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[02:13:15] <Bytram|away> http://feedproxy.google.com
[02:13:21] <Schwifty> ^ 03Radar to search King Tut's tomb for lost queen Nefertiti - CNET ( http://www.cnet.com )
[02:15:37] <cmn32480> bytram|away !!
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[02:15:48] <Bytram> cmn32480: !!
[02:15:51] <cmn32480> shoudln't you be sleeping?
[02:15:53] <Bytram> how ya doin?
[02:17:52] <Bytram> prolly, but I have tomorrow off, so I can visit here for a bit befoere heading in for some shuteye
[02:18:02] <cmn32480> doing pretty good
[02:18:22] <cmn32480> how 'bout you
[02:18:37] <Bytram> good. tired, but good.
[02:18:44] <Bytram> got a sec? pm.
[02:18:49] <cmn32480> glad to hear you finally got a day off
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[13:53:17] <janrinok> hi guys
[13:59:32] <cmn32480> janrinok !!
[13:59:59] <janrinok> cmn32480: !!
[14:00:36] <cmn32480> how goes it my friend?
[14:00:49] <janrinok> OK with us thx, and at your end?
[14:01:03] <cmn32480> pretty good
[14:01:13] <cmn32480> no major catastrophes
[14:01:21] <janrinok> its early yet ...
[14:01:35] <cmn32480> i was _trying_ to be positive about it
[14:01:51] <janrinok> and succeeding - it was me being v neg
[14:10:35] <janrinok> having a late cup of tea - just had a visit from a nice lady who is looking at the support that S receives from the community. Seemed a bit taken aback when she found out that I do everything, other than 2 nurse visits a day. Not sure what the outcome will be...
[14:10:59] <cmn32480> possibly extra hands to help you?
[14:11:22] <janrinok> could be, I wonder if they want to be editors?
[14:11:42] <cmn32480> been taking her meds again have you?
[14:11:49] * janrinok suspects that sort of help isn't in her plans at the moment
[14:12:04] <janrinok> I've doubled her dose too - I feel great!
[14:12:22] <cmn32480> I'm surprised you aren't sleepy!
[14:13:21] <janrinok> I am, but at the moment I'm sat on the ceiling wondering how to get down to the bed
[14:13:43] <cmn32480> damn gravity
[14:14:00] <janrinok> smacks a bit like another SN community member who shall remain nameless...
[14:15:06] <janrinok> looks like you and I are carrying most of the load at the moment.
[14:16:35] <janrinok> I'm not too keen on gewg_'s marjuana story - it comes up fairly regularly and I'm not sure that there is anything _new_ to be said. It will probably just repeat what has been said many times before.
[14:17:14] <janrinok> but if someone else wants to run with it, I'm happy to let them
[14:27:21] <janrinok> cmn32480: I looking at implementing a web-based editor for Arthur so that the user can scan the stories, do some preparatory editing, and submit them from a web page.
[14:27:52] <cmn32480> otp w/ a customer brbr
[14:28:03] <janrinok> Haven't used HTML much so it is a voyage into the unknown
[14:28:04] <janrinok> k
[14:30:25] <cmn32480> back
[14:30:40] <janrinok> you spoke too soon?
[14:30:50] <cmn32480> no.. really was on the phone
[14:31:02] <cmn32480> i thoguht it was gonna go longer then it did
[14:31:30] <cmn32480> I'd bin the google story
[14:31:38] <cmn32480> *gewg_
[14:31:46] <janrinok> you were saying that there are no catastrophies - then the phone calls begin...
[14:31:51] <cmn32480> basically
[14:32:58] <cmn32480> it's the usualy.. thought I will be taking support calls, which is a bit unusual these days becasue we have some people out
[14:33:20] <janrinok> well, if anyone downloads the link and makes a story out of it I don't see a problem.
[14:33:36] <cmn32480> not too worried about it
[14:33:52] <cmn32480> coolhand is in the earthquake story it looks like
[14:33:59] <janrinok> takyon seems to want to give a try
[14:34:07] <cmn32480> he's been busy as heck at work lately from the alst conversatino I had with him
[14:34:51] <janrinok> yes, I heard him mention it a few days back. Just as we were saying yesterday, we do what we can, when we can. There is not much more that can be done
[14:35:22] <cmn32480> I know that feeling... it is hellacious
[15:03:05] <janrinok> pizza night!
[15:35:22] <janrinok> gtg - back later
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[17:59:18] <janrinok> cmn32480: how goes it?
[18:00:08] <cmn32480> been on the phone all day
[18:02:48] <cmn32480> how was your pizza?
[18:02:58] <cmn32480> ymuuy?
[18:03:06] <cmn32480> or yummy, if you prefer
[18:03:23] <janrinok> of course, and a glass of red wine.
[18:03:39] <cmn32480> I thoguht pizza was a beer meal?
[18:03:56] * cmn32480 doesn't have the fine pallet of janrinok, and doesn't drink wine
[18:04:18] <janrinok> but you drink beer right?
[18:04:55] <cmn32480> adn coffee!
[18:04:59] <cmn32480> and water
[18:05:02] <cmn32480> and taht si about it
[18:05:14] <janrinok> often the former means I end up drinking the latter
[18:05:27] <cmn32480> yup
[18:11:29] <janrinok> any difficult phone calls today?
[18:14:43] <cmn32480> yup
[18:14:49] <cmn32480> still on one.
