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[17:36:57] <CoolHand> cmn32480: u around?
[17:38:49] <CoolHand> if u pop in... I was looking at "man deletes entire company" and it looks like the 2nd link in it - to the original forum post is dead.. we could put a link there to teh forum itself (with editor note maybe since its part of source story), or just remove the link..
[17:39:10] <cmn32480> pls fix. am on a 3 hour and counting support call
[17:42:57] <CoolHand> I'll just rm the link then
[17:45:02] <CoolHand> sorry about your luck on the call.. :(
[18:07:28] <cmn32480> please shot me
[19:29:24] <takyon> updated AMC article
[19:29:42] <takyon> either delete mendax's RE: submission or set it to go at 1970 plz
[19:30:04] <takyon> also not the Pale Moon article
[19:30:19] <takyon> keep an eye out for news sources reporting it, since it is simply a forum thread right now
[19:30:33] <takyon> could add articles to the end if you find them
[19:30:49] <takyon> also one of our own, AndyTheAbsurd, is the 3rd poster in that thread
[19:30:59] <takyon> *also note the Pale Moon article
[19:31:03] <takyon> later
[19:34:01] <takyon> mrcoolbp: I hear that the Oculus Rift shipments are delayed up to 2 months for some customers
[19:34:05] <takyon> how has that affected you
[19:34:08] <takyon> (later)
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