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[02:08:59] <Bytram> nick: !!
[02:23:49] <Bytram> http://arstechnica.com
[02:23:50] <yack> ^ 03How the NSA can break trillions of encrypted Web and VPN connections | Ars Technica
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[03:04:46] <Bytram|away> cmn32480: You still up?
[03:07:21] <cmn32480> yeah still here Bytram|away
[03:07:52] <Bytram|away> I made a slight change to the layout of the story list page; can you tell what it is?
[03:08:14] <cmn32480> checking
[03:08:20] <cmn32480> prod or dev
[03:08:29] <Bytram|away> yes. =)
[03:08:33] <Bytram|away> check prod
[03:09:06] * Bytram|away added some links to the drone story
[03:09:24] <cmn32480> i see that somethign is different... but I don't know for sure
[03:09:42] <cmn32480> wait
[03:09:49] <cmn32480> is it the nhumber of stories per day?
[03:10:18] <Bytram|away> nope. n change in *content*, change in *appearance*
[03:10:32] <cmn32480> wider columns?
[03:11:00] <cmn32480> I must be totally missing somethign obvious
[03:11:02] <Bytram|away> getting there...
[03:11:21] <cmn32480> column headers?
[03:11:33] <Bytram|away> the comment counts and hit counts are now aligned to the right
[03:11:47] <Bytram|away> it has been bugging me for MONTHS!
[03:11:55] <cmn32480> how were tehy aligned?
[03:12:02] <Bytram|away> on the left
[03:12:19] <cmn32480> oh
[03:12:24] <cmn32480> never bothered me
[03:12:25] <Bytram|away> so, no matter how many digits, they were all aligned on the left-hand side
[03:12:56] <Bytram|away> now, having them aligned right, it makes it much easier forme to tell, at a glance, which stories have had more hits/comments than the others.
[03:13:10] <Bytram|away> s/forme/for me/
[03:13:12] <exec> <Bytram|away> now, having them aligned right, it makes it much easier for me to tell, at a glance, which stories have had more hits/comments than the others.
[03:13:22] <cmn32480> got it
[03:14:33] <Bytram|away> I'm curious whether the other eds will notice, and what their thoughts are.
[03:14:54] <cmn32480> I would bet against it
[03:15:15] <Bytram|away> barring any complaints, I'll submit the coding change to buzz for inclusion in the next release.
[03:15:31] * Bytram|away is starting to really appreciate the use of templates in th site design.
[03:15:37] <cmn32480> I don't think anybody will complain
[03:16:14] <Bytram|away> I haven't fully internalized the split between perl code and templates, but I see there is value to it!
[03:16:27] <Bytram|away> N E whey, time for sleep
[03:16:41] <Bytram|away> I'll 2nd your wikileqaks story and call it good.
[03:16:55] <Bytram|away> are you done with it?
[03:17:04] <cmn32480> yes
[03:17:09] <Bytram|away> k
[03:17:22] <cmn32480> I'm working throuhg the queuto make up for being gone all weekend.
[03:17:54] <Bytram|away> umm, I'm not comfortable with the wikileaks story.
[03:18:12] <cmn32480> por k?
[03:18:50] <cmn32480> want me to flesh out?
[03:18:54] <Bytram|away> it's one thing to point out that his personal info has been leaked. it is quite another for SN to publish a story that basically *tells* people to go read it.
[03:19:12] <cmn32480> true
[03:19:21] <cmn32480> I shall re-edit
[03:19:24] <Bytram|away> I'd strike the last sentence:: "Please help him out by taking a look at his Social Security number and the addresses of his family."
[03:19:40] <cmn32480> I shall also pull in a quote form the CNN.
[03:20:00] <Bytram|away> sounds great!
[03:20:37] <cmn32480> sorry.. probably a little too tired to be editing
[03:21:51] <cmn32480> speaking of.. shoudln't you be in bed?
[03:21:54] <Bytram|away> Also, I'd break up the first sentence into two: (1) that we previously covered that the head of the CIA, John Brennan, has his AOL account hacked. (2) That information has allegedly now made its way to Wikileaks
[03:22:10] <Bytram|away> I have *very* long arms?
[03:22:17] <Bytram|away> yes, dad.
[03:22:26] <cmn32480> and a lappy with a decent battery and screen
[03:22:30] * Bytram|away slumps off to bed, with a smile.
[03:22:35] <Bytram|away> YUPPERS!!!
[03:23:14] <Bytram|away> g'night!
[03:25:04] <cmn32480> ~g'nighy Bytram|away
[03:25:09] <cmn32480> ~g'night Bytram|away
[03:25:10] * exec insatiably tosses a toilet bowl of glowballs to Bytram|away
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[04:28:36] <takyon> c h e c k i n
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[11:38:50] <cmn32480> good morning janrinok_afk
[11:39:08] <cmn32480> ~g'morning janrinok_afk
[11:39:10] * exec abrasively hurls a cold can of skittles at janrinok_afk
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[12:54:19] <janrinok> a belated reply - good afternoon to you too, cmn32480
[13:14:59] <cmn32480> mornign janrinok
[13:15:31] <janrinok> good day to you Sir
[13:15:55] <janrinok> Are you trying to post stories for the whole of Saturday single-handedly?
