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[02:01:47] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[02:03:11] <Bytram> hola!
[02:13:40] <Bytram> Got a question for the literate folks here...
[02:14:26] <Bytram> I recall reading a short story within the past year or so which was about the repercussions of copyrights and what would happen to society if copyrights were perpetual.
[02:15:07] <Bytram> My recollection of the details are a bit fuzzy, but the main character (a woman, I believe) had set up an audience with an important Senator.
[02:16:17] <Bytram> There was some interesting 'jousting' between the characters, until finally the woman shared her concerns and explained how the proposed law would devastate society.
[02:16:35] <Bytram> It was an award winning story, though I don't recall which award.
[02:16:47] <Bytram> I keep thinking the author's name had 'rabbit' in it.
[02:16:54] <Bytram> Does that ring a bell for anyone?
[02:17:17] <Bytram> My search-fu is weak as I cannot seem to track it down on the web anymore. :(
[02:19:42] <Bytram> there was some references to orchestrated scents/odors, too, as I recall.
[02:19:44] <takyon> what in the
[02:20:00] <takyon> sounds like something that would make it on torrentfreak, stallman or doctorow
[02:20:15] <takyon> or falvinge
[02:20:16] <Bytram> nah, they had it posed on their own web site.
[02:20:21] <Bytram> s/posed/posted/
[02:20:34] <Bytram> and none of those authors, sorry.
[02:20:51] <Bytram> I'm about to make some dinner, back in a few minutes
[02:40:12] <Bytram> back
[02:40:28] <Bytram> as far as I can recall, the name of the author had 'Rabbit' in it somewhere.
[03:01:18] <cmn32480> bytram - no idea
[03:01:47] <Bytram> darn! thanks for trying!
[03:02:00] <Bytram> it's prolly in my browser history on my old lappy.
[03:02:11] <cmn32480> possibly
[03:24:32] <takyon> dialog acquires atmel... probably an important story right
[03:25:26] <cmn32480> came from gewg_, so at leat it is likely to be well written if nothign else
[03:27:31] <takyon> let's not go crazy with that assertion
[03:27:38] <takyon> but it is a $4+ billion deal
[03:27:57] <cmn32480> his stuff is generally well written and has links to his back up sources.
[03:28:29] <cmn32480> as far left as his sources usually are, mind you
[03:28:38] <takyon> commonmemes
[03:29:10] <cmn32480> yes. far left
[03:31:00] <cmn32480> I've done enough damage for one day
[03:31:08] <cmn32480> have a good night takyon
[03:32:02] <takyon> night
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[12:43:55] <Bytram|away> hey gang!
[12:44:04] <Bytram|away> only got a minute before I have to head out the door...
[12:44:49] <Bytram|away> Apple bricked story contains something like 9 out of the 10 paragraphs from the El Reg story -- that's getting us past the 'fair use' category.
[12:44:58] <Bytram|away> I've flaggedit as non-display for now.
[12:45:09] <Bytram|away> which I had time to fix it! gtg
[12:52:02] zz_janrinok is now known as janrinok
[12:54:34] <janrinok> deleted 5 paras.
[13:00:08] <janrinok> If every politician dropping in and out of every election in every country that we have readers in is breaking news - we're going to get awfully bored over the next few years. Just my 0.02 euros worth.
[13:06:12] <janrinok> ... and this is not even the election, but merely deciding who will be in the election.
[13:55:03] <janrinok> https://soylentnews.org
[13:55:04] <Schwifty> ^ 03SN comment by [02janrinok (52)] (02Score:2)
[14:12:44] <cmn32480> janrinok !!
[14:18:37] <janrinok> cmn32480: !!
[14:18:49] <cmn32480> how goes it my friend?
[14:19:08] <janrinok> sry - coding on my other machine and not paying attention. 'It' goes very well, thank you. And with you?
[14:19:20] <cmn32480> no woreeis
[14:19:29] <janrinok> apart from sppeling
[14:20:08] <janrinok> family all well?
[14:20:29] <cmn32480> yeah... we are all gettign sinus issues due to the changing weather
[14:20:36] <cmn32480> and by all of us I mena me and J
[14:20:45] <cmn32480> the kids are fine
[14:20:52] <janrinok> yep, it is not uncommon at this time of year
[14:20:57] <cmn32480> dirty rotten....
