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[01:28:06] <Bytram|away> http://go.theregister.com
[01:28:07] <BotRoss> ^ 03Boffin's easy remote hijack hack pops scores of router locks • The Register ( http://www.theregister.co.uk )
[01:29:29] <takyon> are we going to reach a point where millions of people just get auto-pwned?
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[12:42:32] <cmn32480> janrinok !!
[12:45:18] <janrinok> cmn32480:
[12:45:22] <janrinok> !! oops
[12:45:33] <cmn32480> lol
[12:46:37] <cmn32480> how goes it janrinok?
[12:47:44] <janrinok> not bad here - had a busy morning but now have a fairly quiet afternoon for us to enjoy
[12:47:52] <cmn32480> very nice
[12:48:00] <janrinok> you back in the office?
[12:48:17] <cmn32480> yes, I find that showing up here randomly makes for a nice change of pace
[12:48:27] <janrinok> lol
[12:48:49] <janrinok> rather than the one-time change of pace that would occur if you didn't show up at all?
[12:48:57] <cmn32480> precisely
[12:49:23] <janrinok> is J looking forward to her weekend away?
[12:49:28] <cmn32480> yes
[12:49:32] <cmn32480> we both are
[12:49:50] <cmn32480> though we will avhe one child, so it won't be a complete vacation
[12:49:57] <janrinok> and is your eldest now believing he has one up over the other two?
[12:50:21] <cmn32480> he still doens't know he is going
[12:50:40] <janrinok> ah, so the problems of why not me, why him are still to be heard
[12:50:57] <cmn32480> we ar going to tell him when they get off the bus on Wednesday after school
[12:51:09] <janrinok> your youngest will be easy to handle - just blow raspberries on her tummy
[12:51:20] <cmn32480> neither of the other two are gonna be too happy
[12:51:27] <cmn32480> but that is the grandparents problem
[12:51:31] <janrinok> I don't know the middle one enough to have a vie
[12:51:32] <janrinok> view
[12:51:34] <janrinok> *
[12:51:53] <cmn32480> suffice to say, I don't wanna be around for it
[12:52:25] <janrinok> lol
[12:53:21] <janrinok> I was just about to post some stories and I find that you have already done it!
[12:53:39] <cmn32480> POOF! like magic
[12:54:23] <cmn32480> P666 is currently filling the queue
[12:54:36] <janrinok> now, I think we both know that it is a lot more work than real magic
[12:54:47] <cmn32480> not form the outside
[12:55:04] <janrinok> and for the community that is how it should appear!
[12:55:21] <cmn32480> like fixing a wireless system... a little art, a little science, and a lot of black magic
[12:58:03] <janrinok> Reference your Firefox/Chrome blocking story - that link works fine here on Firefox, Chrome, Pale Moon etc
[12:58:16] <janrinok> do you want me to add an Ed's comment to that effect?
[13:01:53] <cmn32480> interesting
[13:02:06] <cmn32480> I didn't try the blocked site.... what was I not thinking?
[13:02:37] <janrinok> and how does a browser block a site - does it filter the DNS?
[13:02:54] <cmn32480> I believe that it isn't the browser per say.
[13:03:06] <cmn32480> it is the google safe sites plugin
[13:03:49] <cmn32480> let em see if I can turn it on
[13:03:59] <janrinok> ah, it is Googles "Unwanted Software" filter which both use as a service.
[13:05:33] <cmn32480> yes\
[13:05:54] <cmn32480> I don't think the version of Chrome that I am using has that safe search as an option
[13:06:14] <cmn32480> oh wait
[13:06:17] <cmn32480> found it
[13:08:05] <cmn32480> but am not getting the descriobed big red stripe
[13:09:41] <janrinok> where do you select safe search?
