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[01:54:01] <Bytram> is this submission a dupe of a story we previously ran? https://soylentnews.org
[01:54:02] <systemd> ^ 03SN Submission by Phoenix666: Having a Fridge Laser Could Spare You from Food Poisoning
[01:55:15] <Bytram> or maybe not? I may have read the story when it was on Ars technica
[01:56:53] <Bytram> Looks legit, I'm running it.
[02:00:53] <cmn32480> mmmmm fridge laser
[02:01:10] <cmn32480> ~gday bytram
[02:01:12] * exec scientifically imagines a D cup of unintended consequences with bytram
[02:01:30] * Bytram changes plans of having shark for dinner
[02:01:55] <cmn32480> so what has been decided for 4/1?
[02:02:07] <cmn32480> e just running business as usual and letting TMB take all the hate and abuse
[02:02:09] <cmn32480> ?
[02:02:20] <Bytram> don't know that anything has been decided, except for the site 'theme'
[02:02:34] <Bytram> though, that said, I'm embracing more 'iffy' stories
[02:03:07] <Bytram> not outright 'wrong' stories, mind, but ones that are a bit 'off' and makes one wonder if that is *really* true, or not.
[02:03:08] <cmn32480> oh God it feels good to get those steel toes off
[02:03:33] * Bytram suggests you keep the other toes attached to your foot
[02:03:50] <cmn32480> but taking them off makes my feet lots lights
[02:03:57] <cmn32480> s/lights/lighter/
[02:03:58] <exec> <cmn32480> but taking them off makes my feet lots lighter
[02:04:01] <Bytram> lol
[02:04:16] <cmn32480> I also don't feel quite so dense
[02:04:17] <Bytram> I would imagine that a foot without toes WOULD be lighter
[02:04:20] <Bytram> lol
[02:05:03] <Bytram> http://arstechnica.com
[02:05:04] <systemd> ^ 03Reddit removes β€œwarrant canary” from its latest transparency report | Ars Technica
[02:05:13] <takyon> i subbed that already
[02:05:18] <Bytram> NICE
[02:05:33] * Bytram thinks we should have a bird somewhere on our site, too.
[02:05:43] <takyon> I think I remember discussion of that
[02:05:47] <Bytram> yep
[02:05:47] <takyon> not sure if it came to anything
[02:05:50] <cmn32480> at some point in the past
[02:05:52] <Bytram> nope
[02:05:56] <Bytram> hmmm
[02:05:59] <takyon> and Deuc*lion likes to throw cold water on any fun thing
[02:06:11] <Bytram> is there an emoji for that?
[02:06:19] <takyon> throwing water emoji?
[02:06:21] <cmn32480> I believe it was killed by the paralysis of analysis
[02:06:34] <Bytram> well, I've got a little momentum...
[02:06:40] <Bytram> and major lack of sleep :/
[02:06:54] <takyon> i could use some qualudes
[02:07:27] <Bytram> 🐦
[02:07:58] <Bytram> does that look like a bird to anyone here?
[02:08:18] <takyon> no
[02:08:26] <takyon> my hexchat does not play well with unicode
[02:08:34] <Bytram> nor does mine
[02:08:39] <cmn32480> yes
[02:08:47] <cmn32480> *tweet*
[02:08:52] <Bytram> cmn32480: what chat program do you use?
[02:08:56] <cmn32480> Heexchat
[02:09:06] <cmn32480> s/Heexchat/Hexchat/
[02:09:09] <exec> <cmn32480> Hexchat
[02:09:10] <Bytram> on windows?
[02:09:25] <Bytram> what font are you using?
[02:09:28] <cmn32480> I can't even spell Lixun
[02:09:43] <cmn32480> Unifont Upper CSUR Medium 12
[02:10:09] <Bytram> atm, I'm setup to use Consolas 11
[02:10:31] <cmn32480> I believe that the Unifont's have the stupid emoji crap in them
[02:10:57] <Bytram> I just tried changing my font... BLEGH!
[02:12:10] <cmn32480> ooooo the timestamp can be made to show the date too
[02:14:47] <cmn32480> new poll going out in 15 min
[02:15:36] <cmn32480> no girl scout jokes, I promise
[02:16:15] <Bytram> I was thinking we were about due, thanks for doing that!
[02:17:00] <cmn32480> no peeking
[02:17:14] <Bytram> duck?
[02:17:24] * cmn32480 ducks
[02:17:42] * cmn32480 knows how to follow instructions sometimes
[02:19:24] <Bytram> 🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦
[02:23:01] <cmn32480> the national enquirer doens't have shit we can use tomorrow
[02:24:47] <cmn32480> have we included a rickroll link in any stories?
[02:24:51] <Bytram> yet.
