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[01:45:22] <cmn32480> bytram - we may wanna spread that stem cell story out ads ther is one that either jsut went live or will shortly
[01:45:31] <cmn32480> I didn't see the second one or I woudl ahve merged
[01:46:06] <Bytram> yeah, I was just about to post tak's story, and then we had one going live RSN
[01:50:26] <Bytram> dropped out of it and then came on here to see what's up.
[01:53:07] <cmn32480> the servers for a change...
[01:53:15] <cmn32480> since you broke somethign upstream of linode
[01:54:20] <Bytram> okay, I've read both stem cells stories... both refer to the same journal article
[01:54:30] <Bytram> once quotes University of Cambrdige
[01:54:41] <Bytram> he other Researchers at Michigan State University
[01:54:56] <cmn32480> DOH
[01:55:13] <cmn32480> delete the one in the queue as a dupe and move on
[01:55:56] <Bytram> oh, wait.. those are DIFFERENT cell articles!
[01:56:23] <Bytram> live story:
[01:56:24] <Bytram> http://www.cell.com(16)00054-0
[01:56:25] <webscale> ^ 03( https://secure.jbs.elsevierhealth.com )
[01:56:33] <Bytram> http://www.cell.com(16)00056-4
[01:56:34] <webscale> ^ 03( https://secure.jbs.elsevierhealth.com )
[01:56:41] <Bytram> ^^^ tak's
[01:56:43] <cmn32480> ~define tosser
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[01:56:49] <exec> [urbandictionary] 03tosser: Literally, one who masturbates. Common usage typically refers to anyone of whom you have a low opinion.
[01:59:39] <Bytram> I'm not up to trying to merge the two stem cell stories...
[01:59:51] <Bytram> and since they are similar, but different, i'm just gonna leave 'em be
[02:00:08] <Bytram> will prolly wait a bit... maybe a day, and then run tak
[02:00:16] <Bytram> s story with a ref to today's story.
[02:00:48] <cmn32480> ok
[02:00:51] <cmn32480> sounds like a plan
[02:00:57] <cmn32480> I'm not up to merging either atm
[02:01:06] <cmn32480> feeling like crap and I have to get pack ed for tomorrow
[02:06:08] <Bytram> well, I'm not good for TOO much, atm. 11-hour day yesterday, back at work 12hrs later, and had a no-call no-show by a coworker; was the only one in my dept for 3 hrs. BUSY!
[02:06:18] <Bytram> had a good day, all in all, though. no complaints
[02:06:37] <Bytram> have sunday off, so hope to be able to stay on top of stories for a stretch.
[02:07:51] <Bytram> uplifting story here: http://www.npr.org
[02:07:51] <webscale> ^ 03Your Letters Helped Challenger Shuttle Engineer Shed 30 Years Of Guilt : The Two-Way : NPR
[02:08:44] <Bytram> dinner is ready... brb
[02:11:07] <cmn32480> I'm on an airplane at 0850 tomorrow morning to NOLA
[02:11:10] <cmn32480> J is going with me
[02:11:26] <Bytram> hope you have a good time!
[02:11:28] <cmn32480> my Soylenting will be nearly non-existant for the next several days
[02:11:38] <Bytram> don't worry about this place, we'll keep the light on for ya
[02:12:06] <Bytram> maybe we should keep a red lighton for ya?
[02:12:12] <Bytram> =)
[02:13:55] <cmn32480> red light as in stop and don't come back?
[02:14:41] <Bytram> https://en.wikipedia.org
[02:14:42] <webscale> ^ 03Wiki: Red-light district
[02:15:17] <Bytram> as in 'don't stop!' and 'keep coming' back. =)
[02:15:59] <cmn32480> NOLA has a stripper district in the French Quarter
[02:16:08] * cmn32480 probably won't be going there
[02:16:22] <Bytram> just ask J for a private show.
[02:17:19] <cmn32480> duh>
[02:17:25] <Bytram> and... she might like one from you, too. ;)
[02:18:21] <cmn32480> maybe
[02:18:24] <cmn32480> wiht the lights off
[02:19:42] <Bytram> I see.
[02:20:28] <Bytram> anyway, just joshing ya... hope the flight is uneventful and the trip memorable
[02:21:26] <cmn32480> me too
[02:38:48] * Bytram merges amazon fire crypto stories
[02:39:44] * cmn32480 exports his stupidly high expense bill for submission for payment
[02:52:32] * cmn32480 goes to pack for NOLA
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[03:10:52] <takyon> hi
[03:11:09] <takyon> oh that explains why cmn was around
[03:11:14] <takyon> hadnt't left yet
[03:11:19] <Bytram> nod nod
[03:11:32] <Bytram> takyon: thanks for the story submissions!
