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[00:03:18] <takyon> everything looks ok
[00:03:32] <takyon> the story I want to submit is about Uber losing a billion dollars per year in China
[00:04:36] <Bytram> ouch!
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[01:21:34] <Bytram> whereto? http://go.theregister.com
[01:21:36] <snowfire> ^ 03FBI says it helped mess up that iPhone – the one it wants Apple to crack • The Register ( http://www.theregister.co.uk )
[02:32:46] <takyon> oh wow
[02:33:02] <takyon> the way it's going we may be able to do a 5-way merge for the next Apple/FBI story
[02:39:52] * Bytram cringes at the thought!
[02:39:56] <cmn32480> sure looks like it
[02:40:08] * cmn32480 tocuhes his nose
[02:40:10] <cmn32480> NOT IT!
[02:40:42] * Bytram was busy playing with the devs... now looks at the sub/story queues
[02:41:01] <takyon> yeah I'll take a crack at it later if I don't fall asleep
[02:41:05] * cmn32480 edits the NASA story
[02:42:15] * Bytram checks uber in china
[02:42:51] <paulej72> thats a long way to go for a taxi Bytram
[02:43:21] <Bytram> ROFLMAO!
[02:43:37] <Bytram> otoh, I can get some really good rates!
[02:44:40] <Bytram> uber @ 08:48
[02:46:24] <takyon> thrpwing money away in a quest for monopoly
[02:47:36] <Bytram> look at it this way, they are losing just over $100K per HOUR
[02:47:54] * Bytram 2nds missing radiation source
[02:48:25] <takyon> w0w
[02:49:53] <Bytram> splits reminded story onto extended copy
[02:50:07] <paulej72> shit my missing sleep is starting to catch up to me
[02:50:08] <Bytram> o/w looked great
[02:50:27] <Bytram> paulej72: I'm sure it's around here somewhere...
[02:51:23] <takyon> right around the corner
[02:53:13] * Bytram hums slow train running by the doobie brothers
[02:54:10] * Bytram processes: Mom Whose Son Died in San Bernardino Massacre Backs Apple
[02:57:08] <Bytram> open to any ideas for better depts on those last two stories
[02:57:23] <Bytram> mom @ 10;22
[02:57:35] <cmn32480> !grab bytram
[02:57:35] <Bender> Added quote 32
[02:57:46] <Bytram> touche
[02:58:15] <cmn32480> I"m sorry... but I'm tired and found that last innocent remark laughable
[02:58:16] <Bytram> wait, don't touché that mom!
[02:58:19] <Bytram> nograp
[02:58:35] <Bytram> no apology necessary, I fully understand
[02:58:50] <cmn32480> besides... nothign wrong with a MILF
[02:59:09] <paulej72> when you nograb I tend to want to edit bender's quote file manually
[02:59:20] <Bytram> reminds me of that old commercial by the American dairy Association; Got Milf?
[02:59:29] <Bytram> ;)
[02:59:35] <cmn32480> lol
[03:00:08] <Bytram> japenese tv anchors
[03:00:11] * cmn32480 wonders if there is a way to get bender to quote back one comment
[03:00:20] <paulej72> well many milfs were milk producers
[03:00:51] <Bytram> I spose
[03:01:04] * Bytram is reviewing: https://soylentnews.org
[03:01:05] <snowfire> ^ 03SN Submission by n1: Japanese TV Anchors Lose Jobs Amid Claims of Political Pressure
[03:01:18] <cmn32480> NASA @ 12:06
[03:01:20] <Bytram> is wondering who comparable TV new anschors would be for the US
[03:01:26] <Bytram> k
[03:01:45] <Bytram> known for "asking tough questions"
[03:02:29] * Bytram hasn't watched TV in a couple years so really has no idea.
[03:03:17] <cmn32480> Processing Extreme sport
[03:03:56] <Bytram> cmn32480: do you have any suggestions for hte names of hard-hitting TV journalists?
[03:04:00] <Bytram> in the US, that is?
