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[03:20:40] <Bytram> cmn32480: !!
[03:20:54] <cmn32480> Bytram !!
[03:20:59] <Bytram> =)
[03:21:04] <cmn32480> how goes it sir?
[03:21:11] <Bytram> sry about not changing my nicj when I lefft the last time
[03:21:17] <Bytram> s/nicj/nick/
[03:21:18] <sedctl> <Bytram> sry about not changing my nick when I lefft the last time
[03:21:20] <cmn32480> np
[03:21:28] * cmn32480 is in a forgiving mood
[03:21:29] <Bytram> saw ur note;
[03:21:37] <Bytram> am off thurs & fri
[03:21:37] <cmn32480> we shall only dock your editorial pay
[03:21:45] <cmn32480> ex ellent
[03:21:46] <Bytram> so should be able to help pick up some slaxck
[03:22:17] <cmn32480> right now we are set through 8:30am on Friday
[03:22:19] <Bytram> there are times when I have some motivatyion but not a lot of energy
[03:22:37] <Bytram> so I'll poke at the sub queue a bit, but cannot maintain the concentration
[03:22:44] <cmn32480> I have those days too
[03:22:48] <Bytram> to work on stories AND carry on a conversation here, too.
[03:22:49] <cmn32480> last night was one of them
[03:22:53] <Bytram> so, I just poke a bit and then run
[03:22:56] <Bytram> nod nod
[03:23:05] <Bytram> so, you understand what Imean?
[03:23:08] <cmn32480> tonight, obviously, was not one of those nights
[03:23:18] <cmn32480> I totally get it
[03:23:18] * Bytram is just starting to notice
[03:23:39] * Bytram has a lot of scrollbackto catch up on, and is NOT goin to do it tonite
[03:23:42] * cmn32480 admits it helped that IRC was quiet
[03:23:50] <Bytram> nod nod
[03:23:58] <cmn32480> the only really important stuff you need to know:
[03:24:10] <cmn32480> 1) bitpay subs are f**ked
[03:24:13] <Bytram> I'm starting to get the hang of the new layout of my dept
[03:24:18] <cmn32480> good!
[03:24:23] <Bytram> :(
[03:24:37] <cmn32480> 2) jan hasn't been here all day, thought that is not unexpected.
[03:24:57] <Bytram> bitpay -- paying for subs using bitcoins?
[03:25:15] <Bytram> yeah, he SHOULD do first things first -- S is #1
[03:25:20] <cmn32480> 3) the devs and upper management are thinking of giving the senior eds privs to see the spam mods
[03:25:28] <cmn32480> yes and yes
[03:25:32] <Bytram> k
[03:25:46] <Bytram> as for 3, I saw a bit of that discussion.
[03:25:59] <Bytram> I'm sure I do NOT understand all the considerations at thispoint
[03:25:59] <cmn32480> 4) SpallsHurgenson still sin't weraing pants
[03:26:29] <Bytram> so what? On the internet, who can tell? For all Iknow, you are wearing a kilt!
[03:26:33] <cmn32480> 3 - me neither. I shall do as needed. Nothing less.
[03:26:44] <cmn32480> not today :-)
[03:27:24] <cmn32480> mmmm granola....
[03:27:25] <Bytram> Now, if an Ed was to go rogue, and start pushing an agenda, I could see how having that additional capability *might* lead to *potential* problems...
[03:27:42] <Bytram> but I am finding it hard to imagine that it would go unnotices for long
[03:27:48] <TheMightyBuzzard> not as much as being able to go and delete all of the stories
[03:27:51] <Bytram> IOW, I'd expect we'd notice it before too long
[03:27:52] <cmn32480> given the current staff, I'm not too worried about that
[03:27:59] * Bytram don't like no double negatives!
[03:28:13] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: !!
[03:28:15] <cmn32480> exacry
[03:28:26] <Bytram> well, the Eds can do that already!
