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[00:29:40] <takyon> checkem
[01:22:27] <takyon> cmn32480
[01:22:36] <takyon> ain't this sewing a grape article really old
[01:36:50] <Bytram> takyon: sew what?
[01:36:55] <Bytram> ;)
[01:39:48] <Bytram> it's actually kind of an interesting article; might want to explicitly link to the YouTube video: https://youtu.be
[01:40:15] <Bytram> NOTE: I hav eno personally watched the video; just extracted its link from the referenced page
[02:04:41] <takyon> i thought it was a dupe
[02:04:48] <takyon> because I had read something like that 2-3 weeks ago
[02:15:03] <Bytram> oh, hi! didn't see your reply. I dunno about a dupe.
[02:15:23] <Bytram> there was an article about telepresence something something...
[02:16:03] <Bytram> i recall someone writing about some company's device only allowing its 'actuators' to be used up to 10 times and then they needed to be replaced - DRM
[02:16:12] <Bytram> don't know if that was Da Vinci or not.
[02:44:35] <takyon> ok im back
[03:08:50] <Bytram> I added a note to the da Vinci story with a link to the YouTube video (such as I saw in the source of that web page)
[03:45:46] <cmn32480> sorry.. i is here
[03:46:02] <cmn32480> forgot to restart hexchat after a reboot
[04:08:26] <cmn32480> bytram takyon - I am gonna be afk all day tomorrow. The queue is out to about 8pm eastern tomorrow night. (thanks for the big effort last night Bytram)
[04:08:43] <takyon> i'll put stuff in. looks like we have a lot of subs
[04:08:46] <cmn32480> I will check back in when we get back to the condo
[04:08:51] <cmn32480> I think about 10 left
[04:09:10] <takyon> appreciated
[04:09:36] <cmn32480> your help as well. you've tossed in some really cool stuff this week takyon
[04:11:33] <takyon> I just get excited
[04:11:37] <cmn32480> hehehe
[04:11:39] <cmn32480> I've noticed
[04:12:01] <cmn32480> but your stuff is usually interesting
[04:12:13] <cmn32480> some of it is, admittedly, over my head a bit
[04:12:31] <cmn32480> but I am off to bed.
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[11:48:17] <CoolHand> I'd post some stories guys, but everytime I look the queue is so far ahead that I'm not needing to post much, so I'm just 2nd'ing where needed..
[12:04:58] <CoolHand> Or, I should say, that's what I've mostly been doing the last couple days
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