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[14:02:35] <takyon_> all those stories are shit so I subbed some
[14:02:42] <takyon_> and now I gotta leave
[14:02:51] <takyon_> good luck, cmn32480
[14:02:54] <takyon_> and good work
[14:02:57] <takyon_> ok bye
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[14:08:33] <cmn32480> thanks takyon...
[14:08:51] <cmn32480> I'm almost unhappy I checked in this morning... I got mulching to do
[16:41:06] <nick> cmn32480, on the tom clancy, i had in mind that it's a lot of text, but i though it would be tolerable if the first blockquote is summary and the rest is extended copy
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[20:25:46] <Yog-Yogguth> hi, I think I have a piece of breaking news
[20:26:09] <Yog-Yogguth> World's first regenerated human nextbigfuture.com/2016/04/gene-therapy-has-been-used-to-reverse.html
[20:31:10] <Yog-Yogguth> company page hsa open comments (requires allowing script) some are critical (as they should be) but considering the potential impact...
[20:35:35] <Yog-Yogguth> lots of good & interesting comments http://bioviva-science.com
[20:35:38] <exec> └─ 13First gene therapy successful against human aging – BioViva USA Inc
[21:09:34] <Yog-Yogguth> actually I think I'm wrong, needs some sort of confirmation
[21:53:49] * nick looks
[21:56:13] <nick> "Last October, MIT Technology Review said there’s a chance that the experiment could be remembered as “a new low in medical quackery.”"
[21:56:24] <nick> http://www.geekwire.com
[21:56:26] <exec> └─ 13BioViva follows controversial anti-aging quest
[21:56:45] <nick> so far it's just a press release, that was on sciencedaily but seems to be have been pulled now
[21:57:51] <Yog-Yogguth> yeah
[21:57:57] <Yog-Yogguth> I was probably had :3
[21:58:20] <nick> https://www.einnews.com
[21:58:23] <exec> └─ 13Live Feed Wire - EIN News
[21:59:50] <Yog-Yogguth> is that just a bin of "everything"?
[22:00:20] <nick> yup
[22:00:30] <Yog-Yogguth> *avoids like plague* :D
[22:00:35] <nick> heh
[22:00:47] <nick> it's interesting to look at sometimes
[22:01:20] <Yog-Yogguth> I guess it could be, so much noise though
[22:01:41] <nick> i've developed quite the filter since working on this site :D
[22:03:05] <nick> i generally only check a handful of sites, but then stories will take me off to other places when comparing coverage
[22:04:17] <nick> that live feed is mostly depressing though, but on the few times ive looked at it, a couple stories manage to catch the eye
[22:05:28] <Yog-Yogguth> I find too much noise everywhere (and this time fell for it too), even places that used to be better are getting worse
[22:06:03] <nick> heh
[22:06:29] <nick> i'm getting more angry at the bbc by the day at the moment
[22:06:46] <nick> i've lost a lot of respect for that institution over the last couple years
[22:07:00] <Yog-Yogguth> I pretty much hate the BBC, love some of the less political stuff and people but hate the overall coperation
[22:07:19] <nick> do you care to elaborate?
[22:07:54] <Yog-Yogguth> I can but it could get very long lol maybe Have I Got News For You is a good example
[22:08:23] <Yog-Yogguth> "satire" which actually ends up legitimizing corruption
[22:08:33] <Yog-Yogguth> inadvertently
[22:08:42] <nick> yeah, that does happen on that show
[22:08:52] <Yog-Yogguth> todayt I saw the Panorama show on the Panama papers, it was atrocious
[22:09:28] <nick> i actually subscribe to private eye, which is a good publication, but the obscurity and the satire in the middle really stops it having any relevance
[22:09:31] <Yog-Yogguth> IHGNFY can be funny, even insightful, but somehow still makes it all seem like "oh just another scandal" and that's deeply unhealthy
[22:09:53] <Yog-Yogguth> yes
[22:09:59] <Yog-Yogguth> it removes the barb unfortunately
[22:10:48] <nick> the most recent example with my dislike for the bbc is, they recently have put up a piece on the news website covering 'the islamic morality police' and mention 4 countries, 3 of those have only negative things to say
[22:11:00] <nick> but they manage to spin it mostly positively in saudi arabia
[22:11:04] <Yog-Yogguth> but it's not like I don't understand how that happens, even accidentally, I'mn likely putting the bar way too high
[22:11:26] <nick> there are defined parameters
[22:11:46] <nick> you may recall a submission i made which was an article from craig murray>?