[03:28:32] <cmn32480> nope
[03:28:43] <Bytram> so, pushing an agenda, on that scheme of things, is small potatoes
[03:28:52] <cmn32480> once in the story queue, all we can do is hide it. no deleting it
[03:28:53] <Bytram> or, potahtows
[03:29:01] <Bytram> orly?
[03:29:06] <Bytram> hrm
[03:29:08] <cmn32480> uh huh
[03:29:16] <Bytram> huh!
[03:29:19] <Bytram> I guess so!
[03:29:27] <Bytram> didn't notice that before.
[03:29:34] <cmn32480> you is QA, and special.... we is just lowly editors... please sir amy I have s'more?
[03:30:01] <Bytram> np
[03:30:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> oh, bummer
[03:30:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> oh well, i'll just have to build a bug in where ya can delete published stories.
[03:30:49] <cmn32480> that'd be helpful buzzard
[03:30:50] <Bytram> Ihave other means at my disposal
[03:31:00] <Bytram> use soylentnews; delete * from stories;
[03:31:03] <Bytram> buh bye!
[03:31:12] <cmn32480> if you look in the story search, for 1-1-1970, it was a VERY busy day!
[03:31:28] <cmn32480> instant death bytram
[03:31:35] <cmn32480> you'ld be on the lam
[03:31:39] <Bytram> lol!
[03:31:53] <TheMightyBuzzard> he'd be on the rack
[03:32:07] <cmn32480> hunted like a trout in a stream near TMB's house
[03:32:14] <mrcoolbp> lol
[03:32:22] <cmn32480> mrcoolbp!
[03:32:25] <cmn32480> !
[03:32:31] <mrcoolbp> hey cmn32480
[03:32:38] <Bytram> I noticed, when I looked at the stories I'd published (following the story count link in the Authors page, and then sorted by date, oldest first, that I had about a half dozen sotries that I intended to ahve go out, but I must have fat-fgingered the tiomes.
[03:32:44] <cmn32480> wow.. twice in one day...
[03:32:55] * mrcoolbp blushes
[03:32:57] <cmn32480> yup
[03:33:05] * cmn32480 blushes back
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[09:48:29] <Bytram|away> mrcoolbp: looking at the bitpay story; maybe it is a regionalism, but there was a phrase in there that I did not quite entirely understand:
[09:48:34] <Bytram|away> "bitcoin subscriptions are temporarily disabled until we can work out what in the cornbread hell is going on."
[09:49:09] <Bytram|away> what is 'in the cornbread hell' ??
[09:49:09] <Bytram|away> changed it to "what in the world"
[09:49:25] <Bytram|away> otherwise, looked GREAT!
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[10:15:25] <Bytram> cmn32480|away: Ima changing the title on one of the stories in the queue...
[10:15:28] <Bytram> was: " Telstra Claims Ideas Created in Hackathon As Its Own for 18 Months"
[10:16:08] <Bytram> from reading TFS, it looks more like Telstra claims first dibs on any new IP, but the 'creator' is free to reject the offer.
[10:19:41] <Bytram> changed to: "Telstra Claims 18-Month-Long First Dibs on Ideas Created in Hackathon"
[10:20:07] <Bytram> though, I'm not entirely happy with that rewording; feel free to re-change it.
[10:20:28] <Bytram> also, the dept line seems a bit off: "we-won't-steal-your-ideas-honest"
[10:21:02] <Bytram> Not sure what to change it to, so I'll let you have first dibs on that. ;)
[10:21:08] <Bytram> here's a link to the story: https://soylentnews.org
[10:21:09] <GW> ^ 03- SoylentNews User ( https://soylentnews.org )
[10:31:28] * Bytram just finished 2nding cmn's heroic dozen-story-or-so posting spree
[10:32:41] <Bytram> cmn32480|away: CoolHand nick -- FYI recent developments suggest we *may* not need to run the story: "SoylentNews Bitpay on the Fritz" -- https://soylentnews.org
[10:32:42] <GW> ^ 03Error
[10:32:48] <Bytram> am marking it non-display for now
[10:34:19] <Bytram> and moving it to Monday so it stays at top of queue
[10:38:57] <Bytram> now set for: Monday 2015-11-02 at 1600 UTC -- flagged as: NOT-DISPLAY
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[12:01:05] * Bytram woke up way too early and should have gone back to bed but decided to work on the story queue, instead. I'm going to head back to bed. Intend to check back in later.
