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[00:14:58] <takyon> ok eds
[00:15:02] <takyon> we have a ton of subs
[00:16:06] <Bytram> yes, I noticed! If you lok at the story queue, you'll see that we are making use of them, too!
[00:16:41] <takyon> do we need to up the speed
[00:17:04] <Bytram> I do not think so.
[00:17:09] <takyon> I'm also thinking of a strategy where we have non-critical subs at a steady space and then insert breaking/recent news into the gaps
[00:17:37] <takyon> I also want to write my own version of the microbiome P666 story. And submit a Project Loon sub
[00:17:46] <takyon> finally, check out that Hillary Clinton submission
[00:17:52] <takyon> looks like we have a prankster
[00:18:04] <Bytram> if we run into that situation, we can just toss it into the mix, and (if so desired) move another story some other time
[00:20:50] <Bytram> takyon: the Hillary submission seems to ahve come from eth-fuel
[00:22:04] <takyon> shoudln't say that in a public channel maybe
[00:22:09] <takyon> ethics
[00:22:13] <takyon> 2late now
[00:22:17] <Bytram> nodnod
[00:22:51] <Bytram> just meant the wrting style and all has a certain 'unique' character about it.
[00:23:58] <takyon> I'm going to crank out the microbiome thing
[00:25:23] <Bytram> I'm on Old vs Young
[00:26:09] <takyon> the microbiome story has two primary sources, simultaneously published opinion pieces in Nature and Science
[00:26:54] <Bytram> note to self: submissions should have leading/trailing whitespace in the title stripped before being put in the submissions queue
[00:30:27] <takyon> I think my extension does that
[00:30:29] <takyon> I have to check
[00:30:52] <takyon> yeah, it kills leading and trailing whitespace if you click the Title Case button
[00:30:52] <Bytram> I've got the two chinese kids story
[00:31:01] <Bytram> nice!
[00:31:11] <takyon> I added the feature because of Phoenix666 doing it so often, incidentally
[00:31:23] <Bytram> I use the plain-vanilla site code -- it should handle that, as well.
[00:31:41] <takyon> dunno what you mean but you should upgrade to my extension
[00:31:48] <takyon> it makes the job a lot easier
[00:31:57] <takyon> including commenting
[00:32:32] <Bytram> I appreciate what you have done, I really do, but my thoughts are with the underlying site code. It *IS* open source, and I want to make the base code as solid as possible
[00:32:59] <takyon> you are free to steal any features I have made and put them into the base code
[00:34:44] <Bytram> kind of hard, as I've not used your tool (sorry!) -- I tend to be a bit of a purist and insist on 'eating my own dog food' -- comes from decades of doing QA/test
[00:35:44] <takyon> I'd suggest downloading a separate browser and using it in there
[00:35:51] <takyon> I use 4 web browsers all the time
[00:42:10] <Bytram> my one display is not quite large enough to pull that off.
[00:45:29] <takyon> they aren't on the same display all at the same time... just sitting on the task bar
[00:45:51] <takyon> alternate microbiome story submitted
[00:47:54] <Bytram> my desk is 3-foot by 5-foot because I like to be able to aly things out so I can see 'em all at once...
[00:48:13] * Bytram would really *really* like tohave a 3-foot by 5-foot high sdisplay
[00:49:15] <Bytram> any prefs for when you'd like the microbiome story to go out
[00:49:34] <Bytram> look slike early sat PM UTC atm
[00:49:43] <takyon> whatever you like
[00:49:50] <Bytram> k
[00:50:23] <Bytram> fyi: I typically italicize names of journals and other publications... so Journal <em>Science</em> and <em>Nature</em>
[00:51:12] <takyon> I did do it at the bottom
[00:51:21] <takyon> it can get funky with urls tho
[00:51:48] <takyon> I always forget whether our system wants <em> on the outside or inside of the URL
[00:52:07] <Bytram> nod nod -- trick is to put the em within the a: <a href="blah"><em>Nature</em></a>
[00:57:20] <Bytram> done. found just one typo. split it into intro/extended copy -- scheduled for 20151031_140900 UTC
[00:57:27] <Bytram> =)
[01:03:33] <Bytram> time for a break; biab
[01:09:28] <Bytram> back, front, and center =)
[01:16:46] cmn32480|away is now known as cmn32480
[01:18:09] <cmn32480> bytram !!
[01:18:37] <Bytram> cmn32480: !!
[01:18:44] <cmn32480> easier to cha there.
[01:18:48] <Bytram> nodnod
[01:18:58] <Bytram> you were on a roll -- 2nded your stories
[01:18:59] <cmn32480> s/cha there/chat here/
[01:18:59] <sedctl> <cmn32480> easier to chat here.
[01:19:25] <cmn32480> I am not the one on the roll... I think that award goes to p666
[01:19:48] <Bytram> yeah, I've seen comments call this p666 news :(
[01:20:02] <cmn32480> yeah. me too
[01:20:33] <cmn32480> does it make sense ot move some of his stuff to the hold queue?
