[15:12:29] <nick> it's been making some less than ideal noises, and they've been unable work out why
[15:12:43] <nick> the ECU complains of 29 faults, but none would explain why the engine makes the noise
[15:13:04] <cmn32480> zoinks
[15:13:09] <cmn32480> sounds like a good time!
[15:13:25] <nick> my dad was due to take it on the road for the summer in a couple weeks
[15:13:47] <cmn32480> theis keep sgetting better and better
[15:14:04] <nick> yeah, so looks like next week we're going to be shopping for a new 4X4
[15:14:43] <cmn32480> that sucks dude.
[15:14:46] <cmn32480> sorry to hear it
[15:14:51] <nick> landrover is too old and expensive to try and fix, just throwing money away on it if we tried to get it good again
[15:15:27] <nick> it's better we figure it out now than when he's the other end of the country and the engine seizes or something
[15:15:33] <nick> especially if he's towing something
[15:15:53] <cmn32480> yeah.. taht'd be bad
[15:16:23] <nick> yeah, thats why even though it runs and drives, he doesnt want to risk it when he'll be on the road for months
[15:16:45] <nick> only issue is now, looking at a toyota hilux probably, but it wont fit in the garage.
[15:17:35] <cmn32480> DOH
[15:17:46] <cmn32480> so you can't win for losing?
[15:18:30] <nick> pretty much nothing will fit in the garage, if you're talking 4x4
[15:18:50] <nick> the only reason the landrover fit in was because it has thin doors, so you could squeeze out of it
[15:19:01] <nick> but you did have to fold the mirrors in and drive carefully to get it in there
[15:19:35] <cmn32480> ahhhhh
[15:19:46] <nick> but with newer vehicles, the doors are much thicker and usually curved, so holding your breath and squeezing isnt so easy
[15:20:04] <cmn32480> and all of us not being so skinny as we once were.....
[15:20:10] <nick> like my normal car is a ford, which is the same length and width as the LR, but i can't park it in the garage because the doors are 2x as thick
[15:20:26] <cmn32480> so you ahve a garage that you aren't gonna be able to use?
[15:20:31] <nick> i put it in there once, i had to get out through the back
[15:20:34] <cmn32480> except to store junk
[15:20:41] <nick> pretty much
[15:20:51] <cmn32480> we ahve a 2 car garage....
[15:21:00] <nick> which is mostly what the garage has been doing lately anyway, it's one of the few places i actually have for my own things
[15:21:04] <cmn32480> one side for the wife's minivan.. the other side for all the kids stuff
[15:21:18] <cmn32480> you get your own room???
[15:21:23] <cmn32480> you lucky bastard!!!!
[15:21:27] * cmn32480 is jealouse
[15:21:29] <nick> lol
[15:21:47] <nick> well, i have to share it because other people have keys, but it's at their own risk
[15:22:18] <cmn32480> nope still jealouse
[15:22:33] <nick> im sure you could rent a garage of your own if you wanted
[15:22:49] <cmn32480> I have the shed
[15:22:58] <cmn32480> I get to share it with the lawn and garden implements
[15:23:20] <nick> same with the garage, which is weird
[15:23:29] <nick> since there's no lawn or garden to go with the implements...
[15:23:35] <cmn32480> lol
[15:24:20] <nick> the garage much like the lr has seen better days
[15:24:29] <cmn32480> hehehe
[15:24:33] <nick> earlier this week i was putting a new foundation of sorts underneath it
[15:25:19] <nick> had a problem with subsidence, the concrete slab had cracked and the back wall was falling away as the slab was sinking
[15:25:49] <cmn32480> ooooo fun
[15:26:12] <nick> possibly due to a combination of the flooding over recent years washing away the soil below the original foundation, and having a rather heavy landrover on top of it.
[15:26:34] <cmn32480> you shoudl start driving a bicycle!
[15:26:42] <nick> although i think it is more to do with the flooding, we cut out sections on the inside and dug out underneath, the ground was impossibly soft
[15:27:00] <nick> dug down over 3ft with no resistance
[15:27:06] <cmn32480> ooo that isn't good
[15:27:22] <cmn32480> keep going.. you'll hit rock or water at some point
[15:27:29] <nick> yeah well, we filled it all up with a couple tons of concrete, so it should be ok now
[15:28:18] <cmn32480> that'll help
[15:28:49] <nick> no guarantee, but it's the cheapest fix to try without having to knock the whole thing down
[15:29:10] <cmn32480> yep
[15:29:22] <cmn32480> ah... damnint.. I can't seem to stay off the phone today....
[15:29:37] <cmn32480> might be sporadic responiding until I can get this custeorm fixed
[15:29:44] <nick> i find the off button works to screen calls automatically
[15:30:05] <nick> never get any annoying calls when i use that function
[15:30:35] <cmn32480> part of the job where I;m at
[15:32:48] <nick> as i said that, i just got a text message i didn't want, so that'll teach me
[15:35:18] <cmn32480> serves you right
[15:37:20] <nick> :(
[15:38:39] <cmn32480> I'll get at least one more that I don't want in short order.. don't worrk
[15:38:47] <cmn32480> s/worrk/worry/
[15:38:57] <cmn32480> ~sed on
[15:38:59] <exec> sed enabled for 10#editorial
[15:39:09] <cmn32480> ~save buckets
[15:39:12] <cmn32480> ~save-buckets
[15:39:20] <cmn32480> ~buckets-save
[15:39:21] <exec> successfully saved buckets file (65.8 kb)
[15:40:55] <cmn32480> and there it goes... ringing again...
[15:41:08] * cmn32480 sighs
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