[03:11:38] <takyon> np
[03:11:42] <Bytram> I *did* merge the stories as you suggested
[03:11:56] * Bytram is too tired to remember the title.
[03:12:00] <takyon> looks fine
[03:12:16] <Bytram> oh, it was the Amazon Fire OS story.
[03:12:34] <takyon> looks good
[03:12:56] <takyon> I was surprised it was reversed, the initial move had a "permanence" sort of feel to it
[03:13:11] <takyon> and yet they promised to bring it back months later. that should fuel some conspiracy
[03:13:27] <Bytram> THAT thought also crossed my mind.
[03:14:20] <takyon> it should be known that CIA is a big customer of Amazon's
[03:14:30] <takyon> Amazon Web Services
[03:14:35] <Bytram> seems silly to ever think that one can take anything away from someone;
[03:14:57] * Bytram is gonna try and put out one more story before calling it a nicht
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[03:22:50] <Bytram|away> good night everyone!
[03:23:18] <nick> gnight Bytram|away
[03:23:21] * nick hat tip
[03:25:26] <cmn32480> fixed time on dataing app bff mode
[03:39:33] <cmn32480> Added the Trump addendum from an AC.
[04:08:34] <cmn32480> ~gnight #editorial
[04:08:35] * exec sneakily hurls a dutch oven of snack bar at #editorial
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[14:57:25] <cmn32480> ~gday bytram away
[14:57:27] * exec scientifically drops wide load of wasabi gummy fish on bytram
[14:57:32] <cmn32480> ~gday bytram|away
[14:57:34] * exec abrasively tosses a pint of cow dung custard to bytram|away
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[15:04:41] <Bytram> only here for a couple minutes.. pushwd out a story
[15:04:53] <cmn32480> Me too
[15:05:01] <cmn32480> been trying but the connection isn't great
[15:05:11] <Bytram> to get us some breathing space. need to head out the door soon, but hten will come back and fill things out.
[15:05:20] <Bytram> wher you at?
[15:05:38] <cmn32480> 34000ft
[15:05:44] <cmn32480> on an airplane
[15:05:49] <cmn32480> where else whould I be?
[15:06:02] <Bytram> *speechless*
[15:06:03] <Bytram> =)
[15:06:05] <cmn32480> I spend half my life in thise flying cigars
[15:06:40] <Bytram> nod ndo
[15:07:15] <cmn32480> roughly an hour before we land
[15:07:43] <Bytram> any turbulence?
[15:07:52] <cmn32480> nah
[15:07:55] * Bytram finished 2nding GMO story
[15:07:55] <cmn32480> pretty smooth
[15:07:58] <Bytram> nice
[15:08:04] <Bytram> give J a hug & kiss for me
[15:08:12] <Bytram> and hten anotehr for yourself!
[15:08:13] <cmn32480> the biggest question is if I shut down and nap for the last hour
[15:08:29] <Bytram> go for it.
[15:08:35] <cmn32480> I think I am gonna
[15:08:36] <Bytram> we're good for another 6 hours or so.
[15:08:41] <cmn32480> yeah
[15:08:45] <cmn32480> I'll get one more out
[15:08:49] <cmn32480> then nap
[15:08:53] <Bytram> I'll be back and at it by then, and there's other eds, too.
[15:08:55] <cmn32480> probably a gewg_
[15:08:55] <Bytram> k
[15:09:34] <Bytram> got to get going; will check back in... but am expecting a phone call in about 20 minutes; may not be able to sign out properly.
[15:09:36] <Bytram> laters
[15:09:46] <cmn32480> cya
[15:09:50] <cmn32480> ~gday bytram
[15:09:52] * exec abnormally microagresses The Cloud of sammiches at bytram
[15:09:56] <Bytram> lol
[15:10:06] <cmn32480> nice
[15:10:06] <Bytram> ~folding-rank
[15:10:09] <exec> 072104
[15:10:16] <Bytram> almost on the next page!
[15:10:18] <cmn32480> getting close
[15:10:38] <Bytram> I predict we'll break into the 1000s in less than 2 months at the current rate, if not sooner!
[15:10:55] <Bytram> we got a few more members on the team: http://fah-web.stanford.edu
[15:10:56] <webscale> ^ 03Team 10's contributions to Folding@home ( http://fah-web.stanford.edu )
[15:11:16] <Bytram> don't follow the exec link.
[15:11:31] <Bytram> ummm, webscale link. sorry!
[15:11:46] <Bytram> oko gtg; l8rs
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[17:49:46] <Bytram> takyon: ping
[18:19:32] <Bytram> I am rewriting the "The Millionaire" story.
[18:24:43] <Bytram> saved.
[19:30:50] <Bytram> submitting story on Nancy Reagan's assing
[19:30:56] <Bytram> submitting story on Nancy Reagan's passing
[19:35:48] <Bytram> story submitted...
