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[01:19:55] <Bytram> Ahem. Is this thing on?
[01:19:57] <Bytram> =)
[01:53:59] <cmn32480> NO. This thing is most definitely NOT on.
[01:54:16] <cmn32480> matter of fact.. everybody I've met on this bloody thing is off.
[01:55:13] <cmn32480> off center, off their rocker, off in another world, etc
[01:55:53] <cmn32480> so wait... does that mean your phone no longer comes from the last centruy Bytram?
[01:56:13] <cmn32480> or did this one come in a bag like the last one?
[01:56:15] <Bytram> whadaya mean? it was always from this century!
[01:56:24] <Bytram> even from this *decade*
[01:56:26] <Bytram> =)
[01:56:39] <cmn32480> it jsut wasn't released this decade
[01:57:04] <cmn32480> so, what'd you get?
[01:58:30] <Bytram> sorry, was just checking some stuff.
[01:58:46] <Bytram> I got the BB on, or about, 2010-05-19
[01:58:48] <cmn32480> understood
[01:59:02] * cmn32480 sighs
[01:59:05] <Bytram> I'd have to say I proly got my money's worth out of that one
[01:59:11] <cmn32480> nobody casres about the OLD phone...
[01:59:21] <cmn32480> we wanna know what the NEW phone is!
[01:59:29] <Bytram> pm
[02:19:54] * Bytram finishes 2nding the stories in the queue
[02:20:12] * cmn32480 continues beating his head against an excel macro
[02:20:22] * Bytram goes to prepare his dinner
[02:20:25] <Bytram> afk
[02:22:03] <cmn32480> the prince story - from the long-live-the-king dept
[02:22:28] <chromas> and it needs a symbol too :D
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[03:04:22] <Bytram> cmn32480: r u going to run the Prince story? the NYT has a great write-up
[03:04:39] <cmn32480> have not thoguht about it
[03:04:43] <cmn32480> still fighting w/ excel
[03:04:52] <Bytram> k, I'll take it if that is ok with u
[03:05:05] <Bytram> sry to hear thtat
[03:44:19] <Bytram> prince story going out in 6 minutes at 03:50 UTC
[03:46:01] * cmn32480 can't fight excel anymore
[03:46:06] <cmn32480> my eyes are crossing
[03:46:13] <cmn32480> ~gnight #editorial
[03:46:15] <Bytram> nod nod
[03:46:15] * exec literally ejaculates a tube of NCommander at #editorial
[03:46:20] <Bytram> take a breather
[03:46:33] <cmn32480> examination of the inside of my eyelids is in order
[03:46:37] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[03:46:39] * exec illegitimately fires a pair of used panties full of manpages at bytram
[03:46:40] <Bytram> too bad excel does not have a real debugger to single step through what it is doing
[03:46:46] <Bytram> ~gnight cmn32480
[03:46:49] * exec ceremoniously postulates an i/o stream of HP towards cmn32480
[03:46:51] <cmn32480> not the macro that is the problem
[03:46:58] <cmn32480> the data is shit
[03:47:13] <Bytram> oooh. inconsistencies?
[03:47:19] <cmn32480> some sets are 3
[03:47:22] <cmn32480> some sets are 4
[03:47:24] * Bytram eats that stuff for breakfast!
[03:47:24] <cmn32480> some sets are 5
[03:47:42] <cmn32480> need to have excel transpose the pieces of the column into rows
[03:47:47] <Bytram> ok, do you have defaults for the missing parts?
[03:47:50] <cmn32480> so that the labels print properly
[03:47:56] <cmn32480> no
[03:48:05] <Bytram> just leave 'em blank?
[03:48:07] <cmn32480> it is the rack layout from a customer
[03:48:15] <Bytram> hrmmm, okay.
[03:48:25] <cmn32480> problem is that they AREN"T blank in the column
[03:48:36] <cmn32480> I'll fuck with it more tomorrow
[03:48:40] <cmn32480> I'm done
[03:49:20] <cmn32480> night
[03:49:32] <Bytram> idea: export to a .csv file, use something like AWK or perl or python to manipulate the data / fill in the blanks / overwrite / whatever, and then export it back out as CSV
[03:49:57] <Bytram> idea: export to a .csv file, use something like AWK or perl or python to manipulate the data / fill in the blanks / overwrite / whatever, and then write it out as CSV for re-import to excel
[03:50:02] <Bytram> gnight!
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[12:28:05] <nick> i jumped my subs up the queue because none of the existing ones inspired me
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[17:03:34] <nick> stories in queue that i'd suggest are rejected: soylent delegates, dick smith, firehose, archive.org
[17:03:50] <nick> and the windows update rant
[17:04:53] <cmn32480> yes
[17:25:58] <nick> "A number of people have been found dead across multiple crime scenes in Ohio."
[17:26:08] <nick> http://www.bbc.co.uk
[17:26:10] <exec> └─ 13'Multiple people found dead' at home in Ohio - BBC News
[17:26:34] <nick> http://www.foxnews.com
[17:26:36] <exec> └─ 13At least 7 people, mostly children, reportedly shot to death in Ohio | Fox News
[17:33:27] <nick> i find it interesting that Fox News' US home page lists terrorism as the second news category after crime
[17:34:29] <nick> i dont think i've seen on any other 'news' site have it as a separate category, certainly not as visible if they have them beyond a tag
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