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[00:33:59] <Bytram|away> http://nytimes.com
[00:34:00] <PC-Police> ^ 03( http://www.nytimes.com )
[00:39:12] <chromas> ~title http://nytimes.com
[00:39:14] <exec> 13Marvin Minsky, Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence, Dies at 88 - The New York Times - 03http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/26/business/marvin-minsky-pioneer-in-artificial-intelligence-dies-at-88.html?_r=0
[00:39:31] * chromas spanks his bot
[00:45:16] <Bytram|away> chromas: much obliged!
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[00:48:06] <Bytram> http://go.theregister.com
[00:48:08] <PC-Police> ^ 03Show us the code! You should be able to peek inside the gadgets you buy – FTC commish • The Register ( http://www.theregister.co.uk )
[00:57:43] <Bytram> http://www.digitalmunition.me
[00:57:49] <PC-Police> ^ 03Windows 7/8/8.1/10 vulnerable to Hot Potato exploit by hackers - DigitalMunition
[01:02:24] <Bytram> http://foxglovesecurity.com
[01:02:25] <PC-Police> ^ 03Hot Potato ? Windows Privilege Escalation
[01:04:53] <cmn32480> hmmmm... spanking your bot... is that what you kids are calling it these days?
[01:05:07] <Bytram> bot of course?
[01:05:10] <Bytram> ;)
[01:05:12] <Bytram> cmn32480: !!
[01:05:19] <cmn32480> bytram !!
[01:05:32] <Bytram> hows the recovery from the snow storm?
[01:05:46] <cmn32480> i think my bones are coming apart from all the rattling the snow blower gave me
[01:06:03] <Bytram> I happened to notice in the pics you posted that they hadn't even plowed your street... hope they have finally gotten around to you!
[01:06:31] <cmn32480> worst part... they HAD plowed
[01:06:34] * Bytram suggests tubes of pipe insulation on the snow blower grips
[01:06:56] <Bytram> wait, and there were like 10" tracks in the plowed road?
[01:06:59] <cmn32480> at 9am on Saturday
[01:07:15] <cmn32480> marty - I got like 34" at my house
[01:07:53] <Bytram> understood. So, the plow trucks had trouble keeping up. how are the streets, now
[01:07:55] <Bytram> ?
[01:08:08] <cmn32480> nearly clean pavement
[01:08:12] <cmn32480> moastly
[01:08:18] <Bytram> yay
[01:08:19] <cmn32480> some need moar plowing
[01:08:27] <cmn32480> some are 1 lane wide instead of 2
[01:08:33] <Bytram> where's MrPlow when you need him?
[01:08:42] <cmn32480> some are 2 lanes in each direction instead of 4 (see I-95)
[01:09:13] <Bytram> had a relative who worked for the city for a number of years; ran the sidewalk plow/blower.
[01:09:43] <Bytram> during one storm we worked 3 16-hour shifts in a row with only about 6-8 hours off between shifts
[01:09:56] <Bytram> I-95 with just two lanes... yikes!
[01:10:07] <Bytram> he doesn't work for the city any more.
[01:10:07] <cmn32480> see... that is a double suck... sidewalks in the city..... where the hell do you put it????
[01:10:20] <cmn32480> I-95 with 2 lanes instead of four
[01:10:53] <Bytram> there are regular snow 'emergency' alerts, on street parking is banned, and they go around with front end loaders and humongous snow blowers to load it into trucks and take it out of the city
[01:10:58] <cmn32480> 3 lanes are actually clear, but there is so much snow that they have some SERIOUS front end loaders out there pushing it back working perpendicular to traffic
[01:11:09] <Bytram> nod nod
[01:11:47] <Bytram> just need to use the *seriously* huge snow blowers and throw it over the side.
[01:12:01] <Bytram> they bolt onto the front of the front-end loaders
[01:12:06] <cmn32480> city of Baltimore borrowed a bunch from boston
[01:12:14] <Bytram> makes sense
[01:12:18] <cmn32480> clears somethign liek a lane at a time
[01:12:25] <Bytram> they are like 4-foot tall and 6-8 feet wide
[01:12:27] <cmn32480> and the snow dragons from Canada
[01:12:39] <Bytram> hadn't heard of those.