[13:10:03] <cmn32480> do a search
[13:10:05] <cmn32480> brb
[13:10:09] <cmn32480> gotta get a delivery
[13:10:14] <janrinok> k
[13:14:04] <cmn32480> back
[13:14:25] <cmn32480> short staffed today... so I get to drive the fork lift
[13:14:55] <cmn32480> so back to what I was saying
[13:14:57] <cmn32480> do a search
[13:15:05] <cmn32480> on the right hand side there will be a gear icon
[13:15:09] <janrinok> I've tested it with the appropriate blocking options selected and, in W Europe, everthing still works as expected
[13:15:32] <cmn32480> under that there will be an option to turn on and off SafeSearch
[13:15:33] <janrinok> I've added a comment underneath the horizontal line
[13:15:45] <cmn32480> we cannot confirm this at this time
[13:15:57] <cmn32480> checking FFX
[13:16:19] <janrinok> I've checked FF, Chrome and PM here - all working
[13:18:51] <cmn32480> hmmmm....
[13:18:52] <cmn32480> https://torrentfreak.com
[13:18:54] <BotRoss> ^ 03Chrome Blocks Major Torrent Sites Over "Harmful Programs" - TorrentFreak
[13:19:02] <cmn32480> from july
[13:19:11] <janrinok> ah, I didn't notice that
[13:19:36] <janrinok> the story linked to is 9 Oct
[13:19:41] <cmn32480> right
[13:19:47] <cmn32480> but it seesm this started in July
[13:20:22] <janrinok> bottom line of story - Everything back to normal as of 12 Oct
[13:20:26] <cmn32480> Update October 12: After nearly three days the warning is now gone.
[13:20:31] <cmn32480> ninja'd
[13:20:59] <cmn32480> you read faster than I cut/patste
[13:22:00] <janrinok> fixed the comment to reflect the update
[13:22:06] <cmn32480> understood
[13:22:14] <cmn32480> and thank you
[13:26:41] <janrinok> so, you are also putting somebody out of work by driving his forklift?
[13:26:52] <cmn32480> nope
[13:26:55] <janrinok> lol
[13:26:58] <cmn32480> he's in Alabama on a job
[13:27:08] <cmn32480> we don't ahve an actual warehouse person
[13:27:20] <janrinok> what about the deputy, acting, stand-in fork lift driver?
[13:27:46] <cmn32480> you're talking to hiom
[13:27:51] <janrinok> :)
[13:28:02] <cmn32480> and the third was busy on a phone call
[13:47:47] <janrinok> 12 hours of stories added, I can relax now until tomorrow :)
[13:49:37] <janrinok> The UK police have just called off the 24hour guard on Assange. They will use "a number of overt and covert tactics to arrest him"
[14:00:38] <cmn32480> nice
[14:01:20] <cmn32480> must feel good to be sol loved that a country will kepep you under 24hr surveillance for years on end then decide that it isn't the right thing and think abotu actaully invading a foreign embassy to get your ass
[14:01:39] <cmn32480> that kind fo love, methinks I can do wihtout!
[14:02:12] <janrinok> they have realised that £12 million pounds could be better spent catching the bad guys
[14:02:39] <cmn32480> sure looks that way
[14:03:18] <janrinok> but I have no doubt that sigint will provide a warning if he intends to leave the embassy, and they will still be waiting for him if he does
[14:03:42] <cmn32480> oh god yes.
[14:04:07] <cmn32480> he is just as effectively a proisoner in the embassy as he woudl be in the jails of the Crown
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[15:19:38] <janrinok> gtg and do some cooking - Thai-style pork, rice and stir fry veg
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[17:09:53] <takyon> cmn32480
[17:10:01] <cmn32480> wassup takyon\
[17:10:41] <takyon> want to plop dell story at 18:00
[17:10:49] <cmn32480> yes
[17:10:55] <cmn32480> I was thinking of adding this lik ot the bottom
[17:10:57] <cmn32480> http://www.theregister.co.uk
[17:10:58] <BotRoss> ^ 03If Dell and EMC really do merge, expect massive, bloody consolidation • The Register
[17:11:24] <takyon> cool
[17:12:01] <cmn32480> it is a pretty cold portrayal of the consequences
[17:12:50] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[17:12:52] <BotRoss> ^ 03SN journal Left/Right American Election Predictions 04(2 comments)
[17:13:07] <cmn32480> I saw the original entry... but it had no comments when I read it
[17:15:02] <cmn32480> I am wondering abotu running it as breaking news
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[17:15:09] <janrinok> hi takyon
[17:15:14] <cmn32480> janrinok !!