[02:24:55] <Bytram> =)
[02:28:25] <cmn32480> http://www.dailymail.co.uk
[02:28:26] <systemd> ^ 03The Doctors rate dermatologist's worst ever cases in video | Daily Mail Online
[02:28:30] <Bytram> heh. where is that buzzard pic I saw linked here a few days ago
[02:29:22] <Bytram> found it; submitted by fliptop: http://www.peacecomputers.com
[02:32:30] <cmn32480> http://www.dailymail.co.uk
[02:32:31] <systemd> ^ 03Video reveals carcass reduced to a skeleton in just four days | Daily Mail Online
[02:34:28] <cmn32480> ~rps p
[02:34:29] <exec> rank for cmn32480: 6 - http://ix.io
[02:35:00] <cmn32480> perfect day for the asycrhonuous RPS game to go out
[02:35:13] <Bytram> thanks for the reminder! I realized, later, that I *had* tried a few games way-back-when
[02:35:17] <Bytram> nod nod
[02:35:24] <Bytram> ~rps s
[02:35:25] <exec> rank for martyb: 3 - http://ix.io
[02:35:31] <cmn32480> I'm trying to make it usable
[02:35:41] <cmn32480> ~rps p
[02:35:42] <exec> rank for cmn32480: 6 - http://ix.io
[02:36:03] <Bytram> good luck with that; nothing there is, umm, wrong, but it just does not come across clearly at all.
[02:36:07] <cmn32480> ~rps rs
[02:36:09] <exec> sequence trimmed
[02:36:09] <exec> rank for cmn32480: 6 - http://ix.io
[02:36:14] <Bytram> maybe grab the gist of it and do a complete rewrite?
[02:36:27] <cmn32480> uh huh
[02:36:35] * Deucalion looks in
[02:36:44] * cmn32480 looks out
[02:37:05] * Bytram looks for pants
[02:37:53] * Deucalion directs Bytram away from Spalls.... always pantless that one
[02:37:57] * cmn32480 looks at his legs adn sees none
[02:38:30] <Bytram> reddit warrant canary @ 11:11
[02:38:46] * Bytram offers cmn32480 a mirror
[02:39:02] <Deucalion> he's just not rendered in yet
[02:39:17] * cmn32480 llooks and watches his face shatter how depressing
[02:39:49] * Bytram is reminded of a few cartoon gags where the cartoon character interacts with the artist
[02:40:46] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org!
[02:40:46] <systemd> ^ 03SN Submission by jimbrooking: Nice!
[02:40:54] <Bytram> jimbrooking [soylentnews.org] writes:
[02:40:54] <Bytram> The new design for SN is just great, however I think you will agree it would be so much better with slowly falling snowflakes (or toasters) overlaying the content!
[02:41:08] <Bytram> flying toasters? Wasn't that an Amiga thing?
[02:41:29] <cmn32480> RUN IT!!!!!
[02:42:14] <Bytram> aisle leaf eet four ewe
[02:43:36] <cmn32480> ok
[02:43:54] <cmn32480> I'll look in after the rewrite
[02:44:30] <Bytram> nod nod
[02:46:09] <Deucalion> I think I actually think I prefer the Apr 1 theme on SN over the bilge I encounter on the www as a whole when I drive a naked browser... the pop-overs, unders, the content hidden behind JS fullscreen walls... this myspacey, geocities theme is tame in comparison to the modern www experience. I still applaud TMB for it though :D
[02:47:11] <cmn32480> can we get a PCMatic and hosts file sub in the queue?
[02:47:34] <Bytram> what is a PCMatic??
[02:47:39] <Bytram> is that like a bassamtic?
[02:47:46] <Bytram> *bassamatic
[02:47:56] <Deucalion> balsamic?
[02:48:16] <cmn32480> a tv-advertised anti-virus
[02:48:25] <cmn32480> kinda like MyCleanPC
[02:48:32] <Bytram> SCo @ 12:51
[02:49:00] <Bytram> oh. /me almost never watches the telly
[02:49:08] <Deucalion> Ye gads you guys are on a roll. Good work.
[02:49:42] <Bytram> merci, Kimosabi!
[02:49:58] <cmn32480> has the theme gone lie?
[02:49:59] <Deucalion> Bytram... http://www.theonion.com xD Always makes me chuckle.
[02:50:00] <systemd> ^ 03Area Man Constantly Mentioning He Doesn't Own A Television - The Onion - America's Finest News Source
[02:50:19] <cmn32480> bytram can't publish stories about him
[02:50:21] <Deucalion> That one and the razor blade one.
[02:50:52] <Bytram> I believe my statement was "almost never watches the telly" ... NOT that i don't own one, or that I *never* watch one.