[01:20:47] <cmn32480> i mena, he jsut subbed like 20 stories
[01:21:00] <Bytram> idk
[01:21:10] <Bytram> I try to pick from other submitters
[01:21:28] <cmn32480> not that I am complaining about the choice in the queue, but trying to mix up submitters is tough when there is only one
[01:21:39] <Bytram> I sense he's trying to have a full day come from justhim -- not no my watch -- we've got an editorial policy to follow
[01:21:45] <Bytram> agreed
[01:24:27] <takyon> back
[01:24:32] <Bytram> fornt
[01:24:41] <cmn32480> sideways
[01:25:01] <Bytram> need alliteration suggestion wrt tweet 'censorship'
[01:25:04] <Bytram> delayed dissemination deemed ???
[01:25:08] <Bytram> damaging?
[01:25:13] <Bytram> deletoious?
[01:25:17] <Bytram> dispicalble?
[01:25:17] <takyon> go ahead and delete P666's microbiome sub
[01:25:23] <Bytram> k
[01:25:35] <takyon> you already have some good choices there
[01:25:42] <Bytram> delayed dissemination deemed despicable
[01:25:48] <takyon> let me look up "deleterious"
[01:25:52] <Bytram> ^^ that's what I am going with
[01:26:12] <Bytram> just needed to think 'out loud'
[01:26:15] <takyon> s'cool
[01:27:32] <cmn32480> sorry.was reading backscroll in other channels
[01:27:38] <Bytram> p666 microbiome stry dele'd
[01:27:49] -!- nick has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[01:27:49] <cmn32480> declined
[01:28:30] <cmn32480> jumpin' jehosephat bytram! you been busty!
[01:28:30] <Bytram> nice word, but doesn't quite capture the sense of censorship that the story was about
[01:28:42] <cmn32480> s/busty/busy/
[01:28:42] <sedctl> <cmn32480> jumpin' jehosephat bytram! you been busy!
[01:28:42] * Bytram blushes
[01:28:48] <Bytram> RFOL!
[01:28:58] <cmn32480> i don't know.. maybe you are busty too...
[01:29:18] * cmn32480 adds that to the list of things he never wants to find out
[01:30:55] <cmn32480> so wait... Netcraft ACTUALLY confirmed the US Military SHA-1 thing?
[01:31:02] <cmn32480> let the meme's begin!
[01:31:12] <Bytram> yuppers!
[01:31:35] <Bytram> worse still, they found SHA-1 'protecting' intermediary authorities
[01:31:50] <cmn32480> oh dear God... the community (at least us old folks) are gonna have a field day
[01:31:56] <Bytram> crack *that* and then you can issue certs for any subordinate .mil addy
[01:32:08] <cmn32480> zoinks
[01:32:54] -!- nick [nick!~nick@Soylent/Staff/Editor/n1] has joined #editorial
[01:32:54] -!- mode/#editorial [+v nick] by SkyNet
[01:33:00] <Bytram> roh roh shaggy
[01:33:47] * Bytram notes that if J had not put out a story first thing on Sat AM, I'd have the whole day covered =)
[01:34:36] <cmn32480> not on his watch!
[01:36:05] <cmn32480> I like the formatting from the AC on the shell tar sands story
[01:36:10] * Bytram was tempted to move it ahead 30 minutes
[01:36:18] * Bytram is still very tempted
[01:36:31] <cmn32480> bytram knows that somebody will just shuffle stuff around to prevent it
[01:36:40] <Bytram> nodnod
[01:37:03] * Bytram almost set the release date for a story to 2015-10-32
[01:37:03] <cmn32480> it is the bytram and p666 show <queue music>
[01:37:04] <Bytram> :/
[01:37:36] <cmn32480> well... ummmm... I bet it'd disappear to the front of the queue...
[01:38:30] <cmn32480> mind you I've come clsoe to doing the same thing once or twice... but mine usaually span a 24hour period, not an actual day.
[01:38:37] <Bytram> yes, I've found 6 or 7 stories that I thought I'd approved and put out somehow had a botched date/time or something and ended up *silently* failing to make it to the main page.
[01:38:58] <cmn32480> ^^^ been there!
[01:39:19] * Bytram wishes there was a way to resurrect them and give credit where credit was due
[01:39:32] <cmn32480> I find the last preview before I save helps avoid that, but if you double click save.. you get two!
[01:39:40] <cmn32480> there is
[01:39:55] <takyon> whats going on
[01:40:03] <cmn32480> on 4/1.... we do "The Lost Story Archive"
[01:40:07] <takyon> do i need to put this in the extension
[01:40:23] <takyon> (that mytrab should try out)
[01:40:32] <cmn32480> lol
[01:40:52] <cmn32480> "The day of Editorial Follies!
[01:40:52] <Bytram> I LIKE IT! 'the lost story archive' has a wonderful ring to it
[01:41:02] <takyon> Annex
[01:41:03] <Bytram> oooh oooh!
[01:41:14] <Bytram> annex++
[01:41:14] <Bender> karma - annex: 1
[01:41:44] <cmn32480> "SoylentNews April 1 Edition - The Lost Story Annex"
[01:41:52] <cmn32480> NICE!
