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[00:09:19] <takyon> oyyy
[00:10:03] <takyon> should I publish the sysadmin story nearer to 3-4:00 UTC or 12:00 UTC
[00:10:24] <takyon> the story: july 31 = sysadmin day
[00:11:51] <takyon> put it at 10
[03:09:03] <cmn32480|workin> takyon goes on editing spree... news at 11
[03:09:21] cmn32480|workin is now known as cmn32480
[03:09:25] <takyon> news on the hour every hour
[03:09:29] <takyon> you're all dead to me
[03:09:34] <cmn32480> WOO HOO!
[03:09:39] <cmn32480> sometimes I wish I was dead to me
[03:09:53] <cmn32480> then I could go home instead of being stuck in New Orleans
[03:10:07] <takyon> you do get around
[03:10:26] <cmn32480> seems to be a lot of the same places this year
[03:10:31] <cmn32480> New Orleans
[03:10:35] <cmn32480> Jacksonville, FL
[03:10:41] <cmn32480> Birmingham, AL
[03:10:50] <cmn32480> Atlanta
[03:11:04] <cmn32480> why the fuck can't the send me norht in the summer and south in the winter?
[03:11:14] <cmn32480> nooooo south in the summer north in the winter
[03:11:29] <cmn32480> so I melt or freeze my dingaling off
[03:11:32] <takyon> checking weather map of the united states
[03:11:45] <cmn32480> ~weather New Orleans
[03:11:47] <exec> 03New Orleans, LA, USA - currently 81°F / 27°C, cloudy, wind NE at 9 mph, humidity 82% - Thursday isolated thunderstorms (78°F-93°F / 26°C-34°C), Friday partly cloudy (79°F-93°F / 26°C-34°C), Saturday mostly sunny (79°F-95°F / 26°C-35°C), Sunday scattered thunderstorms (79°F-93°F / 26°C-34°C)
[03:11:59] <cmn32480> hot and humid
[03:12:04] <cmn32480> jsut like today
[03:12:08] <cmn32480> and yesterday
[03:13:13] <takyon> i'm looking at a map of the united states
[03:13:23] <takyon> if I'm not mistaken it's hot as shit everywehre
[03:13:32] <cmn32480> i only care about where I am... and wher I hope to be tomorrow
[03:13:45] <cmn32480> ~weather baltimore
[03:13:48] <exec> 03Baltimore, MD, USA - currently 78°F / 26°C, partly cloudy, wind N at 0 mph, humidity 93% - Thursday partly cloudy (71°F-88°F / 22°C-31°C), Friday sunny (73°F-92°F / 23°C-33°C), Saturday mostly sunny (71°F-91°F / 22°C-33°C), Sunday partly cloudy (72°F-91°F / 22°C-33°C)
[03:13:59] <cmn32480> hot and humid
[03:14:09] <cmn32480> well that just sucks
[03:14:28] <takyon> everywhere is where you are
[03:14:39] <cmn32480> ~weather everywhere
[03:14:41] <exec> syntax: ~weather <location>
[03:14:47] <cmn32480> obviously not
[03:15:09] <takyon> ~weather here
[03:15:12] <exec> 03Traralgon VIC - currently 57°F / 14°C, sunny, wind W at 10 mph, humidity 46% - Friday sunny (36°F-58°F / 2°C-14°C), Saturday rain (41°F-51°F / 5°C-11°C), Sunday cloudy (46°F-57°F / 8°C-14°C), Monday rain (38°F-48°F / 3°C-9°C)
[03:15:25] <cmn32480> I'd like to go there
[03:15:40] <cmn32480> cool. bordering on cold
[03:15:45] <cmn32480> excelent
[03:15:50] <cmn32480> sign me up!
[03:16:02] <takyon> yeah that's an attractive temp
[03:16:33] <cmn32480> nowhere near "melt your nuts into a puddle on the sidewalk" hot
[03:17:00] <cmn32480> I walked out of the hotel this morning, it was liek getting punched in the face
[03:17:08] <takyon> yeah that feel
[03:17:30] <takyon> off a plane can be pretty crazy too
[03:17:45] <takyon> unless it was heating up sitting on the runway
[03:17:57] <cmn32480> exactly
[03:18:21] <takyon> hey kid
[03:18:26] <takyon> want some cra-
[03:18:33] <cmn32480> zy?
[03:18:34] <takyon> want to edit some stories
[03:18:35] <cmn32480> yons?