[18:14:57] <cmn32480> makes me want to eat ym headset
[18:15:05] <janrinok> lol
[18:15:48] <cmn32480> https://www.youtube.com
[18:15:48] <Schwifty> ^✓ 03Welcome To The Internet Helpdesk - Official Version - YouTube
[18:15:55] <cmn32480> this has been today^^^^^
[18:16:53] <janrinok> watching
[18:17:04] <cmn32480> with a headset?
[18:17:09] <janrinok> yep
[18:17:10] <cmn32480> careful... you might eat it!
[18:17:26] <janrinok> hehehe
[18:24:43] <janrinok> _that_ was a good video!
[18:27:21] <cmn32480> glad you enjoyed it
[18:27:51] <cmn32480> "there is no thrill like connecting some idiot's ADSL modem to his 386 with 4MEgs of RAM, man!"
[18:28:10] <janrinok> it was too real - that is the problem
[18:28:17] <cmn32480> oh I know
[18:29:38] <janrinok> I think I must have spoken to him sometime in the 1990s
[18:30:05] <cmn32480> the helpdesk guy, or the end user?
[18:30:29] <janrinok> the helpdesk guy
[18:30:41] <janrinok> I haven't used one since!
[18:31:09] <janrinok> It transpired that I knew more about how to fix my problem than he did
[18:33:51] <cmn32480> it always makes me laugh
[18:33:55] <cmn32480> for years now
[18:34:53] <cmn32480> somehow.. it makes a bad day not so bad.
[18:35:26] <janrinok> so, how many times today have you had to press the 'please hold' button?
[18:35:31] <cmn32480> 4
[18:35:35] <cmn32480> so far
[18:35:42] <cmn32480> please hold.
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[18:36:06] * janrinok can hear music ...?
[18:36:09] <cmn32480> ok. thanks for holding
[18:36:18] <cmn32480> do you ahve a child in the house?
[18:36:31] <janrinok> lol - you are as mad as I am! And the only child here is me
[18:38:05] <cmn32480> brb
[19:02:16] <cmn32480> <sigh>
[19:02:29] <janrinok> ah, that does not bode well
[19:02:42] <cmn32480> I fear that stupid is contagious
[19:03:35] * cmn32480 wonders if he needs to pull out his tinfoil hat to prevent infection
[19:04:00] <janrinok> can stupid travel down wires? am I safe?
[19:04:36] <cmn32480> I think it is far more prevalent.... apparently it travesl across the phone lines
[19:04:55] * cmn32480 cringes in realization: our phones are IP
[19:05:00] <janrinok> damn, brb, taking my phone off the hook
[19:05:19] <cmn32480> may want to take the internet connection off the hook too.
[19:05:54] <janrinok> you don't catch me that easily --- I'm running Linux AntiStupid Release 14.04
[19:06:43] <cmn32480> <fingers crossed>
[19:09:50] <cmn32480> I'm running Windows....
[19:09:58] <cmn32480> CRAP I THINK I"M ALREADY INFECTED!!!!!!
[19:10:11] <janrinok> Noooooo!
[19:10:29] <cmn32480> goodbye smart world!!!
[19:10:34] * cmn32480 keels over
[19:11:46] * janrinok hopes he didn't hurt himself
[19:13:46] <cmn32480> damnit
[19:13:52] <cmn32480> damnit damnit
[19:14:00] <cmn32480> these asshats want me on site MONDAY
[19:14:01] <cmn32480> these asshats want me on site MONDAY
[19:14:04] <cmn32480> WTF??????
[19:14:05] <janrinok> I'm getting long-distance vibes that you are not happy, am I correct?
[19:15:14] <cmn32480> good guess Kreskin
[19:15:35] <janrinok> its a knack
[19:15:50] * cmn32480 gives a slow golf clap
[19:25:06] <cmn32480> fuckers want em back in Alabama on Monday.
[19:25:29] <janrinok> sry to hear that. Do you have to leave on Sunday?
[19:25:48] <cmn32480> hell no
[19:25:54] <cmn32480> I have plans on Sunday with J
[19:26:13] <cmn32480> we are going to the Celtic Festival in Bethelehem, PA
[19:26:41] <janrinok> you go for it.
[19:26:50] <janrinok> wish I was going too
[19:27:39] <cmn32480> http://www.celticfest.org
[19:27:40] <Schwifty> ^ 03Celtic Cultural Alliance hosts of the Celtic Classic 2015 - Bethlehem, PA - Highland Games, Irish and Celtic Music Festival
[19:27:46] <cmn32480> Pull out your kilt, laddie
[19:28:09] <janrinok> gtg - its that time again. I might pull something out from under my kilt...
[19:28:26] <cmn32480> not on my watch
[19:28:30] <cmn32480> sweet dreams
[19:28:36] <cmn32480> talk to you tomorrow?
[19:28:38] <janrinok> it wouldn't fit on your watch
[19:28:48] <janrinok> Yeah, I'll be here I guess
[19:28:48] <cmn32480> I have a REALLY BIG watch
[19:28:54] <janrinok> so?
[19:29:15] <janrinok> lol gtg - give my best to J
[19:29:19] <janrinok> cu tomorrow
[19:29:37] <cmn32480> mine to S, please
[19:29:54] <janrinok> sure,. take care
[19:29:59] <cmn32480> you too
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