[13:16:10] <cmn32480> yes
[13:16:55] <cmn32480> since I won't be here all weekend.....
[13:17:02] <janrinok> well, try using both hands then
[13:17:09] <janrinok> it will be much quicker :)
[13:18:20] * janrinok thinks that cmn is now chasing Bytram
[13:19:10] <Bytram> I'm not worried. Let's see what he can do in the way of reporting bugs!
[13:19:12] <Bytram> =)
[13:20:15] <cmn32480> bah
[13:20:42] <Bytram> janrinok: btw, have you noticed any changes on this page: https://soylentnews.org
[13:21:36] <janrinok> yes, I've had to rewrite loads of software - some idiot has reformatted the pages. Didn't see that in a change request anywhere...
[13:21:55] * janrinok is now sniggering behind his hand...
[13:23:15] <Bytram> janrinok: okay if I change the formatting on the Story List page?
[13:23:26] <janrinok> yes, it would be a great idea :)
[13:23:38] <Bytram> so, did you actually notice what changed?
[13:23:42] <janrinok> honestly looks better
[13:23:49] <janrinok> yep
[13:24:30] <Bytram> glad you like
[13:24:39] <Bytram> it's been driving me crazy since almost day one
[13:24:45] <cmn32480> short trip
[13:24:58] <janrinok> but do remember the laws of 'unintended consequences'
[13:25:05] <Bytram> My brain sees *structure* -- indentation, alignment -- those are important!
[13:25:20] <Bytram> yep; I had given it considerable thought.
[13:25:33] <cmn32480> the sanity of developers is in question already. no unintended consequences there
[13:25:37] <Bytram> so, I've made the changes locally and getting feedback before I push them out for real.
[13:25:46] <janrinok> my only change took all of 10 seconds to do
[13:26:17] * Bytram is curious
[13:26:21] <Bytram> what did you need to change?
[13:27:19] <janrinok> just a page scrape I have here to display stats in a different way. I can spot things going wrong more quickly that way
[13:27:26] <Bytram> nod nod
[13:27:55] <janrinok> 'cos I haven't got access to the db. By the way, did you notice what time the 'Authors' page updated?
[13:28:12] <Bytram> hmmm
[13:28:16] <Bytram> not yet
[13:28:46] <Bytram> I suppose I could work my way through the code and find out definitively
[13:28:52] <Bytram> not sure if I am up to that atm
[13:28:58] <janrinok> well, it was after 0000 UTC but I didn't stick around to watch it change after that!
[13:29:04] <cmn32480> it shoudl be a few minutes after midnight
[13:29:11] <janrinok> not necessary
[13:29:30] <cmn32480> I checked this at one point... i believe hte answer I got from the dev team was between 12 and 1am Eastern
[13:29:36] <janrinok> cmn32480: I think it changes at 0200 UTC, but I cannot swear to that.
[13:29:39] <cmn32480> But I'm not sure about the Eastern
[13:29:59] <janrinok> I think the idea is that we don't have a slew of daily tasks all kicking off at the same time
[13:30:14] <Bytram> so, only once a day?
[13:30:14] <Bytram> urg.
[13:30:31] <cmn32480> yes. once per day
[13:30:40] <janrinok> yep, which is why trying to get the 1000th post is not easy
[13:33:33] <Bytram> tell me about it! took me over a YEAR!
[13:33:34] <cmn32480> or at least trying to capture the screen on the 100th story isn't easy
[13:33:49] <cmn32480> s/100th/1000th/
[13:33:50] <exec> <cmn32480> or at least trying to capture the screen on the 1000th story isn't easy
[13:33:56] <Bytram> nod nod
[13:37:57] <Bytram> typo in story title: https://soylentnews.org
[13:38:36] <cmn32480> fixed
[13:38:57] <Bytram> thansk
[13:39:02] <cmn32480> pn
[13:39:18] <Bytram> lol
[13:39:29] <cmn32480> you mean oll, right?
[13:39:30] <janrinok> I missed that - what did it say before the edit?
[13:39:38] <cmn32480> presidencial
[13:39:49] <cmn32480> I missed it when I posted it too
[13:39:57] <janrinok> ah, I saw what I wanted to see ...
[13:40:03] <cmn32480> me too
[13:42:34] <Bytram> I see!
[13:43:50] <janrinok> or do you me ic
[13:43:54] <janrinok> mean*
[13:44:05] <janrinok> I've caught cmn's typing sickness ...
