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[01:57:09] <n1> cmn32840, anything i should be aware of editorial policy wise?
[01:57:22] <cmn32840> new guy in training
[01:57:33] <n1> ohh?
[01:57:36] <cmn32840> Janrinok back on Monday-ish
[01:57:50] <cmn32840> remember FrogBlast?
[01:57:56] <cmn32840> from way back in the beginning
[01:58:07] <n1> name rings a bell
[01:58:19] <cmn32840> according to MrC, he designed the logo
[01:58:52] <n1> sounds about right
[01:59:06] <cmn32840> he volunteered last week, and as such is jsut getting started
[01:59:14] <n1> i was hoping there'd be fresh blood by the time i got back
[01:59:26] <cmn32840> that gives us 7
[02:00:13] <cmn32840> you, me, Jan, Bytra, Colhand, takyn, lamx and Frogblast
[02:00:19] <cmn32840> sorry didn't wanna ping everybody
[02:01:26] <cmn32840> and if I could count, that woudl give us 8
[02:02:04] <Bytram|away> cmn32840: !!
[02:02:08] <Bytram|away> n1: !!
[02:02:12] <Bytram|away> hi gang!
[02:02:25] <cmn32840> no policy changes, but PJ made the Original Sub link a part of the conversion to a story
[02:02:28] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[02:02:32] <cmn32840> Bytram !!
[02:04:24] <Bytram> functional change seems to be that when I have opened a story from the submissions queue, I cannot seem to make any changes to the story until I click on a button to push it into the story queue. clicking in any of the text fields just pops me back to that selection (as best as I can recall)
[02:05:01] <cmn32840> HUH??????
[02:05:13] <cmn32840> let me try that Bytram... methinks you might be wrong
[02:05:27] <n1> hey Bytram :D
[02:05:35] <cmn32840> 'course if you listened to my wife, I ain't been right yet
[02:05:53] <Bytram> n1: Yo! welcome back!!!
[02:06:12] * Deucalion hugs Bytram for being Bytram and runs off to break things....
[02:06:17] <Bytram> I really need to put dinner on; back in a few minutes
[02:06:53] * Bytram apparently has trained Deucalion to also assist in testing! My plan is starting to bare fruit!
[02:06:54] <Bytram> ;)
[02:06:59] <Bytram> brb
[02:07:15] <cmn32840> bare fruit? I prefer mine with ice cream
[02:09:04] <Deucalion> a good crumble wouldn't go amiss.... with custard now we're heading into the short days, coldness part of the year. Was there even a summer this year? I must have missed it :(
[02:10:57] <cmn32840> dangit. Bytram was right
[02:11:06] <Bytram> ok, dinner's cookin'
[02:11:24] <cmn32840> what does the "Update Submission Without PRomoting" do?
[02:11:29] <Bytram> =D
[02:11:31] <cmn32840> looks like a whole lotta nuthin'
[02:11:55] <Bytram> allows you to put a comment in the area we can leave messages for the other editors.
[02:13:30] <Bytram> http://perfscience.com
[02:13:31] <Schwifty> ^ 03Massive Outer Solar System Perturber could be existing in Kuiper Belt: Study | Perfect Science
[02:13:57] <cmn32840> bytram - n1 broke 1000 a few minutes ago
[02:14:00] * Bytram always wants to call it the 'kupier belt' instead of the 'kuiper belt'
[02:14:15] <Bytram> really? Huzzah!!
[02:14:15] <Bytram> n1++
[02:14:15] <Bender> karma - n1: 19
[02:14:16] <Bytram> n1++
[02:14:16] <Bender> karma - n1: 20
[02:14:39] <Bytram> and I was starting to think I might be able to catch up with him!
[02:14:58] <cmn32840> you are a lot closer than me
[02:15:13] <cmn32840> hey.. maybe when he disappears next summer you can have a shot at it.
[02:15:30] <Bytram> well, I *have* been at it a bit longer! then again, there's been periods when I was mostly just doing testing, too!
[02:16:05] <Bytram> we're gonna need some submissions if we're gonna make it through the weekend :/
[02:16:16] <Bytram> ~time x
[02:16:28] <cmn32840> arthur?
[02:16:42] <Bytram> hmmm, no exec here.