[01:42:50] <Bytram> eye wood leek too sea won witch eye cud right leek this
[01:43:24] <Bytram> another idea is to have a story about the classics wrt how difficult English is.
[01:43:29] <Bytram> "The Chaos"
[01:43:49] <Bytram> "A suggestion for improvement of the english language" (Mark Twain)
[01:43:54] <cmn32480> but the LSA would take 20-30 minutes and the whole day is done
[01:44:04] <Bytram> Eye have a spell checquer -- it runs on my pea sea
[01:44:26] <takyon> Annex
[01:44:44] <takyon> like whatever wired thinks is cool 1 week before april fools
[01:44:53] <Bytram> need not cover the entire day; might be able to merge several into one story?
[01:45:05] <takyon> whoops, screwed that u[
[01:45:14] <cmn32480> trust me... there are PLENTY at 1970-1-1
[01:45:32] <takyon> the graveyard
[01:45:34] <Bytram> hrmmm
[01:45:34] <cmn32480> do a blank search for stories, and set it to show oldest first
[01:45:50] <Bytram> some of those were *intentionally* deep sixed
[01:46:02] <takyon> 1970 was a happenning time for soylentnews
[01:46:02] <cmn32480> yup... even better
[01:47:08] <Bytram> maybe... we could have a meta story about our finding these and mentioning that we are resurrecting one a day until we give each story its due?
[01:48:03] <cmn32480> I'm inclined to do it on 4/1
[01:49:26] <Bytram> hmmm, maybe one each weekend day?
[01:50:54] <Bytram> what to do here... I've already put out a story: https://soylentnews.org
[01:50:55] <GW> ^ 03Error
[01:51:15] <Bytram> but now I see that there just was a sub: https://soylentnews.org
[01:51:16] <GW> ^ 03SN Submission by darkfeline: Windows 10 will be made an automatic “recommended” update early next year
[01:51:27] <Bytram> oh, nice!
[01:51:31] <Bytram> it's JUST a link to Ars
[01:51:36] <cmn32480> ok
[01:51:54] <cmn32480> general process is to accept, stuff back in 1970, and add the link ot the current story
[01:52:14] <Bytram> nod nod
[01:52:29] * cmn32480 recalls somethign about intentionally deep sixed stories
[01:52:31] <Bytram> and mark as NOT DISPLAY
[01:56:58] <Bytram> an idea -- to distinguish the intentional deep six from the accidental -- I'll set the date to 1970-10-31
[01:58:40] <takyon> i could make 2 buttons in my extension to do that
[01:58:54] <Bytram> release time: 1970-10-31 23:59:59
[01:58:57] <takyon> each would set it to not display, but two different 1970 dates
[01:59:03] <Bytram> one second before midnight
[02:00:00] <Bytram> I included a note in the notes field mentioninng that it was merged into another story and put that link in there, too.
[02:00:01] <takyon> could just change the year for one class of killed stories, and the other one to that halloween date
[02:00:37] <Bytram> a 'feature' of the site is that any invalid date gets converted to '1970-01-01 00:00:00'
[02:01:38] <takyon> does Soylent have a 2038 problem?
[02:01:48] <cmn32480> which leads to stories being deep sixed that shoudl have made the main page
[02:02:19] <Bytram> zactly
[02:02:53] <Bytram> is on my list of things I'd like to fix, but... how do you notify the editor that the date/time was wrong? It's not like we have error/dialog boxes
[02:03:23] <Bytram> maybe put in a banner on the page saying 'Need to Fix the date/time before it can be saved' ??
[02:03:28] <takyon> oh
[02:03:42] <takyon> I could add a feature in the extension that detects invalid dates and prevents you from saving the story
[02:03:52] <cmn32480> everythign is seconded Bytream
[02:03:59] <takyon> I'm assuming the invalid part comes from misplaced hyphens and missing digits
[02:04:13] <Bytram> or, 2015-10-32
[02:04:15] <takyon> in which case I can force the editor to follow the established pattern, which never changes
[02:04:16] <cmn32480> misplaced hyphens, spaces, and incorrect digits
[02:04:20] <Bytram> or 23:67:10
[02:04:29] <takyon> I can do all that
[02:04:39] <Bytram> or 1:23:3
[02:04:53] <takyon> that one is the easiest one
[02:05:12] <Bytram> oh, it's easy to do in the base code, too. the quesitonis how to present the error to the user.
[02:05:22] <Bytram> and, it really does blong in the base code, too
[02:05:34] <takyon> I bet I can ship the functionality before you can :D
[02:05:56] <Bytram> and your functionality is part of the whole Rehash package?
[02:05:58] <cmn32480> yes, almost certainly
[02:06:26] <Bytram> see, I'm thinking long-term. we're building code not just for SN, but for anyone else to take and run with it, too.