[01:13:01] <cmn32480> https://www.bostonglobe.com
[01:13:02] <PC-Police> ^ 03Boston buys two large truck-mounted snow blowers - The Boston Globe
[01:13:17] <cmn32480> 6 months old
[01:13:41] <cmn32480> http://www.snowdragonmelters.com
[01:13:42] <PC-Police> ^ 03Snow Dragon Snowmelters - Melting Snow Worldwide
[01:15:27] <Bytram> our city was thinking of getting the melty plows a while ago; but hjust ends up leavoing a bunch of water that freezes and makes the roads even more treacherous
[01:15:32] <cmn32480> I'm pretty sure Baltimore rents these: http://www.snowdragonmelters.com
[01:15:33] <PC-Police> ^ 03SND5400 Snow Melters
[01:16:01] <cmn32480> 54,000,000 btu/hr
[01:16:07] <cmn32480> geepers!~
[01:17:52] <Bytram> sounds like it is on the order of what a small power station would put out!
[01:18:04] <cmn32480> that's a shitton of snow
[01:18:21] <Bytram> close, 180 tons per hour
[01:18:29] <cmn32480> they are supposedly bringing in dump truck full from around the city
[01:18:39] <Bytram> nod nod
[01:18:47] <Bytram> ding! dinner's ready. brb
[01:18:49] <Bytram> afk
[01:38:40] <cmn32480> <sigh> here we go... be nice until it's time not to be nice
[01:38:47] <cmn32480> if I keep repeating that....
[01:38:55] <cmn32480> i'll fucking kill somebody
[01:41:07] <Bytram> yeah, gravis is in his usual fine form
[01:41:24] <cmn32480> asshat
[01:41:33] <cmn32480> semi-normal asshattery
[01:41:58] <Bytram> yep
[01:42:14] <Bytram> hmmm
[01:42:25] <Bytram> cmn32480: pm
[01:43:10] <takyon> come on i've seen worse
[01:43:15] <takyon> some our ACs are absolute trash
[01:44:31] <Bytram> cmn32480: nvm
[01:46:23] <cmn32480> sorry... had a crying kid
[01:46:30] <Bytram> np
[01:46:37] <Bytram> feel free to chime in on #soylent
[01:47:16] <cmn32480> I'm reading backscroll
[01:47:20] <cmn32480> catching up
[01:47:22] <Bytram> npo
[01:50:08] <cmn32480> bytram - you see dyingtolive's comment in #soylent
[01:50:22] <Bytram> wrt to the new snow blowers for boston, take a look at some of their other units:
[01:50:28] <Bytram> http://www.jalarue.com
[01:50:29] <Bytram> http://www.jalarue.com
[01:50:31] <PC-Police> ^ 03Detachable snowblower D97 - - - J.A. Larue
[01:50:32] <Bytram> not yet
[01:50:36] <PC-Police> ^ 03Self-propelled snowblower T85 - - - J.A. Larue
[01:50:43] <Bytram> LOL!!!
[01:52:09] <cmn32480> that's a huge bitch!
[01:52:54] <Bytram> which one
[01:53:04] <cmn32480> the D97
[01:53:05] <Bytram> detach or self-propel
[01:53:08] <Bytram> nod nod
[01:53:46] <Bytram> Capacity: up to 8,500 metric tons / hour
[01:54:00] <cmn32480> that, my good man, is a LOT of snow
[01:54:21] <cmn32480> 1150hp
[01:54:22] <Bytram> you ain't whistling dixie!
[01:54:30] <Bytram> yup!
[01:54:34] <cmn32480> no... I was whistling Beethoven's 9th,
[01:54:39] <Bytram> powah!
[01:54:42] <cmn32480> but how did you know i was whistling?
[01:54:43] <Bytram> LOL!
[01:54:51] * cmn32480 looks around for cameras
[01:55:16] * Bytram channels 'Peg'
[01:55:26] <Bytram> 'smile for the camera...'
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[02:14:00] <Bytram> http://www.theregister.co.uk
[02:14:00] <salty> ^ 03Microsoft struggles against self-inflicted Office 365 IMAP outage • The Register
[02:14:18] <Bytram> break time; biab
[02:19:48] <chromas> from the comments: "Office 358"
[02:20:00] <cmn32480> they get to take a few days off
[02:20:03] <cmn32480> Christmas
[02:20:06] <cmn32480> New Years
[02:20:09] <cmn32480> MLK
[02:20:11] <cmn32480> July 4
[02:20:16] <cmn32480> Good Friday
[02:20:35] <cmn32480> Columbus Day
[02:20:36] <Bytram> ROFLMAO!
[02:20:48] <cmn32480> and um....