[13:48:05] <cmn32480> it's not a bug... It is a feature
[13:49:32] * Bytram swats at something
[13:52:14] <janrinok> Bytram: it's not a feature - that's a bug, so swat it again
[13:52:34] <Bytram> SWAT? that was a fun TV show back in the day
[13:52:45] <janrinok> don't think it showed over here
[13:53:58] * cmn32480 is impressed that we havae most of Saturday complete and it is only Friday morning
[13:54:50] * Bytram refers to the (nicely formatted) story list
[13:55:10] <Bytram> and there's still 20 subs in the queue -- looking good
[13:55:24] <janrinok> Friday afternoon here - Saturday morning is so much nearer
[13:55:42] <Bytram> OH!
[13:55:43] <janrinok> only 7 stories away
[13:55:50] <Bytram> An observation, if I may?
[13:56:03] <janrinok> go ahead kind Sir
[13:56:08] <cmn32480> hmmm?
[13:56:23] <Bytram> I generally pick submissions according to what looks 'best' for moving into stories, and just put it in the next avail time slot
[13:56:47] <Bytram> what ends up happening is that we end up with some rather 'meh' stories come Sunday evening
[13:57:01] <cmn32480> a keen observation
[13:57:02] <Bytram> how about we slot a couple of good/better stories to come out later in the weekend
[13:57:10] <Bytram> instead of processing things entirely sequentially?
[13:57:20] <Bytram> save a couple good ones for monday AM, too
[13:57:37] <janrinok> I've got no problem with that other than you have to read every story and decide amongst us which order they should be in.
[13:57:49] <cmn32480> so don't populate Sunday soley with gewg_'s drivel?
[13:58:10] <janrinok> I simply try to rotate topics and submitters from the 'acceptable stories'
[13:58:21] <cmn32480> ^^ what he said
[13:58:32] <Bytram> janrinok: not necessarily... if I'm looking at a story and think, hmm, that's a good one. My next thought should be do we have our "Good Slot"s filled yet? maybe put it there, instead
[13:58:37] <janrinok> and I am populating Saturday with gewg_'s drivel too
[13:58:38] <Bytram> same here.
[13:59:20] <janrinok> well, the 'good' slots for you tend to come out at the wrong times over here, and God knows when for the Aus/NZ crowd
[13:59:39] <Bytram> undestood. that is why I'm bringing it up here.
[13:59:50] <Bytram> I got the concept
[13:59:57] <Bytram> need some details for the implementation
[14:00:38] <janrinok> I guess it would need some kind of score system - we all mark a story as soon as it arrives and they get sorted that way? But that would mean we all have to be here far more than now
[14:00:41] <Bytram> can be tricky knowning/identifying which were 'slotted' stories
[14:00:54] <Bytram> ugh.. sounds like too much work
[14:00:56] <janrinok> and what might appeal to one ed might not to another
[14:01:05] <Bytram> hey!
[14:01:12] <Bytram> an idea... thinking out loud.
[14:01:27] <Bytram> auto sub palceholder stories to appear every, say, 8 hours
[14:01:35] <Bytram> as non-display
[14:01:58] <Bytram> found a good story? replace one of the placeholders
[14:02:17] <Bytram> found a good story? schedule it right before one of the placeholders
[14:02:22] <Bytram> (leave placeholder in place)
[14:02:33] <Bytram> that way we know what the intent was
[14:02:57] <janrinok> I still think we might have a bit of disagreement on what constitutes a 'good' story. I strongly dislike politics, but others think that we should post more
[14:03:04] <Bytram> i suppose could schedule 'em for the exact same time, but I prefer a convention where it is, say, exactly one minute before the placeholder
[14:03:20] <Bytram> tech/science? our 70% stuff?
[14:03:50] <janrinok> well, that's my thought but that doesn't mean it is the best solutino
[14:04:10] <janrinok> and it might all get overtaken by events when nexuses come out
[14:04:22] <Bytram> I'm not too keen on the political stuff either, tends to be 'localized'
[14:04:51] <Bytram> what is germane to, say, US is not so much for, say, germany, etc.
[14:04:54] <Bytram> and vice versa
[14:05:18] <janrinok> I just think that it is covered adequately elsewhere. Takyon's Canadian election result was a very good example of what we _should_ be posting, and that was BN too
[14:05:33] <Bytram> nod nod
[14:05:34] <janrinok> that story was spot on
[14:05:37] <janrinok> inho
[14:05:39] <janrinok> imho
[14:05:44] <Bytram> yup
[14:06:04] <Bytram> not so much apbout the politics, itself, but about the tech ramifications
[14:06:45] <janrinok> well, the outcome affects everybody, in many different ways. The TPP, defence issues, industry, and tech too
[14:07:21] <janrinok> inter-party squabbles for anyone outside that particular country are irrelevant
[14:07:40] <janrinok> just my 0.02€
[14:08:54] <janrinok> but others have different opinions. I like the idea that you are proposing, but I'm not sure that we have a working solution for it yet
[14:09:09] <Bytram> agreed on all points
[14:09:24] <Bytram> consider it 'food for thought' for this weekend.
[14:11:12] <janrinok> I've just made a speciality bread, stuffed with cheese, bacon and chorizo for this weekend - that is 'food' of choice for the weekend :)
[14:11:29] <Bytram> design consideration: want some randomization around the slot time; don't want them to always come out at, say, 14:15 every saturday.