[02:51:08] <Bytram> :P
[02:51:13] <Deucalion> :P
[02:51:53] <Deucalion> Ohh.. here is the razor one... http://www.theonion.com I know it's old and been around, but damn is it a good one.
[02:51:54] <systemd> ^ 03Fuck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades - The Onion - America's Finest News Source
[02:52:03] <Bytram> quite frankly, the ads drive me absolutely bonkers -- way too strident -- and for whatever else is on, doesn't seem worth the money for what little I have time to watch it.
[02:53:30] <Deucalion> You are not alone Bytram.
[02:54:36] <Bytram> 10 minutes per hour, well, I could stomach that, but now it's well over 20 minutes, and it's just so annoyingly, blatantly *crass*
[02:54:51] <Bytram> not always, mind, but there are so few roses among the thorns
[02:55:13] * Bytram really did like the Prius commercial that ran during the Super Bowl
[02:57:25] <Deucalion> The last time I was in the US... musta be adecade or so back, what used to jar for me was that one show would roll into the next, then 5 minutes in... BLAM - ad break. Oh fuck really... that's the most ingenious way a channel could convince people not to channel hop? I can only guess it has become worse since.
[02:59:06] <Deucalion> cmn32480, the theme is live for me. Maybe triggered on localised time if you are logged in (?). Tis 1st April in UTC land where I and my minion devices live.
[02:59:21] <cmn32480> means I got another hour
[02:59:39] <cmn32480> since I haven't changed the clock on my laptop since changing time zones
[03:00:35] <cmn32480> I'm actually 2 hours earlier than normal
[03:00:53] <Bytram> theme has been live for me for well over 3 hours; maybe close to 4 hours, now.
[03:01:39] <cmn32480> fuck.. I hit ctrl-F5... now I see that shit
[03:01:54] <Deucalion> If I were travelling a lot, I'd probably just set my devices to UTC and not bother with TZs and DST BS. Then just have a mechanical wristwatch strapped on to use to show local time... oh and a very loud alarm clock that is easy to adjust. :D
[03:02:17] <cmn32480> 1) I don't. Everythgin is set to my home TZ
[03:02:35] <cmn32480> 2) I have a fitbit, that syncs time to my cell phone, which is alwyas local time
[03:02:52] <cmn32480> 3) I have a cell phone that performs this function as well, while plugged in or not
[03:03:05] <Bytram> my main nick on the site is setup at UTC, pretty much everything else is set to display in the local TZ
[03:03:26] <Deucalion> It's not "shit" - it is a piece of art.... even has the site under construction animated gif in the top corner.... just noticed it. TMB needs a raise :D
[03:04:03] <cmn32480> double his salary... and give him at least that much as a beer budget
[03:04:18] <Bytram> certainly brought memories^w nightmares of the days of GeoCities
[03:04:33] * cmn32480 shudders
[03:04:53] <Bytram> and of a car dealership that goes out of its way to make the most garishly hyperactive web site you've ever seen
[03:05:00] * Bytram wishes he could remember the IRL
[03:05:03] <Bytram> *URL
[03:05:26] * cmn32480 is glad he can't
[03:08:07] <Bytram> do NOT go here: http://www.lingscars.com
[03:08:13] <Deucalion> Oh my.... websites that ~insisted~ on showing you a bloated shockwave video before they would load anything else.... over a 33.6K modem FFS... oh yeh, great times... funny how I can be grumpy and laugh at the same time. Naive times as the world stepped onto the www back then.
[03:09:37] <cmn32480> saved RPS at 14:21
[03:09:46] <Bytram> nod nod
[03:17:45] <Bytram> 16:04 - New Model Predicts Rapid Antarctic Melting
[03:17:50] <Bytram> and with that, I'm beat.
[03:17:58] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[03:18:06] <Bytram|away> ~gnight #editorial
[03:18:09] * exec sardonically writes a fanfic featuring a spoon of false promises about #editorial
[03:18:23] <cmn32480> ~gngiht Bytram|away
[03:18:38] <cmn32480> ~gnight Bytram|away
[03:18:40] * exec romantically vomits an A cup of rotgut on Bytram|away
[03:18:47] <Bytram|away> the one it just generated for me was pretty good!
[03:18:52] <Bytram|away> ewww
[03:18:58] <cmn32480> lol
[03:19:20] <Bytram|away> you still on the road or safely home?
[03:19:33] <cmn32480> head home tomorrow night at 640 local time
[03:20:14] <Bytram|away> 0640 or 1840?
[03:20:25] <cmn32480> 1840
[03:20:29] <Bytram|away> oh, 'night' -- donh!
[03:20:44] <Bytram|away> past my bedtime...
