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[00:29:21] <takyon> no article on Reddit story
[00:43:30] <takyon> found it
[00:45:57] <takyon> http://recode.net
[00:46:00] <exec> └─ 13Two Weeks After Content Policy Update, Reddit’s Head of Community, Jessica Moreno, Has Left the Company (Updated) | Re/code
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[04:17:11] <takyon> wow Physical Review E is a real thing
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[12:24:44] <cmn32480> tea++
[12:24:44] <Bender> karma - tea: 13
[12:25:13] <cmn32480> i may be heading ot the dark side
[12:25:59] <janrinok> cmn32480: !!
[12:26:05] <janrinok> I take it you are home?
[12:26:09] <cmn32480> no
[12:26:11] <cmn32480> hotel
[12:26:11] <janrinok> sry
[12:26:13] <cmn32480> in NOLA
[12:26:20] <janrinok> even sorryer
[12:26:22] <cmn32480> had to extend through today
[12:26:22] <janrinok> sorrier
[12:26:37] <cmn32480> appreciate it
[12:26:46] <cmn32480> it sucks... but I gotta get the job done
[12:26:52] <janrinok> you fly back tomorrow?
[12:27:03] <cmn32480> 1730 local itme
[12:27:38] <janrinok> safe journey and I'm sure that they will all be glad to see you - probably have some jobs lined up for you too
[12:27:40] <cmn32480> get me home about 2300 eastern
[12:28:02] <CoolHand> cmn32480: !! janrinok !!
[12:28:10] <janrinok> I, hopefully, will be fast asleep by then
[12:28:14] <janrinok> CoolHand: !!
[12:28:19] <cmn32480> coolhand !! janrinok !!
[12:28:31] <cmn32480> only one job I want when I get home tonight
[12:28:35] <cmn32480> pillow tester
[12:28:46] <janrinok> I thought you were about to be smutty then ....
[12:28:51] <CoolHand> after being away from the wife for days, that's the 1st thing you say?
[12:28:53] <CoolHand> man..
[12:29:11] <cmn32480> i been working 12+ hour days
[12:29:14] <cmn32480> I'm tired
[12:29:29] <cmn32480> thoguht if she is feeling amorous... I shall not push her away
[12:30:30] <janrinok> what a gentleman!
[12:30:35] <CoolHand> hah :)
[12:31:14] <cmn32480> I shall engage whole heartedly
[12:31:20] <cmn32480> then test my pillows
[12:32:52] <janrinok> CoolHand: things OK with you?
[12:32:58] <cmn32480> the odds of her being awake when I get home, after having all three kids all week, are pretty slim
[12:34:00] <CoolHand> yeah... real busy at work, and prepping to be off at training for a week.. but other than that, fine..
[12:34:16] <cmn32480> how 'bout you janrinok?
[12:34:29] <janrinok> are you looking forward to training or is a chore?
[12:34:52] <janrinok> Me? I'm OK, not at my best, but coping nevertheless.
[12:36:50] <janrinok> just a random'ish question. I've had a PM from 'pwhack' who has since logged off. His nick doesn't exist in the database, have either of you heard of him?
[12:37:36] <cmn32480> no... but a person calling himslef password hack" is probably a knucklhead
[12:38:06] <janrinok> no doubt - but he asks a reasonable question and I would like to answer it if I can direct it to him
[12:38:18] <cmn32480> ok
[12:38:22] <cmn32480> what are the questions?
[12:38:47] <cmn32480> or are you wondering if we have seen him to know the timing of his arrivals
[12:38:54] <janrinok> oh, I've already answered them on the PM, but he is no longer connected. It was about moderation, karma and modpoints
[12:38:55] <cmn32480> not that you need help answering the questions
[12:39:11] <cmn32480> now I'm the knucklehead
[12:39:35] <janrinok> lol - hardly
[12:39:56] * cmn32480 thinks janrionok don't know me very well, do he?