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[12:05:03] <cmn32480|away> Bytram|away - we will be here... perhaps with bells on... and nothing else
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[14:10:00] <cmn32480|away> janrinok !!
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[14:10:09] <janrinok> cmn32480|away: !!
[14:10:21] <janrinok> how's things - I see the queues are looking good!
[14:10:31] * cmn32480 blushes
[14:10:33] <cmn32480> we try
[14:10:49] <janrinok> and you succeed
[14:10:54] <cmn32480> occassionally
[14:11:11] <janrinok> S is sitting up again today
[14:11:20] <cmn32480> GOOD!
[14:11:26] <janrinok> but I am absolutely knackered
[14:11:31] * cmn32480 is happy she is feeling better
[14:11:38] * janrinok is too
[14:11:53] <cmn32480> might I suggest you go take a nap?
[14:12:10] <janrinok> I've only just woken up!
[14:12:22] <cmn32480> from a nap, or from last night?
[14:13:02] <janrinok> from a nap - I still have to be up every few hours
[14:14:35] <janrinok> I've just started making some bread - S hasn't been eating much in the last few days, but she likes her gluten-free bread! It's a sign of recovery
[14:14:51] <cmn32480> that's very good to hear
[14:15:07] <janrinok> still has to go into hospital in about 10 days time
[14:15:16] <cmn32480> of course
[14:15:30] <cmn32480> but better that she feels good going in rather than bad.
[14:16:16] <janrinok> well, if she were still unwell, they would have to postpone the op
[14:16:59] * cmn32480 facepalms with the obviousness of what he missed
[14:17:39] <janrinok> anyway, she is looking much better, and the doc says she will visit again tomorrow
[14:18:20] <janrinok> how are J and the kids?
[14:18:37] <cmn32480> they are doing well. kids are the usual...
[14:18:50] <cmn32480> not wanting to go to bed, not wanting to do homework...
[14:18:56] <cmn32480> same as always :-)
[14:19:02] <janrinok> so, pretty normal kids then :)
[14:19:08] <cmn32480> yup
[14:20:03] <cmn32480> I just found out that the new switch I put in doesn't support prestandard PoE, and had to scramble to put an old switch back in place to power our phones.
[14:20:20] <cmn32480> I hate computers
[14:21:22] <janrinok> why would they do that?
[14:21:37] <cmn32480> not support an old standard? who knows.
[14:21:59] <janrinok> seems a bit penny-pinching to me
[14:22:03] <cmn32480> it is supposed to support it, and there is an option for it, but apparently it doens't work all the time.
[14:22:33] <cmn32480> according to the web, it is somethign between the Cisco phones and the HP switch that doesn't tralk correctly
[14:23:10] <cmn32480> I don't know. 4 weeks it won't matter
[14:23:28] <cmn32480> the new phone system will be going in soon and the problem will be moot.
[14:24:22] <janrinok> I'll try and get myself sorted out for the weekend so that I can give you a rest
[14:24:29] <cmn32480> no worries
[14:24:59] <cmn32480> I'm hoping to get some time this evening to push the queue through to Sunday sometime to give us all a bit of a respite.
[14:25:22] <cmn32480> I've found that I can push a story here and there through the day (as long as the world isn't ending) and keep ahead of things
[14:26:02] <janrinok> well, I should be able to do the same by weekend
[14:26:52] <cmn32480> get yourself well and rested.
[14:27:45] <cmn32480> bytram has been tossing stuff in, and I beliee he is off today adn tomorrow.
[14:28:02] <cmn32480> so that will be a big help.
[14:28:11] <janrinok> I'm working on it! I've noticed that everyone has been chipping in - even mrcoolbp!
[14:28:50] <janrinok> I've got a bit of back reading to do, otherwise I'll be posting dupes for a few days!