[14:21:08] <cmn32480> it'll all go away come first frost
[14:21:19] <janrinok> or at least, we hope so
[14:21:29] <cmn32480> <fingers crossed>
[14:21:50] <cmn32480> how are you and S doing?
[14:22:44] <janrinok> doing fine, thanks. Just had a cup of tea, and an apple/custard tart that I made
[14:22:57] <cmn32480> ooo that sounds tasty!
[14:23:03] <janrinok> it _was_
[14:23:08] * cmn32480 might be a little jealous
[14:23:58] <janrinok> I was just using up some apples that had past their best, and I made a small tart. Probably too small for 2, but we had a decent taste each.
[14:24:29] * janrinok guesses that 'too small for 2' means that he is a bit of a pig
[14:25:05] <cmn32480> too small for two to enjoy?
[14:25:21] <cmn32480> you did at least give S a taste, right?
[14:25:42] <cmn32480> SWEET!
[14:25:53] <cmn32480> vmotion of a live server jsut worked perfectly
[14:26:28] * cmn32480 does the happy dance tempered by his lack of apple custard tart
[14:26:50] <janrinok> yes, we shared it. And I am pleased - although quite what you have achieved is beyond my limited understanding
[14:27:13] <cmn32480> ok
[14:27:20] <cmn32480> quick explanation?
[14:27:24] <janrinok> sure
[14:27:32] <cmn32480> you are familiar with VMWare?
[14:27:35] <janrinok> yep
[14:27:37] <cmn32480> ok
[14:28:02] <cmn32480> their enterprise product (VSphere) allows you to share storage between physical servers
[14:28:08] <janrinok> k
[14:28:23] <cmn32480> and a part of VSphere is called VMotion
[14:28:48] <janrinok> which does what?
[14:28:49] <cmn32480> VMotion allows you to migrate servers between hosts that are connected to the same storage while the virtual machine is powered on
[14:29:00] <janrinok> k
[14:29:17] <cmn32480> there is no loss of connectivity or hiccups in the data
[14:29:23] <janrinok> neat
[14:29:35] <cmn32480> adn I jsut did it for the first time (with some trepidation
[14:29:54] <cmn32480> And I am quite pleased that it worked. :-)
[14:31:14] <janrinok> I can see why now - what would have been the possible outcomes if it _hadn't_ worked?
[14:31:27] <cmn32480> BOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[14:31:44] <cmn32480> actually, it woudn't have been that bad.
[14:31:47] <janrinok> I thought so. Well, in that case, I am _very_ pleased that you were successful
[14:31:55] <cmn32480> this si a test box that dones't have anythign in production running on it
[14:32:08] <cmn32480> the VM, not the physical
[14:32:08] <janrinok> I hate 'trying' things on live data
[14:32:17] <cmn32480> dear god yes
[14:32:24] <cmn32480> scares the pants off me
[14:32:43] <janrinok> sometimes you have no choice, but I try to think it through slowly and try to talk myself out of it
[14:33:04] <cmn32480> oh yes
[14:33:11] <cmn32480> but sometimes there isn't a choice
[14:33:19] <janrinok> the occasional failure wipes out a lot of successes
[14:33:26] <cmn32480> uh huh!
[14:33:55] <cmn32480> but the occassional failure keeps us humble
[14:34:48] <janrinok> true
[14:35:06] <janrinok> I want a PiTank!
[14:35:21] <janrinok> multi-barrelled with at least 24 ping pong balls
[14:36:43] <cmn32480> me too... if on'y to shoot at my kids
[14:37:26] <janrinok> roll into a room, and get everyone!
