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[03:08:57] <Bytram> nick: !!
[03:09:13] <Bytram> shouldn't you be in bed?
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[03:21:06] <Bytram> nick: oh, I didn't mean to have you leave... was just commenting on how late it must be for you!
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[12:59:06] <takyon> zip
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[18:19:49] <nick> cmn32480
[18:19:57] <cmn32480> nick !!
[18:20:48] <cmn32480> how is it today?
[18:23:15] <nick> same as the other days, have to go in again tomorrow, and got a delivery of equipment for another project
[18:23:32] <nick> but some of the parts are wrong, after doing everything possible to make sure they wernt
[18:23:40] <cmn32480> at least things are still going.
[18:23:49] <nick> as i saw it coming, they'd send the wrong parts
[18:23:56] <cmn32480> DOH!
[18:23:59] <nick> and yup, even with my emails and clarifications, still wrong
[18:24:19] <nick> i dont have the energy to return it, so the wrong stuff will go into stock and i'll buy the remaining elsewhere
[18:24:28] <nick> how is your, friday, is it?
[18:24:37] <cmn32480> it is.
[18:24:47] <cmn32480> thank god
[18:25:04] <cmn32480> I leave early in the morning for a cousin's wedding in Miami
[18:25:55] <cmn32480> which I am not looking forward to
[18:26:09] <nick> oh?
[18:26:13] <cmn32480> and my wife isn't going (due to illness)
[18:26:33] <cmn32480> what I actually want is to have a quiet weekend, and sleep in
[18:26:56] <nick> :(
[18:27:02] <nick> that sucks, but i can empathise
[18:27:27] <nick> i was hoping to have the weekend off, but yeah, not going to happen
[18:27:56] <cmn32480> yeah but I'm taking Monday off from work
[18:28:05] <nick> sunday i'm going to keep a low profile though, some of the family is coming down, for their xmas visit, and i'm going to miss it intentionally
[18:28:14] <cmn32480> wedding is on Sunday, so flying home that night is gonna be a pain.
[18:28:33] <nick> well, i'm sure there will be enjoyment to be had at the wedding
[18:28:38] <nick> i hear they're good for that
[18:28:40] <cmn32480> I hope so
[18:29:36] <cmn32480> but at least I got a good boarding number
[18:29:40] <cmn32480> for the flight down
[18:30:13] <nick> they're something i generally avoid, weddings, i've only been to one that wasn't family
[18:30:41] <cmn32480> I'd rather not be going to this one
[18:32:07] <cmn32480> nothign more than the absolute inconvenience of travel to Miami
[18:33:02] <nick> yeah, can't be much fun
[18:35:32] <cmn32480> coudl be worse, I guess
[18:42:26] <nick> how about you go to work for me tomorrow, and i go to miami? :p
[18:46:16] <cmn32480> ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[18:46:21] <cmn32480> how about no?
[18:46:32] <cmn32480> my parents might be VERY confused....
[18:46:46] <nick> i didnt say anything about going to the wedding
[18:46:55] <cmn32480> oh
[18:46:59] <nick> ;)
[18:47:07] <cmn32480> see.. that'd jsut get me in more trouble
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