[22:12:18] <Yog-Yogguth> I haven't been much on SN the last few months, I have problems finding the time (I have 380 unread rss SN story entries)
[22:12:50] <nick> https://www.craigmurray.org.uk
[22:12:52] <exec> └─ 13Corporate Media Gatekeepers Protect Western 1% From Panama Leak - Craig Murray
[22:13:17] <Yog-Yogguth> sounds very good
[22:13:41] <nick> the article is a little outdated now as the story has moved on, but if you're interested in that side of things
[22:13:50] <nick> he's been writing very good stuff in recent months
[22:14:09] <Yog-Yogguth> anyone who realizes that Mossack Fonseca is a drop int he ocean is a good thing
[22:14:25] <nick> https://www.craigmurray.org.uk
[22:14:27] <exec> └─ 13Media Pretend Not To Know About British Boots on the Ground in Libya - Craig Murray
[22:15:16] <nick> https://www.craigmurray.org.uk
[22:15:20] <exec> └─ 13Disgraceful BBC Panorama Propaganda Hides Grim Truth About Britain - Craig Murray
[22:15:23] <Yog-Yogguth> there can be valid reasons, but of course there can be plenty of invalid reasons too
[22:15:31] <Yog-Yogguth> but yeah it's sort of a joke
[22:16:08] <nick> also feel free to check out my blog on the associated press article on andrew jackson :p
[22:16:09] <Yog-Yogguth> anyway I'm guilty of having thought the dictators were the main problem
[22:16:17] <nick> i dont know why i said blog, i meant journal
[22:16:32] <nick> brain is not working this evening, been up for too long
[22:16:37] <Yog-Yogguth> I'e seen that one actually :D the one about himnot believing in paper money?
[22:16:44] <nick> yeah
[22:16:51] <Yog-Yogguth> (I've kept up with all jounral entries of everyone)
[22:17:40] <Yog-Yogguth> ah y brain seldom works unfortunately XD
[22:17:43] <Yog-Yogguth> my*
[22:18:15] <nick> trying to contribute a bit more to the site and write some of my own stories again
[22:18:16] <Yog-Yogguth> so no worries :)
[22:20:23] <Yog-Yogguth> by the way have you heard/seen anyone pointing out that the Mossack Fonesca logo is basically the NATO logo tilted 45 degrees? (and slightly curving instead of straight)
[22:21:25] <nick> do recall that, i think, but not something i'd dwell on
[22:21:37] <Yog-Yogguth> just curious, thanks :)
[22:21:44] <nick> that whole leak seems like a waste of time
[22:21:54] <Yog-Yogguth> yes
[22:22:19] <Yog-Yogguth> the problem with corruption is that no nmoney is required
[22:22:27] <Yog-Yogguth> no transfers
[22:23:03] <Yog-Yogguth> the simplest ways is to do each other indirect favors and that's extremely easy among the "powerful", it's called doing business
[22:23:38] <nick> the systems are beyond the comprehension of normal people, and the legislation is beyond the comprehension of those with even the vaguest mechanisms to enforce them
[22:23:42] <nick> should they even care to do so
[22:24:03] <Yog-Yogguth> yeah I guess so
[22:24:14] <nick> the revolving door doesnt give much incentive
[22:24:20] <Yog-Yogguth> yup
[22:25:03] <Yog-Yogguth> if I had to hope (I hate hoping) I would hope that what we're seeing is the fall of "professional democratic representation" as a valid idea
[22:25:29] <Yog-Yogguth> i.e. the end of parliamentarianism
[22:25:39] <nick> it could be
[22:25:42] <Yog-Yogguth> and maybe also political parties
[22:25:54] <Yog-Yogguth> but I'm a bit crazy so... :D
[22:26:04] <nick> theres certainly an appetite for that, but i really can't see a big shift in the short term
[22:26:14] <Yog-Yogguth> yeah probably not
[22:26:21] <Yog-Yogguth> or t leat not on those matters
[22:26:30] <Yog-Yogguth> at least*
[22:27:07] <nick> as i noted on the TTIP article, even though there's issues, every part of the political establishment in the UK is for TTIP regardless of what happens with the EU
[22:27:19] <Yog-Yogguth> yup
[22:27:41] <nick> that is not going to go away soon, especially when most people just hear 'free trade' and move along
[22:28:33] <Yog-Yogguth> yeah, and it's anything but free trade
[22:28:42] <nick> my point is really, i think we're likely to see a strengthening of parliamentarianism before we see a dissolution
[22:28:56] <Yog-Yogguth> how so?
[22:29:14] <nick> while they do a good job of talking against each other
[22:29:42] <nick> see clinton and trumps previous relationship, see what one of the koch brothers said today about clinton
[22:29:59] <Yog-Yogguth> I don't know, aren't people starting to see through that by now? SNP, UKIP, greens, Cymru, Unionists etc.?