[14:28:51] <cmn32480> I just worry about you is all.
[14:29:17] <janrinok> I'll do what I can but S comes first - and you guys seem to have it all in hand
[14:30:15] <cmn32480> And she should. She's got to be a wonderful lady to have put up with you all these years. :-)
[14:30:23] <janrinok> fair point
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[15:04:30] <Bytram> janrinok: !!
[15:05:34] <Bytram> looks to be well past time for a new poll
[15:09:12] <Bytram> this should do it:
[15:09:17] <Bytram> How long has it been since you last tested your backups?
[15:10:05] <Bytram> Within one day|week|month|year | Never tested my backups | What are backups?
[15:10:22] <Bytram> I've got two more slots available -- open to changes or suggestions
[15:10:55] <Bytram> I'll set the poll to go live at 2015-10-29 @ 1800 UTC
[15:11:31] <Bytram> hmm.
[15:11:40] * Bytram removes the word "Within"
[15:13:10] <Bytram> one day | one week | one month | one year | more than one year | never tested my backups | what are backups?
[15:14:09] <Bytram> well, that's what I am going with for now.
[15:40:00] <janrinok> Bytram: !!
[15:40:12] <Bytram> bon jour
[15:40:20] <janrinok> sry - making bread - because S ask for it!
[15:40:35] <janrinok> my jour is ever so bon today thx
[15:41:18] <Bytram> LOL!
[15:41:49] <janrinok> S is sitting up and looking a bit better today
[15:42:24] <Bytram> YAY!
[15:42:31] <Bytram> I'm so happy to hear that!
[15:42:37] <Bytram> and how are YOU today?
[15:43:03] <janrinok> so am I - I was telling cmn that I am very tired - had to be up every few hours. But I am pleased that she is better
[15:43:36] <Bytram> I'm glad she's better, now be sure to take care of your self, too!
[15:43:59] <Bytram> can't go far in a car when it is out of petrol; why do we humans think WE can?
[15:44:12] <janrinok> I'll need a day or two to catch up I suppose, but I should be able to do some stories tomorrow - if there is any space left in the queue :)
[15:44:18] <janrinok> You guys have done a brilliant job
[15:45:27] <Bytram> I've got some plans for the PM, but hope to push out a few more stories before the day is over
[15:45:53] <Bytram> don't worry about us... we'll leave the light on for you -- take care of first things first! that's both you AND S!
[15:45:58] <janrinok> we all have some 'plans' for the Prime Minister!
[15:46:18] <Bytram> huh? Oh! LOL!
[15:46:25] <Bytram> maybe a Post Mortem?
[15:46:37] * Bytram notes halloween is just around the corner
[15:46:42] <janrinok> the two things could go together well
[15:46:49] <janrinok> three things
[15:48:53] <Bytram> a Monty Python fan, I presume?
[15:49:18] <janrinok> yep
[15:49:26] <Bytram> Ni!
[15:49:52] <janrinok> ah, a Knight I notice
[15:50:24] <Bytram> =)
[15:50:43] <Bytram> formerly a lumberjack
[15:50:50] <Bytram> but I'm okay
[15:50:53] <Bytram> =)
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[15:52:01] <cmn32480> back
[15:52:04] <janrinok> lol
[15:52:12] <Bytram> good to C you
[15:52:13] <cmn32480> stupid meetings
[15:52:17] <janrinok> cmn32480: was that a meeting
[15:52:21] <Bytram> are there any other kind?
[15:52:23] <janrinok> ninja'd
[15:52:28] <cmn32480> bytram - NO!
[15:52:39] <Bytram> oh, c'mon and be kind
[15:52:45] <Bytram> just not that kind
[15:52:57] <Bytram> hmmm is kined a word?
[15:53:22] <janrinok> probably not - it looks more like one of cmn's typing attempts
[15:53:38] <Bytram> LOL!
[15:53:40] <Bytram> or mine!
[15:53:50] <Bytram> but it kined of looked okay!