[12:40:29] <cmn32480> I need one of these
[12:40:30] <cmn32480> http://www.newegg.com
[12:40:34] <exec> └─ 13AOC e1659Fwu Black 16" 8ms USB3.0 Powered WLED Backlit Widescreen LCD Monitor 200 cd/m2 500:1 w/carry case - Newegg.com
[12:40:42] <cmn32480> for all my travel
[12:41:06] <cmn32480> it is USB powered. that's awesome
[12:42:07] <janrinok> looks good. I always wonder why they give screen impressions - you cannot view them with any better quality than the monitor that you are currently using, so suggesting that they are brighter, clearer, or whatever can be done in text rather than by an image
[12:42:38] <cmn32480> although... I am already packing somethign else that is 16 inches... but it goes in my pants not my carry on
[12:42:39] <janrinok> I assume it is USB 3.0 or perhaps USB 2
[12:42:46] <cmn32480> USB3
[12:42:57] <janrinok> they are short legs that you have
[12:43:18] <cmn32480> it's why my Fitbit says I take som many steps
[12:43:47] <janrinok> :)
[12:44:16] <janrinok> just counting the minutes until it is that time again ...
[12:44:50] <cmn32480> beer:30?
[12:44:53] <cmn32480> time to go home?
[12:45:02] <cmn32480> tea time?
[12:45:08] <cmn32480> coffee FTW!
[12:45:50] <janrinok> it is always beer:30 somewhere, and I am almost always at home - though why you should print 'Coffee - Frogs That Wink' is beyond me...
[12:47:11] <cmn32480> I thought that was 'Fabulous Tin Walruses'
[12:47:26] <janrinok> well, that explains it then
[12:47:57] <cmn32480> glad we cleared that up
[12:50:56] <janrinok> I'm just running storybot - 'Octagenarian accused of sex act with a shrub'. I think I will give that one a read by not tag it for submission
[12:52:39] <cmn32480> AWWWWWWW c'mon!
[12:52:52] <cmn32480> but I'm sorry to hear you made the paper
[12:53:05] <janrinok> I'll pass you the link when I get out of court
[12:53:59] <janrinok> Ah, its an American!
[12:54:18] <cmn32480> you get to met the royal family? COOL!
[12:54:36] <janrinok> I've met 3 of 'em so far
[12:55:05] <cmn32480> is kate really as hot as she looks?
[12:55:14] <janrinok> yep
[12:55:45] <janrinok> but we haven't been introduced - I've met Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Princess Anne
[12:57:31] <cmn32480> but in court as their stalker doesn't really count as "meeting them"
[12:59:28] <janrinok> doesn't it - does that mean I can have that scrubbed from my records?
[12:59:40] <cmn32480> probably
[12:59:58] <janrinok> I did think of asking for a Royal Pardon....
[13:00:10] <cmn32480> you sneezed?
[13:00:18] <janrinok> Bless You
[13:00:19] <cmn32480> or is that a Royal "God Bless you"?
[13:00:27] <janrinok> too late :p
[13:00:30] <cmn32480> ninja'd
[13:00:47] <cmn32480> rats!