[17:15:20] <takyon> hi jan
[17:15:26] <janrinok> cmn32480: !! takyon!!
[17:15:34] <takyon> Dell EMC might be the biggest story of this month
[17:15:55] <janrinok> sure, put it in the queue and move an existing story into tomorrow
[17:15:57] <takyon> I'm not sure when the news broke, NYT publish time is probably a good indication
[17:16:10] <cmn32480> I think it has been in the works a couple days
[17:16:29] <janrinok> none of the other stories are time critical as far as I can see
[17:16:35] <cmn32480> agreed
[17:17:37] <cmn32480> takyon - Additional thoughts from El Reg are not all unicorns and sunshine. with the link above embedded
[17:17:44] <cmn32480> sdound good?
[17:17:48] <takyon> yes
[17:18:15] <janrinok> you sub'ed it, do you want cmn or I to process it?
[17:18:22] <cmn32480> I'm in it already
[17:18:28] <janrinok> go for it
[17:18:39] <janrinok> put it out as News not BN
[17:19:15] <cmn32480> from the HOLY SCHNIKES dept.
[17:19:39] <janrinok> that one is beyond me - but if it means something to USians then keep it
[17:19:42] <takyon> I try not to 2nd stories I submitted, unless nobody else has and I'm adding to it
[17:20:04] <janrinok> understood, but at times we have no other options :)
[17:20:19] <janrinok> I'll second it once it hits the queue
[17:20:34] <takyon> I see someone submitted the freeman dyson interview
[17:20:50] <janrinok> mendax
[17:20:51] <takyon> I wish there was more talk about space travel and less about climate change, but oh well
[17:21:11] <cmn32480> 1800 Eastern I think
[17:21:43] <janrinok> yep, the community seems to be wandering in different directions at the moment. We need to get nexuses up and running
[17:22:23] <takyon> I meant in The Register's interview with Freeman Dyson. There's a page about climate change, and the other page is a bit about interstellar travel, fusion, etc.
[17:22:43] <janrinok> ah, I haven't looked at it in detail yet
[17:22:54] <janrinok> I'll wait until it hits the front page
[17:23:42] <janrinok> if you are out cmn32480, I'll 2nd?
[17:23:53] <cmn32480> please do, sir
[17:24:09] <janrinok> you happy to leave for a few hours?
[17:24:22] <janrinok> it can go out earlier if you wish
[17:25:15] <cmn32480> I'm ok with it
[17:25:22] <takyon> hmm how do I spell Ecuadorean...
[17:25:33] <cmn32480> with letter probably
[17:25:47] <janrinok> the Assange story I guess ?
[17:26:03] <takyon> NPR used two spellings in same story :( I'm going with "Ecuadorean"
[17:26:05] <takyon> yup
[17:27:19] <janrinok> both spellings are acceptable in en-GB
[17:27:28] <takyon> done
[17:27:54] <takyon> time for my favorite story
[17:27:58] <janrinok> 2nd complete
[17:28:47] <cmn32480> that is a nice piece on the Dell/EMC acquisition takyon
[17:28:54] <cmn32480> well done :-)
[17:29:13] <takyon> it was Q&D
[17:29:23] <cmn32480> Quote adn Dump?
[17:29:31] <takyon> quick and dirty but I like that
[17:29:45] <cmn32480> I try.