[14:11:32] <Bytram> YUM!
[14:12:10] <janrinok> I try to always keep the last digit of the suggested time for a story, and just change the others to fit our queue
[14:13:26] * Bytram never tried that, I just add 30 minutes, add an hour, and then see where that ends up; I willing change the last digit on a whim
[14:14:51] <Bytram> if it would be scheduled at say, 12:59, I might tweak it to 12:53 to have a better chance of someone catching the story when they are transitioning between one thing (e.g. meeting) and another thing that starts at the turn of the hour
[14:15:10] <janrinok> so if some stories go out upto 9 minutes earlier, others can go out upto 9 minutes later. As long as we hit around 16 stories a day I'm happy
[14:15:29] <Bytram> yep, nothing hard and fast; Iplay it by ear
[14:15:40] <janrinok> keep 'em guessing
[14:15:46] <Bytram> THIS!
[14:16:13] <Bytram> it's the whole reason that sports are so popular -- if it were absolutely deterministic, nobody would play
[14:16:34] <janrinok> I've even thought of games like #topic bingo' or 'guess the submitter'
[14:16:47] <Bytram> it's the thinking you know, but not being sure, that risk, and getting a reward (a story)
[14:17:09] <Bytram> sounds interesting but not exactly following you
[14:17:54] * Bytram looks at the clock and decides he should really get started about his day
[14:18:13] <janrinok> well, I select a list of 5 topics, and then cross them off as they come out - obviously without looking at the story queue. Different topics could have different scores - techonomics only comes out occasionally
[14:18:49] <janrinok> first to get all 5 of his chosen topics is the winner, or highest score over 5 stories, or whatever
[14:18:51] <Bytram> i don't generally pay close (enough) attention to that.
[14:19:20] <janrinok> well, it means that I keep a check that we are not just pumping out the same old topics all the time.
[14:19:28] <Bytram> I tend to default to whatever they chose and only rarely ever pay any attention to the topic. my bad.
[14:19:43] <Bytram> well done, fine sir
[14:20:19] <janrinok> doesn't always work - if we only have science stories, then that is what we publish.
[14:20:27] <Bytram> nod nod
[14:20:32] <janrinok> I _do_ try to vary submitters as much as I can though
[14:20:57] <Bytram> for me, the fact that the topics are all trruncated to 4 chars means I cannot glance at them and get a feel for what is going out
[14:20:58] <janrinok> again, difficult with p666 being so prolofic
[14:21:13] <Bytram> yep, he submits a lot, too!
[14:21:15] <Bytram> ;)
[14:21:26] <janrinok> crap spelling on that one!
[14:21:50] <Bytram> I'm one to talk; my fingers seem to have a mind of their own todya, two.
[14:22:04] <Bytram> okay; break time
[14:22:06] <janrinok> mine are always like that
[14:22:07] <Bytram> afk
[14:22:10] <janrinok> have a good break
[14:22:22] <Bytram> thanks! nice chatting with ya, as always!
[14:22:53] <janrinok> and you
[14:37:21] <Bytram> here's a bit of an 'out there' thought I've had having nothing to do with SN. Creating GEB cubes ala the cover of the book: "Gödel, Escher, Bach an Eternal Golden Braid" but for ANY combination of letters. Maybe use a router to cut the letters into a wood block?
[14:37:45] <Bytram> not sure if it is possible with all letter combinations and don't know what I could use to create/visualize same.
[14:37:49] <Bytram> open to ideas.
[14:37:51] <janrinok> have you got a link for that?
[14:38:00] <Bytram> just a sec
[14:38:21] <janrinok> no matter - found it
[14:38:35] <Bytram> k
[14:38:52] <janrinok> that would look pretty cool
[14:38:56] <Bytram> yup!
[14:39:25] <Bytram> could make small ones for key fobs
[14:39:35] <Bytram> large ones to use as a paper weight on a desk
[14:39:41] <janrinok> you would need a very small router bit for that
[14:39:55] <Bytram> ever see a RotoZip?
[14:40:02] <janrinok> buy more than one - it wouldn't last long
[14:40:05] <cmn32480> kind like a Dremel
[14:40:10] <Bytram> zactly
[14:40:11] <janrinok> ah, k
[14:40:26] <Bytram> http://www.rotozip.com
[14:41:23] <Bytram> that's the general idea, devil is in the details
[14:41:33] <Bytram> like, are there letter combinations that could NOT be made?
[14:41:49] <Bytram> there are 26x26x26 possibilities.
[14:41:58] <Bytram> unless you include digits, too.
[14:43:28] <Bytram> low-tech technique: hold stock in a vice and put a metal template of the letter on top of the block (much like a stencil) and cut it out. rotate, repeat.
[14:43:55] <Bytram> elaboration: use different fonts. =)
[14:44:16] <Bytram> ideally, use a CNC router, program it, and just watch!