[02:16:47] <Bytram> .op
[02:16:47] -!- mode/#editorial [+o Bytram] by SkyNet
[02:16:49] -!- exec [exec!~exec@utioner/T-800/BeVeryAfraid] has joined #editorial
[02:16:50] <Bytram> .deop
[02:16:50] -!- mode/#editorial [-o Bytram] by SkyNet
[02:16:54] <Bytram> ~time x
[02:16:56] <exec> location not found - UTC timestamp: Sunday, 6 September 2015, 2:16 am
[02:17:14] <Bytram> yeah, we might need arthur's assistance
[02:18:25] <cmn32840> will do
[02:19:04] <cmn32840> firingi him up now
[02:19:27] <Bytram> I need but two more stories to break 900?!!?! not bad for a tester! =)
[02:19:48] <cmn32840> I'm coming up on 450... but I think I passed Coolhand today
[02:20:08] <cmn32840> the authors and HOF pages only update once per day, I think
[02:22:03] <cmn32840> Arthur is running. 5-10 minutes and I shoudl be able to toss some in the queue
[02:22:10] <n1> i will get that other story done eventually
[02:22:12] <n1> just going to smoke now
[02:22:12] <Bytram> I think the authors page updates as 'things' happen, but a story does not seem to count until it actually makes it to the main page....
[02:22:27] <cmn32840> oh that could be
[02:22:59] <Bytram> click on 'Authors"; wait for page to display. I see: "martyb
[02:22:59] <Bytram> 898 [edit] "
[02:23:16] <Bytram> if I click on "martyb", it takes me to: https://soylentnews.org
[02:23:18] <Schwifty> ^ 03martyb - SoylentNews User
[02:23:48] <Bytram> when I click on the "898" (my erstwhile story count), it brings me to: https://soylentnews.org
[02:23:49] <Schwifty> ^ 03Search SoylentNews
[02:24:15] <cmn32840> right
[02:24:16] <Bytram> looking at the results on that page; only stories that have made it to the main page are listed.
[02:24:27] <cmn32840> your logic seems sound
[02:24:31] <Bytram> I have nothing pending atm, so that's not the best example.
[02:24:46] <cmn32840> I have posted the question to TMB.
[02:25:03] <Bytram> cmn32840: you have two stories in the story queue which have not, as yet, gone live.
[02:25:11] <cmn32840> right I was just looking at that
[02:25:21] <cmn32840> we will know in 30min
[02:25:24] <Bytram> atm, it shows your count as being: '429'
[02:25:29] <cmn32840> right
[02:25:42] <Bytram> If my understanding is correct, you are actually at '431'
[02:26:04] <cmn32840> right, but if the tally is only after publishing, that woudl make sense.
[02:26:30] <cmn32840> else the system could be gamed by setting a bunch to not display
[02:26:42] <cmn32840> hmmmm interesting experiment
[02:26:49] <Bytram> now, as a thought experiment, if I were to go to one of your previously posted stories, and change it to non-display, it would be interesting to see what effect that would have on your count.
[02:27:05] <cmn32840> scary how we think alike
[02:27:09] <Bytram> nod nod
[02:27:31] <Bytram> well, we DO have a '2nd edit' thing going on here.
[02:27:52] <Bytram> so, one could quite reasonably expect a story to get vetoed as, for example, a dupe.
[02:31:41] <Bytram> hmm I see the exact same numbers on the 'Authors" page (https://soylentnews.org/authors.pl) as I do on the 'HOF' page (https://soylentnews.org/hof.pl)
[02:31:41] <Schwifty> ^✓ 03SoylentNews: Authors
[02:31:41] <Schwifty> ^✓ 03SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[02:31:50] <Bytram> at least, at this very moment I do.
[02:32:04] <cmn32840> yes. but only the top 8 or 10 authors
[02:32:39] <Bytram> well, it IS the Hall of Fame... not *everyone* gets to be the best!
[02:32:53] <Bytram> s/the best/tops/
[02:35:00] <Bytram> atm, it looks like cmn32840 has the next story due out from the story queue; it should appear in about 16 minutes.
[02:35:16] <Bytram> we can check the numbers again after that and see which, if any, is the most current
[02:40:18] <cmn32840> wow... arthur's output for today SUCKS
[02:42:56] <Bytram> 'tis end of summer, labor day w/e, etc.