[03:18:44] <cmn32480> p-in-a-baggie?
[03:19:06] <cmn32480> nberries?
[03:19:07] <takyon> y nodes
[03:19:50] <cmn32480> I'll have to remember to send out an email to all the sysadmins at work in the morning thanking them for all they do
[03:19:59] <cmn32480> [but in my case that is like patting myself on the back
[03:20:43] <takyon> just get a backscratcher and write sysadmin appreciation on it with a sharpie
[03:20:53] <takyon> then rub it in
[03:21:01] <cmn32480> nobody is gonna see that if I'm in new Orleans....
[03:21:09] <takyon> you'll appreciate it
[03:21:14] <cmn32480> hehehe
[03:21:15] <cmn32480> good point
[03:21:40] <takyon> gonna add a little note to the Firefox pissed at Windows 10 story
[03:21:43] <cmn32480> I think at this point it is more about making everybody else uncomfortable becasue they didn't know about it
[03:21:51] <takyon> since it's going to become a "bash win10" thread anyway
[03:21:58] <cmn32480> ya think?
[03:22:14] <cmn32480> we NEVER have bash windows threads
[03:25:17] <takyon> I don't even remember seeing them before this week
[03:25:25] <takyon> just an exponential increase to match the hype
[03:25:29] <cmn32480> yup
[03:25:41] <cmn32480> We've had a few that have turned inot bash win8
[03:25:52] <cmn32480> not that it doens't deserve it
[03:27:00] <takyon> ever since we learned that updates are going to be mandatory for all home users, and that disabling Secure Boot would be optional on new machines, I think Win10 deserves the hate and not Win8
[03:27:22] <cmn32480> littel from column a and a little from column be
[03:27:25] <takyon> at least with Win8 you had Win 8.1 and then whatever add-ons to fix up remaining UI stuff
[03:27:56] <cmn32480> I don't knwo how much I disagree with the mandatory updates for home users
[03:28:23] <takyon> it's a good idea, but they should bury some hidden kill switch for those who know what they are doing
[03:28:25] <cmn32480> and besides, even $$ there is a registry key that can be added or changed to turn them offf
[03:28:58] <cmn32480> the problem wiht that kill switch is that malware will knwo where it in in a week or two
[03:29:18] <cmn32480> and the idiots who get infected will no longer get updates, same problem we have now
[03:29:19] <takyon> I mean hell, you can disable Windows Update entirely by using like a HOSTS file or turning off the services it needs in Admin Tools
[03:29:35] <cmn32480> problem solved!
[03:29:38] <takyon> if you are infected by malware, malware disabling Windows Update is the least of your problems
[03:29:45] <cmn32480> true
[03:30:00] <cmn32480> but it makes life harder if they ahve closed the vector in a patch
[03:30:00] <takyon> ^ above is obviously a regression, since we can currently pick, choose, and look up updates
[03:30:09] <cmn32480> agreed
[03:30:36] <takyon> now onto Secure Boot
[03:31:06] <takyon> I've read so much FUD about it I don't know what's what
[03:31:17] <cmn32480> same here
[03:31:35] <takyon> but I keep coming back to this one: http://arstechnica.com
[03:31:38] <exec> └─ 13Windows 10 to make the Secure Boot alt-OS lock out a reality | Ars Technica
[03:31:46] <cmn32480> MS says it is a gift from God, Linux folks say it is a plauge from the devil
[03:32:05] <cmn32480> truth is porbably somewhere in between
[03:33:40] <takyon> whatever security UEFI provides, the next Hacking Team or spook will still make it into your system
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[09:51:41] <Bytram> !uid
[09:51:41] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 5777, owned by LeapingQuince
[11:02:23] <CoolHand> hello
[11:24:21] <cmn32480> !uid
[11:24:21] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 5777, owned by LeapingQuince
[11:24:42] <cmn32480> ~weather new orleans
[11:24:45] <exec> 03New Orleans, LA, USA - currently 80°F / 27°C, partly cloudy, wind N at 6 mph, humidity 83% - Friday partly cloudy (79°F-93°F / 26°C-34°C), Saturday sunny (79°F-95°F / 26°C-35°C), Sunday scattered thunderstorms (79°F-92°F / 26°C-33°C), Monday scattered thunderstorms (79°F-93°F / 26°C-34°C)
[11:26:15] <cmn32480> another shitty day in the big weasy
[11:27:13] <CoolHand> cmn32480: !!
