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[00:46:24] <cmn32480> ~gday nick
[00:46:26] * exec covertly postulates a bathtub of boogers towards nick
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[14:57:42] <nick> urgh
[14:58:03] <cmn32480> pretty much
[14:58:37] <nick> just got back from redrilling those 20 holes for cables that were almost in the right place
[15:00:27] <nick> and after the fact it is confirmed that 5 of those 20 cables are completely in the wrong place
[15:00:36] <nick> so it was a good morning of running around...
[15:01:15] <cmn32480> yick
[15:02:50] <nick> good thing is that out of the 20, the 5 that need to be changed are the easiest to do
[15:03:17] <cmn32480> silver lining to this crappy cloud?
[15:03:31] <nick> yeah, just about
[15:05:06] <nick> had to buy a small step ladder because i wasn't going to drive for nearly 2 hours to get one of my sets from another site :|
[15:05:32] <cmn32480> cost less to buy it than to go get it
[15:06:06] <nick> pretty much
[15:06:15] <cmn32480> time = money
[15:06:27] <nick> it will be useful later, so it's going to be ok in the end, just feels like of silly
[15:06:34] <cmn32480> in the same boat here. owners want the new office space completed cheap
[15:06:40] <nick> i have 3 step ladders but they're all 2 hours away.
[15:06:59] <cmn32480> I get all the pricing. thell them if we do it it is $x + our time. $y if we pay somebody.
[15:07:49] <cmn32480> y-x < cost of our time so I geet what I want and get to pay somebody else to do it.
[15:09:56] <nick> thats the right way to do it
[15:21:18] * nick also notes that the new Stanley Powerlock tape measures are not as good quality as the ones from only a few years ago.
[15:22:34] <cmn32480> for decent quality Stanley you almost have to go to the FatMax series
[15:24:20] <nick> the old powerlocks are good, i still have the old one, which i naturally found just after i bought a new one
[15:25:14] <nick> they did used to be more expensive though i think
[15:25:37] <cmn32480> yes
[15:25:44] <nick> i like the fatmax screwdrivers and knives though
[15:25:55] <cmn32480> the fat max seems to be the higher end stuff from stanley these days.
[15:26:10] <cmn32480> I have found that my dewalt tapes are pretty sturdy as well
[15:26:17] <nick> yeah, the normal stuff does appear to be more DIY focus now, because it's a widely known brand i'd guess
[15:26:32] <cmn32480> yep. no longer a contractor grade brand
[15:27:34] <nick> i dont ever buy dewalt stuff really, it is good stuff
[15:27:45] <nick> powertools i generally buy makita
[15:27:52] <cmn32480> good brand
[15:27:55] <nick> so buying dewalt accessories and such seems a bit wrong :p
[15:28:17] <cmn32480> Dewalt for battery operated
[15:28:28] <cmn32480> milwaulkee or bosch for plug in
[15:28:55] <cmn32480> except for my first hammer drill (which is still going strong, that one is a craftsman.
[15:29:05] <nick> milwaulkee was a bit of a late entrant to the market here, so they're not really regarded that highly
[15:29:15] <nick> bosch is usually a safe bet though
[15:29:39] <nick> the old 24V battery SDS bosch are probably still the best drill ive ever used
[15:29:44] <cmn32480> milwaulkee has been around in the states forever. good brand
[15:30:00] <cmn32480> our SDS is a plug in
[15:30:04] <cmn32480> and she kicks ass
[15:31:09] <nick> i used to have a hitachi battery sds, it was so shit i ended up using my 18V AEG combi with sds bits in it when i had to use them.
[15:31:23] <cmn32480> wow
[15:31:33] <nick> never, ever buy a hitachi battery sds
[15:32:09] <nick> i have a panasonic now, that isn't so great either, but it's better than that was
[15:32:15] <cmn32480> FTFY: never, ever buy a hitachi
[15:32:20] <nick> my dad still actually uses both the hitachi and the aeg
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[15:32:39] <Bytram> hiya
[15:32:45] <cmn32480> my hand tools are all craftsman.
[15:32:49] <Bytram> what's an SDS?
[15:32:49] <nick> he doesn't know good tools after he stopped buying new ones in 1990
[15:33:02] <Bytram> cmn32480: same here
[15:33:08] <cmn32480> special type of bit that is designed to lock inot the chuck of the drill
[15:33:12] <Bytram> have a 1/2" combo from '65 and still in good shape
[15:33:32] <cmn32480> generally for a rotary hammer drill
[15:33:41] <Bytram> nod nod
[15:33:45] <nick> sds is the way to go when you can't have a keyless chuck or using bigger bits
[15:33:48] <Bytram> don't want those bits coming loose
[15:33:56] <cmn32480> https://en.wikipedia.org
[15:33:56] <shekel> ^ 03Wiki: Drill bit shank
[15:34:22] * Bytram wonders how it differs from a conventional jacob's(?) chuck... clicks link
[15:36:41] <Bytram> ahhh, nice.