[02:20:55] <Bytram> there's so much spin on that... I'm getting dizzy!
[02:20:55] <cmn32480> Veterans Day
[02:21:15] <Bytram> Outlook: cloud-y
[03:45:01] <cmn32480> bytram - added study link to circadian rythm story
[03:45:15] <Bytram> cmn32480++
[03:45:16] <Bender> karma - cmn32480: 36
[03:45:21] <Bytram> teamwork++
[03:45:21] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 66
[03:45:36] <cmn32480> well.... if you are posting... SOMEBODY has to second
[03:45:44] <cmn32480> I figured I was here and still awake
[03:45:48] <cmn32480> (kinda)
[03:52:14] <Bytram> appreciated
[03:52:29] <Bytram> I *just* added a dept to the DIY network story
[03:52:42] <cmn32480> whoops
[03:52:51] <cmn32480> mesh ado about nothing?
[03:52:54] <Bytram> don't think you were in it at the same time as me, but it slooks like you 2nded it
[03:52:58] <Bytram> ouch!
[03:53:12] <Bytram> horrible pun, but it is about something
[03:53:26] <Bytram> too bad, would have loved to run with THAT one
[03:53:26] <cmn32480> i was going for the first part
[03:53:36] <cmn32480> it's yours if you want it
[03:53:44] <cmn32480> you can have all the credit on that one
[03:53:54] <Bytram> I went with: "making connections"
[03:54:08] <Bytram> seemed apropos with the neighborhood aspect
[03:54:24] <cmn32480> ok
[03:54:36] <Bytram> I'm spent. gonna call it a night.
[03:54:47] <Bytram> appreciate all the 2nding you did!
[03:54:50] <cmn32480> me too
[03:54:56] <Bytram> I 2nded all of n1's stories
[03:54:57] <cmn32480> but waiting for J to call me to come get her
[03:55:01] <cmn32480> I saw
[03:55:05] <cmn32480> busy beaver you is
[03:55:11] <Bytram> I try to help out as I can
[03:55:25] <cmn32480> and you do a helluva job at it
[03:55:27] <Bytram> did you see the reply from JR to my e-mail?
[03:55:27] <cmn32480> :-)
[03:55:43] <cmn32480> I did... and forwarded pics of my snow
[03:55:49] <Bytram> btw, twas really nice to have TMB acknowledge that I was a dev on the site.
[03:55:54] <Bytram> ahh,that's right!
[03:56:02] <cmn32480> I willa dmit I read it, but it was between fights with the snowblower, so I can't recall what it said
[03:56:18] <cmn32480> i figured you'd like that
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[11:39:40] <FatPhil> The clue is in the name: https://code.google.com
[11:39:41] <salty> ^ 03Issue 693 - google-security-research - TrendMicro node.js HTTP server listening on localhost can execute commands - Google Security Research - Google Project Hosting
[11:40:16] <FatPhil> (the name is "Maximum Security")
[11:40:41] <FatPhil> ignore the #14, the whole tale's funy
[12:12:23] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[12:15:13] <Bytram> http://go.theregister.com
[12:15:15] <salty> ^ 03Now you can easily see if a site's HTTP headers are insecure, beams dev • The Register ( http://www.theregister.co.uk )
[13:22:07] <Bytram> destination please? http://bit.ly
[13:22:07] <salty> ^ 03( http://adi.life )
[13:22:12] <Bytram> thanks.
[13:23:41] <Bytram> bah. the actual PDF is in a <frame>
[13:23:43] <Bytram> http://www.mso.anu.edu.au
[14:05:13] <Bytram> pls check: http://phys.org
[14:05:13] <salty> ^✓ 03The aliens are silent because they're dead
[14:06:30] <cmn32480> what about it?
[14:08:00] <Bytram> the source url I started with had a fragment on it, and I just wanted to make sure it still worked okay
[14:08:12] <Bytram> http://phys.org
[14:08:12] <cmn32480> qahh
[14:08:13] <salty> ^ 03The aliens are silent because they're dead ( http://phys.org )
[14:08:23] <cmn32480> yes it worked
[14:08:29] <Bytram> yep!
[14:08:47] <Bytram> it's the 'little' things that can make a big difference
[14:10:00] <cmn32480> should we fix problems in block quotes?
