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[01:36:59] <Bytram> http://go.theregister.com
[01:37:00] <webscale> ^ 03McAfee gaffe a quick AV kill for enterprising staff • The Register ( http://www.theregister.co.uk )
[04:08:11] <Bytram> Hey! Had some nice back-and-forth e-mails with a story submitter... https://soylentnews.org
[04:08:12] <webscale> ^ 03Error ( https://soylentnews.org )
[04:08:31] <Bytram> ooooops, that's not breaking news...
[04:08:34] * Bytram goes to fix
[04:11:05] <Bytram> that's better: https://soylentnews.org
[04:11:06] <webscale> ^ 03Error
[04:11:10] <Bytram> lol
[04:11:26] <Bytram> ^^^ TEDxWellington Talk: Sequencing that Stimulates the Sensors; Author Q&A ***
[04:11:51] <Bytram> Author has agreed to a Q&A about the talk. Exclusive!
[04:12:52] <Bytram> Deucalion: ^^^
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[04:13:45] * Deucalion is flustered
[04:14:26] * Deucalion breathes again
[04:15:15] <Bytram> breathing is good!
[04:16:20] <Deucalion> OK - so suggestions on how to handle this? One question per comment (please) on the original piece, then a follow up with the author's answers to questions in a secondary piece perhaps?
[04:17:01] <Bytram> good suggestions, both.
[04:17:54] <Bytram> It was just one of those inspirations that came to me as I was reading the original submission, which was too terse... submitted a reply(YAY!) with the deletion asking for more detail, and then thought... HEY!
[04:18:05] <Deucalion> How did we get in contact with this author? Or are they self-promoting in this instance? (I don't mean that latter to be derogatory)
[04:18:15] <Bytram> He replied so quickly with an updated version... seemed a natural to invite him to a Q&A
[04:18:31] <Bytram> he submitted a story
[04:18:41] <Bytram> (he had done similarly several months ago)
[04:18:44] <Bytram> hold onn a sec
[04:19:00] <Bytram> or two...
[04:19:59] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[04:20:00] <webscale> ^ 03- SoylentNews User
[04:20:42] <Bytram> one of the great attractions of the green site for me was the interactions with experts ina field.
[04:20:52] <Bytram> seemed like a rare opportunity to do the same here.
[04:22:23] <Bytram> in re-reading your quesitons, I was thinking more along the lines of an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything)
[04:22:53] <Bytram> sorry,is very late and I'm running out of steam.
[04:23:04] <Bytram> taking a short break; biab
[04:23:36] <Deucalion> OK - so they want to give 1 hour to answering Q's at a given time. That's not really conducive to the website format. IRC might work, we can moderate here, but that eliminates a lot of participants from the discussion. Could you go back to them and propose my format with the 2 story run, the first to garner questions, the second to present his answers with them diving in to the replies to that as they see fit?
[04:24:52] <Deucalion> I'm not sure how we're setup to do a live 1hr Q&A other than IRC within that timescale.
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[04:31:05] <Bytram> back
[04:32:16] <Bytram> thought about it some more; you raise good points. I wonder how Reddit does it? that said, maybe it is best to not chart new waters on this one... use the tried & true technique from the green sight
[04:32:18] <Bytram> *site
[04:33:19] <Deucalion> Run it (the 2 story approach) by them. In the mean time I will set up a #QandA channel we can moderate should we choose to go that way
[04:33:38] <Bytram> heyyyy... kewel!
[04:34:19] <Deucalion> always good to have a plan A and B (and pref C too) in my experience
[04:34:26] <Bytram> that's for sure.
[04:35:11] * Bytram does not know if the submitter has any experience with IRC
[04:35:15] <Deucalion> Less than 24hrs... A&B plans are the best we can hope for... but this is something we should look to formalise
[04:35:57] <Deucalion> Bytram, we can sling up a webclient link to the #QandA channel
[04:36:00] <Bytram> yes, I apologize. My enthusiasm got the best of me. Once I get started on something...
[04:36:08] <Bytram> huh?
[04:36:20] <Bytram> oh...
[04:36:51] <Bytram> some modification of: http://chat.soylentnews.org
[04:36:51] <webscale> ^✓ 03SoylentNews Web IRC (Iris)
[04:36:53] <Bytram> ??
[04:37:16] <Deucalion> Well - we currently have a web link to #soylent... it's not too hard to replicate that for a #QandA channel that can be included in the article
[04:37:29] <Bytram> ahhh!
[04:37:53] <Deucalion> Or give instruction to alter the channel before logging in... or something
[04:38:05] <Bytram> Brilliant!!
[04:38:07] <Deucalion> Tis not beyond the with of man
[04:38:13] <Bytram> lol
[04:38:15] <Deucalion> *wit
[04:38:25] <Bytram> Wit, is intellect, dancing!
[04:41:11] <Deucalion> Indded. Just mail them and suggest the 2 story route as our preferred option this time, then go sleep :D I'll beetle about with #QandA should we need it - I need to scrub up on moderation modes.
[04:41:48] <Bytram> got it. appreciate your understanding, cat herder extrordinaire!
[04:42:58] <Deucalion> I can't even get my own life in order, let alone herding others... this seems achievable though.
[04:44:39] <Bytram> ROFL!!!!
[04:44:42] <Bytram> how's this:
[04:44:43] <Bytram> <p>[Ed note: We are experimenting with something new with this story on SoylentNews. The submitter has agreed to answer some of your questions. Please submit one question per comment. The most highly-rated comments will be given to the submitter. We'll post another story later with the replies.]</p>
[04:47:38] <Deucalion> That sounds good. But get agreement from the author before releasing it.