[02:43:09] <cmn32840> no kiddint
[02:43:20] <cmn32840> I rolled yesterday to see if I get anythgin better
[02:43:43] <Bytram> there's some interesting stuff happening in cosmology according to, IIRC, science daily
[02:44:04] <Bytram> can you specif more than a single day's span?
[02:46:05] <cmn32840> I think so, but the number of processed stories form the RSS feed gets too nuts to go through manually
[02:46:35] <Bytram> ahh, true true!
[02:47:28] <Bytram> does arthur scrape every story he finds, or is there some heuristic where it chooses some small subset from the firehose?
[02:48:27] <cmn32840> I believe he scrapes all.
[02:48:47] <cmn32840> Jan has a version that will submit based on some black magic criteria.
[02:48:57] <cmn32840> but I don't have that version
[02:49:07] <cmn32840> I have to copy source and such to sub the stories
[02:49:17] <cmn32840> cripe.. there was a lot from yesterday
[02:49:57] <cmn32840> he is still going.
[02:50:48] <Bytram> yeah, it was the friday before a long weekend... that'll prompt folks to get stuff out the door.
[02:51:01] <Bytram> also, back to school is fast upon us.
[02:51:19] <Bytram> allthe more reason to publish so as to clear the deck in time to deal with the new students.
[02:51:34] <cmn32840> still running
[02:51:39] <cmn32840> nearly 10 min
[02:52:26] <Bytram> youza
[02:52:32] <cmn32840> done
[02:52:33] <Bytram> hmmm?
[02:52:38] <Bytram> yowza
[02:52:39] <cmn32840> he just finished
[02:52:47] <Bytram> yay
[03:03:02] <Bytram> fwiw, cmn32840's story went live about 10 minutes ago, and so far I've seen no change on HOF or Authors pages; he's still at 429.
[03:03:39] <cmn32840> probably a job that runs once-ish per day
[03:05:07] <Bytram> Could be; ISTR seeing more frequest updates than that, but I would assume that it is not maintained in real time.
[03:05:25] <cmn32840> I think we have seen that to be the case
[03:06:12] <Bytram> I wouldn't be surprised to learn it runs every [half] hour or so.
[03:06:25] <Bytram> and with that, have a good night everyone!
[03:06:34] <Bytram> /nick Bytram|away
[03:08:56] <Deucalion> Bytram, you could just check the ZNC option for Auto Away and fill in the away nick, then whenever you disconnect your client you can optionally change nick and be be marked as Away by ZNC as you feel.
[03:09:33] <Deucalion> marked as Away and nick change being discrete options :)
[03:20:18] <n1> finally finished that story
[03:20:37] * cmn32840 releases balloons and strippers
[03:21:02] <n1> lol
[03:21:03] <cmn32840> streamers... I release STREAMERS!!!!
[03:22:35] <cmn32840> n1 - you are familiar with Arthur, yes?
[03:22:57] <cmn32840> I can't remember if he was in general use when you were here last
[03:23:07] <n1> either works, streamers are better on the budget
[03:23:19] <n1> was not in general use if i recall
[03:23:25] <cmn32840> ok
[03:23:45] <n1> is janrinoks story bot?
[03:23:50] <cmn32840> yes
[03:24:11] <cmn32840> much refined from the orignal output, but he still comes in handy
[03:26:54] <n1> have not actually been on the site since the last story i did before today
[03:27:28] <cmn32840> with jan on holiday, I ahve a copy of Arthur, and am currentyl sticking stuff in the submission queue
[03:30:32] <n1> almost like team work there...
[03:30:47] <cmn32840> almost.
[03:30:56] <cmn32840> I wish jan had gotten the auto submit feature working
[03:31:07] <cmn32840> it woudl have made this a lot easier :-)
[03:32:35] <n1> wouldnt be so rewarding then!
[03:32:54] <cmn32840> but less time consuming! I coudl be workign on catching Bytrams editing numbers
[03:33:15] <cmn32840> it doens't help that I am watching reruns of Dirty Jobs.
[03:34:52] <n1> looking for a new career?