[03:04:27] <Bytram> japanese journalists fired @ 13:43
[03:04:43] <cmn32480> ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[03:05:03] <cmn32480> they are mostly spineless bastards
[03:05:20] <Bytram> on radio, there's diane rehm (sp?)
[03:07:06] <cmn32480> I have no clue
[03:07:24] <takyon> what are you talking about
[03:07:38] <takyon> diane rehm throws a lot of softballs
[03:08:16] <Bytram> oh, I'm not saying she doesn't, but she'll cut you off and keep going back to certain questions until you answer, too.
[03:09:15] <cmn32480> anybody else look at the Extreme Sport story?
[03:09:28] <Bytram> if you can think of any amaerican counterparts for the journalists in the 'Japanese fired' story, please feel to add 'em in
[03:09:31] <Bytram> not yet
[03:11:10] <cmn32480> I'm not sure we outght to even run it
[03:11:53] <Bytram> hmmmm
[03:13:29] <Bytram> "Imagine if all the editors on SoylentNews got fired at once."
[03:13:41] <cmn32480> that's what I'm saying
[03:13:55] <Bytram> huh? Now you just lost me.
[03:14:03] <cmn32480> that story might get us all tarred and feathered
[03:14:33] <cmn32480> oh... sorry I thoughet we were addressing the question I asked
[03:14:33] <Bytram> freedom of the press was so important to the founding fathers that they put it in the 1st amendment, right?
[03:14:41] <cmn32480> right
[03:15:29] <Bytram> things may have changed under massive corporate veils, but we in the US at least do not face that kind of situation.
[03:16:33] <takyon> idk if the extreme sport story needs to be deleted, but it can be put in the hold at least
[03:16:42] <takyon> hold for much much more desparate times
[03:17:38] <cmn32480> I tink it gets binned
[03:17:50] <cmn32480> with a note "Thanks for the sub, but this isn't really in our wheelhouse.
[03:29:01] <Bytram> japanese journalists at 13:43
[03:29:35] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[03:29:35] <snowfire> ^ 03Error
[03:29:39] <cmn32480> Extreme sports binned
[03:29:48] <cmn32480> Higher tech
[03:30:20] <Bytram> cmn32480: takyon; ^^^ I think the point I am trying to make in the editor's note is clear, but the wording is a bit awkward, please feel free to take a look and amend as needed.
[03:30:50] * Bytram 2nds nasa
[03:31:25] <cmn32480> that's more like commentary that ought to go in the comments
[03:31:41] <Bytram> good point
[03:31:55] <cmn32480> I'd nix it
[03:32:11] <Bytram> we used to be able to submit comments before a story went live, but I thnk that got broke along the way. :/
[03:32:18] <Bytram> the ed note or the whole story?
[03:32:28] <cmn32480> ed note
[03:32:32] <Bytram> k
[03:32:37] <cmn32480> the story is interesting
[03:32:40] <Bytram> btw, great 'dept' for the nasa story
[03:33:00] * cmn32480 can't remember what he wrote
[03:33:10] <Bytram> to infinity and beyond
[03:33:19] <cmn32480> Buzz Lightyear
[03:33:42] <Bytram> he was a character, but so is *our* buzz!
[03:33:53] <cmn32480> true
[03:33:57] <Bytram> besides, our buzz is *mighty* !!
[03:34:21] <cmn32480> that he is
[03:35:20] <Bytram> RATS.
[03:35:28] <Bytram> still cannot post a comment until a story goes live.
[03:36:13] <Bytram> ima try something. 02/22 13:43
[03:36:15] <cmn32480> submit a bug report... though I think that was killed on purpose
[03:36:25] <cmn32480> try it on dev
[03:36:32] <cmn32480> I tink I know what you are gonna do...
[03:37:25] <Bytram> moi?
[03:37:33] <cmn32480> si.
[03:37:35] <cmn32480> Usted
[03:38:13] <takyon> what the hell
[03:38:55] <takyon> how did you post a comment on the storyu
[03:39:15] <cmn32480> he made it linve
[03:39:20] <cmn32480> posted the comment
[03:39:20] <Bytram> shhhh!
