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[02:34:10] <takyon> checj
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[05:10:49] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[05:10:50] <Schwifty> ^ 03Error
[05:10:51] <takyon> what is this
[05:11:01] <takyon> is that what a soylent user wrote? where's the link?
[05:12:31] <takyon> it was moved into a blockquote for no reason...............
[05:12:38] <takyon> it's just a user-submitted rant
[12:09:56] <Bytram|away> takyon: it does ask a question -- why are we still unable to purchase media legally -- albeit presented in the form of a rant.
[12:10:12] <Bytram|away> what was set off in a blockquote was the orginal submitters submission.
[12:10:26] <Bytram|away> a question was added at the end which was NOT from the original submitter.
[12:11:14] <Bytram|away> and, btw, it appears that the referenced story was NOT set to not display, so we now have TWO stories scheduled to go out at the exact same time.
[12:22:36] <Bytram|away> Done: I have added clarifications to the intro to note it is a bit of a rant; reformulated the followup questions; and restored the blockquote to make clear what came from the original submitter versus what was added to it. Also rescheduled the inserted JLENS story to a later time so we no longer had two stories scheduled to go out at the same time.
[12:28:06] <Bytram|away> need to get ready to head out for work; afk for now
[12:34:52] <Bytram|away> and, I must admit it is a better story thanks to the feedback!
[12:34:55] <Bytram|away> teamwork++
[12:34:55] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 26
[12:35:02] <Bytram|away> teamwork++
[12:35:02] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 27
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[13:03:30] <Bytram|away> janrinok: !!
[13:03:38] <Bytram|away> HI! and I gtg.... bye!
[13:03:43] <Bytram|away> hope you have a great day!
[13:07:45] <janrinok> Bytram|away: Hi, and goodbye
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[13:49:37] <janrinok> cmn32480: !!
[13:50:40] <cmn32480> janrinok !!
[13:51:49] <janrinok> how's things with you?
[13:52:14] <cmn32480> I haven't killed anybody yet today... but I have already thought about it!
[13:52:32] <cmn32480> seems to be a continuation of yesterday
[13:52:49] <janrinok> ah, not good then ...
[13:52:57] <cmn32480> as a heads up, I will not be around this weekend, except for perhaps tomorrow morning
[13:53:05] <janrinok> k thx
[13:53:43] <cmn32480> and it looks like I will be back on the road Monday, so you likely won't see me posting anything until Monday night (unless the airport wifi cooperates
[13:54:01] <janrinok> looks like Marty has done most of today's work anyway, I'm just about to start on tomorrow
[13:55:15] <cmn32480> bytram++
[13:55:15] <Bender> karma - bytram: 17
[13:55:32] <cmn32480> I was too tired by the time we got home from soccer last night to even turn on my computer
[13:55:44] <cmn32480> I vege'd out in front of the TV for a bit
[13:56:10] <janrinok> np you've done more that your share this week
[13:58:36] <cmn32480> do what you can, when you can. others have picked up my slack when I've been too busy, reciprocating is only fair
[13:58:50] <janrinok> exactly
[13:59:12] <cmn32480> teamwork++
[13:59:12] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 28
[13:59:45] <cmn32480> now if I could just invent that gadget that allows me to bitch slap people on the other end of the phone....
[14:00:18] <janrinok> ah, the old 'teleslapadoodah'
[14:00:24] * cmn32480 sees janrinok take his phone off the hook again....
[14:02:29] <janrinok> ...and unplug his internet connecti. *^(........
[14:02:45] <cmn32480> oh well... so much for janrinok....
[14:02:54] * janrinok things it worked better when it was plugged in
[14:03:01] <janrinok> thinks*
[14:03:14] <cmn32480> thinking is not allowed.... you know that!
[14:03:38] <janrinok> I wasn't doing it on line, honest, please don't hit me again..
[14:03:56] <cmn32480> as long as your thinking is all offline. I suppose we can forgive this instance
[14:04:40] <janrinok> thank you sir, thank you. Dobby will be well behaved in future, sir
[14:04:47] <cmn32480> lol
[14:07:19] <janrinok> might be confusing my memes a little today
[14:07:36] <cmn32480> rough morning?
[14:10:13] <janrinok> no, just tired
[14:10:36] <cmn32480> sorry to hear that
[14:10:49] <cmn32480> but if mixed memes are all you screw up, things are pretty good
[14:11:34] <janrinok> I'm not sleeping well at the moment - witness my occasional posts at unusual times - and I'm having difficulty in getting rested.
[14:14:24] <cmn32480> that stinks
[14:14:38] <cmn32480> anything I can do to help?
[14:15:42] <janrinok> I don't think so - I'm not even sure of the cause. I have trouble getting to sleep and then wake up after 3 or 4 hours feeling refreshed. However, a few hours later (when I should be waking) I begin to feel tired again.
[14:16:25] <janrinok> Unfortunately, we have to fit in with rest-of-world timings, so I can't simply sleep when my body wants to
[14:18:28] <janrinok> gtg - tonight's meal requires quite a bit of preparation, so I have to make a start now. Probably back on in 30 minutes or so
[14:18:42] janrinok is now known as janrinok_afk
[14:19:39] * cmn32480 wonders what delicacy janrinok is preparing this evening....
[15:18:42] <janrinok_afk> moules (mussels) in a creamy vegetable sauce, potato cakes, and sugar snap peas
[15:18:53] <cmn32480> ooooooooo
[15:18:56] <cmn32480> yum!
