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[00:18:07] <takyon> dfddfgf
[00:19:09] <takyon> about that Q&A thing, are you going to have a story and then have another story for asking the questions?
[00:19:20] <takyon> I feel like that would be best since it would give people time to formulate questions
[00:19:42] <takyon> also, do we email selected questions to the guy, or does he come into the comment section and get dirty
[00:35:32] <nick> takyon: it seems like the questions will be emailed for another story to be done later
[00:35:44] <nick> like the cowboyneal Q&A
[00:35:44] <takyon> good
[00:36:06] <takyon> i want at least 4 hours to think about questions
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[02:37:54] <Bytram> yeah, I'm going by the seat of my pants on this... seems the technique used at the green site held up over the years... why reinvent the wheel?
[02:39:28] <Bytram> I inadvertantly started to blaze a new trail and quicly found the rror of my ways.
[02:39:39] <takyon> what trail?
[02:40:04] <takyon> inviting people into the comment section is what reddit.com/r/iama would do, but for us I like the /. way
[02:41:27] <Bytram> deuc and I had a long discussion about it last night; you can check the scrollback.
[02:43:48] <takyon> nah i'm good
[02:43:57] <takyon> my time's better spent subbing
[02:51:16] <Bytram> and you do a GREAT ob of subbing, too!
[02:51:25] <Bytram> s ob/ job/
[02:51:30] <Bytram> s/ob/ job/
[02:51:32] <exec> <Bytram> s job/ job/
[02:51:36] <Bytram> lol
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[12:43:33] <Bytram> CoolHand: !!
[12:44:11] <Bytram> noticed a 2h15m minute gap between stories... unless we have extenuating circumstances, I try to aim for 1h40m or so
[12:52:00] <CoolHand> Bytram: !!
[12:52:09] <CoolHand> Bytram: it was already late when I got here
[12:52:16] <CoolHand> I put one up asap
[12:52:25] <Bytram> nod nod
[12:52:49] * Bytram didn't get to bed until 0130, back here at 0730... thanks for keeping the fire going!
[12:53:49] <Bytram> might want to push the ASA story out to 15;18
[12:53:56] <Bytram> CoolHand: ^^^
[12:54:21] <CoolHand> yeah, luckily takyon threw a couple in, or we'd have been REAL late.. (I thought you were gonna fill in the overnight, so I forgot to check last night, plus the wife had me occupied -not in a good way- but was demanding my attention)
[12:54:25] <Bytram> btw, maria sharapova story needs a 'dept' -- couldn't come up with anything atm
[12:54:48] <Bytram> 'not in a good way' -- nod nod
[12:54:52] <Bytram> np
[12:54:55] <Bytram> no harm no foul
[12:55:16] <CoolHand> alrighty
[12:55:23] <Bytram> 'sposed to be at work in 1h45m so don't have too much time to help out here. :(
[12:55:31] <CoolHand> no prob
[12:55:36] <CoolHand> I can cover us
[12:55:43] <CoolHand> thanks for throwing a couple in
[12:56:36] * Bytram works until 6ish, then have apt from 7:30p to prolly 9:30pm -- not gonna have too much spare energy, but *might* be able to push out a couple around 1830ish
[12:57:59] <Bytram> teamwork++
[12:57:59] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 81
[13:00:03] <CoolHand> I think we should push out the MSSQL Server on LInux story soon, but I submitted, so if anyone ever pops in here can stick it in the queue, that would be brilliant
[13:02:04] <Bytram> nod nod
[13:12:38] <Bytram> suggest moving apple story from 16:44 to 16:58
[13:12:47] <CoolHand> fine with me
[13:13:01] <Bytram> are you still in that story or are you done with it.
[13:13:02] <Bytram> ?
[13:13:55] <CoolHand> i'm not in it, it was just last I was in
[13:14:30] <CoolHand> i'm actually in/looking at star-trek IXS enterprise story
[13:14:45] <Bytram> yeah, I don't know of a better way to track who is doing what, but the 'system' does not know when I have finished accessing a file... still shows you active in that story
[13:16:32] <CoolHand> hmm, wonder if it is b/c cache'ing.. it says star trek for me on mine
[13:17:20] <Bytram> what it shows you and what it shows me are different
[13:17:31] <CoolHand> obviously :) hehe
[13:17:38] <Bytram> well, it just NOW shows you being in star trek, albeit for 1s
[13:17:45] <CoolHand> weird
[13:18:12] <Bytram> as soon as you OPEN a new story, that is the one that gets shown in the active editor stuff at the bottom of page... that's cool
[13:18:19] <CoolHand> moved apple
[13:18:38] <Bytram> problem is, it doesn't know when you are done with one story and are on the prowl for another story, or done for hteevening
[13:18:57] <Bytram> I think it eventually times out at 30m? Just a guess basedon my observations
[13:19:16] <Bytram> oh... hold on. I'm in the apple story right now.
[13:19:54] <Bytram> I'll set it for 16:58
[13:20:08] <CoolHand> ok, hope it didn't screw ya..
[13:20:16] <CoolHand> soryr
[13:20:27] <Bytram> no problem!
[13:20:36] <CoolHand> copy your changes to clipboard just in case.. ;)
[13:21:52] <Bytram> here's a trick for ya: Using Pale Moon browser, I do: Ctrl+Alt+t which *duplicates* the tab; then I proceed with the dupe. if there's a problem, then I can revert to the other tab and try to take it forward from there, again.
[13:21:56] <Bytram> repeat as necessary =)
[13:22:14] <CoolHand> nice..
[13:22:21] <CoolHand> work in FF too? or just pale moon?
[13:22:43] <CoolHand> guess not FF
[13:22:56] <CoolHand> I have pale moon on my laptop but not everywhere
[13:24:26] <CoolHand> ah, found way to do it in FF (but not with shortcut key - unless install extenstion): Hold down the CTRL key and drag (hold left mouse button down whilst moving the cursor) the current tab across to an empty space on the tab bar or to a position in between two other tabs – then let go of the mouse button – the tab will be duplicated to your chosen position.
[13:25:32] <Bytram> ahhhh, I bet I know what it is... I have the TabMixPlus extension installed
[13:26:09] <CoolHand> yeah, thats one of the ones that said you could do that
[13:26:39] <Bytram> I installed that YEARS ago... /me really likes the increased control it provided.
[13:27:08] <Bytram> ok, looks good for the short term; gonna take a break and get cleaned up for my day...
[13:27:20] <Bytram> are you still in the NASA story?
[13:27:30] <Bytram> if not i'll 2nd it and then take a break
[13:27:48] <Bytram> looks like you are out of it
[13:27:55] <Bytram> well, the story, that is. ;)
[13:33:00] <CoolHand> i'm not
[13:33:13] <CoolHand> yeah, out of the story, and a bit out of 'it' too.. :)
[13:35:43] <Bytram> yep, word soup for breakfast is not the best
[13:35:53] <Bytram> just got a buncha txts... gotta go
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[20:39:58] <Azrael> p
[20:42:19] <nick> p
[23:10:14] <paulej72> funkmister fullerine
[23:41:56] <takyon> h e l