[03:35:01] <cmn32840> sometimes
[03:35:22] <cmn32840> but I don't think in the nature of sticking my arm up a cow's ass to see if she is pregnant
[03:38:53] <n1> that is probably more a vocation
[03:39:09] <cmn32840> possibly...
[03:40:06] <n1> should probably sleep, got to do the whole family sunday dinner thing.
[03:41:01] <cmn32840> get some rest. it's been a long summer
[03:41:28] <cmn32840> be proud... you are in short company.
[03:41:39] <cmn32840> and I can say that. I am only 5'6"
[03:42:19] <cmn32840> erp.... 1.7 meters
[03:42:56] * n1 hat tip
[03:43:04] <cmn32840> pleasant dreams good sir
[03:43:07] <cmn32840> and welcome home
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[14:36:30] <n1> blah
[15:35:21] <cmn32840> agreed
[15:38:05] <n1> g'day
[15:38:17] * cmn32840 tips n1's hat
[15:40:58] <n1> i have been violated...
[15:41:06] <cmn32840> I see janrinok has been back at it.
[15:41:45] <n1> yeah, was happy to see that when i woke up
[15:41:56] <cmn32840> me too
[15:42:15] <cmn32840> I was falling asleep at the keyboard after getting the stuff from arthur in the queue
[15:42:43] <n1> i know how that goes, ive edited a good few stories half asleep
[15:42:56] <n1> the quality of my work at 5am sometimes leaves something to be desired
[15:43:00] <cmn32840> now I am waiting for the coffee to brew
[15:43:14] <cmn32840> only sometimes? you are a better man than I!
[15:43:32] <n1> got a glass of cool refreshing life saving water here
[15:43:42] <cmn32840> oop coolhand is around too
[15:45:13] <n1> trying to get the motivation to write a quote this afternoon
[15:45:26] <cmn32840> money sin't enough motivation for that?
[15:45:30] <cmn32840> oddly enoufh I'
[15:45:40] <cmn32840> m trying to get some motivation to get done a bit of my work backlog
[15:45:43] <n1> thankfully i can be light on the specification, but do need to do the maths on it
[15:46:05] <cmn32840> this includes scope of work, etc?
[15:46:14] <n1> yeah
[15:46:27] <cmn32840> got a generic that can be adjusted to fit?
[15:46:34] <n1> hah, no
[15:46:46] <cmn32840> brb coffeepot beeped
[15:46:50] <n1> i had one that would have worked, but it's wrong, and this one is only 50% that one anyway
[15:47:32] <n1> the scope of work side i can be fairly vague on, it's mostly getting the pricing right so i dont fuck myself over on it
[15:48:11] <cmn32840> ahhh....
[15:48:24] <cmn32840> cameras and labor I assume? or is this the new venture?
[15:49:29] <n1> yeah, cctv stuff, but it's 2 systems, and they need to be internet connected, and that can only be done via mobile broadband
[15:49:39] <cmn32840> yick
[15:49:49] <cmn32840> you to only vendor they are talkign to?
[15:49:51] <n1> it's a building site, and part of it is to do a time lapse video of the construction
[15:49:59] <n1> it's for existing client
[15:51:05] <n1> but as it's a construction site, the system needs to be protected from environmental and other damage
[15:51:18] <cmn32840> NEMA enclosed cameras
[15:51:21] <n1> as well as being connected to the internet for monitoring, as there will be no way to view the system on-site
[15:51:23] <cmn32840> which are more expensive
[15:51:27] <n1> cameras are fine
[15:51:34] <n1> it's more the recorders/routers etc
[15:51:59] <n1> poe switch, router, nvr, associated power supplis
[15:52:00] <cmn32840> so you are looking for a weatherproof computer rack?
[15:52:02] <n1> supplies(
[15:52:19] <n1> the plan is it will all go in a meter box
[15:52:26] <cmn32840> ahhhh
[15:52:32] <cmn32840> good idea
[15:52:39] <n1> and i will put an extra lock on it
[15:52:58] <n1> the current system i have up which is similar, everythings in IP66 boxes inside existing meter boxes, it's far from elegant
[15:53:09] <n1> but that is not only covering construction, it also did the demolition
[15:53:21] <n1> very limited space to actually have the equipment
[15:53:26] <cmn32840> right
[15:53:56] <n1> it all works well until someone else on the site decides to cut the power to the whole site when they leave
[15:54:28] <cmn32840> ach!