[15:19:27] <janrinok_afk> but, because S can only use one hand, I have to cook the mussles and then shell them individually before blending them into the sauce
[15:22:45] <janrinok_afk> have things quietened down a little now?
[15:26:53] <cmn32480> some....
[15:26:57] <cmn32480> not a lot... but some
[15:27:04] <cmn32480> I still ahven't killed anybody
[15:27:09] <cmn32480> so that's a good thing
[15:27:59] <janrinok_afk> I suppose it would depend a little on _who_ you killed and _why_ - not that I am advocating such a move, of course
[15:28:19] <janrinok_afk> some people just deserve it ...
[15:31:37] <janrinok_afk> I think I'm going to have to run Arthur this evening
[15:31:51] <janrinok_afk> time to go again - back on later!
[17:18:27] <cmn32480> no way we got enoguh to get through the weekend
[17:45:43] <cmn32480> just a heads up all, I am going to be gone all weekend, and will likely not be back online until Monday night from bleeping Alabama (again)
[17:46:18] <cmn32480> bytram|away takyon Coolhand ^^
[17:53:30] janrinok_afk is now known as janrinok
[17:54:25] <cmn32480> janrinok !!
[17:54:30] <cmn32480> how were the mussels?
[17:54:45] <janrinok> cmn32480: !! Very nice thanks
[17:54:53] <janrinok> how was your lunch?
[17:55:12] <cmn32480> excellent... I have no idea what we are eating tonioght, but I can guarantee it won't be that awesome
[17:55:39] <janrinok> I bet it will be, but it will have become your 'norm'
[17:56:39] <cmn32480> possibly
[17:57:06] <cmn32480> i wish J liked seafood
[17:57:16] <cmn32480> I LOVE good seafood
[17:57:33] <cmn32480> especially sushi, mussels, oysters, etc.
[17:57:34] <janrinok> an allergy or just a dislike?
[17:57:46] <cmn32480> just a meh feeling toward it
[17:58:10] <janrinok> ok
[17:58:38] <janrinok> living in a fishing port - the seafood is cheap and plentiful
[18:08:51] <cmn32480> that'd make it better
[18:08:57] <cmn32480> and fresh no doubt
[18:09:04] <janrinok> yep
[18:09:25] <janrinok> came into port this morning, I bought it at the local market, and we ate it tonight
[18:13:19] <cmn32480> onyl fresher if you catch it yourself and cook it on the beach!
[18:13:33] <cmn32480> it was like that when we were in Hawaii
[18:13:48] <janrinok> now that I do envy you for
[18:13:52] <cmn32480> the stuff was off the boat this mornign at the restaurants.
[18:14:06] <cmn32480> the taste is SO different when you get seafood that way
[18:14:13] <janrinok> yep
[18:14:25] <cmn32480> like you can taste the freshness or something
[18:14:52] <cmn32480> had the same experience in New Orleans to a point
[18:15:03] <cmn32480> some fish was REALLY fresh
[18:15:08] <cmn32480> other stuff not so much
[18:15:11] <janrinok> still moving on the plate?
[18:15:18] <janrinok> that's too fresh
[18:15:22] <cmn32480> agreed
[18:15:28] <cmn32480> we can leave that for buzz
[18:17:14] <cmn32480> all this tlak about food is amking me sleepy
[18:17:52] <janrinok> how long before you go home?
[18:18:28] <cmn32480> 2:45
[18:18:33] <cmn32480> roughly
[18:19:08] <janrinok> and how long for the commute?
[18:19:15] <cmn32480> 20-30min
[18:19:27] <cmn32480> so I shoudl be home between 5:30 and 6
[18:19:31] <cmn32480> no too terrible
[18:19:37] <cmn32480> long as I get out on time
[18:23:08] <cmn32480> it can't come fast enough!
[18:25:42] <janrinok> I'm sitting here trying to will the clock to go a bit faster for you - I don't think it is working. sry
[18:26:24] <cmn32480> is ok
[18:26:33] <cmn32480> at least the music is good today
[18:26:41] <cmn32480> I decided to turn on 80's hairmetal
[18:26:46] <janrinok> you can here me ?!
[18:26:50] <janrinok> hear*
[18:26:58] <cmn32480> I can't here you eitehr!
[18:27:07] <janrinok> eitehr...
[18:27:12] <janrinok> touche
[18:41:47] <janrinok> are you still fighting idiots on the phone, or just one idiot on IRC?
[18:47:26] <cmn32480> https://www.youtube.com
[18:47:26] <Schwifty> ^ 03Spaceballs: Surrounded by assholes - YouTube
[18:47:47] * janrinok thinks that avoided the question nicely
[19:27:02] <janrinok> cmn32480: time to go. I hope you have a good weekend, enjoy the Celtic Fair, and give my best to J please
[19:27:36] <cmn32480> Thanks sir
[19:27:43] <cmn32480> have a relaxing weekend janrinok
[19:27:55] <cmn32480> don't let S crack the whip too hard on you
[19:28:14] <janrinok> thx - probably see you back on here Monday, if you arrive in time to log in :)
[19:28:15] <cmn32480> if you are nice... I'll send you a picture of me in a kilt for a good laugh
[19:28:36] <janrinok> I'm not sure that I'm ready for that! have a good one. bye
[19:28:38] <cmn32480> I'll probably log in form the airport, but that may be before you get here
[19:28:43] <cmn32480> night!
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[22:47:27] <Bytram|away> hola
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[22:57:06] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[23:49:11] <takyon> cjeck