[03:39:24] <cmn32480> and changed it back
[03:39:48] <cmn32480> I cannot condone this behavior
[03:39:53] <Bytram> is pretty neat that there are NO hits, but 1 comment, though!
[03:40:09] <takyon> Bytram Forced Out of SoylentNews by Japanese Govt
[03:40:17] <Bytram> guffaw!
[03:41:15] <Bytram> apparently the emperor subscribes to the view that no bad news is good news.
[03:41:42] <Bytram> that's not bad, but it's not good, either.
[03:42:15] <cmn32480> my eyes are crossing
[03:42:19] <cmn32480> and not staying open
[03:42:27] <cmn32480> I'm gonna call it a night
[03:42:40] <Bytram> much obliged for all your help!
[03:42:44] <Bytram> cmn32480++
[03:42:44] <Bender> karma - cmn32480: 43
[03:42:49] <Bytram> http://www.itworld.com
[03:42:51] <snowfire> ^ 03Source code for powerful Android banking malware is leaked | ITworld ( http://www.itworld.com )
[03:43:04] <cmn32480> all one story that I posted tonight?
[03:43:08] <Bytram> be careful with your phone and any banking, etc. activity
[03:43:22] <Bytram> EVERY bit helps!
[03:43:39] <Bytram> the 2nding, the banter, the feedback... it is ALL important!
[03:43:41] <Bytram> teamwork++
[03:43:41] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 76
[03:43:48] <cmn32480> ~gnight takyon
[03:43:50] * exec spontaneously pours a coffee++ mug of coffee for takyon
[03:43:52] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[03:43:54] <Bytram> so, get thee to be and may you sleep well!
[03:43:54] * exec accidentally postulates a pair of used panties full of dag towards bytram
[03:44:04] <Bytram> dag nab it!
[03:44:27] <takyon> night
[05:16:45] <Bytram> takyon: ooops, sorry I missed ya! G'night!
[05:16:50] <Bytram> whereto? http://go.theregister.com
[05:16:51] <snowfire> ^ 03Software, not wetware, now the cause of lousy Volvo drivers • The Register ( http://www.theregister.co.uk )
[05:17:52] <Deucalion> Bytram, you should be tucked up in bed
[05:18:04] <Bytram> and you shouldn't? ;)
[05:20:57] <Deucalion> I'm on my way to hell in a handbag, so no. You on the other hand should not allow yourself to be drawn into this vortex :P I could parry touche's all night :P
[05:24:53] <Bytram> some of the designer handbags look pretty nice... ever seen a Dooney & Burke? =)
[05:26:36] <Bytram> or maybe a Louis Vitone or a Prada?
[05:27:03] <Bytram> Gucci and Dolce Gabbana are nice, too.
[05:30:02] <Deucalion> I see the bling, the labels, the names, the marketing. I'm not moved... still a grumpy back woods type... just wish there was enough space on this rock for us all to be asocial types. Note I said "asocial" not "anti-social" pls. I just like my own space.
[05:32:42] <Bytram> nod nod; I don't mind people, but there are times when I truly need my solitude. There IS a difference between solitude and isolation.
[05:36:35] <Deucalion> I enjoy company, but there are times I have to be alone with quietude, with my own thoughts. It is hard to find on this over-populated rock.
[05:37:00] * Bytram has found ear plugs to be helpful.
[05:37:16] <Bytram> it is hard to ponder when there are constant interruptions.
[05:38:22] <Bytram> "Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence." -- Desiderata (Max Ehrmann 1927) http://www.cs.columbia.edu
[05:38:23] <snowfire> ^ 03Desiderata (Text-only version)
[05:39:51] <Bytram> as the years have passed, I've come to better appreciate this passage: "Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth."
[05:40:50] <Deucalion> Nothing wrong with that text per se, but it's a bit cliche. Reminds me though, I have an old school friend out in NV. This is ideal time of year to go and just star gaze there.
[05:41:45] <Deucalion> Away from light and noise pollution.
[05:41:57] <Bytram> skies untouched by light pollution -
[05:42:00] <Bytram> =)
[05:43:19] <Bytram> Two of the most amazing experiences of my life came when I saw the milky way in a fully unpolluted sky -- it was blazing so bright I could not make out any of the constellations!
