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[00:49:43] <Bytram> thanks for the info on the big gap between stories; saw the gap and could not understand why.
[00:50:03] <Bytram> may want to space stories out at 2 hr intervals instead of our usual 1h40m or so.
[00:50:37] * Bytram is 2nding stories (some of which have already gone out, but just in case)
[00:55:16] * Bytram added a <p>[Continues.]</p> to end of 'Intro Copy' in the story: "FBI vs. Apple Encryption Fight Continues" https://soylentnews.org
[00:55:17] <snowfire> ^ 03SN article:  FBI vs. Apple Encryption Fight Continues 04(1 comments)
[01:00:09] * Bytram is going on about 1h57m for story separation atm
[01:30:33] <takyon> ok
[01:30:40] <takyon> oh it's out already
[01:34:17] <takyon> i'm going to sub a story on a UK-EU deal on membership
[01:34:20] <takyon> seems important
[01:35:15] <Bytram> k
[01:35:19] <Bytram> thanks!
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[03:53:32] <Bytram> okay, there spaced at about 1h50m, but the story queue is covered for the next 10 or so hours.
[03:53:40] <Bytram> s/there/they're/
[03:53:42] <exec> <Bytram> okay, they're spaced at about 1h50m, but the story queue is covered for the next 10 or so hours.
[03:53:56] <Bytram> also, we're down to only 4 stories int he submission queue.
[03:53:58] <Bytram> and with that,
[03:54:03] <Bytram> it's time for bed
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[03:54:52] <Bytram|away> http://feedproxy.google.com
[03:54:53] <snowfire> ^ 03Apple says investigators ruined best way to access terrorist data - CNET ( http://www.cnet.com )
[04:04:17] <crutchy> ~dest-lock #soylent
[04:04:28] <crutchy> ~list
[04:04:28] <exec> ~list ~list-auth ~lock ~unlock
[04:04:28] <exec> systemctl ~! ~activity ~addr ~api ~aur ~cat ~cd ~cid ~civ ~comments ~confucius ~convert ~count ~cowsay ~deb ~define ~define-add ~define-count ~define-delete ~define-sources ~devs ~eds ~exec-issue ~execfs ~filter ~filth ~first ~fortune ~funding ~g ~g'day ~g'night ~gday ~get ~github-add ~github-del ~github-feed ~github-list ~gnight ~google ~header ~header-login ~help ~isup ~jisho ~join ~last ~link ~links ~location ~log ~ls ~md ~mkdir ~moo ~nyse
[04:04:28] <exec> ~openthepodbaydoors ~part ~perl6 ~php ~queue ~quickpoll ~rainbow ~random ~rd ~rehash-issue ~remind ~rmdir ~rps ~scramble ~sed ~seen ~set ~shorten ~sizeof ~staff ~submit ~suggest ~suggest-api ~suggest-exec ~suggest-rss ~tell ~time ~time-add ~time-del ~title ~trans ~translate ~translate-sl ~uid ~unset ~up ~vote ~weather ~weather-add ~weather-del ~weather-old ~weather-prefs ~welcome ~wget ~youtube ~yt
[04:04:43] <cmn32480> you want ~dest-override
[04:04:47] <crutchy> lol
[04:05:00] <crutchy> ~dest-override #soylent
[04:05:01] <exec> destination override "#soylent" set for nick "crutchy" in "#editorial"
[04:05:20] <crutchy> ~cowsay moooooooo!
[04:06:07] <crutchy> ~dest-clear
[04:06:08] <exec> destination override "#soylent" cleared for nick "crutchy" in "#editorial"
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[16:35:25] <Drunkyon> Failure.
[16:37:55] <Drunkyon> So out of the submissions
[16:38:14] <Drunkyon> I would recommend not running any Apple encryption stories for at least 8-24 hours
[16:38:27] <Drunkyon> so i'm going to get some subs in
[16:43:49] <Drunkyon> ya fux
[16:43:56] <Drunkyon> EU Cameron deal 1sf
[16:52:19] <cmn32480> Drunkyon - Do I need to invoke Arthur?
[17:04:25] <Drunkyon> well
[17:04:30] <Drunkyon> i managed to get a sub inb\
[17:04:37] <Drunkyon> haall-e-fucking-lua
[17:08:47] <cmn32480> so I prolly ought to, since the queue is pretty empty
[17:09:04] <Drunkyon> i'm going to downgrade my quality and ubmit another
[17:09:18] <Drunkyon> I'm as my nick implies but still subbing strong
[17:09:22] <cmn32480> still drunk from last night? or drunk from today?
[17:09:23] <Drunkyon> got dat strong sub game'
[17:09:26] <Drunkyon> today
[17:12:33] <cmn32480> 2 AC subs
[17:13:28] <cmn32480> just came in within the last 15 min
[17:13:30] <cmn32480> that's good
[17:14:27] <Drunkyon> i've got sub coming
[17:16:24] <Drunkyon> and done
[17:25:02] <Drunkyon> oh man this story gonna be great
[17:25:18] <Drunkyon> i think i'll pass on it though
[17:25:26] <Drunkyon> we've had too many VR stories, users will revolt
[17:28:02] * cmn32480 goes to eat some lunch
[17:57:41] <Drunkyon> vhjhhbhb
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