[15:54:07] <Bytram> many years ago, I had a weekly game of scrabble with a co-worker
[15:54:16] <janrinok> sounds like fun
[15:54:24] <Bytram> he played very conservatively and only played a word he was absolutely certain existed
[15:54:31] <Bytram> I'd find myself falling behind
[15:54:34] <cmn32480> I hope you scrabble better than I type.
[15:54:38] <janrinok> unlike yourself
[15:54:39] <Bytram> start playing with phonemes, etc
[15:54:56] <Bytram> and would think, hmmm, that sounds like it should be a word
[15:55:07] <Bytram> and I would try it and basically dare him to challenge it
[15:55:08] <janrinok> take your hand out of your pocket and leave your phoneme alone!
[15:55:15] <Bytram> after a while he commented
[15:55:32] <Bytram> you just make up words and keep finding bigger dictionaries to look it up in!
[15:56:14] <Bytram> as for that, we were pretty well matched -- it was 50/50 as to who would win on any given day
[15:56:39] <Bytram> speaking of any given day, it's about time I get started on mine
[15:56:49] <janrinok> what have you got planned?
[15:56:49] <Bytram> need to clean up and get ready to head out the door
[15:56:51] <cmn32480> why? it's only noon!
[15:57:05] <Bytram> lunch, an appointment, and much later today a gathering with friends
[15:57:32] <janrinok> you little social animal, you!
[15:57:33] <Bytram> afk biab
[15:57:34] <cmn32480> what are you being appointed to?
[15:57:44] <cmn32480> senior knucklehead?
[15:57:54] <janrinok> he's still working his way up
[15:57:58] <cmn32480> ahhh
[15:58:10] <cmn32480> but you.... you are a senior knucklehead
[15:58:27] <janrinok> master knucklehead, with honours!
[15:58:29] <cmn32480> I'm jsut a junior knucklehead... learning at the feet of the masters
[16:24:09] <cmn32480> damnit... I wonder if I ate cabbage by accident.
[16:29:58] <janrinok> I fear that comment left me behind ....
[16:33:36] <janrinok> gtg - pizza night!
[16:33:51] <cmn32480> you shoudl fear what is leaving my behind
[16:33:56] janrinok is now known as janrinok_afk
[16:33:58] <janrinok_afk> lol
[16:34:15] * janrinok_afk shudders
[17:49:56] <nick> urgh
[17:50:10] <cmn32480> that about covers it
[17:50:19] <cmn32480> how you been nick? !!
[17:50:19] <nick> usually does
[17:50:57] <nick> i have been ok, been a very busy week
[17:51:01] <nick> how about you?
[17:51:13] <cmn32480> pretty much the same...
[17:51:25] <cmn32480> planning the next trip out of town
[17:51:40] <nick> not on the road this week?
[17:52:00] <cmn32480> nope... but i am the next 2 weejs :-(
[17:52:14] <cmn32480> on the upside... I got new toys :-)
[17:52:30] <cmn32480> so management wants them in yesterday, since they paid for them
[17:54:37] <nick> new toys can be fun
[17:54:49] <nick> anything interesting?
[17:54:50] <cmn32480> yeah.
[17:55:14] <cmn32480> https://www.synology.com
[17:55:14] <GW> ^✓ 03RS815+ - Products - Synology - Network Attached Storage (NAS)
[17:55:26] <cmn32480> it is a fun littel piece of kit
[17:55:41] <nick> your choice of hardware?
[17:55:51] <cmn32480> AND I was able to easily add it to my MRTG :-)
[17:55:55] <cmn32480> very much so.
[17:56:18] <cmn32480> they are good units.. that are far more capable than jsut storage
[17:56:41] <nick> ive had various reps try and get me to buy/sell synology stuff
[17:57:15] <cmn32480> I really like their stuff
[17:57:48] <cmn32480> have one at home actually
[17:58:27] <nick> well, thats as good of a recommendation that im likely to get
[17:58:37] <nick> maybe the rep win next time they give me a call :p
[17:58:44] <cmn32480> hehe
[17:59:45] <cmn32480> I've been very pleased with the one at home. had it about 2(?) years
[18:00:46] <cmn32480> there si even a ZNC plugin for it
[18:05:03] <nick> thats quite surprising
[18:07:40] <cmn32480> one of the non-standard communities is at synocommunity.com
[18:08:29] <cmn32480> the link above gives access to some of the non-synology packages that will run on the box.