[14:44:23] <Bytram> =)
[14:44:47] <Bytram> that's the thousand-foot-thinking-out-loud stage.
[14:45:32] <Bytram> for even more fun, use an industrial cutting laser! (without sharks)
[14:46:39] <cmn32480> rats.. shoudla been faster... 4 more stories and I could have done the whole day.
[14:47:15] <Bytram> I'm looking for ideas on a visualization tool I could use to project each letter through a solid and then visualize it with the ability to grab and turn it in 3-D... and, while I'm at it, generate a CNC program to cut it out. =)
[14:47:41] <Bytram> Would prolly need some CAD program with solid modeling capabilities
[14:48:10] <Bytram> anyway, food for thought. Would love to see any ideas you might have.
[14:48:24] <Bytram> in the mean time, I need to clean up and get ready to head out the door.
[14:48:27] <Bytram> back in a bit
[15:02:12] <janrinok> sry - nurse arrived and required some assistance.
[15:02:30] <janrinok> cmn32480: I thought that you had done enough so took pity on you
[15:04:15] <janrinok> if you insist - you can always throw 4 into Sunday but, honestly, you have done more than your share already
[15:05:22] <cmn32480> nah no more time today. have to do what they are paying me for as well
[15:05:37] <Bytram> back for a bit
[15:05:38] <cmn32480> I will be camping wiht the Cub Scouts tongiht adn tomorrow night, returning on Sunday
[15:05:40] <Bytram> cmn32480: any luck with WSUS?
[15:05:43] <janrinok> fair enough - but I hope you enjoy the weekend too!
[15:05:46] <cmn32480> sledgehammer
[15:06:00] <cmn32480> I hope it isn't too bloody cold!
[15:06:02] <Bytram> sorry to hear that.
[15:06:32] <cmn32480> Looking into alternatives. Perhaps using a patch/update/asset manaerment system
[15:06:32] <janrinok> can't you rub 2 Cub Scouts together and light a fire?
[15:06:47] <cmn32480> I'd rather rub me and J togehter to light a fire...
[15:06:58] <cmn32480> privately, of course
[15:07:32] <janrinok> yes, not in front of the Cub Scouts - I don't they have a badge for _that_
[15:07:44] <cmn32480> unlikely
[15:08:14] <janrinok> Bytram: there are some characters that I cannot see how to do together unless you mix upper and lower case
[15:08:51] <janrinok> letters I and Y spring to mind immediately
[15:09:23] <janrinok> but perhaps I'm just not thinking it through
[15:09:26] <Bytram> I suspected as much, for example: O and O and O -- how would you hold the piece while cutting the last letter?
[15:09:52] <janrinok> but that only makes it more of a challenge
[15:09:52] <Bytram> those would be fine; for I-I-I you would get a 3-D plus sign
[15:10:07] <Bytram> oh, wait.
[15:10:13] <Bytram> urg.
[15:10:43] <Bytram> CAN get 2-D; DO NOT think you can get 3-D
[15:12:53] <Bytram> hmmm, maybe not even 2-D?
[15:13:24] <Bytram> oh, yes, CAN. just imagine a square.
[15:13:34] <Bytram> look at it edge on.
[15:13:39] <Bytram> and then from the other edge.
[15:13:45] <Bytram> but, from the top? blegh.
[15:13:57] * janrinok brain implodes
[15:14:01] <Bytram> LOL!
[15:14:27] <Bytram> understood! I've been gifted with 3-D visualization skills and this taxes my abilities to the limits!
[15:15:29] <Bytram> hence the desire for a tool that I can have it generate models of them with; start with cube. Punch out projection of first letter. Rotate. Punch out next letter. Look. See if I can punch out the last one, or not.
[15:16:06] <janrinok> I'll let you write it and I'll do the QA on that one, thx
[15:16:10] <Bytram> btw, one definitely do-able one would be: C++
[15:16:23] <janrinok> I think I've already seen that
[15:16:24] <Bytram> sure, I'll get write on it.
[15:16:34] <Bytram> really? nice!
[15:17:22] <janrinok> I think it is on a book cover too
[15:17:42] <Bytram> I *have* thought of 3D printing, but atm things are too slow and/or too costly from what I can tell.
[15:17:53] <janrinok> yep, agreed
[15:18:04] <Bytram> if you can find a link, I'd appreciate it.
[15:18:07] <Bytram> if not, np.
[15:18:22] <janrinok> I'll have a look but it might take a while...
[15:18:32] <Bytram> no hurry
[15:19:07] <janrinok> got to go and start cooking now - back in an hour or two
[15:19:22] <cmn32480> see you sunday/monday janrinok
[15:19:34] <Bytram> It would be easier to visualize if I had solid cubes, one for each letter/number/symbol, with just one face cut out.
[15:19:36] <cmn32480> I am out of here in about 45 min and won't be back until then
[15:19:41] <Bytram> janrinok: chow for now
[15:19:42] <janrinok> have a good weekend cmn, and give my best to J as you dash out of the door!