[03:20:57] <cmn32480> get some rest
[03:21:04] <cmn32480> thanks for all your hard work for tomorrow
[03:21:22] <Bytram|away> better go to bed before I start making keyboard imprints into my face! =)
[03:21:31] <Bytram|away> teamwork++
[03:21:31] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 87
[03:21:46] <Bytram|away> likewise!
[03:21:53] * Bytram|away hasn't checked HoF ina while...
[03:22:08] <Bytram|away> https://soylentnews.org
[03:22:08] <systemd> ^βœ“ 03SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[03:22:38] <Bytram|away> cmn32480: yowza, you're at nearly 1500 -- woo hoo!
[03:22:57] <cmn32480> somebody just crossed 1800
[03:23:19] <cmn32480> impressive!
[03:23:20] <Bytram|away> and I would still need MORE than 700 more stories, to catchup with JR
[03:23:28] <cmn32480> I need to update my spreadshseet to see the averages
[03:23:35] <Bytram|away> averages?
[03:23:38] <cmn32480> based on the last email yo may have tome to do it
[03:23:50] <cmn32480> daily stories posted since your first onw
[03:24:29] <Bytram|away> oh, you mean that story I subbed on one of our anniversaries, I thjnk?
[03:24:49] <Bytram|away> or was it at the turn of a new year.
[03:24:55] <Bytram|away> wasa prolly both of those!
[03:25:05] <cmn32480> I have a spreadsheet soomeplace the takes the date, and storiues from HOF and gives an average posting per editor per day since they started publishing
[03:25:20] <cmn32480> nah.. this has never been part of a subbed story
[03:25:36] <Bytram|away> oh... you mean each day, you pull the hof stuff down?
[03:25:49] <cmn32480> no
[03:25:57] <Bytram|away> oh.
[03:26:01] <cmn32480> total stories over total days
[03:26:11] <cmn32480> = avg stories per day
[03:26:13] <Bytram|away> ahhh, got it.
[03:26:16] <Bytram|away> nod nod
[03:26:21] <cmn32480> I'll email it to you
[03:26:41] <cmn32480> go to bed
[03:27:03] <Bytram|away> if, for example, you'd saved away the data for jan 1; you could compare against today's numbers and computer deltas and work out from that, how many posted per day.
[03:27:12] <Bytram|away> yeah, bed. good idea!
[03:27:13] <Bytram|away> laters!
[03:27:19] <Bytram|away> sleep well, good buddy!
[03:29:16] <Deucalion> Bytram|away, on the #rss-bot NIST thing.... I have no idea why it sets itself back to day zero and spews everything out again. I ~think~ the feed is being altered in some way that upsets Bender's records, but quite honestly Bender is a maze to me, I am no coder. I'll crack it once I stop feeling so damn cold.
[03:30:59] <Bytram|away> no worries! *my* observation is that there usually seems to be a punctuation char in the headline that doesn't render well, or gets miss-parsed, or somesuch.
[03:31:00] * cmn32480 hands Deucalion a blanket, slippers, and hot tea
[03:31:17] <Bytram|away> I always thought it was NIST that lost their place and was spamming everyone.
[03:31:34] <Bytram|away> anyway; brain is too tired to really think. night all
[03:32:14] <Deucalion> Bytram|away, Regurgitator used to cope I think... so it is probably something in Bender's sanitisation of feeds as you say
[03:32:27] <Deucalion> go sleep
[03:32:56] <Bytram|away> I just pm-ed you
[03:42:37] <Deucalion> cmn32480, what I need is something to make my brain shut up when it is time to sleep. Anyway, I am out. Seriously good work on the Apr 1 stuff guys - ignore the inevitable hates, life is nothing without a smile :D
[03:43:38] <cmn32480> ~gnight Deucalion
[03:43:40] * exec romantically embiggens a mountain of funding with Deucalion
[04:17:07] <Subsentient> Are we doing any gag stories this year?
[04:19:20] <cmn32480> no
[04:19:51] <Subsentient> aww
[04:21:16] <Subsentient> cmn32480: Why the hell not?
[04:22:33] <cmn32480> because the editorial staff is busy with things outside of the site and hasn't had time to gather the garbage
[04:25:28] <Subsentient> cmn32480: That's a shame. Being an editor, I'd be happy to post one or two stories. :^D
[04:25:34] <Subsentient> The question is, will anyone be upset?
[04:25:52] <cmn32480> will anyone be upset with what?
[04:26:12] <cmn32480> that you fucked with a full day of set to run stories? or that we decided not to post junk?
[04:32:49] <chromas> Post a story about the lack of fake stories ;)
[04:38:39] <cmn32480> ~gnight #editorial
[04:38:41] * exec accidentally drops a cheap plastic cup of tubgirl on #editorial
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