[14:37:43] * cmn32480 envisions a ping pong ball gattling gun
[14:38:28] <janrinok> exactly, that sort of thing
[14:38:57] <cmn32480> certainly a fun toy
[14:39:04] <janrinok> scorched earth - or at least no one remains unhit
[14:39:14] <cmn32480> I wonder if we can upgrade to tennis balls
[14:39:22] <janrinok> ... or cannon balls
[14:39:29] * janrinok better stop now
[14:39:35] <cmn32480> those options would make it an outside only toy
[14:40:10] <janrinok> or at least require a certain amount of decoration after use
[14:40:52] <janrinok> funny old thing, my coding has slowed to a complete stop over the last 30 minutes or so :)
[14:41:34] <cmn32480> can't imageine why
[14:41:54] <cmn32480> so has my doing my day job.... hmmm.. must be somethign in the coffe
[14:42:05] <janrinok> p666 has given us plenty of subs to work with
[14:42:22] <cmn32480> thankfully
[14:42:36] <janrinok> 22 in the queue and still climbing slowly
[14:46:52] <cmn32480> he is prolific... and generally on topic
[14:49:54] <janrinok> his closing comments are sometimes worth close scrutiny, but otherwise they are good stories requiring the minimum of work on our behalf
[14:50:07] <cmn32480> absolutely
[17:32:58] <cmn32480> mmmmmm.... leftover chipotle porkloin and broccoli for lunch
[18:01:29] <janrinok> cau
[18:01:47] <janrinok> cauliflower cheese, sausage and sugar snap peas
[18:30:00] <cmn32480> what is cauliflower cheese?
[18:30:09] <cmn32480> or is that cauliflower w/ cheese?
[18:30:23] <cmn32480> and if so, is that like a whopper w/ cheese?
[18:38:54] <janrinok> cauliflower, covered in cheese sauce, then baked for about 30 mins at 180 deg C
[18:44:53] <cmn32480> oooo nice
[18:47:43] <janrinok> very
[18:48:03] <cmn32480> once again.. I miss out
[18:48:31] <janrinok> I was looking enviously at your chipotle porkloin
[18:49:28] <cmn32480> the seasoning actually caem from Tastefully Simple
[18:50:13] <janrinok> nevertheless, it sounded nice and I was licking my lips
[18:51:11] <cmn32480> it was yummy.
[18:51:25] <cmn32480> somthered in apple sauce....
[18:51:37] * cmn32480 licks his lips and pats his fat belly
[18:51:40] <janrinok> you still working on that server task?
[18:52:06] <cmn32480> they are pretty such never ending.... but that particular one, I have resolved
[18:52:07] * janrinok thinks that cmn32480 is wise, doing it the other way around is not easy
[18:52:32] * cmn32480 thinks that due to his fat belly, there is not nearly enough flexibility ot do it the other way around
[18:52:56] * janrinok fell off his chair laughing
[18:53:30] * cmn32480 gives janrinok a hand back inot the comfort of a chair
[18:53:59] * janrinok is grateful for the assistance, but is still seeing the funny side
[18:55:11] <cmn32480> kinda like when i was giggling like a schoolgirl earlier, adn one of the guys mentioned that he had a scary vision of me in knee socks with a short plaid skirt and a white blouse
[18:55:30] <janrinok> lol
[18:55:34] <cmn32480> he was less than enthused aout taht particular brain tattoo
[18:56:05] <janrinok> but just think of the 'friends' you could make walking through the mall
[18:56:22] <cmn32480> probably not the kind that I want!
[18:56:42] <cmn32480> nobody likes a big sweaty hairy guy in a short skirt
[18:57:38] <janrinok> well I don't, but saying 'nobody' is perhaps making an assumption
[18:58:50] <janrinok> I've stopped coding for today, I'm now happily wasting time stumbling around the net
[18:59:11] <janrinok> or should that be stumblingupon'ing the net
[18:59:41] <cmn32480> yes
[18:59:50] <janrinok> thx - I'm
[18:59:50] <cmn32480> either way I had a pretty good idea what you meant
[19:00:03] <janrinok> I'm glad we've cleared that up...
[19:00:19] <cmn32480> better to clear that up than the little plaid skirt!
[19:00:37] <janrinok> do you use your Ubuntu installation for much other than running Arthur?
[19:01:07] <cmn32480> haven't had time to really mess w/ it. Work adn family have been too busy for me to really get to learnin'
[19:01:18] <cmn32480> but I'd like to
[19:01:19] <janrinok> know what you mean
[19:01:37] <cmn32480> work? you mean that retirement thing you mention from time to time?