[18:09:00] <cmn32480> there are some of the free CRM's, website stuff like wordpress and Joomla, perl, and a whole batch of other stuff
[18:12:20] <nick> thanks for sharing that, i am far more interested in their hardware now!
[18:14:10] <cmn32480> if you want, I can let you take a poke at mine
[18:14:18] <cmn32480> just to look around
[18:14:41] <cmn32480> long as you promise to be good
[18:15:02] <nick> thanks but thats ok, i'll pick one up to play with some time soon, when i actually get some time to sit at my computer
[18:15:26] <nick> i think this is the first time ive really sat down this week
[18:17:35] <cmn32480> better to be busy than sitting around with your thumb up your ass
[18:19:26] <nick> there's a middle ground somewhere
[18:19:39] <nick> this week has mostly just reminded me, i need out of the city
[18:20:13] <nick> it's been years since ive really spent any time in the middle of london for work
[18:20:26] <cmn32480> and now you remember why?
[18:21:07] <nick> i always remembered why, but i wasn't sure if i was overreacting
[18:21:59] <nick> kind of the 'grass is greener, if you wern't here, you'd miss it'
[18:22:03] <nick> but no, fuck that.
[18:22:42] <nick> there's nothing about this place that i cant enjoy from a visit
[18:22:46] <nick> and actually enjoy it more
[18:23:37] <cmn32480> hehehe.... right... kinda like when I do a job in New York
[18:24:02] <nick> on tuesday, after work, went to see some live music... tuesday morning, on road at 7am ... worked till 6pm ... train to other side of london ... back at the car by 11.30 ... 'home' by 12.30am no traffic, 15ish miles...
[18:24:28] <nick> back up at 6.30am, ready to spend another hour and a half driving 15 miles back again
[18:24:36] <cmn32480> jebus
[18:25:03] <nick> i was lucky on the way back today, caught traffic news at the last second to change my route back
[18:25:18] <nick> the normal route road was closed 10 miles ahead because accident
[18:25:21] <nick> which meant gridlock
[18:25:47] <nick> luckily heard the radio and took a longer, more complicated route, but it only took a little over an hour.
[18:26:55] janrinok_afk is now known as zz_janrinok_afk
[18:27:20] <cmn32480> at leat that is good
[18:27:45] <nick> yeah
[18:28:12] <nick> but i have not missed driving for 3 hours+ a day, to travel less than 30 miles
[18:28:29] <cmn32480> yeah
[18:28:33] <cmn32480> definetly not
[18:28:47] <cmn32480> was much the same when I worked in manhattan, though not quite as bad
[18:29:21] <nick> trying to do the timing so it is that time
[18:29:28] <nick> leave home early, finish work early
[18:29:37] <nick> then i only get to spend 2+hrs driving!
[18:29:41] <cmn32480> WOO HOO!
[18:39:12] <nick> had a skip delivered to site today, to go on the road, parking suspended outside the house, a car was parked half across the house, but there was still enough room for the skip
[18:39:27] <nick> but they got a parking ticket anyway for parking in a suspended area
[18:39:48] <cmn32480> a skip?
[18:40:18] <cmn32480> like a dumpster?
[18:40:36] <nick> yeah
[18:41:38] <cmn32480> stupid common language preventing communication
[18:42:07] <cmn32480> at least they were able to drop off and it wasn't YOU that got the parking ticket!
[18:43:52] <nick> yeah, paranoid about that, have a 'smart permit' which i activate by phone
[18:44:46] <nick> but i only have the audio confirmation that its activated, so i dont really trust it
[18:45:01] <cmn32480> and a smart permit woudl be what?