[22:30:13] <nick> while the political class may disagree amongst themselves, they're only strengthening their position despite opposition
[22:30:30] <Yog-Yogguth> I don't know what they said today :)
[22:30:56] <nick> koch said clinton may be the most electable presidential candidate or something similar
[22:31:22] <Yog-Yogguth> oh okay
[22:31:24] <nick> the implications and reasons for that could be numerous, but its an interesting statement from that position
[22:32:11] <nick> i think in the UK, the EU referendum will set the stage
[22:32:25] <nick> it's impossible to say where the voting public will be in 4 years
[22:32:38] <Yog-Yogguth> worse off :)
[22:32:44] <nick> i doubt it will be good, but i do think it's likely to be between labour and the conservatives
[22:33:14] <nick> i don't plan on hanging around to find out
[22:33:21] <Yog-Yogguth> where ar you heading?
[22:33:52] <nick> that is to be confirmed, but i spend some time in uruguay a while ago and it's looking promising
[22:34:09] <Yog-Yogguth> yes Uruguay is a nice country, decent choice
[22:34:31] <Yog-Yogguth> if I could I would probably head for Czheccia (republic of)
[22:34:43] <Yog-Yogguth> I like gun rights and they ahve them
[22:35:01] <nick> i've travelled a lot, would be nice to do so, but being in the uk doesn't really suit me and it never has
[22:35:46] <Yog-Yogguth> I love where I live but not so much the people or the people they elect... XD
[22:35:54] <Yog-Yogguth> or even I elect :3
[22:36:06] <nick> yeah, think a lot of people feel that way
[22:36:10] <Yog-Yogguth> yeah :)
[22:36:31] <nick> i'm just done with the city mostly
[22:36:54] <Yog-Yogguth> oh, no wonder you hate it :o, take a vaction up north?
[22:37:11] <nick> work and family has for the most part been in london
[22:37:35] <nick> if i vacation, it's somewhere thousands of miles away
[22:37:38] <Yog-Yogguth> so long since I've been there I'm unsure if I should still say I love London (but not the city)
[22:37:48] <Yog-Yogguth> past lives :)
[22:37:58] <nick> it had its charms
[22:38:18] <nick> but now, it just feels oppressive, stress and expense
[22:38:34] <Yog-Yogguth> yeah I can only imagine but yeah
[22:39:43] <Yog-Yogguth> so will you bring the family with you? Stuff like that often keeps people locked to a place
[22:40:04] <Yog-Yogguth> can be too hard a choice
[22:40:31] <Yog-Yogguth> and I guess mroe importantly: do you speak spanish or portoguese? :D
[22:41:42] <Yog-Yogguth> I shouldn't dig into such private matters really so please don't take it the wrong way
[22:42:21] <nick> i don't have kids, so family is not an issue really, the important people will be coming and or have the option to come
[22:42:44] <nick> and learning spanish is on the to-do list, always wanted to learn a language and this is the best motivation
[22:42:51] <Yog-Yogguth> yup
[22:44:10] <nick> trying to find the right place and way to make a positive contribution and do good work
[22:44:58] <Yog-Yogguth> it's a big challenge in and of itself that
[22:45:24] <nick> yeah, worth trying though i figure
[22:45:50] <Yog-Yogguth> yes
[22:48:18] <Yog-Yogguth> the Murray piece isn't bad by the way but my (biased) opinion is that I wish he could break free of his political heritage (but then who can, it's not easy and I'm not good at it either)
[22:48:41] <Yog-Yogguth> he makes several valid points anyway and that's importnat
[22:52:04] <nick> being a former ambassador, i don't think you can really disown it
[22:52:48] <Yog-Yogguth> yeah no that would be going too far, I'm only thinking about attempting to see one's own "ideological faultlines" and trying to avoid those
[22:53:06] <Yog-Yogguth> but it's hard and I'm no good at it myself
[22:54:50] <Yog-Yogguth> like for example I think too many "elites" or former "elites" in the west get far too hung up about Russia and China; it's just so easy to do if one is slightly older, almost a default setting
[22:55:13] <Yog-Yogguth> and incredibly Orwellian
[22:56:26] <nick> it's very difficult i think to really get to the core of many issues
[22:56:50] <nick> and it's very easy to get distracted by established narratives to try and explain or give some context
[22:57:12] <Yog-Yogguth> yes, it requires more and better information and tools for dissecting it and I don't think any are available
[22:57:22] <Yog-Yogguth> true
[22:58:20] <Yog-Yogguth> and unfortunately also right at times even though I would so with more appreciation of internal struggles in both those places to start with (and I'm not talking about fake western NGOs)
[22:58:33] <Yog-Yogguth> I would do*
[22:59:14] <Yog-Yogguth> anyway I'm pestering you with too much chatter, I really shouldn't be on IRC either so, well, have a good night :)
[23:01:35] * nick hat tip
[23:01:39] <nick> take it easy
[23:01:46] <Yog-Yogguth> you too, cya :)
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