[05:43:47] <Bytram> that happened once in Jamaica and the other was in Austria. Ahhh, the memories.
[05:44:44] <Bytram> and, with that thought, I think I'll take my leave. Story queue is good for another 9 hours or so.
[05:51:05] <Bytram> heads up... there's a story about Bitcoins having come to a concensus
[05:51:33] <Bytram> I started here (after getting past the adblocker blocker) http://www.forbes.com
[05:51:33] <snowfire> ^ 03Bitcoin Agreement Promises To Break Impasse, Leads To Jump In Value ( http://www.forbes.com )
[05:51:43] <Bytram> then found: http://www.newsbtc.com
[05:51:43] <snowfire> ^ 03Bitcoin Roundtable Decommissions Bitcoin Classic, Puts Forth New Conditions - NEWSBTC
[05:51:58] <Bytram> and here is the agreement that was reached: https://medium.com
[05:51:59] <snowfire> ^✓ 03Medium
[05:52:04] <Bytram> and with that, g'night everyone!
[05:52:11] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[14:06:36] <nick> g'day
[14:12:34] <takyon> gd
[14:19:07] <nick> how goes takyon
[14:19:28] <CoolHand> hey guys.. g'morning
[14:19:29] <takyon> good
[14:19:36] <takyon> how do you feel about Mobile World Congress
[14:21:11] <nick> i feel like i should care
[14:21:12] <CoolHand> not sure if you're asking me or nick... but, I for one, really have no feelings towards it... should i?
[14:23:01] <takyon> dunno
[14:27:39] <takyon> another smartphone brand I've never heard of... Gionee
[14:46:49] <paulej72> made in China probably
[15:09:59] <nick> anything with a physical keyboard, takyon?
[15:10:18] <takyon> http://www.anandtech.com
[15:10:19] <snowfire> ^ 03Huawei Enters The PC Market With The MateBook Convertible Tablet
[15:10:41] <takyon> http://www.anandtech.com
[15:10:41] <snowfire> ^ 03HP Announces The Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile Powered Smartphone
[15:10:52] <takyon> (laptop dock)
[15:16:48] <takyon> http://www.anandtech.com
[15:16:49] <snowfire> ^ 03CAT Announces S60 Rugged Smartphone with integrated FLIR Thermal Camera
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[18:40:55] <Bytram> hmmmm
[18:41:01] <Bytram> whereto? http://arstechnica.com
[18:41:02] <snowfire> ^ 03Cyanogen launches the “Mod” platform, with lots of Microsoft integration | Ars Technica
[19:01:23] <CoolHand> ok, the CAT flir phone is awesome... might just have to get that as my next phone... I've been wanting a flir device for a long time
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[19:54:14] <Bytram> CoolHand: what is a 'flir device' ??
[19:54:24] <Bytram> oh, doh. NOW isee the link.
[20:03:33] <Bytram> here's the link for CAT's own announcement: http://www.catphones.com
[20:03:37] <snowfire> ^ 03Cat® S60 Announced As World's First Smartphone With Integrated Thermal Camera
[20:22:36] <Bytram> CoolHand: ping!
[20:23:17] <Bytram> I see you are working on the story: https://soylentnews.org "MasterCard Rolls Out 'Selfie' Verification For Mobile Payments"
[20:23:18] <snowfire> ^ 03SN Submission by Anonymous Coward: MasterCard Rolls Out 'Selfie' Verification For Mobile Payments
[20:23:49] <Bytram> please note that it is from 'thestack.com'
[20:24:27] <Bytram> consider also, this related story: https://soylentnews.org "Only 37% of Retailers in the US Can Process Chip-embedded Cards, Survey Says "
[20:24:28] <snowfire> ^ 03SN Submission by Phoenix666: Only 37% of Retailers in the US Can Process Chip-embedded Cards, Survey Says
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[22:26:58] <takyon> most of the anon subs that just went in were me on my phone
[22:27:14] <takyon> why do you keep on saying whereto bytram??