[14:10:22] <cmn32480> https://soylentnews.org
[14:10:23] <salty> ^ 03SN article:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Vulnerable to 'Hot Potato' Exploit by Hackers 04(10 comments)
[14:10:30] <cmn32480> it refers to server 2008 and server 2010
[14:10:38] <cmn32480> shoudl be server 2012
[14:11:27] <Bytram> was it in the original source? If so, then add a [<em>sic</em>] after it
[14:11:50] <Bytram> or... <del>2010</del>2012
[14:12:53] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[14:13:54] <cmn32480> indows Server 2008/2010. [<del>2010<del> 2012]
[14:14:39] <cmn32480> Windows Server 2008/2010. [2010 2012]
[14:14:44] <cmn32480> forgot the / in the first one
[14:15:31] <cmn32480> thanks bytram
[14:15:36] <cmn32480> bytram++
[14:15:36] <Bender> karma - bytram: 31
[17:45:34] <nick> http://www.bbc.co.uk
[17:45:35] <salty> ^ 03Shots fired at San Diego navy medical centre - BBC News
[17:47:07] <cmn32480> sheesh
[17:47:56] <nick> nothing to report yet, but worth noting, i'll see if anything develops
[17:48:25] <cmn32480> yeah.. I'm not touching the latest breaking news
[17:48:30] <cmn32480> I got beat up on the last one
[17:48:36] <nick> what was that?
[17:48:49] <cmn32480> the Iran taking the sailors
[17:49:31] <nick> no reason to be beat up over that
[17:49:52] <nick> the point was missed on that one, as it is on many stories
[17:50:17] <cmn32480> i been getting beat up all day at work too
[17:50:40] <cmn32480> my threshold before going postal is a littel low right now
[17:51:28] <nick> i'm quite happy to take all the rage for breaking news and pretty much any other story that may be controversial
[17:53:58] <cmn32480> bless you my son
[17:54:09] <cmn32480> teamwork++
[17:54:09] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 67
[17:54:24] <cmn32480> you've been dropping a helluva lot in the que lately nick
[17:54:30] <cmn32480> I appreciate it.
[17:55:46] <nick> always trying to do more, but i've been passing out before i get around to it lately
[17:56:15] <cmn32480> you've been doing a lot more than me lately
[17:56:51] <cmn32480> I can't seem to get caught up enough to breath much less get a batch of stuff in the queue
[17:57:18] <nick> we can only do what we can, shit does happen, i don't let anything else dictate to me, fucked if i'm going to let the stories queue do it :p
[17:58:51] <nick> i hate to see it empty or running low, but if i don't have the time or there's no submissions i think are worth it... the world wont end if we don't run a story for a few hours
[17:59:08] <cmn32480> i AGREE.
[17:59:12] <cmn32480> stupid caps lock
[17:59:33] <cmn32480> ok
[17:59:40] <cmn32480> time to pack my install gear for tomorrow
[17:59:49] <nick> i'm going to try and start writing more notes on submissions if i don't like them, feel free to disregard but i'd try to be helpful with it
[18:00:00] <cmn32480> I rather enjoy the notes
[18:00:08] <cmn32480> some of the stuff that gets left there is hilarious
[18:00:44] <nick> i try to be professional ;)
[18:01:05] <cmn32480> I sometimes, sorta try to be professional
[18:01:26] <cmn32480> it the story is junk, put it in the notes, adn the next person who reads it and agrees should bin it
[18:01:26] <nick> unlike a client of mine who used hookers and booze as a joking excuse why he wants something cheap
[18:01:36] <cmn32480> lol
[18:01:44] <cmn32480> he can have my cats....
[18:01:49] <cmn32480> but they are Hooker and Blow
[18:02:03] <nick> lol
[18:02:20] <cmn32480> I had the cats since before I had my wife.. she still doesn't find it funny
[18:03:10] <nick> best thing i have read recently
[18:05:53] <cmn32480> you need to expand what you read if that was the fuinniest thing in a while
[18:07:25] <nick> i've really not had the time for entertainment lately
[18:17:09] <nick> just have to keep grinding for a while, do more of everything, hopefully when i go away i can have a couple weeks to actually take a step back from everything... before coming back and doing more again
[18:20:53] <cmn32480> I know that feeling
[18:22:51] <nick> i'm sure you do, the demands of an employer can be quite something.
[18:23:12] <cmn32480> the demands of the self employed are often as bad.
[18:23:16] <nick> going back to that, for me is an extremely scary thing
[18:23:17] <cmn32480> but I also have the wife and kids
[18:23:24] <nick> yeah
[18:23:39] <cmn32480> going back to being an employee? or slef emplyed?
