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[00:25:37] <cmn32480> you, sir, are an asshole!
[00:25:40] <cmn32480> feel better?
[01:36:32] <cmn32480> nick - you are an asshole. and I agree with virtually every word you wrote
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[17:25:30] <nick> urgh
[17:30:21] <nick> cmn32480: i will do some stories soon
[17:30:43] <cmn32480> no worries. I've been doing one or two between phone calls
[17:30:58] <cmn32480> and urgh is a pretty accurate sentiment... again
[17:32:39] <cmn32480> and Coolhand just dumped a couple in too
[17:32:46] <cmn32480> teamwork++
[17:32:46] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 46
[17:37:50] <nick> need to wash and find some food, found myself moving rubble around today, filthy as a result
[17:38:44] <cmn32480> no worries. :-) we'll still be here when you come back all shiny and new
[17:46:59] <nick> not so shiny and news, just a few layers less dirt, will take a shower tomorrow after morning bullshit
[17:54:56] <cmn32480> that's your call
[17:55:04] <cmn32480> I'm not going to tell you you ahve to bathe
[17:55:18] <cmn32480> but keep in mind, if I start to smell you thoguht IRC, I'm gonna say somethign
[17:56:19] <chromas> Bender: grab cmn32480
[17:56:19] <Bender> Added quote 25
[17:56:35] <cmn32480> :-p chromas
[20:11:05] <nick> ok so when did the intercept become "the intercept_"
[21:21:29] <cmn32480> dunno
[21:23:44] <cmn32480> thanks for dropping a whole batch in the queue nick. :-)