[02:06:32] <takyon> no, but it will be around and ready to go for anybody who wants to use it
[02:06:34] <Bytram> best ot build on a *soliod* foundation
[02:06:34] <cmn32480> as your extension does not have the rigorous testing that goes into the changes to the Rehash code
[02:06:37] <takyon> I'm thinking short-term
[02:07:09] <Bytram> and then you become (potentially) dependent on things being broken in a certain way.
[02:07:23] <Bytram> build not your house/extension upon the sand
[02:07:28] <takyon> I'm not trying to start an argument m8. I'm just saying I can have it done within the next couple of days, and you should definitely try out the extension in an alternate browser, if only to pick up ideas
[02:07:56] <Bytram> no argument intended -- I aologize if it came off that way -- was not my intent at all!
[02:08:58] <takyon> here's something I'm going to add too
[02:09:14] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[02:09:15] <GW> ^ 03SN comment by [02Anonymous Coward] (02Score:0)
[02:09:47] <takyon> more padding for the Story Title so that submitters can see their spell checker working
[02:16:15] <cmn32480> any thoguhts on moving the bulk of the p666 subs to the Hold Queue and using as fill in material as they are not time sensitive?
[02:17:56] <takyon> how about you give me a minute to select the P666 subs I think are not critical and put them in hold
[02:18:03] <takyon> then you do your pass
[02:18:15] <cmn32480> k
[02:18:36] <Bytram> I just found a halloween-related sotry and moved it up in the queue,
[02:18:46] <Bytram> am moving a story out of that spot
[02:19:57] <Bytram> move completed
[02:20:13] <takyon> i took down 9
[02:20:21] <cmn32480> ok
[02:20:27] <takyon> not the halloween story since it's clearly time-critical
[02:20:40] <Bytram> is there another ahlloween sotry?
[02:20:47] <takyon> no
[02:21:03] <takyon> I was just making sure you knew I didn't create a meltdown
[02:21:11] <takyon> check the Hold to see which stories I held back
[02:21:14] <Bytram> appreciated!
[02:21:15] <takyon> @cmn
[02:23:48] <cmn32480> I moved 3 more. no issues with the ones you pulled out
[02:24:10] <cmn32480> the Sony.BMG rootkit story.
[02:24:13] <cmn32480> I think deep six.
[02:24:31] <Bytram> yeah
[02:24:36] <cmn32480> it is going to take a LOT of time to amke it a coherant sub, and virtually all the links in it point to /.
[02:24:57] <takyon> well in fairness
[02:25:00] <takyon> it was 10 years ago
[02:25:06] <cmn32480> I agree
[02:25:46] <takyon> honestly I could probably whip this into shape
[02:25:52] <Bytram> cmn32480: you might want to change the time on your novena story to, say, 08:45
[02:25:54] <takyon> it would still be long as hell but it will look better
[02:26:18] <Bytram> takyon: pls put in an <hr> at an appropriate place for us to spill it onto the extended copy area
[02:26:22] <cmn32480> done
[02:26:27] <Bytram> or mark it in some other way.
[02:26:29] <Bytram> cmn32480: tahnks
[02:26:40] <takyon> I slap [EXTENDED COPY] on the place where it should be split
[02:26:49] <Bytram> poifect!
[02:27:11] <Bytram> I like to keep things to about 5 paragraphs at most on the main page
[02:27:20] <Bytram> obviously, it depends on the length of the paragraphs, etc.
[02:27:44] <Bytram> but anything over, say, 300 words, is a good candidate for splitting
[02:28:01] <takyon> lket's see if I can get NetworkWorld to spit out a single page view
[02:28:47] <Bytram> brain cramp! "What's good for the goose is good for the gander" -- writing a dept line -- gander-meet-goose or goose-meet-gander?
[02:28:58] <takyon> uh
[02:29:02] <Bytram> lol!
[02:29:13] <takyon> which story
[02:29:27] <takyon> I'd say goose-meet-gander for
[02:29:35] <takyon> gander being the angry public or w/e
[02:29:43] <cmn32480> ^^agreed goose meet gander
[02:29:59] <Bytram> well! how about that! I *did* get it right the first time!
[02:30:07] <takyon> jenius
[02:30:43] <Bytram> smart coyote ??
[02:31:45] <cmn32480> he's Wile E.
[02:32:16] <Bytram> okay, just ran out of steam
[02:32:26] <cmn32480> that was the wooshing sound I jsut heard
[02:32:30] <Bytram> need a break, and may just call it a night shortly after..will see
[02:32:43] <cmn32480> your output tonight has been rather impressive bytram
[02:32:56] <Bytram> appreciated
[02:33:11] <Bytram> got in 'The Zone' and things just 'flowed' if you know what I mean?
[02:33:23] <cmn32480> I do.
[02:33:24] <Bytram> Zen and the art of story editing
[02:33:27] <Bytram> ;)
[02:33:32] <cmn32480> doens't stop me from being impressed
[02:34:03] <cmn32480> me thinks the Hillary Clinton article is crap
[02:34:06] <Bytram> it is
[02:34:07] <cmn32480> !uid
[02:34:07] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 5929, owned by jimtheowl
[02:34:12] <Bytram> teamwork++
[02:34:12] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 37
[02:34:17] <cmn32480> deep six?