[15:19:48] <Bytram> cmn32480: have fun this weekend!
[15:19:50] <cmn32480> I will!
[15:19:58] <cmn32480> oh no. we are ALL going
[15:20:01] <cmn32480> whole family
[15:20:04] <cmn32480> God help me
[15:20:13] <janrinok> enjoy!
[15:20:19] janrinok is now known as janrinok_afk
[15:20:20] <cmn32480> I shall
[15:20:24] <cmn32480> my best to S, please
[15:20:29] <Bytram> time for me to be going, too.
[15:20:36] <Bytram> will prolly check in later.
[15:20:41] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[15:20:54] <cmn32480> c-ya Bytram!
[15:21:27] * Bytram|away tries to picture a GEB cup of C-Y-A
[15:21:31] <Bytram|away> s/cup/cube/
[15:21:33] <exec> <Bytram|away> tries to picture a GEB cube of C-Y-A
[15:21:56] <Bytram|away> =)
[15:26:15] cmn32480 is now known as cmn32480|away
[16:43:50] <nick> afternoon
[16:47:44] <nick> cmn32480++
[16:47:44] <Bender> karma - cmn32480: 19
[17:24:18] janrinok_afk is now known as janrinok
[17:31:04] <nick> hey janrinok
[17:33:29] <janrinok> hi nick
[17:33:56] <nick> how are you today?
[17:34:07] <janrinok> how's things in your bit of the world today - and I hope that you are not a TalkTalk subscriber
[17:37:07] <nick> things are 'ok' - stressed as fuck to be honest though, people had 2 months to get shit done, and they wait until this week when it's almost too late
[17:37:32] <janrinok> I know that problem well
[17:38:00] <nick> also had the new van delivered today for the project management contract that starts monday, meaning i dont have time
[17:38:16] <janrinok> understood
[17:38:44] <nick> as it always does, everything happens at once
[17:38:53] <janrinok> well you shouldn't have to worry about the site this w/e - cmn has done a mega job. Queues full until Sun am
[17:39:18] <nick> i saw that, some epic work there
[17:39:48] <nick> if i dont do any sunday, might not be until wednesday i really do any editing at this point,
[17:40:21] <nick> how are things going for you?
[17:41:03] <janrinok> I've got slightly high blood pressure but nothing too serious. S goes into hospital in 2 weeks time, and will be in for at least 2 more weeks
[17:41:41] <nick> :(
[17:41:59] <janrinok> we'll manage :)
[17:42:30] <nick> i'm sure, give my best to S
[17:42:43] <janrinok> I will do, thx
[17:43:05] <nick> talktalk breach is quite serious
[17:43:17] <janrinok> you are away for the whole week next week, but might be online from Wed, is that correct?
[17:44:10] <janrinok> re talktalk - just been watching the early evening news, looks like they might have received a ransom demand
[17:44:18] <nick> yeah, its going to be at least 2 weeks i think, i'll be doing a regular 9-5 to get everything running
[17:45:14] <nick> have a lot of travel involved, ontop of trying to keep up with my normal work
[17:45:17] <janrinok> By-tram is chuffed to meatballs to have reached 1K of stories
[17:45:26] <nick> Bytram++
[17:45:26] <Bender> karma - bytram: 21
[17:45:47] <janrinok> he tries to act cool but he has done very well
[17:45:51] <nick> it is a nice achievement, just glad i got there first ;)
[17:46:41] <janrinok> yeah, but you achieved it _and_ you are running your own business. Don't put your own achievement down
[17:48:48] <janrinok> nobody gets to 1k without a lot of effort though
[17:49:15] <nick> we've all got a lot going on, try and do what we can to make the site work
[17:49:32] <nick> it feels good to see everyone pitching in
[17:56:27] <janrinok> so what kind of van have you just received?
[18:29:37] <nick> vw caddy
[18:31:29] <janrinok> nice
[18:36:10] <nick> never actually driven a vw before, it seems quite nice so far, for a van anyway
[18:37:11] <nick> except 5 minutes in a mk3 golf, reminded me how awesome power steering is
[18:37:29] <janrinok> sometimes vans can be a bit noisy - they haven't usually got the same soundproofing as cars
[18:37:51] <nick> i have not taken it for a drive yet
[18:38:01] <nick> but yeah, its going to be more noisy than my car
[18:38:20] <nick> cant be much worse than the landrover
[18:38:30] <janrinok> lol, no probably not
[18:39:18] <nick> seems that the vw scandal didnt stop some people buying them lol
[18:39:35] <janrinok> nope
[18:39:49] <janrinok> probably can get some very good deals on VWs at present
[18:40:45] <nick> thats what they say, but vw drivers have much more brand loyalty than most other brands in my opinion
[18:41:11] <janrinok> that's probably true too
[18:42:27] <nick> toyota landcruiser is about as close as i get to brand loyalty, and i havnt had one yet lol
[18:44:12] <janrinok> what do you fancy about them
[18:44:57] <nick> they have the best reputation as far as reliability and durability, LC70's and 100's especially
[18:45:30] <janrinok> well, the UN uses 1000s of them all over the world, and with good reason
[18:45:35] <nick> yup
[18:46:29] <nick> i had the pleasure of an LC70 in australia, pickup version
[18:47:31] <janrinok> we had LandCruisers and LandRovers (Long and Short Wheelbase) in Bosnia. The LC was the most comfortable but give me a L/R LWB for the moments when it gets scary
[18:48:06] <janrinok> perhaps it was just familiarity - but we could get the L/R anywhere
[18:48:50] <nick> were the LandCruisers LWB or SWB, or both?