[18:45:42] <nick> if you live there, you need a residents permit, which is a yearly fee, but they can also get visitors permits, which is a reduced parking tariff
[18:45:54] <cmn32480> got it
[18:46:05] <nick> it didnt work the first day
[18:46:20] <nick> the phone system for the whole local gov in that part of town was completely dead on monday
[18:46:27] <cmn32480> DOH!
[18:46:45] <nick> $25 in pay-and-display parking
[18:47:08] <nick> for about 6 hours
[18:47:16] <cmn32480> ouch
[18:47:27] <nick> a lot cheaper than it could be, and no maximum stay
[18:47:37] <nick> some places it's about
[18:47:40] <nick> $8 an hour
[18:47:52] <nick> and you have to move to a new zone every 2-4hrs
[18:50:15] <nick> when i worked a lot in the city, would be park up somewhere, unload everything, then have to move, then spend 10minutes walking back, work for an hour and a half, another 10 minutes walk, another 10 minutes finding a space, another 10 minutes walking back
[18:50:16] <nick> repeat
[18:51:10] <cmn32480> yick
[18:51:15] <nick> the joys of working for a multinational in those times, never got a visitor permit or anything as it was never negotiated by the sales team
[18:52:05] <nick> possibly told you before about that, when i first started, spending more a day in parking than i was earning
[18:52:20] <nick> and maybe getting most of it back a month or so later
[18:53:34] <cmn32480> i do remember you telling me aobut that
[18:53:37] <nick> think im done ranting now ;)
[18:53:44] <cmn32480> is ok
[18:53:56] <cmn32480> you've listened to my share of them!
[18:56:19] <nick> but things are going pretty ok right now? except the 2 more weeks on the road
[18:57:00] <cmn32480> reasonable here
[19:00:33] <nick> thats at least better than unreasonable!
[19:00:37] <cmn32480> exactly
[19:01:08] <cmn32480> I'm in the middle of a fair sized refresh cycle, so I at least get to ply my real trade instead of all the custeorm facing stuff I normally do'
[19:01:41] <cmn32480> oddly enough, I miss the IT side of thigns when I get pulled into months of custoemr facing work
[19:02:37] <nick> yeah
[19:02:46] <nick> i know the feeling, but for me anyway, it's more a 'grass is greener' kind of thing
[19:03:03] <cmn32480> big difference, I'm just an employee...
[19:03:13] <nick> which is how ive ended up doing so much of everything, because i dont like doing the same shit every day
[19:03:17] <nick> but then that has its own problems
[19:03:22] <cmn32480> right
[19:05:40] <nick> i'm already asking myself why i started the new project this week
[19:05:46] <cmn32480> $$
[19:05:54] <cmn32480> or LLLL
[19:05:56] <cmn32480> or EE
[19:06:04] <cmn32480> whatever the freaking correct symbol is
[19:06:08] <nick> £
[19:06:14] <cmn32480> yeah.. that one
[19:06:14] <nick> £££££
[19:06:31] <nick> no euros thanks :)
[19:06:45] <cmn32480> the point is still the same
[19:07:51] <nick> indeed, that is the reason i'm doing this for sure, other projects are long and the payoffs are often a long way off too
[19:08:07] <cmn32480> you have all the bad habits...
[19:08:16] <cmn32480> paying the mortgage, feeding yourself....
[19:08:22] <nick> yup
[19:08:41] <nick> well, not the mortgage, but food and shelter still
[19:08:53] <cmn32480> right
[19:09:09] <cmn32480> food... shelter... water... internet... clothing...
[19:10:39] <nick> did think the other day when getting the subway across london, was on the line that goes to heathrow airport
[19:11:51] <nick> was tempting to stay on that train and go find somewhere nice where the people, shelter and food are more reasonable
[19:13:10] <cmn32480> I respectfully decline to comment
[19:13:56] <nick> lol, fair enough
[19:14:07] <nick> i hope im not giving you ideas :p
[19:20:17] <cmn32480> I'm always getting ideas...
[19:20:38] <cmn32480> but I have to keep in mind the wife adn 3 kids
[21:16:42] cmn32480 is now known as cmn32480|away
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