[02:34:24] <Bytram> oh, looks like I need to update my zoo
[02:34:35] <cmn32480> hehe
[02:34:45] <Bytram> done
[02:35:09] <cmn32480> the zoo or the delete?
[02:35:46] <Bytram> for each nick, I've got: uid padded to 8-digits with leading zeroes, date created, time created, quoted nick
[02:35:48] <Bytram> zoo
[02:36:01] <cmn32480> ok
[02:36:11] <cmn32480> I shall delete the Hillary Clinton sub
[02:36:17] <Bytram> oh, as for deep six, yeah it was kinda funny in a drunken stupor kind of way.
[02:36:22] <Bytram> nod nod
[02:36:27] <cmn32480> done adn gone
[02:37:29] <takyon> hey'
[02:37:35] <cmn32480> sir?
[02:37:40] <takyon> might have found bug
[02:37:44] <Bytram> but pigs don't eat it
[02:37:51] <Bytram> ncice
[02:37:56] <takyon> http://puu.sh
[02:38:03] <takyon> this is on the rootkit story
[02:38:29] <cmn32480> likely too many links
[02:38:33] <takyon> i guess so
[02:38:34] <cmn32480> and <KABOOM>
[02:38:35] <Bytram> linky
[02:39:01] <Bytram> which story?
[02:39:15] <cmn32480> the Sony BMG rootkit sotry
[02:39:24] <Bytram> on my way
[02:40:02] <cmn32480> takyon - save your progress out to anohter file. we ought to let the devs see the error and tell us how to handle.
[02:40:15] <cmn32480> TheMightyBuzzard - you 'round?
[02:40:18] <Bytram> ctrl-alt-T
[02:40:21] <Bytram> duplicate tab
[02:40:27] <takyon> ok
[02:40:31] <takyon> let me try something real quick
[02:40:49] <takyon> I want to see if navigating to the original submission causes it, or if it's my current text that does
[02:40:57] <takyon> if #1, I can continue working no trouble
[02:41:03] <Bytram> original sub in the queue looked okay to me
[02:41:10] * Bytram just clicked preview
[02:41:16] <cmn32480> happens once you hit preview,
[02:41:21] <takyon> yup: https://soylentnews.org
[02:41:21] <GW> ^✓ 03SN Submission by Anonymous Coward: Sony BMG Rootkit Scandal: 10 Years Later
[02:41:23] <Bytram> yep, I see it
[02:41:23] <cmn32480> and look at the related stories
[02:41:48] <takyon> since nothing I do should affect the original submission, I'll continue working
[02:42:26] <cmn32480> agreed
[02:42:33] <Bytram> yuppers
[02:43:35] <takyon> time to click on a lot of links
[02:43:59] <cmn32480> you have fun with that.
[02:44:03] <takyon> I have techniques that could allow me to include all of the links but on less lines, or I could write a note asking readers to check the original submission
[02:44:10] <Bytram> drag-select, open all in tabs
[02:44:11] <takyon> that would be the lazy way out, and probably the best way too
[02:44:19] <takyon> see above
[02:44:28] <Bytram> yeah, I like pointing at the origianl sub
[02:44:28] <takyon> "I could write a note asking readers to check the original submission"
[02:44:28] <cmn32480> I'm done. been running (without a nap, unlike SOME people) since 5am
[02:44:57] <Bytram> cmn32480: then a well-deserved time for bed for ya!
[02:45:06] <cmn32480> bed time for Bonzo!
[02:45:24] <Bytram> btw, have you noticed it is Thursday and we have stories queued up into Sunday already?
[02:45:32] <cmn32480> i know.
[02:45:35] <Bytram> yeah, he even went to college!
[02:45:37] <cmn32480> teamework++
[02:45:37] <Bender> karma - teamework: 1
[02:45:41] <cmn32480> teamwork++
[02:45:42] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 38
[02:46:27] <cmn32480> night gentlemen.
[02:46:41] <cmn32480> a good night's work. :-)
[02:46:43] <Bytram> well, I must point out that it is a LOT easier to pump out stories when the queue is full!
[02:46:50] <cmn32480> uh huh
[02:46:50] <Bytram> cmn32480: sweet dreams!
[02:46:56] <Bytram> best to J and kids, too!
[02:47:01] <cmn32480> thanks Bytram you too!
[02:47:05] <Bytram> apprecaited
[02:47:12] <Bytram> and, I think Ima gonna turn in, too.
[02:47:18] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[02:47:27] cmn32480 is now known as cmn32480|away
[02:47:34] <Bytram|away> takyon: thanks for redoing that story -- was much better than the orginal
[02:47:59] <takyon> it was important enough for me to read it on the phone and plan to do a submission on it later
[02:48:08] <takyon> then I found it had been caught in P666's trap
[02:48:22] <takyon> u know the rest
[02:48:43] <Bytram|away> nod nod
[02:49:05] <Bytram|away> point was, I apprecaite how you fleshed it out -- nicely balanced, too
[02:49:19] <Bytram|away> anyway. slumber time -- be well and take care!