[18:49:09] <janrinok> LWB, I don't think I saw a SWB in Bosnia
[18:49:27] <nick> a new diesel swb lc70 is my 'dream' car
[18:49:49] <janrinok> I wouldn't mind giving it a try, that's for certain
[18:49:53] <nick> but i think you can only get them in a couple of places, LHD and petrol.
[18:50:02] <nick> tahiti and bahrain or something like that
[18:50:49] <nick> ive never heard of the UK using LC's though, seem to keep that on the down low
[18:51:37] <janrinok> well ours were UN vehicles, whereas the LR were good 'ole mil
[18:51:52] <nick> ah ok, makes sense
[18:52:40] <nick> they are cutting costs these days though, from what ive seen, lot more hilux for the .org that used to buy a lot of LC's
[18:53:02] <janrinok> prior to the NATO air strikes, the military were there under UN auspices, after the strikes we were there as NATO
[18:53:32] <janrinok> it meant we were allowed to shoot back!
[18:53:38] <nick> change hats?
[18:53:50] <janrinok> only from blue beret to national
[18:54:42] <janrinok> the various factions hadn't realised the change of rules and tried to push us around - didn't get them far. We had armoured vehicles too!
[18:55:04] <nick> must have been interesting to change status like that already in the area
[18:55:42] <janrinok> they might fire a few rounds at a convoy but they were very surprised when over 30 weapons opened up back against them
[18:57:11] <nick> if they had been used to no return fire, i imagine it was quite a shock the first time
[18:57:49] <janrinok> they only usually did it once
[18:58:25] <janrinok> and rather than just sit there and take it, we would actually take the fight back to them
[18:58:32] <janrinok> they didn't like that either
[18:59:05] <janrinok> within a week or two they stopped - message received and understood
[18:59:29] <nick> nice to know it works sometimes
[19:01:34] <nick> on the landrover thing though, there is a lot of things i dislike about the discovery2, as a car, but as far as off-road ability, it is very capable
[19:02:36] <janrinok> I like the mil-spec versions - but they are basic and built to take a lot of abuse.
[19:02:54] <janrinok> wouldn't want it as a local runabout
[19:02:58] <nick> discos or defender/series?
[19:03:35] <janrinok> driven both, defenders are always good in my experience, discos are good in the right job
[19:04:07] <nick> i have looked at the auctions and such considering an ex-mod defender, sanity has prevailed so far though
[19:04:12] <janrinok> in fact if you want a discrete vehicle, then the disco is ideal, and it can still take a lot of punishment
[19:05:13] <janrinok> get one just after defence cuts are announced. They are usually good vehicles but surplus to requirements. If you buy at any other time you are getting vehicles that are becoming too costly for the MOD to maintain
[19:05:47] <nick> wait for that and get myself an armoured jaguar :p
[19:06:02] <janrinok> the MOD _has_ to keep rotating vehicles so as not to get caught out going into a crisis with too many old vehicles
[19:07:01] <nick> theyre always quite vague on the history of them
[19:07:18] <nick> so a newer one is a better idea, most ive come across are quite old
[19:07:22] <janrinok> we used to have special purpose vehicles in Germany before the wall came down. They looked like standard but had long range fuel tanks, beefed up suspension and could shift like a rocket
[19:07:58] <janrinok> I don't recall a jag, but other normal makes for the time were available
[19:08:08] <janrinok> all in the past now, of course
[19:08:15] <nick> of course
[19:08:42] <janrinok> the last vehicles that fit that description would be in NI, if any exist at all today
[19:10:07] <cmn32480|away> amazingly.. we have almost posted the entire weekend!
[19:10:42] <janrinok> well, a very big chunk of it, anyway
[19:11:07] <nick> http://www.mod-sales.com
[19:11:16] <nick> a little expensive
[19:11:17] <cmn32480|away> we are past 0920UTC Sunday
[19:11:26] <nick> cmn32480|away: great work on all those submissions
[19:11:31] * nick hat tip
[19:11:33] * cmn32480|away hat tip
[19:11:38] <cmn32480|away> ninja'd!
[19:11:42] <cmn32480|away> thanks nick
[19:12:06] <cmn32480|away> I had some down time... and figured if I was taking the weekend off again... I could at leat try to help give everybody else some time off too
[19:12:22] <janrinok> very heavy vehicle the Snatch - suspect the max speed wouldn't be much above 60
[19:12:58] <cmn32480|away> we ALL bust our ass, and deserve the time to relax. especially our current story count leader
[19:13:14] <nick> 70 is the speed limit anyway!