[11:27:21] * CoolHand thought cmn32480 was leaving that place
[11:27:22] <cmn32480> coolhand !!
[11:27:36] * cmn32480 thouhght cmn32480 was leaving this place
[11:28:10] <cmn32480> buch oif retarded monkey opening this hospital
[11:28:21] <CoolHand> lol
[11:29:40] <cmn32480> but I gotta run. need to go start herdingthe retarded monkeys
[11:30:25] <CoolHand> g'luck
[11:30:29] <cmn32480> take all I can get
[11:30:35] <cmn32480> littel prayer too if you got any
[11:32:00] cmn32480 is now known as cmn|rtrddmonkeys
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[11:32:43] <cmn|retardedmonkeys> that'll work
[11:32:55] <cmn|retardedmonkeys> what do you think cookhand?
[11:33:01] <cmn|retardedmonkeys> er.. coolhand
[11:33:20] <CoolHand> think about what?
[11:33:45] <CoolHand> your nicK? looks appropriate
[11:34:05] <cmn|retardedmonkeys> good
[11:34:11] <cmn|retardedmonkeys> have a good day coolhand.
[11:34:23] <cmn|retardedmonkeys> hell or high water.. I;'m on an airplane pout of this shit hole tonight
[11:34:52] <CoolHand> yay!
[11:35:18] <cmn|retardedmonkeys> c u later
[11:35:26] <CoolHand> l8r dude
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[12:22:56] <janrinok> hi guys
[12:36:10] <CoolHand> janrinok: !!
[12:36:16] <janrinok> CoolHand: !!
[12:36:55] <CoolHand> hey man, in the Intel Micron story, is that "some questions" link (1st link) supposed to go to original submission? that doesn't make a lot of sense to me..
[12:37:23] <janrinok> standby looking
[12:38:44] <janrinok> the story that we printed on Wednesday doesn't make sense to many hardware professionals because they cannot yet see how the new memory will be used
[12:39:22] <janrinok> They then go on to look at various options - but they all require major changes to the motherboard and potentially other hardware too
[12:40:19] <CoolHand> yeah.. I got that.. I just don't understand why you're linking to the original submission there..
[12:40:28] <janrinok> for example 2nd para of blockquote - "what kind of memory is it?", 'The biggest unanswered question is...' etc
[12:41:07] <janrinok> I've got to provide a link to the previous story, and explain its relevance to the new story.
[12:41:32] <CoolHand> yes, the link to the previous story is "covered on Wednesday"
[12:41:47] <CoolHand> "some questions" links to the original sub for this story..
[12:41:57] <CoolHand> Arthur T Knackerbracket has found some questions regarding a story we covered on Wednesday, i
[12:42:15] <janrinok> ah, I see what you are getting at - wrong sub link
[12:42:48] <janrinok> that link was provided by the system on the word 'writes' - I assumed it was correct!
[12:43:27] <CoolHand> If theres going to be a link at all on "some questions", I would assume it would link to the questions..
[12:43:27] <janrinok> do you want me to correct that link - you are also in the editor on that story
[12:43:44] <janrinok> there doesn't need to be a link - the system did that
[12:43:50] <CoolHand> i'm just looking at it, not in editor
[12:43:53] <CoolHand> go ahead
[12:43:55] <CoolHand> then I'll 2nd it
[12:44:11] <CoolHand> (I was looking to 2nd it earlier and thought I'd wait to see if you popped in to ask you about it)
[12:44:29] <janrinok> done - you will need to update before you can see the change
[12:44:37] <janrinok> thanks
[12:44:43] <CoolHand> cool beans
[12:48:47] <CoolHand> 2 newest stories 2 minutes apart?
[12:49:46] <janrinok> ooops
[12:50:19] * CoolHand thinks the hacker one shouldn't run right after the potao - 2 sec stories in a row
[12:50:57] <janrinok> it wasn't/isn't going to now that I have corrected the times
[12:51:40] <janrinok> and the second story is more digiliberty than security
[12:52:38] <CoolHand> ok..
[12:52:53] <CoolHand> sounds good
[12:53:09] <janrinok> Just a note - submitters have realised that we cannot edit the original submissions - I 've just deleted a story with porn links in the username link
[12:53:59] <CoolHand> good catch.. I've been verifying those links just in case.. :)
[12:55:53] <janrinok> I suggest that we stamp down hard (i.e. delete) those subs that try it on. Any thoughts?