[19:02:45] <janrinok> I do remember what it _used_ to be like, although it is getting more hazy as each day passes
[19:04:08] <cmn32480> i hate people who don't understand the correct use of "rep[ly All"
[19:04:37] <cmn32480> when someone asks you to confirm receipt, you DON'T use "Reply All"
[19:05:41] <janrinok> that used to piss me off as well, that and the difference between CC and BCC. No wonder my email address would end up on so many spammers lists
[19:05:51] <cmn32480> uh huh
[19:06:39] <cmn32480> just got an email from the CubScout pack committee chair about the new den for the tiger scouts.
[19:06:50] <cmn32480> he requested that you confirm that you received it.
[19:07:03] <cmn32480> so far I have about 25 confirmed receipts to the message
[19:07:08] <janrinok> lol
[19:07:14] * cmn32480 beats his head on the table.
[19:07:58] <cmn32480> i had a cup of tea earlier... to help sooth my sinuses
[19:08:03] <cmn32480> it was all your fault
[19:08:03] <janrinok> now someone should ask that he confirms that he has received their confirmation.... and the world goes round and round and round and ...
[19:08:20] <cmn32480> that person will get the immediate ban hammer
[19:08:58] <janrinok> hope you enjoyed your tea
[19:09:33] <cmn32480> it was delightful. helped with my sinuses pretty significantly
[19:10:15] <cmn32480> but I was drinking it and the thought occurred to me that you would be giggling just a little
[19:11:10] <janrinok> some rather dubious images appearing on stumbleupon nowadays. However, I am amused by one the titles - Amateur Sexy Girl. Does that imply that there are Professional Sexy Girls too?
[19:11:31] <cmn32480> ever been to Las Vegas?
[19:11:36] <janrinok> or some that just look sexy but only do it for funb
[19:11:56] <cmn32480> ever walked down the streets of Manhattan on a work day?
[19:12:05] <janrinok> yes, but I do believe that most of them had a secondary occupation which will not discuss further
[19:12:40] <janrinok> their profession was sex, not being a sexy girl
[19:12:47] <cmn32480> for the first: think show girls
[19:12:52] <cmn32480> not hookers
[19:13:00] <janrinok> /pedant
[19:13:36] <janrinok> well, I recall (hazily I will confess) that they got paid for dancing too
[19:14:30] <cmn32480> for the second, I noticed it when I was in Manhattan the other day. some of the women coming out of the office building were incredibly sexy, and I am fairly certain they were not practitioners of the oldest profession, just regular women with regular lives
[19:14:54] <cmn32480> adn they do it for fun
[19:15:02] <janrinok> point taken, but I was enjoying the train of thought
[19:15:34] <cmn32480> or patrons at a club.... though that might be considered professional, only their currency is drinks
[19:15:39] <cmn32480> instead of caseh
[19:15:45] <cmn32480> *cash
[19:15:54] <janrinok> how do they pay their rent?
[19:16:06] <cmn32480> probably have day jobs
[19:16:17] <cmn32480> and enjoy the seedier side of life after 5pm
[19:16:27] <janrinok> ah, OK, we had a crossed thread there
[19:18:04] <cmn32480> can that cause the universe to implode like crossing the streams?
[19:18:34] <janrinok> only virtual universes - damn, there goes another
[19:18:57] <cmn32480> rats... I had named that one Harry
[19:20:02] <janrinok> you must remember not to get too attached to them
[19:20:22] <cmn32480> POOF.... there went Louie...
[19:20:32] <janrinok> not Louie too?!
[19:20:49] <cmn32480> we still ahve Huey and Dewey... no worries
[19:23:37] <janrinok> soon be time for me to go
[19:23:53] <cmn32480> awwww :-(
[19:24:04] <cmn32480> but alas. parting is such sweet sorrow
[19:24:28] <cmn32480> and that is the only line I remember from that movie
[19:24:32] <cmn32480> *play
[19:25:04] <janrinok> film, book
[19:25:16] <cmn32480> Shakespeare!
[19:25:41] <cmn32480> you should know all his stuff by heart shoiudln't you?
[19:25:49] <janrinok> well done, choose any prize for the second shelf
[19:25:50] <cmn32480> isn't that like British tradition or something??
[19:26:06] <cmn32480> oooo I get to put my prize on the second shelf!
[19:26:12] <janrinok> Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.
[19:26:19] <cmn32480> IO choose $1,000,000 to put on the second shelf
[19:26:37] <cmn32480> "kill all the Lawyers"
[19:26:50] <janrinok> ok, now leave the money there, and walkaway slowly
[19:27:14] * cmn32480 puts his hands up and backs away slowly
[19:27:14] <janrinok> Or let us fill up the wall with our English Dead.
[19:27:44] <janrinok> I had to learn that speech at school
[19:27:48] <cmn32480> Alas, poor janrinok, I knew him well
[19:28:11] <janrinok> In peace, there is nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility
[19:28:34] <janrinok> But, when the blast of war blows in his ears, let him stiffen his sinews,
[19:28:52] <janrinok> Summon up the blood. Disguise fair nature with hard-favoured rage
[19:28:54] <cmn32480> yeah... I googled it too
[19:29:05] <janrinok> That is all from memory!
[19:29:36] <cmn32480> technically, pasting it in IS from memory... it is stored in RAM
[19:30:38] <janrinok> no, actually my own grey-matter memory. I can't remember how to do mappings in Python, but I can remember a speech that I will never ever need from 50 years ago!
[19:30:54] <cmn32480> obviously you did need it.
[19:31:04] <cmn32480> now you can froget it adn replace it with how to do mappings in Python
[19:31:32] <janrinok> good point - but I still can't remember which play featured the quote that you made, and I should be able to
[19:31:43] <cmn32480> whcih quote?
[19:31:54] <janrinok> dunno, I've forgotten
[19:32:09] <cmn32480> parting is such sweet sorrow?
[19:32:14] <cmn32480> Romeo and Juliet
[19:32:38] <cmn32480> Alas, poor janrinok, I knew him well - Hamlet
[19:32:47] <janrinok> ah, yes, I would have guessed that, but I couldn't honestly say I could remember it
[19:32:53] <janrinok> Hamlet, I knew
[19:33:00] <cmn32480> Bring out yer dead! - Monthy Python adn the Quest for the Holy Grail
[19:33:39] * cmn32480 guesses janrionok knew that one too ^^
[19:34:49] <janrinok> yep, that one sticks in the mind better the Bill Shakespear's stuff
[19:35:02] <cmn32480> most definetly
[19:35:15] <cmn32480> past your bedtime, good sir
[19:35:31] <janrinok> good prompt - I'll wend my way until the morrow!
[19:35:40] <cmn32480> generally you are running for the sheets at 15:30
[19:35:43] <janrinok> my best to J, take care
[19:35:50] <cmn32480> to you and S as well
[19:36:00] <cmn32480> I look forward to being jealous of your dinner again tomorrow
[19:36:01] <janrinok> thx bye
[19:36:27] <cmn32480> night my friend
[19:36:37] janrinok is now known as zz_janrinok
[21:24:33] <cmn32480> harumph./.. I roll over 500 tonight
[21:26:22] cmn32480 is now known as cmn32480|home
[23:46:17] -!- FatPhil [FatPhil!phil@azdr.ee] has joined #editorial
[23:46:53] <FatPhil> Anyone think the 2015 Ignobels deserves a story? http://www.improbable.com
[23:46:55] <Schwifty> ^ 03Improbable Research
[23:48:15] <takyon> check
[23:48:39] <FatPhil> "for testing the biological principle that nearly all mammals empty their bladders in about 21 seconds (plus or minus 13 seconds)" - are they taking the piss?
[23:48:39] <takyon> we did the Ignobels already
[23:48:48] <takyon> i'll link you to the story
[23:48:51] <FatPhil> Jeepers - I missed it
[23:49:05] <takyon> in fact I posted a duplicate submission from an anon in the comments
[23:49:14] <FatPhil> Only get to soyl myself about once a day now, a lot passes me by
[23:49:30] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[23:49:31] <Schwifty> ^ 03SN article:  2015 Ig Nobel Prize Winners Announced 04(8 comments)
[23:55:38] <FatPhil> cheers!
[23:56:45] <takyon> everybody wins