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[00:08:42] <nick> i'll be gone tomorrow again, not sure on my return
[00:08:56] <cmn32480> heading home?
[00:09:02] <cmn32480> or still in SA looking?
[00:09:19] <nick> heading back across the ocean
[00:09:27] <cmn32480> 10-4
[00:09:31] <nick> don't really do 'home'
[00:09:37] <cmn32480> I'll try to feed as much of the queue tonight as I can
[00:10:00] <cmn32480> safe travels
[00:10:21] <nick> going to be a really long day tomorrow, 24hrs of travel essentially
[00:10:27] <cmn32480> uhg
[00:10:30] <cmn32480> that sucks
[00:10:55] <nick> going to see if i can get a deal on business-class or something next time
[00:11:18] <cmn32480> good plan
[00:11:23] <nick> over 12hrs on a shitty old Iberia 737 or whatever it was, no fun at all.
[00:11:39] <cmn32480> damn....
[00:11:44] <cmn32480> it's like flying Southwest
[00:12:32] <nick> dont even get your own 'entertainment system'
[00:12:48] <cmn32480> you do... but it is BYOD
[00:13:06] <nick> and i was on the last row for the screen, although watching the first 15minutes of spectre with no sound did help me get to sleep
[00:13:36] <cmn32480> is it a no free headphones airline too?
[00:13:48] <cmn32480> and I bet they use the ones with the wunny double lug
[00:13:54] <nick> i didn't even get my book to read, i feel bad for disturbing the person sitting next to me so i can get to the overhead compartment
[00:14:06] <cmn32480> F**K that
[00:14:08] <nick> i think they were free, i just didn't have any interest
[00:14:19] <cmn32480> be comfortable. and make sure you avhe that when you sit down
[00:15:22] <cmn32480> get them
[00:15:24] <nick> dont know what seat i'll get, so will have to see what happens there
[00:15:39] <cmn32480> the next airline might not be free and if you already have them they can't stop you
[00:15:49] <cmn32480> have that in the bag that goes by yer feet
[00:15:53] <cmn32480> your book
[00:15:54] <cmn32480> tablet
[00:15:58] <cmn32480> headphones
[00:16:01] <cmn32480> smart phone
[00:16:08] <cmn32480> blindfold
[00:16:10] <nick> on long flights i dont have it by my feet, prefer the space to move my legs around
[00:16:11] <cmn32480> ear plugs
[00:16:42] <nick> blindfold would be good, i got a few free ones on Virgin Atlantic flights over the years, but they're too small for my giant head
[00:16:51] <nick> the elastic ends up pressing into my eyeballs
[00:17:16] <cmn32480> giant head... makes room for all that extra brain
[00:18:01] <nick> still breaking in my new XL flexfit hats
[00:22:02] <cmn32480> gotta go feed my oldest that had a tantrum at dinner because all the pizza had toppings and he wanted plain cheese
[00:22:50] <nick> fun
[00:24:32] <cmn32480> yeah
[00:25:11] <cmn32480> it was one of those points where I looked at him and said "if you want to pick off the toppings I don't care. If not, go to your room"
[00:25:17] <cmn32480> he went to his room
[00:28:03] <nick> no dinner for him then
[00:28:54] <cmn32480> he came back and apologized and asked very polietly to be fed
[00:29:22] <nick> aww
[00:30:35] <cmn32480> and being the mostly kind hearted soul that I am... I am feeding him
[00:30:47] <nick> well, the pizza he didnt eat before should still be there ;)
[00:31:09] <cmn32480> correct sir!
[00:31:44] <cmn32480> yick... I gotta leave at quarter to 6 tomorrow morning to make it to my customer site around 8am
[00:31:50] <cmn32480> blech
[00:31:52] <nick> :(
[00:31:54] <nick> that sucks
[00:31:58] <cmn32480> yeah
[00:32:05] <cmn32480> could be worse
[00:32:13] <cmn32480> I could have to fly 12 or 13 hours
[00:32:37] <nick> that's the first flight, then i have to change for another 2-3 hour flight
[00:33:15] <cmn32480> hmmm.... google maps can't calculate directions for you
[00:33:26] <nick> it should be better than the 2-3hr flight then the 12-13hr flight it took to get here im figuring
[00:34:06] <nick> that's weird
[00:34:09] <cmn32480> Uruguay to Spain? then to London?
[00:34:25] <cmn32480> heh.... after I took it off walking directions it worked better
[00:34:35] <nick> yeah
[00:35:00] <cmn32480> no shit... this says it is a 16hour flight to go direct
[00:35:09] <nick> and if the connection is missed for whatever reason, it shouldn't be as big of a deal
[00:35:16] <nick> i dont think there are any direct flights to london
[00:35:32] <nick> when i looked, some change in spain, some change in brazil
[00:35:49] <cmn32480> I'm finding a few that change in Florida
[00:36:08] <nick> dont think i saw those, probably more expensive
[00:36:18] <cmn32480> TAM has a direct flight
[00:36:27] <nick> from what airport?
[00:36:36] <cmn32480> Montevideo
[00:36:39] <nick> to...
[00:36:44] <cmn32480> Heathrow
[00:37:02] <nick> dunno why i never saw that
[00:37:11] <cmn32480> $3350 round trip
[00:37:23] <nick> well i didn't pay that lol
[00:37:43] <nick> my flights were less than $800
[00:37:53] <cmn32480> each way or round trip?
[00:37:56] <nick> round trip
[00:38:11] <cmn32480> I'd say you did just fine
[00:38:24] <nick> can't really expect any better
[00:38:49] <nick> pretty much every round trip i've ever done has been for $800 at most
[00:39:04] <nick> but it's an advantage of living in the UK
[00:39:10] <cmn32480> I can't even do that in the states sometimes
[00:39:11] <nick> it's about the cheapest place to fly from, to anywhere
[00:39:35] <nick> chances are i could get to anywhere in the US and back cheaper than someone in the country already
[00:39:59] <cmn32480> not always
[00:40:04] <cmn32480> depends where you are going
[00:40:07] <nick> well no, not always
[00:40:22] <nick> but if you're covering a reasonable distance then in my experience, it's been possible
[00:40:23] <cmn32480> I've had flights that are $150 round trip
[00:40:39] <nick> if you're only going an hour or two, then it's probably cheaper internally
[00:40:45] <cmn32480> to the west coast for $300 round trip
[00:40:55] <cmn32480> but it all depends
[00:40:57] <nick> but then i could get flights to most places in europe for less than $200
[00:42:06] <cmn32480> exactly
[00:42:10] <cmn32480> same thing here
[00:42:38] <cmn32480> all depends on how far in advance it gets booked. how far down the class chart you are willing to travel...
[00:43:02] <nick> ive only ever flown above cattle class once
[00:43:11] <nick> and i've never got a free upgrade :(
[00:43:21] <cmn32480> ~mooo
[00:43:24] <cmn32480> ~moo
[00:43:25] <exec> (__)
[00:43:25] <exec> (oo)
[00:43:25] <exec> /------\/
[00:43:26] <exec> / | ||
[00:43:26] <exec> * /\---/\
[00:43:27] <exec> ~~ ~~
[00:43:28] <exec> ..."Have you mooed today?"...
[00:43:49] <cmn32480> ~cowsay one of us one of us
[00:43:51] <exec> _____________________
[00:43:51] <exec> < one of us one of us >
[00:43:51] <exec> ---------------------
[00:43:51] <exec> \ ^__^
[00:43:51] <exec> \ (oo)\_______
[00:43:52] <exec> (__)\ )\/\
[00:43:53] <exec> ||----w |
[00:43:54] <exec> || ||
[00:44:16] <cmn32480> the airline I generally fly only has cattle class
[00:44:20] <nick> i have not mooed today, but i did have a meeting with some cows yesterday when viewing a potential location
[00:44:46] <cmn32480> I hope this trip has been fruitful for you
[00:45:18] <nick> it has been as good as it could be, pretty much everything worked out well
[00:45:31] <nick> hoping to get another trip sorted in the coming months
[00:45:48] <cmn32480> that's really good
[00:46:18] <cmn32480> I'm glad it came up aces for you. I know this can't be easy
[00:48:12] <nick> lots to do and work out still, but it's nice to have a tangible and achievable goal to work towards
[00:48:38] <cmn32480> the key is achievable
[00:49:06] <cmn32480> and it gives some measure of self sufficiency and financial security...
[00:49:19] <cmn32480> and you might find a senorita
[00:49:56] <nick> don't know how the gf would feel about that, guessing not so happy.
