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[01:34:41] <CoolHand> Need Arthur....................
[02:04:17] <cmn32480> working it, good sir!
[02:04:26] <cmn32480> But I won't tell your wife Coolhand
[02:25:48] <cmn32480> dear god... everythgin good from Arthur is from phys.org...
[02:45:46] <takyon> checked
[02:45:57] <cmn32480> checked what?
[02:46:01] <takyon> just remember phys.org is copied from the uni sites
[02:46:05] <takyon> checked in to this chat
[02:46:12] <takyon> I just write something random when I get on
[02:46:18] <cmn32480> ahhhhh
[02:46:21] <cmn32480> understood
[02:46:30] <cmn32480> uni as in university sites?
[02:46:33] <takyon> I threw in some crumbs into the queue
[02:46:34] <takyon> yes
[02:46:38] <takyon> typically
[02:46:45] <cmn32480> I didn't realize that
[02:47:02] <cmn32480> Arthur has tossed in 8 or so stories for us
[02:49:24] <takyon> well it's a human that tosses them in, right?
[02:49:38] <takyon> "Curisity Takes a Selfie!"
[02:49:41] <takyon> zomb
[02:49:47] <takyon> *zomg
[02:50:09] <takyon> feels a bit like a dupe too, will check it out
[02:50:32] <takyon> guess not. it's a "low angle selfie"
[02:50:47] <takyon> "The intention is to try to get a selfie every time Curiosity drills a rock target" oh great
[02:51:29] <cmn32480> kid crying backwhen i can
[02:51:33] <takyon> later
[02:55:54] <cmn32480> back. I took one.. the wife took the other
[02:56:15] <cmn32480> yes... currentyl I guess 'I' am Arthur
[03:01:58] <takyon> oh wow, Phoenix666 is firing off subs right now
[03:02:00] <cmn32480> p666 to the rescue!
[03:02:06] <cmn32480> ninja'd
[03:02:07] <takyon> jinx
[03:02:41] <cmn32480> I shall at this point, take them with a greatful "Thank You!"
[03:03:25] <takyon> optogenetics story is current, paper was published 5 days ago
[03:03:35] <cmn32480> ok
[03:11:32] <takyon> changed "other another" to "Another" in wget story
[03:11:40] <cmn32480> ok
[03:11:42] <cmn32480> thanks
[03:12:41] <takyon> forgot about the MIT 3D glass printing story until P666 just posted it. Looks really neat.
[03:13:06] <cmn32480> hold for Monday release?
[03:13:18] <cmn32480> as it is a more interesting bit?
[03:14:24] <takyon> sure
[03:14:27] <takyon> added paper
[15:23:41] <cmn32480> FYI - my internet access (and Arthur's) will run out sometime this afternoon/evening. I will be out of pocket all day tomorrow driving home.
[15:24:05] <cmn32480> I will run Arthur late this afternoon and pack some stuff in the queue just in case.
[15:24:19] <cmn32480> Coolhand Takyon ^^
[15:24:32] <cmn32480> and Bytram too ^^
[20:52:09] <takyon> TMB loves his SJW bait
[20:52:20] <cmn32480> you surprised?
[20:52:41] <cmn32480> he's a Socialist
[20:56:08] <takyon> ayyy
[20:57:11] <cmn32480> !socialist Themightybuzzard
[20:57:19] <cmn32480> .socialist Themightybuzzard
[20:57:24] <cmn32480> ;socialist Themightybuzzard
[20:57:35] <cmn32480> cripe... no bots present!
[20:59:03] -!- exec [exec!~exec@utioner/T-800/BeVeryAfraid] has joined #editorial
[21:00:01] <takyon> I don't really understand the contents of the summary
[21:00:32] <takyon> where's the proof that this happened for "social justice reasons"
[21:00:35] <cmn32480> the hugo awards basically decided that instead of giving the award to a white man, they woudl not award it
[21:00:46] <takyon> there was a previous Hugo story, I don't see a link to that
[21:00:51] <takyon> yeah well, that's not in any of the links
[21:00:56] <cmn32480> and they did it a LARGE number of times.
[21:03:31] <cmn32480> http://www.wired.com
[21:06:41] -!- spankr [spankr!~confirms@0::1] has joined #editorial
[21:10:17] <takyon> i'm reading
[21:26:06] <takyon> updated the article, check it out
[21:32:45] <takyon> without my addition, that article was complete bait
[21:32:59] <takyon> with my addition, it's at least bait that won't confuse as many readers
[21:43:25] <cmn32480> heheh... I had found the same one and got called dout for familyt pictures
[22:47:53] <chromas> from the go-away-I'm-baitin' dept :D
[22:59:41] <cmn32480> Arthur is running.
[23:05:09] <cmn32480> ~eds
[23:05:10] <exec> editor ping for cmn32480: janrinok LaminatorX n1 nick martyb Bytram Azrael mrcoolbp
[23:05:16] <cmn32480> i was right
[23:05:19] <cmn32480> sorry kids
[23:06:24] <cmn32480> my apologies... I was playing with some exec functions...
[23:32:03] <cmn32480> all - 19 stories in the queue at the moment. I have run Arthur for today's RSS feed, and have dumped in 4 or 5 interesting ones. I will be out of pocket on Monday driving home.