[15:37:05] <cmn32480> moslty used in much bigger drills.
[15:37:15] <cmn32480> for punching BIG holes
[15:37:21] <nick> for 16-25mm masonry bits, there's no other real option that i'm aware of
[15:38:13] <Bytram> so the bit can move in/out within the chuck, but still be grasped securely for rotation without slipping.
[15:38:14] <cmn32480> agreed.
[15:38:21] <cmn32480> correct
[15:38:26] <nick> can go bigger too, but that's just what i use for mostly, although also equally good with chisel bits for chasing or demolition
[15:38:46] <nick> (if you have sds drill that has a hammer-only function)
[15:38:51] <cmn32480> our drill allows for that as well... you can stop the rotation and only have the hammer
[15:39:09] <cmn32480> works great with a chisel bit for taking up stubborn tile
[15:39:11] <nick> my panasonic doesn't so another reason it sucks.
[15:39:15] <Bytram> learn something new every day!
[15:40:39] <cmn32480> ours is several years old, but this looks like the current model of what we use.: http://www.boschtools.com
[15:40:41] <shekel> ^ 0311255VSR | 1 In. SDS-plus® Bulldog™ Extreme Rotary Hammer | Bosch Power Tools
[15:42:05] <cmn32480> but ours was a lot more expensive than that.. so I may be wrong
[15:42:14] <cmn32480> or it may be that they ahve coem down in price
[15:43:21] <nick> was just looking for the panasonic on google, i can only find ones with the hammer-only function
[15:43:22] <nick> is no fair
[15:43:59] <cmn32480> bosch link about is <$200 on Amazon... I'm rather surprised
[15:44:57] <nick> that's a good deal, but really, the dewalt and makita $200 plug ins sds i've used recently have done a decent job
[15:45:17] <cmn32480> I beleive it
[15:45:24] <cmn32480> both brands have excellent reputations
[15:45:34] <nick> http://www.amazon.co.uk
[15:45:37] <shekel> ^ 03Panasonic EY7880LZ2C31 28.8V 3.1Ah Li-Ion Rotary Hammer Drill: Amazon.co.uk: DIY Tools
[15:45:45] <nick> it turns out that is what i have, it doesn't have hammer-only
[15:47:27] <nick> pretty sure i didn't pay that much for it
[15:47:50] <nick> maybe i did :/
[15:49:22] <cmn32480> brb... have to go look for a demo unit in the piles fo crap
[15:53:13] <Bytram> whereto: http://feedproxy.google.com
[15:53:14] <shekel> ^ 03New Cross-Platform Backdoors Target Linux, Windows | SecurityWeek.Com ( http://www.securityweek.com )
[16:23:38] <Bytram> whereto: http://www.bbc.co.uk
[16:23:40] <shekel> ^ 03Fine Brothers spark fury with YouTube trademark attempt - BBC News ( http://www.bbc.co.uk )
[16:29:16] <nick> from what i heard about that
[16:29:18] <nick> fuck those guys
[16:41:08] <Bytram> yep, story says they lost 170K followers at a rate of 10k / hour
[16:42:19] <nick> https://www.youtube.com
[16:42:20] <shekel> ^ 03MUD2MMO Reacts to the Fine Brothers Trademark Videos - YouTube
[16:42:47] <nick> that's what i saw on it earlier, i thought it was an interesting analysis
[16:44:44] <Bytram> unfortunately, I don't have time atm to write up a proper submission; need to get cleaned up and ready to go to work
[16:44:46] <Bytram> :(
[16:47:02] <nick> i'll ponder on it for a bit
[16:47:12] <nick> stay safe Bytram
[16:52:26] <Bytram> thanks! afk
[17:21:48] <mrcoolbp> cmn32480: thanks for the ping, I missed the fun (have family staying with us and work) but enjoyed reading through all the comments and such
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[19:24:26] <takyon> breaking news
[19:24:35] <takyon> on the zika virus
[19:25:12] <cmn32480> hmmm?
[19:30:07] <takyon> i subbed it
[19:30:31] <takyon> i just wrote up the fine bros story... I will add a link to the announcement on YouTube
[19:31:53] <takyon> soon as i can find it again
[19:32:23] <cmn32480> bytram linked a bbc story on it ewarlier that had the youtibe link
[19:38:05] <takyon> yeah I fixed it up
[19:38:12] <takyon> put some stuff in the extended copy just now
[19:39:41] <takyon> now to work on a real story
[19:39:42] <takyon> "Scientists with The Francis Crick Institute have received Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) approval for using gene editing techniques on human embryos"
[19:51:44] <takyon> and done
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