[00:50:21] <cmn32480> or she may be totally into that.... :-)
[00:50:49] <nick> it's not a subject i'm going to bring up lol
[00:51:06] <cmn32480> want to avoid the male chicken culling I take it
[00:51:33] <nick> don't think any of me would make it out alive
[00:52:04] <cmn32480> yeah
[00:52:08] <cmn32480> I know the feeling
[00:52:21] <cmn32480> I cna't keep one woman happy, wtf makes me think I can hand;e two of them?
[00:52:55] <cmn32480> holy wall of text Batman! https://soylentnews.org
[00:52:55] <Sprinkles> ^ 03SN Submission by Helencrw: New report says shackling pregnant women in prison is torture
[00:53:15] <cmn32480> and not a link to be spotted
[00:53:38] <nick> i think that's a completely original submission, judging by it's from helencrw
[00:53:56] <cmn32480> did I miss something?
[00:54:02] <cmn32480> who is helencrw?
[00:54:07] <nick> helencrw has made some journal entries on her research and such into women in prison
[00:54:47] <nick> "Consultant, writer, training and researcher. Helen is the founder of a social media network for researchers and practitioners who are involved with projects relating to women in prison."
[00:55:04] <nick> http://www.r4womeninprison.com
[00:55:10] <Sprinkles> ^ 03research for women in prison
[00:55:10] <cmn32480> reading her page now
[00:55:18] <cmn32480> I see we rejected one last week
[00:56:05] <cmn32480> and another back in December
[00:56:06] <nick> i think the rejections have been a little unfair#
[00:56:13] <nick> at least the one in december
[00:57:24] <nick> it's a very narrow field of research, but i don't think it should be dismissed, especially being original writing
[00:57:25] <cmn32480> my only problem, is that with no links there is no supporting evidence.
[00:57:52] <nick> i agree it's not that helpful in that regard
[00:58:02] <cmn32480> it comes off as an opinion piece
[00:58:35] <nick> let me read the current submission
[00:58:49] <cmn32480> there is a duplicated paragraph, but otherwise not bad
[00:59:09] <cmn32480> but again, no supporting info
[00:59:48] <nick> well, if we can find an article for the statements/report by Juan E.Mendez, then i'd say it's a go
[01:00:18] <cmn32480> yes. I'm going to email her and request her to send the links.
[01:01:36] <nick> http://www.un.org
[01:01:50] <cmn32480> cheater
[01:01:56] <cmn32480> back in a bit
[01:01:58] <nick> lol
[01:02:00] <cmn32480> need to put my kids in bed
[01:03:11] <nick> the UN needs an editor
[01:03:44] <nick> Their most recent article on their RSS "UN chief condemns terrorist attach in Turkish capital"
[01:31:21] <cmn32480> becha they pay better than SoylentNews....
[01:32:14] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[01:32:26] <cmn32480> there goes the neighborhood....
[01:32:58] <Bytram> cmn32480: sorry about that; there was a quesiton in the Go story about being unsure wether Unicef was supposed to be capitalized and for some reason I thoguht the quesiton came from you
[01:33:13] <cmn32480> wasn't me.
[01:33:19] <Bytram> apparently!
[01:33:23] <cmn32480> I initial my Ed Notes
[01:33:39] <cmn32480> always followed w/ -CMN
[01:33:46] <Bytram> so do I, but on occasion apparently forget.
[01:33:52] <cmn32480> _I_ take pride in my stupidity!
[01:34:04] <Bytram> practice, padawan, Practice!
[01:34:05] <Bytram> =)
[01:34:12] <cmn32480> lol
[01:34:18] <cmn32480> how goes it Bytram?
[01:34:25] <Bytram> 'zausted
[01:34:31] <cmn32480> 2nd!
[01:34:44] <Bytram> yep, you know about that, for sure!
[01:34:49] <cmn32480> I drempt I was a muffler and woke up exhausted
[01:34:56] <Bytram> long day at work yesterday and today.
[01:35:20] <Bytram> working mon & tues and then have a couple days off before I attend a conference with some friends
[01:35:30] <Bytram> won't be enough that sleep, that's for sure
[01:36:01] <Bytram> unfortunately, won't be able to do any editing form about fri PM thru Sun PM.
[01:36:08] <cmn32480> np
[01:36:13] <cmn32480> we all been there
[01:36:18] <Bytram> well,*might* bea bale to do a little something on sat PM, but no promises.