[18:23:42] <nick> there are good and bad to both sides, compromises and such
[18:23:47] <nick> being an employee
[18:23:51] <cmn32480> yes
[18:23:59] <cmn32480> there are ups and down to it
[18:24:02] <nick> i havn't had a 'real job' in maybe 8 years?
[18:24:27] <cmn32480> depends how you define real job
[18:24:37] <nick> i've had bullshit subcontract stuff that had the worst elements of both
[18:25:38] <nick> a real job to me is a contract, formal hours, vacation, PAYE tax
[18:25:48] <cmn32480> ahhh
[18:25:49] <cmn32480> gotcha
[18:27:13] <nick> but there are obviously varying degrees of such stuff
[18:27:58] <nick> but for about 8 years, no one has been able to tell me when to go to work
[18:28:53] <cmn32480> obviously not married
[18:29:00] <cmn32480> my wife tells me when to go to work
[18:29:10] <cmn32480> somethign about needing money or some crap
[18:29:30] <nick> well, i have to tell myself that for the most part
[18:29:49] <cmn32480> touche
[18:30:41] <nick> but really, i've been fairly fortunate in my employment, i've managed to resolve the bad situations fairly promptly
[18:31:00] <cmn32480> that's good
[18:31:15] <cmn32480> my employment situation is pretty decent
[18:31:17] <nick> i had good runs in the places i did actually have a 'real job', and got out before it got bad.
[18:32:38] <nick> i'm sure you do good work and keep it simple, that can go a long way into a decent work life
[18:33:03] <cmn32480> yes
[18:33:27] <cmn32480> now if I could jsut get my ass off IRC and editing during the day...
[18:33:32] <cmn32480> :-)
[18:34:02] <nick> just like the kids, always on their phones.
[18:34:18] <cmn32480> uh huh
[18:34:21] <nick> having apprentices on sites now is terrible for the phones...
[18:34:37] * nick grumpy old man
[18:34:51] <cmn32480> yup
[18:34:53] <cmn32480> me too
[18:47:45] <cmn32480> download the floorplans I need for tomorrow...
[18:47:54] <cmn32480> then get on with the door lock software
[18:59:09] <nick> tomorrow i need to go finish off someone elses work, for whatever reason they drilled holes 3x too big in almost the right place
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[20:23:37] <nick> http://www.theguardian.com
[20:23:37] <salty> ^ 03Danish parliament approves plan to seize assets from refugees | World news | The Guardian
[20:30:17] <nick> www.theguardian.com/business/2016/jan/26/tory-party-donor-lycamobile-uk-company-register
[20:30:58] <nick> http://www.ibtimes.co.uk
[20:30:59] <salty> ^ 03US and Russia reportedly set up Syrian airbases within 30 miles of each other
[21:17:29] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[21:30:03] <Bytram> http://feeds.wired.com
[21:30:04] <salty> ^ 03The Secret to Snow Removal Is Pickle Juice and Cheese Brine | WIRED ( http://www.wired.com )
[21:30:20] <Bytram> tasty streets
[21:54:10] <chromas> I've read about cheese brine before. I think on wikipedia
[21:54:41] <chromas> I wonder if it brings the ants
[21:55:01] <Bytram> I, too, had read about it before... something about using industrial waste as a street-treating solvent
[21:55:16] <Bytram> I bet that makes for a wonderful smell in the garage
[21:55:22] <Bytram> ;)
[21:56:01] <chromas> You start cringing at all the jokes you hear
[21:56:08] <chromas> because it's cheesy in there
[21:56:17] <Bytram> I duno about ants; one would like to think that there are not that many about when one has to treat the roads to keep them from being slippery/icy.
[21:56:39] <Bytram> yeah., they kinda write themselves
[22:02:26] * Bytram wonders what the final snow accumulations were for Winter Storm Jonas
[22:02:50] * Bytram notes, that by comparison, there was a big storm in the northeast a few years ago: http://www.pressherald.com
[22:03:06] <salty> ^ 03Blizzard blows away snowfall record - The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram
[22:08:29] <Bytram> hmmm
[22:08:30] <Bytram> http://phys.org
[22:08:31] <salty> ^ 03Theorists propose a new method to probe the beginning of the universe
[22:08:48] <Bytram> http://arxiv.org
[22:08:49] <salty> ^ 03[1509.03930] Quantum Primordial Standard Clocks
[22:09:17] <Bytram> break time
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