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[00:39:09] <takyon> editor alert
[00:39:13] <takyon> slashdot bought
[00:39:15] <takyon> ~editors
[00:39:29] <cmn32480> ~eds
[00:39:30] <exec> editor ping for cmn32480: janrinok LaminatorX n1 nick martyb Bytram Azrael mrcoolbp cmn32480 coolhand takyon cmn32480|away bytram|away
[00:39:34] <cmn32480> holy shit
[00:39:37] <cmn32480> by whom?
[00:40:15] <takyon> bizx i guess
[00:40:23] <takyon> BIZX, LLC
[00:40:30] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[00:40:30] <CoC-bot> ^ 03SN Submission by Anonymous Coward: Slashdot bought
[00:40:56] <cmn32480> sonofabitch
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[00:55:22] <takyon> so do we release this as breaking news, cmn32480?
[00:55:43] <cmn32480> do we have ANY info?
[00:56:13] <cmn32480> and I'd think we can push it out in the morning to give people somethign to comment on over their first cup of coffee++
[00:56:59] <cmn32480> nothign that is in the queue was time sensititve
[00:57:08] <cmn32480> and we are gonna catch hell for it.
[00:57:27] <cmn32480> perhaps we find they publish stuff in the mean time to give detail
[00:59:23] <takyon> ok
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[01:02:57] <chromas> from the snake-eyes dept
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[02:25:52] <cmn32480> takyon - you still here?
[02:26:17] <cmn32480> bytram?
[02:27:16] <cmn32480> anybody?
[02:27:44] * cmn32480 hears an ECHO ECHo ECho Echo echo
[02:40:46] <Bytram> cmn32480: I just got home.
[02:40:53] * Bytram searches for mmore info
[02:42:21] <cmn32480> the ben and jerrys story needs to go in the bin too
[02:42:33] <Bytram> fine by me
[02:42:44] <Bytram> there was another one that was suggested for the bin and I agreed.
[02:42:55] <cmn32480> already gone
[02:43:45] <cmn32480> and not my fault you jsut go home out from carousing with the young chicas
[02:43:46] <Bytram> nice
[02:44:04] <Bytram> actually, not a chicka in sight
[02:44:25] <cmn32480> so, much like soylentnews, it was a suasage fest?
[02:47:42] <Bytram> kinda, not so much a fest as a meeting of the minds.
[02:48:36] <cmn32480> if you all put your heads together, I'm not sure I wanna know any more of that story
[02:49:38] <Bytram> cmn32480: get your mind out of hte gutter!
[02:49:44] <cmn32480> no
[02:49:52] <cmn32480> it's warm and wet there.
[02:49:58] <Bytram> how's the smeel?
[02:50:01] <Bytram> *smell
[02:50:30] <cmn32480> little fishy
[02:50:42] <Bytram> more info on /. takeover: http://slashdot.org
[02:50:43] <CoC-bot> ^ 03Slashdot Discussion | Attackers Use Microsoft Office To Push BlackEnergy Malware ( http://slashdot.org )
[02:51:09] <Bytram> http://www.streetinsider.com(DHX)+Sells+Slashdot+Media+to+BIZX/11255907.html
[02:51:10] <CoC-bot> ^ 03Dice Holdings (DHX) Sells Slashdot Media to BIZX
[02:52:01] <cmn32480> yup... nobody knokws anything
[02:55:09] <Bytram> http://www.streetinsider.com
[02:55:10] <CoC-bot> ^ 03DHI Group, Inc. Announces the Sale of Slashdot Media
[02:55:12] <cmn32480> About Slashdot Media
[02:55:12] <cmn32480> Slashdot Media is a global leader in professional technology communities reaching millions of IT professionals, developers and enthusiasts around the world. Its properties -- Slashdot and SourceForge -- provide tools, software and forums where IT professionals & developers from the world's largest companies to small and medium-sized firms collaborate and discuss technology news and products with their peers. Recognized as the largest an
[02:55:12] <cmn32480> destination for Open Source Software discovery, development and distribution on the web, IT professionals & developers rely on SourceForge to develop, review, and publish open source software for further community collaboration and end user download. Slashdot (/.) is a vibrant online community that features technology-centric news and discussion and has been pioneering user-generated content, industry-expert dialogue and social media si
[02:55:15] <cmn32480> "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters."
[02:55:25] <Bytram> http://www.prnewswire.com
[02:55:25] <CoC-bot> ^ 03DHI Group, Inc. Announces the Sale of Slashdot Media -- NEW YORK, Jan. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --
[02:55:32] <cmn32480> there are more lies in that paragraph....
[02:57:02] <Bytram> so, think we should run a story?
[02:57:11] <cmn32480> certainly
[02:57:18] <cmn32480> there is already on in the sub queue
[02:57:22] <cmn32480> that's how we all found out
[02:57:34] * Bytram goes to look again
[02:57:40] <cmn32480> I think we ought to wait until morning
[02:57:46] <cmn32480> 2nd or thirid form the bottmom
[02:58:00] <Bytram> yesp, found it, now.
[02:58:38] <Bytram> have you looked at the *story* queue lately?
[02:58:46] <chromas> "Slashdot sold. No information. Please speculate."