[01:36:24] <cmn32480> will do the best we can... leep the lights on and all taht rot
[01:36:39] * Bytram chuckles
[01:36:54] <Bytram> man, my spelling is getting worse and wurse
[01:36:57] <Bytram> ;)
[01:37:07] * cmn32480 counts at least 5 typos in the last 3 lines
[01:37:28] <cmn32480> I see you are taking our lessons to heart
[01:37:30] <cmn32480> good man!
[01:37:32] <Bytram> c'mon.... I'm practicing!
[01:38:40] <Bytram> Oh! I had a question about speeling the other day and thought it would be a good oppportunity to try out the ~fight 'cmd' but couldn't get it to work??
[01:40:56] <cmn32480> ~fight
[01:40:58] <exec> oi! why don't ya choke on some pig vomit, ya vagina!
[01:41:04] <cmn32480> works fine
[01:41:28] <cmn32480> that is very literally all it does
[01:41:57] <Bytram> Oh? oh.
[01:42:06] <Bytram> I was trying to so something like:
[01:42:18] <Bytram> ~fight Unicef and UNICEF
[01:42:19] <exec> oi! why don't ya choke on some pig vomit, ya vagina!
[01:42:34] <Bytram> and I thought it would come back with the number of hits for each entry
[01:42:44] <Bytram> and tell me which one won, 'cause it had more hits on google
[01:42:54] <cmn32480> uhhh.... no
[01:42:59] <cmn32480> exec is a simple bot
[01:43:10] <cmn32480> ~fight
[01:43:11] <exec> oi! why don't ya choke on some pig vomit, ya vagina!
[01:43:14] <cmn32480> returns the above
[01:43:27] <cmn32480> just like
[01:43:29] <cmn32480> ~shit
[01:43:31] <exec> 05💩
[01:43:34] <cmn32480> returns ^^
[01:43:45] <chromas> ciri has that function
[01:44:08] <cmn32480> ciri still exists?
[01:44:14] <cmn32480> I thoguht she got nuked from orbit
[01:44:17] <Bytram> are you cirious?
[01:44:38] <cmn32480> I thoguht she got deservedly nuked from orbit
[01:44:49] <Bytram> I would have sworn that it was something in crutchy's bot, but at this point I can't recall much for certain
[01:45:24] <chromas> nah, undeservedly. meanies. but ciri's still around in the speshul helmet channels
[01:45:26] <cmn32480> have messaged helencrw to see if we can get links for her article
[01:45:42] <cmn32480> oh... you mean #
[01:46:41] <Bytram> nod nod;
[01:46:53] <Bytram> wall-of-text battle between her and NC would be an interesting spectacle
[01:47:17] <Bytram> could be... not know how to use '#' in this case
[01:47:21] <Bytram> #fight foo bar
[01:47:29] <Bytram> nope
[01:48:01] <cmn32480> # is the channel name
[01:48:07] <cmn32480> like #editorial
[01:48:11] <cmn32480> or #soylent
[01:48:28] * Bytram never used that channel.
[01:48:35] <cmn32480> # is the white hocey helmet channel
[01:48:39] <Bytram> I recall seeing it used many times in #Soylent
[01:48:45] <cmn32480> don'
[01:48:47] <cmn32480> t
[01:48:53] <cmn32480> it is a bad bad palce
[01:49:57] * Bytram prefers the good palace
[01:54:08] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[02:32:11] <cmn32480> ~gnight #editorial
[02:32:12] * exec literally bitchslaps a scrote of feminism with #editorial
[02:32:50] <cmn32480> I read the above adn thoguht of you TheMightyBuzzard ^^^
[02:33:07] <cmn32480> safe travels nick
[02:33:29] <nick> you too, cmn32480
[02:33:31] * nick hat tip
[02:33:42] <cmn32480> ~gnight nick
[02:33:44] * exec slowly piles a volley of toejam on nick
[02:34:22] <cmn32480> ~last nick=zz_janrinok
[02:34:27] <exec> 03[nothing found]
[02:34:41] <cmn32480> ~last nick=janrinok
[02:34:45] <exec> 03[2016-02-18 19:54:2] #editorial <janrinok> you too!
[02:34:57] <cmn32480> :-(
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[23:27:24] <takyon> ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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