[03:03:57] <takyon> ok finally
[03:05:23] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[03:05:24] <GW> ^ 03Error
[03:44:32] -!- Bender has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[03:50:22] -!- Bender [Bender!Bender@Soylent/BotArmy] has joined #editorial
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[11:54:52] cmn32480|away is now known as cmn32480
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[14:21:01] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[14:36:40] <Bytram> teamwork++
[14:36:40] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 39
[14:36:44] <Bytram> teamwork++
[14:36:44] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 40
[14:37:01] <Bytram> We just reached a landmark in SoylentNews publishing!
[14:37:44] <Bytram> At this very moment, we have 40 stories in the story queue... that have not yet made it to the main page. IOW, the *entire* story list page is queued-up stories! https://soylentnews.org
[14:37:46] <GW> ^ 03- SoylentNews User ( https://soylentnews.org )
[15:19:34] * Bytram notices that we are now queued up until Mon 2015-11-02 @ 07:33 UTC
[15:19:40] <Bytram> enjoy the weekend everybody!!
[15:19:51] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[15:47:15] -!- Tachyon_ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[15:47:38] -!- Tachyon [Tachyon!~Tachyon@xuco.me] has joined #editorial
[15:51:05] <cmn32480> DAMN bytram|away!
[17:16:04] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[17:16:08] <Bytram> http://www.itworld.com
[17:16:10] <GW> ^ 03All CoinVault and Bitcryptor ransomware victims can now recover their files for free | ITworld ( http://www.itworld.com )
[17:16:35] <Bytram> cmn32480: huh?
[17:16:55] <cmn32480> DAMN!! you, sir are a beast
[17:17:03] <cmn32480> trying to put a whole weekend out by yourself
[17:18:43] <Bytram> that was not the motivation (though it may appear that way) -- I noticed that we had the better part of the first page of the story queue covered with stories in the future and wondered if it would be possible to fill the entire screen...
[17:18:55] <cmn32480> lol
[17:18:57] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[17:18:58] <GW> ^ 03- SoylentNews User ( https://soylentnews.org )
[17:19:01] <Bytram> take a looky!
[17:19:25] <cmn32480> Yeah... I;m not special enough to have access to the admin portal
[17:19:55] <cmn32480> I get kicked to the story list
[17:20:03] <Bytram> that's what it shows me.
[17:20:04] <cmn32480> but I see it there that the whole weekend is full!
[17:20:27] <Bytram> well, it just happens that the 40 stories listed jcover the whole weekend
[17:21:03] <cmn32480> lol
[17:21:24] <cmn32480> it is rather impressive to see.
[17:21:36] <cmn32480> though mildly troubling to see 0 comments on everything.
[17:21:56] <Bytram> and, hopefully, a chance for J to take a breather this weekend so he can concentrate on S
[17:22:08] <cmn32480> most definetly
[17:22:10] <Bytram> us Eds have been 'on' for, like, forever
[17:22:17] <cmn32480> and plenty to stock the queue left for Monday
[17:22:32] <Bytram> so, except for keeping an eye on things, we can pretty much get our first weekend off in, well, forever!
[17:22:36] * cmn32480 gioves bytram a round of applause
[17:22:44] * Bytram takes a bough
[17:22:48] <Bytram> ;)
[17:22:57] * cmn32480 lights his bough on fire
[17:23:12] <Bytram> c'mon baby light my fire
[17:23:18] * Bytram channels the doors
[17:23:48] <cmn32480> Ig uess you coudl toss the doors in the channel...
[17:23:58] <cmn32480> you using the English Channel?
[17:24:02] <cmn32480> #editorial?
[17:24:08] <cmn32480> tv channel?
[17:24:34] <Bytram> coco chanel? =)
[17:24:41] <cmn32480> There you go!
[17:25:15] <cmn32480> chnel #5?
[17:27:50] <Bytram> nod nod
[17:28:06] <Bytram> she introduced the LBD (Little Black Dress)
[17:28:34] <Bytram> hmmm: http://www.sciencedaily.com
[17:28:35] <GW> ^ 03Farming on Mars? The Martian raises questions about soil -- ScienceDaily
[17:28:36] <cmn32480> somethign for which men everywhere shoudl be eternally greatful
[17:28:41] <Bytram> nod nod
[17:29:28] <Bytram> and for which most designers are totally unable to leave well enough alone -- they insist on adding rouching, or pins, or ruffles, or belts, or something that, ultimately, detracts from the look
[17:29:46] <cmn32480> sequins
[17:29:56] <cmn32480> undergarmetns
[17:29:56] <Bytram> zactly
[17:31:01] <cmn32480> one of the great inventions of all time
[17:31:11] <cmn32480> probably better for mankind than sliced bread
[17:31:43] <Bytram> from what I've seen, it's not so hot for womankind -- like trying to squeeze into a sausage casing.
[17:31:58] <cmn32480> men do the same thing...
