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[00:07:01] <cmn32480|away> autobots... roll out!
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[00:46:19] <takyon> rollin
[00:46:34] <cmn32480> rollin rollin
[00:46:39] <cmn32480> god my ass is frozen
[00:49:36] <takyon> where you at
[00:49:47] <cmn32480> my house
[00:49:57] <takyon> it's what, 47 F out
[00:50:35] <cmn32480> it was a song that i heard at some point
[00:50:43] <cmn32480> a spoof on the rawhide theme
[00:50:50] <takyon> oh
[00:50:55] <takyon> you making anything for thanksgiving
[00:51:03] <cmn32480> nope
[00:51:11] <cmn32480> we are goign to my MIL's house
[00:51:15] <cmn32480> I'd rather be cooking
[00:51:30] <takyon> you don't take a dish to your mother in law?
[00:51:42] <cmn32480> nope
[00:51:58] <cmn32480> we did that once... and got yelled at that it was "her dinner" blah blah blah
[00:52:04] <takyon> haha
[00:52:05] <cmn32480> I stopepd giving a shit after that
[00:52:18] <takyon> bring booze
[00:52:30] <cmn32480> for my own consumption
[00:52:37] <takyon> good plan
[00:52:53] <takyon> just made some of my killer cranberry sauce
[00:52:56] <takyon> #easiestdishever
[00:53:10] <cmn32480> tough job opening the can is it?
[00:53:26] <takyon> I go one step less lazy and make it on the stove
[00:53:35] <cmn32480> oh ok
[00:53:41] <takyon> it really is the easiest think to make ever
[00:53:49] <cmn32480> nice
[00:54:26] <takyon> heat brown sugar, orange juice and zest, cranberries on stove. the cranberries pop, releasing their pectin and dissolving the skins. then add ginger, cinnamon, salt, pepper
[00:54:34] <takyon> thanksgiving's easiest dish by far
[00:55:13] <cmn32480> nice
[00:55:50] <takyon> and I heard a great idea what to do with thanksgiving leftovers
[00:56:09] <cmn32480> sub rolls and pile it on
[00:56:43] <takyon> buy those frozen gyoza/dumpling wrappers, put some shredded turkey, stuffing and gravy in it. boil it and pan fry it for a few minutes
[00:56:54] <takyon> then dip it in cranberry sauce with added sriracha sauce
[00:57:11] <cmn32480> back it
[00:57:13] <cmn32480> bake it
[00:57:28] <cmn32480> we take those and fill with ham and cheese
[00:57:31] <cmn32480> seasoned beef
[00:57:35] <cmn32480> and cheese
[00:57:56] <cmn32480> they are really good
[00:58:07] <takyon> i think pan fried would taste better than baked
[00:58:36] <takyon> I am having thanksgiving with vegetarians so no turkey for me
[00:59:35] <cmn32480> tofurkey?
[00:59:56] <takyon> no replacement
[01:00:11] <takyon> just stuffing, casseroles, vegetables, etc.
[01:00:20] <cmn32480> nice
[01:00:29] <takyon> stuffing da best anyway
[01:00:38] <cmn32480> probably a good substitute
[01:02:07] <takyon> I make it with fresh french bread and pumpernickel, broth, celery, mushrooms, onions, butter, spices all on a loaded pan baked in the oven
[01:03:01] <cmn32480> sounds yummy
[01:03:29] <cmn32480> excellent.
[01:03:36] <cmn32480> I got my test envoronment working
[01:03:59] <cmn32480> now i gotta type up the instructions to get the consultant inot it
[01:06:05] <takyon> working on tgiving eve
[01:08:39] <takyon> time 2 drink
[01:23:43] <cmn32480> sorry... got pulled to peel apples
[01:23:56] <cmn32480> apparently we ar taking an apple pie
[02:45:44] <takyon> yum
[02:45:52] <takyon> don't think i'm having apple pie this year
[02:45:59] <takyon> un;ess i buy the stuff for it
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[04:31:28] <cmn32480> ~invite #soylent
[04:31:47] <cmn32480> ~help
[04:31:49] <exec_> http://sylnt.us
[04:31:50] <timecube> ^ 03Wiki: IRC:exec ( http://wiki.soylentnews.org )
[04:32:13] <cmn32480> ~join #soylent
[04:35:15] <cmn32480> ~part
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[14:28:45] <cmn32480> ~titles on
[14:28:51] <cmn32480> ~titles
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[15:04:39] <cmn32480> test
[15:10:17] <Bytram> pass
[15:29:19] <Bytram> zz_janrinok: PING!