[19:13:16] <janrinok> isn't it time you went camping!
[19:13:34] <cmn32480|away> boys get home from school in about 40 min. we will leave shortly after
[19:13:35] <janrinok> nick: and it would be drinking like a fish above 50
[19:14:43] <nick> yeah, im going to stick to thinking about it and not wasting my money :p
[19:14:45] <janrinok> but it will take small arms fire to the sides without serious risk for the crew, and would be a good place to be if petrol bombs were being thrown!
[19:15:30] <janrinok> designed to enter a hostile area, grab the ringleaders, and get back out again.
[19:15:54] <cmn32480|away> ok
[19:16:00] <cmn32480|away> time to go find the feather bed....
[19:16:15] <janrinok> got to be going soon, need to look after S before HIGNFY starts ...
[19:16:32] <cmn32480|away> HIGNFY?
[19:16:56] <cmn32480|away> How I Got Naked For You?
[19:17:18] <cmn32480|away> Harrowing Imperial Gangs Not For Youth?
[19:17:51] <janrinok> Have I Got News For You - a popular comedy where people answer questions/discuss current events with a very NSFW slant
[19:17:52] <cmn32480|away> Hope I Get No Fucking Yams?
[19:18:06] <cmn32480|away> ahhhh
[19:18:14] <cmn32480|away> My titiles are funnier
[19:18:16] <janrinok> I'll suggest that they change to your last suggestion - I like it
[19:18:24] <cmn32480|away> good
[19:18:29] <cmn32480|away> have a good weekend janrinok
[19:18:34] <cmn32480|away> my best to S, please.
[19:18:43] <janrinok> happy camping, and don't get lost
[19:18:45] <cmn32480|away> see you guys on Sunday
[19:18:51] <janrinok> take care
[19:18:53] <cmn32480|away> I promise. and my phone has a GPS
[19:18:58] <cmn32480|away> :-)
[19:18:59] <janrinok> so?
[19:19:10] <cmn32480|away> it'll help me to find my way out when I get lost
[19:19:17] <janrinok> do you recharge it by plugging it into a tree?
[19:19:27] <cmn32480|away> YES! Don't tell the environmentalists!
[19:19:31] <janrinok> I rest my case
[19:19:48] <janrinok> they will be looking for you, you will be found!
[19:19:52] <cmn32480|away> I know
[19:19:59] <cmn32480|away> they'll track the phone most likely
[19:20:09] <cmn32480|away> ok off to find the feather bed
[19:20:16] <janrinok> or look for a line of discharged trees
[19:20:30] <cmn32480|away> it's fall.. the leaves will look strange already
[19:20:56] <janrinok> take care - I've got to go too
[19:21:06] <cmn32480|away> see you fellas later!
[19:21:38] <janrinok> nick: bye, have a quiet(er) weekend and I hope it all goes well next week
[19:21:51] * nick hat tip
[19:22:01] <nick> laters gentlemen
[19:22:57] <cmn32480|away> and yes.. I was serious about the feather bed
[19:23:02] janrinok is now known as zz_janrinok
[19:23:09] <cmn32480|away> this is car camping... we aren't savages!
[19:59:15] SoyGuest55726 is now known as cosurgi
[19:59:21] -!- cosurgi has quit [Changing host]
[19:59:21] -!- cosurgi [cosurgi!~cosurgi@Soylent/Staff/Wiki/cosurgi] has joined #editorial
[20:17:33] -!- chromas [chromas!~chromas@0::1] has joined #editorial
[20:21:20] <nick> we have a troll on the most recent story
[20:21:40] <nick> spamming comments
[20:23:03] <nick> TheMightyBuzzard
[20:23:15] -!- sedctl [sedctl!~sedctl@0::1] has joined #editorial
[20:23:21] <nick> paulej72
[20:24:18] -!- Troll [Troll!~confirms@0::1] has joined #editorial
[20:26:23] <paulej72> I banned the ipid from anon posting, (at least I that is what I attemped not sure if the acl system is full working still)
[20:26:59] <nick> i moderated 3 of the comments spam hoping that would do something, not sure what happens when tbh
[20:27:06] <nick> seriously uncool
[20:28:39] <chromas> I notice they don't expand when clicking their + buttons
[20:29:22] <chromas> (until I said that; now they do)
[20:31:00] <TheMightyBuzzard> the ipid and subnet is at <= -150 karma, should stop all posting from both
[21:24:29] -!- Subsentient [Subsentient!~WhiteRat@Soylent/Staff/Editor/Subsentient] has joined #editorial
[21:24:29] -!- mode/#editorial [+v Subsentient] by SkyNet
[21:30:02] <takyon> how long have I been in here
[21:49:02] <takyon> chromas: that was probably server lag
[23:43:06] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram