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[00:06:44] <drinkyon> checkem
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[01:37:41] <cmn32480> made it
[01:39:55] <takyon> neat
[01:40:26] <cmn32480> it was actually pretty neat getting here. better that then messy as hell with traffic
[01:41:33] <takyon> I biked around a lot today
[01:41:47] <cmn32480> I dorve a lot today
[01:41:53] <cmn32480> I drove too
[01:42:04] <cmn32480> 500 miles door to door
[01:43:38] <cmn32480> felt good to get out of the car and take a shower
[01:43:47] <takyon> i biked 11 miles
[01:43:51] <cmn32480> nice
[01:44:14] <cmn32480> trails? streets?
[01:44:31] <takyon> streets
[01:44:56] <cmn32480> oooooo frogger on a bike!
[01:45:13] <takyon> threat of death really spiced it up
[01:45:34] <cmn32480> I bet
[01:48:10] <cmn32480> thoughts on the gewg windows sucks subm ission?
[01:49:24] <takyon> I'm dismissive
[01:49:34] <takyon> he basically does this every patch tuesday
[01:49:45] <takyon> and I bet Linux can be pwned by visiting the wrong web page
[01:49:51] <cmn32480> I agree
[01:50:09] <cmn32480> we have run at least two of them in the last year
[01:50:18] <cmn32480> that was what I could find in a quick search
[01:50:46] <cmn32480> I'm for deleting it
[01:51:44] <takyon> we could just change the headline
[01:52:09] <cmn32480> yeah
[01:52:24] <cmn32480> the info is good, but the way he presents it is so baiased and flamebaity
[01:59:19] <takyon> just run it tomorrow as a patch tues story, let gewg_ fire off his "here's the headline you could've seen" complaint in the comments
[01:59:39] <cmn32480> I'll unbais the whole thing and let him gripe
[02:01:28] <takyon> that 1st submission lol
[02:01:44] <cmn32480> Back ot your Mom?
[02:01:52] <takyon> yeah
[02:01:55] <cmn32480> hilarious
[02:01:59] <takyon> too bad it's 5 years old
[02:02:10] <cmn32480> still funny
[02:02:17] <cmn32480> hold for 4/1?
[02:02:39] <cmn32480> or shoudl we do a semi-annual 4/1 on 10/1?
[02:12:33] <takyon> i think the back to the future 2 2015 date is coming up
[02:12:35] <takyon> october something
[02:12:47] <takyon> the date they time travel to in the second movie
[02:12:57] <cmn32480> checking
[02:13:16] <takyon> October 21, 2015
[02:13:46] <takyon> updated note and put in Hold
[02:13:47] <cmn32480> we got some time to fogure out how to celebrate
[02:14:07] <takyon> I imagine we'll get other BTTF2 subs
[02:14:34] <cmn32480> i think that is a pretty safe assumption
[02:26:20] <cmn32480> even the original article from El Reg is crap and biased
[02:38:45] <cmn32480> bytram and takyon - take a look a the patch tuesday article that I just butchered from gewg_ and let me know your opinions, please. ANd thank you!
[02:39:01] <takyon> k
[02:39:23] <Bytram> will do; playing with certs atm; may be a few minutes
[02:39:36] <cmn32480> np. take yout time. it isn't going anywhere
[02:39:51] <takyon> It's a thought provoking summary
[02:40:20] <cmn32480> I thought it was now rather balanced.
[02:40:33] <cmn32480> vs the original sub
[02:40:53] <cmn32480> I guess my question is: do we call out the bias and point the finger?
[02:47:39] <takyon> nah..
[02:47:54] <takyon> it's plain to see if anyone clicks on orig sub
[02:47:57] <cmn32480> even in the el reg article? not necessarily that of the submitter
[02:48:09] <takyon> I didn't read the reg linux article
[02:48:27] <cmn32480> basically "ho hum a bunch of linux patches.. no biggie"
[02:49:13] <takyon> i wouldn't call it biased because of that
[02:49:25] <takyon> some reg reporters do straight pieces with very little added humor
[02:49:31] <takyon> others go ham
[02:49:44] <cmn32480> And of course Debian is Linux so even if you have been tardy, upgrading to the new releases doesn't need much more than a quick bit of sudo action to get things humming.
[02:49:46] <takyon> so it can be inconsistent, not necessarily biased
[02:50:16] <takyon> good move on using m.theregister.co.uk btw
[02:50:17] <cmn32480> end quote
[02:50:27] <takyon> that forces the article to be one page btw
[02:50:34] <cmn32480> really?
[02:50:41] <takyon> yeah
[02:51:04] <cmn32480> cool
[02:51:08] <cmn32480> I will keep that in mind
[02:51:12] <cmn32480> I had no idea
[02:51:25] <takyon> it's easier to type than the regular single page syntax, so I've been doing it
[02:52:01] <cmn32480> i learned somethign new, do I get to go home?
[02:54:53] <takyon> yea
[02:55:14] <cmn32480> sweet
[02:55:20] <cmn32480> soon as I wake up in the morning
[03:43:39] <cmn32480> Bytram++
[03:43:39] <Bender> karma - bytram: 15
[03:43:43] <cmn32480> Bytram++
[03:43:43] <Bender> karma - bytram: 16
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[09:17:57] <SoyGuest42961> whoops, what happened on #staff?
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[09:18:07] <cosurgi> looks like some kind of attack?
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