[17:32:01] <Bytram> there's a reason why they call it 'Spanx'
[17:32:08] <cmn32480> it just happens to be ourtr sausage going inot the casing
[17:32:18] <Bytram> no comment
[17:32:23] <Bytram> bah.
[17:32:36] * Bytram forget to set logging on for putty when he set up this lappy
[17:32:44] <cmn32480> may i suggest "your typing sucks today?" as an appropriate comment?
[17:33:34] <Bytram> shore, bee may gust
[17:33:50] <cmn32480> sigh.... log into vendor website
[17:34:02] <cmn32480> see big red flag that says "Check your alerts"
[17:34:08] <cmn32480> click said flag.
[17:34:16] <cmn32480> "You currently have no alerts"
[17:34:24] <cmn32480> WTF????
[17:35:54] <Bytram> they had no toggle on whether or not YOU had an alerts, but there was something VVERY important for some people, so they make *everyone* check their alerts, just in case. :/
[17:36:09] <cmn32480> the red banner has a "4" in it.
[17:36:26] <cmn32480> to all common men, this measn _I_ have 4 alerts...
[17:36:27] * Bytram remembers he has .bash_history and smiles
[17:37:01] <Bytram> that would tend to follow.
[17:37:05] <Bytram> idk
[17:37:06] <cmn32480> the only thing I can guess is that it measn VMWare has 4 users of their millions of clients that have alerts.
[17:37:21] <cmn32480> so, all in all their percentages are really good.
[17:37:39] <Bytram> LOL!
[17:37:55] <cmn32480> dems hall of fame numbers!
[17:38:37] <Bytram> nod nod
[17:40:33] <cmn32480> time to burn a DVD
[17:41:39] <cmn32480> somethign I havcen't done in a long time
[17:42:01] <Bytram> likewise
[17:42:16] <Bytram> btw, we have over 200 stories which had 100 or more comments. =)
[17:42:24] <cmn32480> unfortunately it is the only really clean way to upgrade an old server to the new version of VMware.
[17:42:45] <cmn32480> noice!
[17:43:02] <cmn32480> makes em feel like I'm doing something good. :-)
[17:43:02] <Bytram> max comments was 357 (WOW!)
[17:43:17] <cmn32480> that was a meta on site naming or soemthign
[17:43:27] <Bytram> yupppers
[17:43:45] <cmn32480> 264 was the bggest number w/o a meta tag
[17:44:42] <cmn32480> https://soylentnews.org
[17:44:42] <GW> ^✓ 03SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[17:44:47] <Bytram> could be... can't easily construct the query atm
[17:45:02] <cmn32480> already on the HOF.pl page
[17:45:08] <Bytram> now I'm forgetting what it was that I was looking for
[17:45:19] <Bytram> oh, doh. THAT page! I keep forgetting it exists!
[17:45:23] <Bytram> what is the link again?
[17:45:36] <cmn32480> no worries. I will keep reminding you. :-)
[17:45:43] <cmn32480> https://soylentnews.org
[17:45:43] <GW> ^✓ 03SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[17:45:44] <cmn32480> https://soylentnews.org
[17:45:44] <GW> ^✓ 03SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[17:45:45] <cmn32480> https://soylentnews.org
[17:45:45] <GW> ^✓ 03SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[17:45:46] <cmn32480> https://soylentnews.org
[17:45:47] <GW> ^✓ 03SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[17:45:48] <cmn32480> https://soylentnews.org
[17:45:48] <GW> ^✓ 03SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[17:45:49] <cmn32480> https://soylentnews.org
[17:45:49] <GW> ^✓ 03SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[17:46:47] <Bytram> WOW! We had over 200,000 hits on *one* story!
[17:46:56] <cmn32480> yup
[17:47:08] <cmn32480> what page did you see that on?
[17:47:35] <Bytram> ummm, the page you just linked to!
[17:47:46] <cmn32480> no fun
[17:47:54] <cmn32480> I was hoping you woudl paste the link in.
[17:48:11] <cmn32480> and then _I could ahve said "I keep forgetting that apge even exists!"
[17:48:22] <Bytram> FYI: select suim(hits) from stories; == 25395127
[17:48:25] <cmn32480> but alas.. the moment is passed
[17:48:38] <Bytram> s/suim/sum/
[17:48:38] <sedctl> <Bytram> select sum(hits) from stories; == 25395127
[17:48:40] <exec> <Bytram> FYI: select sum(hits) from stories; == 25395127
[17:48:47] <cmn32480> that makes LOTS more sense
[17:49:08] <cmn32480> I gotta run down to the server room. back about 20 min, hopefully.
[17:49:16] <cmn32480> unless it goes pear shaped.
[17:49:16] <Bytram> nod nod; good luck!
[17:49:35] * Bytram offers cmn32480 a parer to pare down the pear
[17:50:08] <Bytram> if I offered you TWO of them, then you would have a pair of pear parers
[18:03:52] <Bytram> lunchtime; biab
[18:18:25] <cmn32480> back.
[18:18:30] <cmn32480> took 30 min.. I was wrong
[18:19:18] <Bytram> first time today, though. that must count for somethin! =)
[18:20:36] <cmn32480> perhaps in my dreasm it si the first time today
[18:21:19] <Bytram> in that case... it's a good time for a nap!