[19:35:54] <Bytram> any eds around to 2nd it?
[19:36:45] <Bytram> Yes, I know it is US-centric... but there's quite a world-wide legacy from Ronald Reagan's SDI (star wars) program and from Nancy's efforts to combat Alzheimer's disease.
[19:40:51] <Bytram> story going out in about 5 minutes at: 19:45 UTC
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[22:04:39] <Bytram> hola!
[22:04:51] <nick> hola!
[22:05:06] <Bytram> need another brain to help out with a story
[22:05:14] <Bytram> mine is getting rather tired.
[22:05:18] <Bytram> this story: https://soylentnews.org
[22:05:19] <webscale> ^ 03SN Submission by butthurt: Anti-immigrant rally in California is marred by altercation
[22:05:48] <Bytram> I'm not thinking it would be a good fit for our community's interests.
[22:05:50] <nick> well isn't that topical after the dicking around that was going on in the main channel a while ago
[22:05:51] <Bytram> Your thoughts?
[22:05:59] <nick> ima read it now
[22:06:16] <Bytram> like I said, I'm tired, and i'm looking at it from the viewpoint of our entire community.
[22:08:03] <nick> read the summary, going to read The Guardian TFA
[22:08:16] <Bytram> k
[22:10:10] <Bytram> hmmm, after reading that... I am more of a mind now to actually run the story.
[22:10:34] <nick> i wouldn't say it's of general interest as such, but the summary isn't misrepresenting anything and to reject it is probably just as harmful as running it in some ways
[22:10:41] <nick> bit of a catch 22 from my perspective
[22:10:46] <Bytram> nod nod
[22:11:17] <Bytram> the more I think about it, it is along the lines of: "I may disgree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
[22:11:21] <Bytram> (something like that)
[22:11:28] <nick> pretty much
[22:11:39] <nick> ive never seen 'KKK' so many times
[22:11:45] <nick> it's quite jarring
[22:12:08] <Bytram> It *is* a bit of a turn-off; same here
[22:13:29] <nick> going to read the Daily Mail article now to compare the tone and the number of 'KKK' used out of curiosity
[22:13:45] <Bytram> k
[22:15:00] <nick> i think we should run it
[22:15:18] <Bytram> yep... grabbing some stuff from guardian article to include
[22:15:33] <Bytram> thanks SO much for the feedback... ws getting a brain cramp!
[22:17:06] <nick> np, i know how it goes
[22:19:07] <Bytram> starting to look like word soup... story saved.
[22:19:19] <Bytram> nick++ # thanks for the helping hand
[22:19:20] <Bender> karma - nick: 8
[22:27:03] <Bytram> okay, I'm pretty knackered and am gonna take a nap...
[22:27:24] <Bytram> here's a link I found that could make for an interesting 'privacy/security' story:
[22:27:25] <Bytram> http://jcarlosnorte.com
[22:27:26] <webscale> ^ 03Advanced Tor Browser Fingerprinting
[22:27:42] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[22:27:52] <nick> nap well good sir
[22:28:36] <Bytram|away> thanks! meant to ask you... how have YOU been? I know things were rather, umm, 'hectic' and challenging there for quite the sctretch...
[22:28:47] <Bytram|away> ahve things calmed down for ya?
[22:29:05] <nick> being in south america for a couple weeks has forced a little calm on me
[22:29:14] <Bytram|away> VERY nice!
[22:29:27] <nick> so yeah, i have the best excuses not to work right now
[22:29:27] <Bytram|away> so happy for you... you needed and deserved the break!
[22:29:35] <Bytram|away> nod nod
[22:29:38] <nick> i mean i could, but im not going to.
[22:29:52] <Bytram|away> thanks again for the helping hand, much appreciated!
[22:29:54] <takyon> are you sure you want to run the immigrant/kkk story?
[22:30:04] <takyon> I put in hundreds of subs so you don't have to run that crap
[22:30:25] <Bytram|away> last I looked there were 5 subs left
[22:30:30] <Bytram|away> now there are 4
[22:30:33] <nick> takyon: my opinion it's a catch 22 in running it or not
[22:30:48] <nick> racists can be victims too
[22:30:49] <Bytram|away> and it *does* to pertain to freedom of expression.
[22:30:54] <Bytram|away> ^^^
[22:31:48] <Bytram|away> I was against running it at first, but the more I looked at the story, I had to agree that as much as I may disagree with their viewpoints, they have just as much of a right to express them as anyone else.
[22:31:54] <nick> i'd like to leave it up for the community to respond and hopefully take the moral high ground
[22:32:07] <Bytram|away> I suspect it will lead ot an 'interesting' discussion.
[22:32:09] <Bytram|away> ;)
[22:32:14] <Bytram|away> anyway; nap time.
[22:32:17] <Bytram|away> laters!