[04:47:48] <Bytram> am writing the e-mail now.
[04:48:18] * Deucalion invokes Slayer soundtrack... need something to stay awake at this point :F
[04:54:00] <Bytram> Deucalion: would like to BCC you on the e-mail... your_sn_user_nick@soylentnews.org right?
[04:55:50] * Bytram clicks send and will find out shortly if it bounces. =)
[04:57:44] <Deucalion> juggs@
[04:58:25] <Bytram> nodnod; is what I used
[04:58:35] <Bytram> should have it by now.
[04:59:25] <Deucalion> OK #QandA now registered and formed, just need to work out who sees what when the channel is moderated. Will set all with a staff hostmask as chanops so any staff can moderate and voice participants.
[04:59:35] <Deucalion> I have mail
[05:00:24] <Deucalion> Looks good Bytram, I will continue setting up plan B in #QandA
[05:00:46] <Bytram> appreciate the feedback!
[05:01:06] <Bytram> don't think there's a hurry on #QandA, but if the spirit moves you atm, run with it.
[05:04:11] <Deucalion> May as well get it set up now and documented so not caught on the hop next time
[05:04:28] <Deucalion> I never like being caught on the hop
[05:06:33] <Bytram> well, that was ALL *my* doing. I should have checked in with others before putting SN out there like that.
[05:06:38] <Bytram> my mistake entirely.
[05:10:39] <Deucalion> No mistake at all, I should have predicted the requirement. I may be on the hop now, but the best I can do is prepare for the next time. C'est la vie :D We are just human.... or monkeys throwing rocks at trees it seems. :)
[05:12:17] * Bytram appreciates your dedication and... humour!
[05:13:16] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[05:13:18] * exec figuratively offers a shaken bottle of shit-on-a-stick to bytram
[05:13:42] <Bytram> cmn32480: gnight to you! did you have a safe trip and are settled in?
[05:13:54] <cmn32480> yeah
[05:14:01] <cmn32480> nice day wandering the French Quarter
[05:14:57] <cmn32480> I'm done
[05:14:59] <cmn32480> tired
[05:15:07] <cmn32480> see you another day
[05:15:10] <Bytram> glad to hear you are getting a good break!
[05:15:20] <Bytram> get some sleep (or not) and have a good night!
[05:15:24] <Bytram> =)
[05:15:36] <cmn32480> ~gnight #editorial
[05:15:37] * exec diarrhetically tosses my butt of 🐂💩 to #editorial
[05:15:53] <Bytram> ewwww!
[05:16:05] <cmn32480> yes... .very ewwww
[05:16:12] <cmn32480> I'm out
[05:16:17] <Bytram> laters
[05:16:29] <Bytram> queue is good well into the day tomorrow.
[05:16:38] <Bytram> rest and relax, my freind!
[05:16:44] <Bytram> *friend.
[05:23:28] <Deucalion> Bytram, if you are still around an you pls /j #QandA
[05:26:31] <Bytram> am there
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[13:30:56] <CoolHand> Bytram !!
[13:36:05] <Bytram> CoolHand: !!
[13:36:15] <Bytram> it was getting pretty quiet in here
[13:36:21] <Bytram> good to 'see' you!
[13:37:13] <Bytram> cmn and nck are on vaca; jr is on sabatical... that leaves, umm, you, me, tak, sub, and NotS as active eds atm
[13:38:19] <Bytram> CoolHand: do you remember the email addy for all of editorial?
[13:45:53] <CoolHand> good to know... and know I don't - didn't in fact know we had one
[13:47:10] <CoolHand> Maybe because I've never gotten my @SN addy setup/working and thats the email they use for me..
[13:48:04] <Bytram> ahhh, should have a chat with audioguy about that. (I *think* he is our e-mail guru.)
[13:48:17] <Bytram> ~eds
[13:48:18] <exec> editor ping for Bytram: janrinok LaminatorX n1 nick martyb Bytram Azrael mrcoolbp cmn32480 coolhand takyon bytram|away NotSanguine
[13:49:16] <Bytram> just a heads up that I am trying to set up a Q&A with a story submitter. have exchanged emails to narrow some details. Deucalion has been involved, but wanted to make others aware, too.
[13:49:32] <CoolHand> cool
[13:51:39] <CoolHand> is story in sub q already? or something new?
[13:51:57] <CoolHand> (don't wanna promote something you have more coming in on)
[13:57:38] <Bytram> is in story queue, I should mark it not display... hold on
[14:00:04] <Bytram> Okay, story is now: NOT display. Is sitting at Tues march 8 @ 10:00 UTC
[14:00:21] <Bytram> will update as I get reply from the author.
[14:00:31] <Bytram> and... look at the time. need to get ready for work.
[14:00:35] <Bytram> biab
[14:00:36] <Bytram> afk
[14:00:58] <Bytram> http://arstechnica.com
[14:00:59] <webscale> ^ 03Google extends right-to-be-forgotten rules to all search sites | Ars Technica
[14:01:09] <Bytram> that could be interesting.
[14:01:13] <Bytram> afk
[14:26:07] <Bytram> okay... I got to go to work; we have stories queue until 20:20 UTC (about 6 hrs from now)
[14:26:21] <Bytram> hopefully someone can keep things going until I can return tonight
[14:27:01] <Bytram> CoolHand: ^^ a couple more stories should be enough, if you can?
[14:27:25] <CoolHand> will see what I can do :)
[14:28:06] <Bytram> that would be GREAT!!!
[14:28:19] <Bytram> seems like some good submissions have just come in... good luck!
[14:28:22] <Bytram> gtg
[14:28:23] <Bytram> laters!
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