[13:00:49] <cmn32480> ok
[13:00:54] <cmn32480> I gotta get to the site
[13:01:00] <cmn32480> have a good day janrinok
[13:01:05] <cmn32480> hope you feel better
[13:01:09] <janrinok> have a good one, or at least a better one
[13:01:15] <cmn32480> going home
[13:01:19] <janrinok> :)
[13:01:20] <cmn32480> no better day inthe world
[13:01:32] <cmn32480> my best to S
[13:01:38] <janrinok> and mine to J
[13:01:48] <cmn32480> if she is awake when I get home I will pass that on
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[14:23:48] <janrinok> CoolHand: thx for the 2nds
[14:24:36] <CoolHand> janrinok: yep
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[21:34:42] <Bytram|alt> ~weather boston
[21:34:45] <exec> 03Boston, MA, USA - currently 86°F / 30°C, cloudy, wind SW at 21 mph, humidity 63% - Thursday isolated thunderstorms (69°F-88°F / 21°C-31°C), Friday sunny (67°F-88°F / 19°C-31°C), Saturday mostly sunny (68°F-87°F / 20°C-31°C), Sunday mostly sunny (69°F-87°F / 21°C-31°C)
[21:34:56] <Bytram|alt> ~weather portland, me
[21:34:58] <exec> 03Portland, ME, USA - currently 76°F / 24°C, cloudy, wind S at 8 mph, humidity 81% - Thursday isolated thunderstorms (65°F-84°F / 18°C-29°C), Friday sunny (62°F-85°F / 17°C-29°C), Saturday partly cloudy (62°F-83°F / 17°C-28°C), Sunday mostly sunny (63°F-82°F / 17°C-28°C)
[21:35:02] <Bytram|alt> ~weather presque isle
[21:35:05] <exec> 03Presque Isle, ME, USA - currently 81°F / 27°C, mostly cloudy, wind S at 15 mph, humidity 58% - Thursday isolated thunderstorms (62°F-82°F / 17°C-28°C), Friday isolated thunderstorms (56°F-80°F / 13°C-27°C), Saturday scattered thunderstorms (56°F-77°F / 13°C-25°C), Sunday scattered thunderstorms (56°F-75°F / 13°C-24°C)
[21:35:18] <Bytram|alt> ~weather mcmurdo
[21:35:20] <exec> 03McMurdo, Antarctica - currently -22°F / -30°C, partly cloudy, wind E at 4 mph, humidity 28% - Friday partly cloudy (-23°F--12°F / -31°C--24°C), Saturday partly cloudy (-27°F--16°F / -33°C--27°C), Sunday partly cloudy (-24°F--12°F / -31°C--24°C), Monday cloudy (-18°F--12°F / -28°C--24°C)
[21:35:30] <Bytram|alt> ~weather rihad
[21:35:32] <exec> 03Riyadh Saudi Arabia - currently 91°F / 33°C, clear, wind N at 5 mph, humidity 10% - Thursday clear (85°F-111°F / 29°C-44°C), Friday mostly sunny (86°F-113°F / 30°C-45°C), Saturday mostly sunny (86°F-112°F / 30°C-44°C), Sunday mostly sunny (84°F-113°F / 29°C-45°C)
[21:35:44] <Bytram|alt> ~weather baghdad
[21:35:45] <exec> 03Baghdad, Iraq - currently 104°F / 40°C, clear, wind NW at 16 mph, humidity 13% - Thursday clear (93°F-122°F / 34°C-50°C), Friday sunny (91°F-122°F / 33°C-50°C), Saturday sunny (89°F-121°F / 32°C-49°C), Sunday sunny (89°F-119°F / 32°C-48°C)
[21:37:00] <Bytram|alt> oops, thought I was in #Soylent
[21:38:04] <Bytram|alt> cmn32480|workin: FYI: just now got things set up so I can get online w/ my phone -- using it atm!
[21:38:44] <Bytram|alt> have had a crazy, exhausting week, and feel like taking [another!] nap.
[21:39:06] <Bytram|alt> just wanted to let you all know I'm still around and hanging in there.
[21:39:11] <Bytram|alt> I hope you all are well!
[21:40:02] <Bytram|alt> btw, take a look at the editor stats; lotsa folks right at [the cusp of] nice round numbers! https://soylentnews.org
[21:40:06] <exec> └─ 13SoylentNews: Authors
[21:40:14] <Bytram|alt> =)
[21:40:37] <Bytram|alt> okay, shutting down for now... c u all l8r!
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[21:57:29] <Bytram> I'm back, and for real! Just got HexChat working... WooHoo!
[21:57:31] <Bytram> !uid
[21:57:31] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 5772, owned by blufox
[21:57:34] <Bytram> =)