[15:32:27] <Bytram> nvm; there was a collision on people editing the Raspberry Pi story.
[15:32:35] <Bytram> all is okay, now.
[15:33:17] <cmn32480> <giggle> 3 Editors... all posting... it is a wonder we don't step on each other more often
[15:35:04] <Bytram> Ouch! Stop that! ;)
[15:35:18] * Bytram tries to pull himself out from under the editorial pile.
[15:35:27] <cmn32480> lol
[15:47:31] <cmn32480> ~part
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[17:59:21] <nick> ahoy
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[18:41:34] <nick> hey janrinok
[18:41:51] <janrinok> nick, !!
[18:42:39] <nick> how are you good sir?
[18:42:46] <janrinok> just got a few minutes to myself for only the second time today
[18:43:32] <nick> time for a cup of tea?
[18:43:34] <janrinok> S is home but requiring much care and attention. She has compulsory bed rest for 2 weeks and then she will see the surgeon again who _might_ allow her to get up
[18:43:40] <janrinok> tea it is!
[18:45:58] <janrinok> How's things at your end?
[18:46:24] <nick> glad to know she's home, give her my regards even though she's been monopolising you and depriving us!
[18:47:17] <janrinok> well, she did have first call upon me, but I have tried to post a few stories today to help out
[18:47:33] <nick> things are things, trying to keep a positive frame of mind at the moment really
[18:48:18] <janrinok> how's business?
[18:48:43] <nick> take the time you need, i'm trying to keep on with a few stories a day to keep things ticking over, cmn32480|away has been on an editing marathon though
[18:49:02] <nick> one step forward, one step back
[18:49:07] <nick> better than two steps back, but still.
[18:49:31] <janrinok> understood.
[18:49:46] <janrinok> I think that cmn32480|away has the big 1k in his sights
[18:50:46] <nick> he's getting close
[18:51:35] <nick> im really struggling to manage time and prioritise right now, too many things to do all over the place
[18:52:22] <janrinok> yeah, I know what you mean.
[18:54:42] <janrinok> S thanks you for your best wishes, and says 'hello' back!
[18:55:12] <janrinok> .. a pretty feeble hello, but no less sincere for that
[18:56:18] <nick> :)
[18:56:24] <nick> that did make me smile
[18:56:52] <janrinok> good - and she is pleased too
[19:03:41] <nick> "Shame on you as an editor for not making it "good enough" so that it had to be advanced against your better judgement."
[19:03:57] <nick> didnt know what to think of "shame on you"
[19:05:27] <janrinok> ?
[19:05:57] <janrinok> have I missed part of this conversation? where did I imply or say 'shame on you'?
[19:06:12] <nick> change of subject
[19:06:20] <janrinok> ah - lost me completely
[19:06:29] <nick> sorry, im a bit all over the place
[19:06:48] <janrinok> probably my fault - I'm not fully up to speed at the moment
[19:06:51] <nick> in was in regard to: https://soylentnews.org
[19:06:51] <timecube> ^ 03SN comment by [02n1 (993)] (02Score:5, Insightful)
[19:07:16] <nick> as a general editorial event that makes me think, as these things often do :)
[19:08:51] <janrinok> I've not read many of the stories over the last few days
[19:09:58] <nick> not much has been missed, just me rambling and going off-topic/meta occasionally in the comments
[19:11:18] <janrinok> lol - you make some good points in that comment
[19:14:31] <nick> i try to make good comments, even if they're off topic
[19:19:39] <nick> i need to leave, dinner somewhere apparently
[19:19:46] * nick hat tip
[19:19:51] <nick> take care, janrinok
[19:20:52] <janrinok> bye - be safe
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