[12:56:34] <CoolHand> that's the only choice we have with the original sub setup... if we really like the story, we could resubmit from original sources most times...
[12:57:02] <janrinok> agreed - I'll mention it when others join the chan, if you could do the same pse
[12:57:03] <CoolHand> in top story , in lead-in line, you have "commonsense".. I'm not finding much support for that as one word.. is it a Brit practice? or typo?
[12:57:11] <CoolHand> will do
[12:57:27] <janrinok> that is a good Brit word - does it not get used in USA land?
[12:57:42] <janrinok> which dictionary are you using?
[12:57:43] <CoolHand> "common sense" does..
[12:58:04] <CoolHand> in fact, it was a revolutionary publication.. :)
[12:58:39] <janrinok> both are acceptable - change it if you feel USians wouldn't like it
[12:59:21] <janrinok> I see it is common in UK and Canada - so 'Blame Canada!'
[13:00:48] <CoolHand> free dictionary says "commonsense" is an adjective, but does not have it as a noun..
[13:01:10] <CoolHand> I think I'll change it if it indeed does not offend your sensibilities..
[13:01:36] <janrinok> well, if you will go using the socialist type of dictionary.... :)
[13:01:49] <CoolHand> although on that same page it has references in classic lit where it's used as noun
[13:01:52] <CoolHand> haha
[13:02:15] <CoolHand> I'll just leave it, it will lend a sense of "classic" classiness to the place..
[13:03:28] <janrinok> time for tea - brb
[13:09:41] <janrinok> back
[13:11:18] <CoolHand> wb
[13:11:19] <CoolHand> :)
[13:11:49] <janrinok> and it is very good to be back, especially with a good cup of tea...
[13:18:08] <CoolHand> meh, my coffee is hitting the spot here
[13:18:26] <CoolHand> along with some homemade cookies that a co-worker brought in.. :)
[13:18:52] <janrinok> I'll swap you a cup of very good tea for a cookie?
[13:27:17] <janrinok> time to unleash the Bor
[13:27:21] <janrinok> Bot!
[13:29:08] <CoolHand> robot parade, robot parade, raise the flag that the robots made
[13:29:32] <janrinok> my bot hasn't got a flag .... yet!
[13:32:19] <janrinok> it's been very quiet on IRC this week - I suppose some might be on holiday. But the dev gang are fairly quiet and noticeable by their absence.
[13:33:51] <CoolHand> https://www.youtube.com
[13:33:54] <exec> └─ 13Robot Parade - YouTube
[13:34:15] <CoolHand> taking some time off after all their big accomplishments
[13:35:43] <janrinok> just watching youtube - you need to get out more...
[13:37:31] <CoolHand> naw, not watching it.. I know that song well, so searched it so I could paste a link as support for my song quote above
[13:37:56] <janrinok> that fact that you knew it existed means you ought to get out more!
[13:38:23] <janrinok> catchy little number though
[13:38:30] <CoolHand> haha, maybe.. I made a TMBG "kids mix" a dozen or so years ago, and that was one of the songs I put on there
[13:38:55] <CoolHand> (I made it for my kids, and made them listen to it until their ears bled.. haha)
[13:39:07] <janrinok> that's what you say now
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[20:31:46] <takyon> check in
[22:34:23] <takyon> fixing errors in extension and working on warning for posting stories in the past
[22:36:38] <takyon> I don't think I've ever used confirm() in web design
[22:36:42] <takyon> but its time has come
[22:39:36] <takyon> the onclick code for saving a story is:
[22:39:36] <takyon> st_submit(this)
[22:39:43] <takyon> my new code will look like:
[22:39:50] <takyon> var d = new Date(document.getElementById('slashstoryform').elements['time'].value.replace(/\\s/,'T')); var a = true; if (d < Date.now()){a = confirm('Are you sure you want to post a story in the past?');} if (a) {st_submit(this);}
[22:52:20] <takyon> paulej72 bytram coolhand mrcoolbp zz_janrinok_afk cmn|retardedmonkeys GOOD NEWS
[22:52:34] <takyon> with the new version of my extension you won't be able to accidentally post a story in the past
[22:56:57] <takyon> but you will if you press "OK" in response to the dialog box that comes up
[23:01:44] <takyon> just changed to make it work with updating the story time, and it tells you how many minutes in the past you are trying to post the story