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[12:50:18] <janrinok> hi guys
[12:50:31] <cmn32480> janrinok !!
[12:51:30] <janrinok> cmn32480: !! you back home now?
[12:51:36] <cmn32480> in the office
[12:51:52] <janrinok> well better than being several 100s of miles away
[12:57:19] <cmn32480> yeah... now I have to get caught up on 500 thigns that dind't get done whiel I was gone.
[12:57:29] <cmn32480> con calls all day :-(
[12:57:45] <janrinok> that's the problem with being irreplaceable!
[12:57:58] <cmn32480> yeah.. some days I wish I was replacable
[12:58:07] <janrinok> ... but then they might fire you
[12:58:15] <cmn32480> I can dream can't I?
[12:59:16] <janrinok> lol - I think you ought to ask J for an opinion first :)
[12:59:26] <cmn32480> NO!
[12:59:33] <cmn32480> she'll tell em I ahve to keep working
[12:59:45] <janrinok> exactly
[12:59:57] <janrinok> how is the family, by the way?
[13:00:15] <cmn32480> they were all asleep when I got home last night.... so I haven't the slightest clue
[13:00:31] <janrinok> any you crept out again this morning.
[13:00:44] <cmn32480> you get the gold star!
[13:01:38] <janrinok> brb 5
[13:03:01] <janrinok> back already - just waiting for some pastry to warm up a little
[13:03:09] <cmn32480> sounds uyummy
[13:03:41] <janrinok> no, it is raw pastry, I'm just about to roll it out to make a case for a flan for tonight's dinner
[13:04:02] <cmn32480> sounds uyummy
[13:04:18] <janrinok> Arthur found over 550 stories yesterday
[13:04:37] <janrinok> in just one day's worth of logs and live feeds
[13:05:08] <cmn32480> probably bender's fault
[13:05:16] <cmn32480> he has been crapping the bed lately
[13:05:27] <janrinok> yes, I noticed
[13:05:34] <cmn32480> and I think when he does, he stops processing the logs, and they you get all of them at once
[13:06:18] <janrinok> I probably mentioned that I'm now working on a browser UI to help manage this number of stories
[13:06:32] <cmn32480> yes, you did
[13:06:41] <cmn32480> is it mroe than a pile of code at this point?
[13:06:51] <janrinok> similar in function to our submission queue
[13:07:19] <janrinok> Oh, it is working after a fashion, but html/css is all new to me, so I'm having fun making it usable and attractive
[13:10:04] <cmn32480> you making it all shiny?
[13:10:09] <cmn32480> don't for get to use flash!
[13:10:23] <cmn32480> and put in big honkin' advertisements
[13:12:56] <janrinok> I've already done that bit - I'm trying to make enough space for the odd story or two
[13:24:02] <janrinok> brb 5
[13:36:29] <janrinok> pastry in the oven
[14:06:27] <janrinok> pastry now out of the oven and filling the house with the smell of baking :-)))
[14:08:01] * cmn32480 is jealous
[14:08:25] <janrinok> it is only a pastry case for a flan, but it smells much nicer!
[14:08:41] <cmn32480> i bet
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[15:40:38] <nick> argh
[15:44:45] <cmn32480> what argh?
[15:44:49] <cmn32480> argh isn't good
[15:59:24] <cmn32480> unless you are a pirate
[15:59:58] <nick> just been a long day, didnt really sleep
[16:02:17] <nick> just put 3 into the queue as it was almost empty
[16:02:38] <cmn32480> I'll hop on that during lunch in a few minutes as well
[16:02:49] <cmn32480> jsut got back in the office today after being goane all week
[16:10:55] <nick> no worries
[16:12:14] <cmn32480> I do appreciate you buying me some time :-)
[16:12:32] <cmn32480> maybe today I can toss some lunch down my gullet
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[21:53:36] <takyon> l'entrance