[02:59:01] <Bytram> that could be fun. ;)
[02:59:06] <cmn32480> lol
[02:59:07] <cmn32480> yes
[02:59:21] <cmn32480> and I'have been answering emial all night and not 2nding sotries
[02:59:28] <chromas> then you can do a followup later
[02:59:35] <chromas> that's two stories in the queue
[02:59:52] * chromas picks up some fish and bread
[03:00:00] <Bytram> oh, atm, the sub queue and the story queue are both in good shape
[03:00:12] * Bytram hopes that observation doesn't jinx things
[03:00:24] <cmn32480> prolly... but forgiven
[03:00:33] <cmn32480> and monster job on the story queue bytram
[03:00:43] <Bytram> we got 22 subs still in the queue; and there are stories queued until 21:00 UTC on Friday
[03:00:55] <Bytram> mare sea!
[03:01:05] <cmn32480> bytram++
[03:01:05] <Bender> karma - bytram: 32
[03:01:21] <Bytram> 2^5
[03:01:25] <Bytram> =)
[03:02:21] * Bytram wonders who will run a story about the /. buyout first: Ars or El Reg?
[03:02:33] * Bytram bet is on Ars
[03:02:37] <cmn32480> el reg
[03:05:13] <Bytram> I'm thnking it is only 7PM in california; bound to be someone still awake to get a story out; is 0300 in UK; not so likely.
[03:05:43] <Bytram> unless, of course, they've stayed up from the night before as any self-respecting geek knows full-well.
[03:05:56] <cmn32480> I only kinda care to be honest
[03:06:16] <cmn32480> other than the usual worry about an influx of morons
[03:06:24] <chromas> But I'm already here
[03:06:35] <cmn32480> .kick chromas
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[03:06:42] <chromas> :D
[03:06:46] <cmn32480> DAOMNIT
[03:07:11] <chromas> /nick SoylentMormon
[03:07:22] <chromas> (minus extra m)
[03:07:48] <cmn32480> as opposed to SoylentBob who was here earlier?
[03:08:55] <chromas> /nick SlashDolt
[03:09:10] <chromas> that way you can see where I'm coming from
[03:10:24] <cmn32480> we know where you ar coming from chromas
[03:10:40] <cmn32480> but we hav managed to block that from our minds and not remember it
[03:18:33] <cmn32480> we covered the paint drtying move back in November.
[03:18:40] <cmn32480> I added the link ot the previous story
[03:20:54] <Bytram> yes, we did, and I completely forgot to link back to it. good catch!
[03:20:59] <Bytram> teamwork++
[03:20:59] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 68
[03:21:08] * cmn32480 blushes
[03:22:12] <cmn32480> I'm done
[03:22:20] <cmn32480> too tired to keep going tonight
[03:22:46] <cmn32480> ~gnight editorial
[03:22:47] * exec accidentally passes a used franger of red cordial to editorial
[03:23:21] <Bytram> btw, if it were *me* who submitted that movie, I don't know if I could have resisted the temptation to have a little steganography in it. Every 60th frame, say, have an overlay of a lightly tinged graphic. playback at very high speed with tinted glasses would reveal the additional, overlaid, video.
[03:23:30] <Bytram> cmn32480: much obliged, mon ami!
[03:23:34] <Bytram> have a good night!
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[04:02:32] <GungnirSniper> Could y'all add this link into the Slashdot sales story? http://fossforce.com
[04:02:32] <CoC-bot> ^✓ 03SourceForge and Slashdot Have Been Sold | FOSS Force
[04:03:13] <GungnirSniper> This might be of some interest too: http://slashdot.org
[04:03:14] <CoC-bot> ^ 03SpaceX Successfully Tests Crew Dragon Landing Parachutes - Slashdot ( http://slashdot.org )
[04:03:17] <GungnirSniper> Peace.
[04:03:22] <Bytram> GungnirSniper: I saw that link in the story on /. will include when the story runs
[04:04:10] <GungnirSniper> <3 Thanks <3
[04:05:10] <Bytram> hmmm
[04:05:48] <Bytram> whisplash has UID 34433507 -- "long time reader of Slashdot"
[04:06:08] <Bytram> correction: whisplash has UID 4433507 -- "long time reader of Slashdot"
[04:06:43] * Bytram notes his /. UID is sub 200k
[04:14:42] <TheMightyBuzzard> six digits here too
[04:15:21] <TheMightyBuzzard> lost my five digit one cause i joined the army and proceeded to forget my login
[04:18:55] <Bytram> bummer
[04:19:46] <Bytram> I actually lurked on the site before it even had UIDs but was overly nervous of putting out any information about myself to set up an acct; could easily have had a 2- or 3-digit uid
[04:20:19] <Bytram> also remember when the user db got trashed and people had to recreate their accts, had another chance, then, too.
[04:20:28] * Bytram hugs his 2-digit SN UID
[04:20:30] <Bytram> =)
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[14:14:50] <takyon> submissions by "thestack.com" look questionable
[14:15:09] <takyon> while musing around on slashdot for the first time in forever I noticed one of them was posted there
[14:15:33] <takyon> so I put in this comment: http://tech.slashdot.org
[14:15:34] <shekel> ^ 03Facebook Introduces Emojis, Live Video - Slashdot ( http://slashdot.org )
[14:16:08] <takyon> i'll see what if anything is said later
[14:16:17] <takyon> slashdot story is now live
[14:54:47] <takyon> cmn32480 see my notes about thestack.com articles
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[21:46:20] <cmn32480> will do.
[21:46:31] <cmn32480> I saw the post on /.
[21:46:34] <cmn32480> and giggled