[15:54:38] <cmn32840> that is never good
[15:54:50] <n1> i told them to get waterproof sockets for the people working on site
[15:54:51] <cmn32840> so you need a big ass battery too?
[15:55:05] <n1> but they didnt, because that would stop them getting to the fuseboard
[15:56:15] <cmn32840> thoughts on a big enough battery to at least allow you to get a message that power was lost?
[15:56:15] <n1> battery/UPS/solar would be good, but people dont want to pay for that
[15:57:02] <n1> might do that on the bigger projects when they come through
[15:57:24] <n1> it seems like this is going to continue with bigger sites and more complex projects
[15:57:32] <cmn32840> nice
[15:57:35] <cmn32840> that's good
[15:57:47] <n1> last year they started doing property development on 2 apartments
[15:58:02] <cmn32840> upside, you can set yourself up a spreadsheet with the basics and just fill in the numbers
[15:58:08] <n1> they now have several sides, with hundreds more they're making offers on
[15:58:16] <cmn32840> for the appropriate cameras etc.
[15:58:20] <cmn32840> very cool
[15:58:37] <n1> last camera i put in, i got on a great deal which i passed onto the client, that deal is gone now
[15:58:49] <n1> so the same camera is twice the price
[15:58:54] <cmn32840> ouch
[15:59:45] <n1> they're about $400 now
[15:59:54] <cmn32840> that could be worse
[16:00:10] <cmn32840> some of the stuff we used to install was $2000+
[16:00:13] <n1> oh yeah
[16:00:21] <n1> $5000 is the most expensive camera ive installed
[16:00:25] <n1> not that it was worth that
[16:00:26] <cmn32840> but the customer expects it to cost him $300
[16:00:54] <n1> ive installed $200 cameras just as good as the $5k one
[16:01:15] <cmn32840> yup
[16:01:42] <n1> these $400 ones have a 10megapixel resolution, which is quite nice
[16:01:51] <cmn32840> yeah... i bet
[16:02:19] <n1> not actually using it on these though, standard HD for bandwidth and subsequent video editing
[16:02:46] <cmn32840> when we were doing cameras 10MP dind't exist
[16:02:49] <n1> but it was cheaper to buy the 10MP one with a fixed lense which was wide angle, than a 3MP one with a varifocal lens
[16:03:05] <n1> i cant remember what they're bragging about now, when i went to the security trade show
[16:03:12] <n1> talking about 8K cameras i think
[16:03:18] <cmn32840> jebus
[16:03:34] <cmn32840> from the "when HD just isn't good enough" dept
[16:04:32] <n1> the fps is the trade generally though
[16:04:50] <n1> the 10MP camera can only record at 8fps if i recall, at that resolution
[16:05:12] <n1> at 'full HD' 1080p/2MPish it's 30fps
[16:05:20] <cmn32840> well.. that is pretty much stop motion
[16:05:31] <cmn32840> 8fps I mean
[16:05:51] <n1> "There was at least one 7K camera at IFSEC from Vancouver-based Avigilon, which claims to have showcased “the security industry’s first single-sensor 7K (30 megapixel) security camera” in April at the ISC West 2015 in Las Vegas.
[16:05:51] <n1> Avigilon also is now shipping its 6K (24 MP) HD Pro camera."
[16:06:05] <cmn32840> un real
[16:06:09] <n1> so, my 10MP cameras are nothing to these 30megapixel ones...
[16:06:35] <cmn32840> 10mp cameras provide a beautiful picture
[16:07:18] <n1> my dads still happy with D1/480p cameras...
[16:07:26] <n1> mainly because they only cost $30
[16:07:53] <cmn32840> exactly
[16:08:17] <n1> im trying to find the new camera they're talking about that's got a 200 or so degree viewing angle
[16:08:22] <n1> so it can see behind itself a bit
[16:09:20] <cmn32840> interesting
[16:09:32] <cmn32840> a 200 degree viewing angle?????