[17:29:45] <takyon> HPCWire's piece was uncharacteristically original, so I liked it
[17:30:28] <takyon> the $67 billion figure didn't hit me completely until I searched Google News and realized it was the biggest tech deal ever
[17:30:47] <cmn32480> that is a big number
[17:30:48] <takyon> I can't say I believe it will go well for Dell. They may even go to corporate hell
[17:31:10] <cmn32480> I think El Reg has it right
[17:31:27] <cmn32480> there is gonna be a helluva lot of pain
[17:31:38] <cmn32480> and Dell now basically owns VMWare
[17:32:58] <cmn32480> but I think it'll work out for me. We are both a Dell and a VMWare shop.
[17:33:58] <cmn32480> I jsut flipped into # accidentally, and this is what I saw as the last line:
[17:34:06] <cmn32480> <tama> donkey dicks are not for eating
[17:35:22] <takyon> now i'm doing the xpoint competitor story
[17:35:27] <takyon> http://www.theregister.co.uk
[17:35:29] <BotRoss> ^ 03SanDisk, HP take on Micron and Intel’s faster-than-flash XPoint • The Register
[17:35:36] <takyon> I'm more excited about this than Dell's big spend
[17:47:36] <takyon> and done
[17:49:33] <takyon> I'm replacing "News" topic on Dell/EMC story with "Business"
[17:50:14] <cmn32480> set it for both?
[17:50:29] <janrinok> both seems reasonable
[17:50:48] <takyon> what's both?
[17:50:56] <takyon> It's got Business and Techonomics
[17:51:00] <janrinok> both News and Business
[17:51:05] <cmn32480> a;; three
[17:51:07] <janrinok> all 3 then
[17:51:11] <takyon> ok
[17:51:26] <cmn32480> s/a;;/all/
[17:51:26] <sedctl> <cmn32480> all three
[17:51:44] <cmn32480> damn my crappy tyoping. damn it to hecll
[17:51:57] <cmn32480> see?????? ^^^^^^^
[17:52:36] <janrinok> I thought that was just the way you spoke ...
[17:52:43] <cmn32480> :-p
[17:52:47] <cmn32480> coudl be worse.
[17:52:57] <cmn32480> could be French!
[17:53:09] <janrinok> fortunately, I'm not
[17:53:34] <takyon> le lel
[17:55:16] <cmn32480> I am aware/
[18:32:19] <takyon> I made a debate story
[18:32:44] <takyon> it has a tech angle, and should run before 5pm eastern at least
[18:33:11] <takyon> I linked it to my journal
[18:39:35] <takyon> it's my cleanest debate journal yet
[18:53:50] <janrinok> cmn32480: are you processing takyon's story?
[18:54:11] <cmn32480> not at the moment. am stuck doing stuff for which I get paid more than my editorial salary
[18:54:23] <janrinok> do want me to do it?
[18:57:13] <cmn32480> if you can that'd be swell
[19:07:59] <cmn32480> I hate reading my own work
[19:08:06] <cmn32480> I never find all the mistakes that other sfind
[19:15:22] <janrinok> read it out aloud - you will find more mistakes. You mentally read what you want to see, but if you speak it, you use a different part of the brain
[19:16:14] <janrinok> cmn32480: gtg - it's getting near to that time
[19:16:19] <cmn32480> I hand it to the lady in the next office.
[19:16:31] <janrinok> let her read it aloud :0
[19:16:32] <cmn32480> she is far better at finding my mistajkes
[19:16:37] <cmn32480> and I think she enjoys it!
[19:16:45] <cmn32480> ok
[19:16:49] <cmn32480> have a good night janrinok
[19:16:56] <cmn32480> my best to S
[19:16:58] <janrinok> and to you and yours
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[19:17:44] <cmn32480> ~g'night janrinok
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[19:18:29] <cmn32480> ~g'night zz_janrinok
[19:18:31] * exec fanatically blows a cheap plastic cup of splodge at zz_janrinok
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