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[00:58:49] <cmn32480> djdsvjsdj to you too
[01:10:59] <takyon> too lazy to think
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[01:59:25] <takyon> what do we think of the DVDShrink submission
[01:59:38] <cmn32480> unknown... lemme look at it
[01:59:44] <cmn32480> was dealing with Arthur
[02:00:00] <takyon> i'll begin google news research
[02:00:53] <takyon> https://news.google.com
[02:00:53] <spankr> 💩 03DVDリッピングソフト配布で初の著作権法違反による検挙。リンク行為も幇助に
[02:00:57] <takyon> I can see the problem
[02:01:19] <cmn32480> me too. I just can't translate it!
[02:01:24] <takyon> how the hell does someone who doesn't read japanese even find this
[02:01:37] <takyon> if you mean google chrome's built in translator it fucks up a lot
[02:01:40] <takyon> what do you mean
[02:02:17] <cmn32480> it's in Japanese
[02:02:31] <cmn32480> even wiht the translate function in Chrome... woof
[02:02:55] <cmn32480> even after the English translation, it needs to be translated into English
[02:03:08] <takyon> what would be ideal is an english news site picks it up
[02:03:17] <takyon> but it happened around the 19th so that doesn't seem likely
[02:03:21] <takyon> let me read the sub
[02:03:21] <cmn32480> hehe... I bet they don't speak Japanese either
[02:04:26] <takyon> I mean maybe I could take parts from the Google and Bing translation and just rewrite the grammar
[02:04:44] <cmn32480> how much time is that gonna eat?
[02:05:23] <takyon> dunno
[02:05:57] <cmn32480> you recall if we have done anythgin on certifi-gate?
[02:06:06] <takyon> wut
[02:06:25] <cmn32480> shit
[02:06:45] <cmn32480> can't seem to copy from my VM today
[02:06:50] <cmn32480> stupid linux
[02:06:57] <cmn32480> actually... no
[02:07:01] <cmn32480> stupid virtual box
[02:08:25] <cmn32480> http://www.itworld.com
[02:08:29] <spankr> 💩 03Certifi-gate flaw in Android remote support tool exploited by screen recording app | ITworld
[02:08:42] <cmn32480> spankr
[02:08:51] <cmn32480> who the hell is spankr?
[02:09:01] <cmn32480> or rather, what bot did it used to be?
[02:09:13] <takyon> hah
[02:09:31] <takyon> 1. I can barely keep track of new Android vulnerabilities
[02:09:38] <takyon> 2. It doesn't seem like a big one
[02:09:48] <takyon> 3. If you use remote support that's basically asking to be owned
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[14:46:33] <CoolHand> Bytram: u around?
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