[16:09:38] <cmn32840> that's crazy
[16:10:03] <n1> 203 apparently
[16:10:10] <n1> http://www.acti.com
[16:10:15] <Schwifty> ^ 03eNewsletter July 2015 | ACTi Corporation
[16:10:31] <n1> i have a couple of 5MP cameras that have 180/360 degree
[16:10:52] <n1> mount them on the ceiling in the middle of a room for 360, or on the corner of a building under the roofs overhang
[16:11:16] <n1> or on a wall for 180, so the new 203 one takes that 180 a bit further
[16:11:26] <cmn32840> very cool
[16:12:32] <n1> as a 360 it basically makes one camera into 4
[16:12:33] <cmn32840> makes me think of the custeorm we had that thought 5mp cameras had 5x1mp lenses arranged in a 360 degree circle
[16:12:53] <cmn32840> that took some gentle explaining
[16:13:10] <n1> software dewarps the image and you have 4 views from the camera that you can control independently
[16:13:17] <n1> it can be quite strange
[16:13:20] <n1> heh, i bet
[16:14:59] <n1> https://youtu.be
[16:15:00] <Schwifty> ^ 03360 Degree Fisheye Security Camera Demo - Virtual Surveillance - YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com )
[16:15:21] <n1> should go straight to 47seconds in where you'll see the '4 camera' style thats possible
[16:17:25] <n1> this is just whats going on at off the shelf consumer level for a few hundred $
[16:17:35] <cmn32840> damn
[16:17:42] <cmn32840> that si pretty cool
[16:18:24] <n1> it is, and the benfit it you have ptz controls, without the moving parts problem with motors breaking
[16:18:31] <n1> and also, if you're zoomed in looking at something specific
[16:18:31] <cmn32840> right
[16:18:35] <n1> the camera is still recording everything
[16:18:36] <cmn32840> that was alwsy the problem we had
[16:18:40] <n1> including the stuff you're not looking at
[16:19:21] <cmn32840> broken belts and motors that when dead after being in a programmed pattern for the PTZ
[16:19:45] <n1> yup
[16:20:03] <n1> nothing but problems with most PTZ, after a few months especially
[16:20:12] <n1> they're nice when they first go up
[16:20:53] <cmn32840> the big ones we had issues with after about a year
[16:20:55] <n1> plan is to use that type of 360 for the festival and events, to save the risk of damage to ptzs
[16:21:03] <n1> with installing them over and over
[16:21:10] <cmn32840> great idea
[16:21:26] <cmn32840> are tehy less expensive than the traditional PTZ?
[16:21:33] <n1> you dont get the full control of a ptz, but you get other benefits instead, like capturing footage you're not actually looking at
[16:21:36] <n1> yeah
[16:21:53] <cmn32840> charge for a PTZ... put in the 360 with the same capabilities
[16:22:04] <n1> dont get the optical zoom
[16:22:12] <n1> thats the problem with them
[16:22:17] <cmn32840> ahhhh
[16:22:55] <n1> there are pros and cons to both
[16:22:59] <cmn32840> right
[16:23:17] <n1> but in general, they're a better bet over PTZ's
[16:23:31] <cmn32840> fewer moving parts to break
[16:23:39] <n1> and they're like 1/10 the size
[16:23:41] <cmn32840> that'd be a big plus in your business
[16:24:49] <n1> thats the problem we've had with PTZ on temporary installations
[16:25:02] <cmn32840> hmmm interesting
[16:25:10] <n1> they just dont survive being put up and taken down
[16:25:24] <n1> and then being transported doesnt help
[16:25:52] <cmn32840> not exactly what they are designed for
[16:25:53] <n1> generally the manufacturers say PTZ's will only last about 3 months
[16:26:00] <n1> when theyre being used constantly
[16:27:03] <cmn32840> ahhh hell
[16:27:05] <cmn32840> felas
[16:27:08] <cmn32840> fleas
[16:27:16] <n1> you got fleas?
[16:27:24] <cmn32840> cat musta got 'em
[16:27:30] <cmn32840> I just had one on my leg
[16:27:55] <cmn32840> I suppose it coulda been oine fo the kids
[16:29:21] <cmn32840> damn... time to pull out the borax and poison
[17:30:06] <takyon> kooiper belt vs. kyper belt
[20:35:41] cmn32840 is now known as cmn32480|away
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