[18:21:29] <cmn32480> my employer frowns on that
[18:21:57] <Bytram> yeah, they tend to be like that.
[18:22:20] <cmn32480> I dont'' know why. I'll ahve coffee instead
[18:22:31] <Bytram> 'cept in spain & italy -- pm naps are the norm, there.
[18:22:58] <Bytram> at least from what I saw.
[18:23:03] <cmn32480> so not only am I in the wrong business... I'm in the wonrg country too????
[18:23:05] <cmn32480> damnit
[18:24:00] <Bytram> you just need a longer cable for telecommuting
[18:24:39] <Bytram> break time; biab
[18:24:40] <cmn32480> oh.. well that shoudln't be TOO expensive.
[19:26:19] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[19:26:52] <Bytram|away> cmn32480: hope the rest of your day goes well and that you don't have too many surprises!
[19:26:54] SoyGuest82095 is now known as cosurgi
[19:26:58] -!- cosurgi has quit [Changing host]
[19:26:58] -!- cosurgi [cosurgi!~cosurgi@Soylent/Staff/Wiki/cosurgi] has joined #editorial
[20:11:31] -!- Phoenix666 [Phoenix666!~Phoenix66@qbdb-64-293-838-329.nyc.biz.rr.com] has joined #editorial
[20:19:02] <Phoenix666> janrinok, the RSS bot is yours, right? just popping in to say it doesn't seem to be loading today. the story queue is pretty full so it's not pressing, but thought i'd mention it
[20:38:10] <cmn32480> Phoenix666 - it looks like it is the whole page not jsut the bot
[20:38:42] <Phoenix666> ok
[20:38:54] <cmn32480> we shall look inot it. Thanks for the heads up.
[20:38:59] <Phoenix666> np
[20:39:23] <cmn32480> and yes, the queu is good out until mid day Monday or so. Plus we moved a bunch of non-time sensitive stuff ot the hold queue, so there is more than what you see
[20:45:30] <cmn32480> Phoenix666 - all fixed
[20:46:24] <Phoenix666> cool. how do you guys feel, is the pipeline healthy enough without me submitting at this level?
[20:46:48] <Phoenix666> I'm wanting to work more on the back-end, but there is only so much spare time
[20:47:44] <cmn32480> other submitters seem to toss more in the queue when you don't submit as much
[20:48:03] <cmn32480> I think the logic is somethign like, "Oh, the queu is full, no need for me to toss this in"
[20:48:08] <Phoenix666> ok, so it's self-fulfilling.
[20:48:15] <cmn32480> pretty much
[20:48:30] <Phoenix666> it had seemed like there was more submissions from a variety of people
[20:48:51] <cmn32480> for instance, you took a couple days off last week adn we had a bunch of different people (including a batch of AC's) submit
[20:48:57] <Phoenix666> exactly
[20:49:32] <cmn32480> yesterday afternoon, you were especially prolific
[20:49:51] <Phoenix666> trying to front load the holiday weekend -- halloween and all that
[20:49:56] <cmn32480> I'd never seen the submission queue hit 50 before.
[20:50:30] <cmn32480> dont' get me wrong, we certainly appreciate it!
[20:51:07] <cmn32480> it is especially nice since the vast majority of your subs don't require much, if any, work
[20:51:30] <Phoenix666> i'm happy to help, but i want to dial it back to 3-4/day
[20:52:00] <Phoenix666> should i document my approach in a wiki?
[20:54:10] <Phoenix666> for instance, i got it down as a subscriber to about 1 sub per 2 minutes
[20:54:25] <Phoenix666> (the 5-minute delay went away after subscribing)
[20:54:55] <Phoenix666> it might make it less daunting for people who haven't submitted before and imagine it will take lots of time
[20:55:12] <cmn32480> I dont' see why not.
[20:55:16] <cmn32480> give it a go.
[20:59:24] <Phoenix666> ok, what's the best, compose it in Word and shoot it to you guys somehow for consideration?
[21:00:17] <cmn32480> yes. eamil it ot me me at my soylent address
[21:00:50] <Phoenix666> gotcha
[21:21:49] cmn32480 is now known as cmn32480|away
[21:43:16] <crutchy> hmm. that's interesting
[21:43:25] <crutchy> foo: bar
[21:43:31] <crutchy> s/bar/baz/
[21:43:31] <sedctl> <crutchy> foo: baz
[21:43:33] <exec> <crutchy> foo: baz
[21:44:03] <crutchy> FYI: select suim(hits) from stories; == 25395127
[21:44:20] <crutchy> s/suim/sum/
[21:44:20] <sedctl> <crutchy> select sum(hits) from stories; == 25395127
[21:44:22] <exec> <crutchy> FYI: select sum(hits) from stories; == 25395127
[21:44:30] <crutchy> hmm
[21:44:55] <crutchy> why do they give different results in that one?
[22:59:14] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram|busted
[22:59:24] Bytram|busted is now known as Bytram