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[01:14:58] -!- Bytram|alt [Bytram|alt!~a6b50380@166.181.t.ytn] has joined #editorial
[01:21:57] <Bytram|alt> cmn32480: I'm back
[01:22:22] <Bytram|alt> disk copy completed about 15 minutes after I left; @ 1813 EDT
[01:22:58] <Bytram|alt> I launched the ddrescue cmd again, with options: '-r 50 -v' and it's plugging away
[01:23:22] <Bytram|alt> am now at retry 35 (of 50) but have seen no progress...
[01:23:28] <Bytram|alt> errors: 1 errsize: 4096 B
[01:23:55] <cmn32480> you may have one sector that is unrecoverable
[01:24:12] <Bytram|alt> could be...'
[01:24:39] <cmn32480> one sector out of 80GB? that is pretty good.
[01:24:41] <Bytram|alt> I was under the impression that during 'retry' it would keep chopping and retrying to get individual sectors and then within sectors
[01:24:54] <Bytram|alt> from the looks of things, I've got 8 bad sectors
[01:25:06] <cmn32480> it does. but if that spot is so badly damaged...
[01:25:16] <Bytram|alt> nod nod
[01:25:39] <Bytram|alt> hrrrm, or maybe I should be trimming instead of retrying?
[01:26:06] <Bytram|alt> another 10 minutes or so and it'll finish with the retries
[01:26:24] <Bytram|alt> single_tasking--
[01:26:24] <Bender> karma - single_tasking: -1
[01:26:27] <cmn32480> back in a sec. have to finish kissing kids goodnight
[01:26:30] <Bytram|alt> single_tasking--
[01:26:30] <Bender> karma - single_tasking: -2
[01:26:30] <Bytram|alt> single_tasking--
[01:26:30] <Bender> karma - single_tasking: -3
[01:31:52] <Bytram|alt> if anyone ones to follow along, I'm in #qa
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[12:31:32] <janrinok> hi guys
[12:31:55] <cmn32480> JANRINOK !!
[12:32:16] <janrinok> cmn32480: !!
[12:32:30] <cmn32480> how thigns today?
[12:33:36] <janrinok> OK, but I have been busy with chores - normal household stuff, nothing exciting. How about you?
[12:33:46] <cmn32480> fighting wiith printers
[12:34:00] <cmn32480> I pulled out the whip and chair... they were getting ornery
[12:34:38] <janrinok> I hope you are winning. Thrash them within an inch of their toner, smack them in the trays, that sort of thing
[12:34:58] <cmn32480> they are thermals not lasers
[12:35:09] <janrinok> ye Gods
[12:35:16] <cmn32480> sadly this is one of the fields where I am supposed to be an "expert"
[12:36:35] <janrinok> I'm sure that you are, not many fighting for that title, I suppose. Any news from Bytram?
[12:36:36] <cmn32480> https://www.zebra.com
[12:36:39] <exec> └─ 13Xi Series Industrial Printers
[12:37:06] <cmn32480> when I talked to him late yesterday he still had 1 error.
[12:37:11] <janrinok> They are pretty up-market printers, nonetheless.
[12:37:34] <janrinok> I think I would just accept that. It was only 40KB of data
[12:37:36] <cmn32480> I believe he was leaning toward (with my encouragement) calling it as good as it gets
[12:38:04] <cmn32480> 40KB out of 80GB is a damn fine percentage to work with off a failing drive
[12:38:17] <cmn32480> most recoveries pray for those kind of numbers
[12:38:26] <janrinok> I've got 'good' drives where I've lost more than that :)
[12:38:39] <cmn32480> and if it was a known bad sector to the drive, the disk/OS already moved the data out to someplace enlse
[12:39:02] <cmn32480> I believe that I called it HIGHLY successful.
[12:39:30] <janrinok> yep, that is a good return for a failing drive
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[12:44:59] <janrinok> hi Bytram !!
[12:45:23] <janrinok> Bytram: just talking about you - were your ears burning?
[12:48:59] <Bytram|alt> no, should they be?
[12:49:11] <Bytram|alt> who were you talking with?
[12:49:38] <janrinok> we were just wondering how you were, how your lappies are, and whether you are still chasing the elusive 40KB? Talking with cmn32480.
[12:50:11] <Bytram|alt> ah
[12:50:28] <Bytram|alt> me? okay -- finally got a full night's sleep...
[12:50:31] <cmn32480> moring bytram|alt
[12:50:41] <janrinok> good
[12:50:52] <cmn32480> excellent.
[12:51:01] <cmn32480> a good night's sleep does wonders for the mind and disposition
[12:51:15] <Bytram|alt> lappies, okay, I think. Tried a guest WiFi connection on my netbook yesterday and briefly noticed something like 'ARMsearch.exe' running
[12:51:23] <cmn32480> even my naturally curmudgeonly disposition
[12:51:26] <Bytram|alt> that was on my netbook
[12:51:54] <janrinok> did it find your arms?
[12:51:55] <Bytram|alt> gave up on the elusive 40960 as it was now down to 4096 bytes.
[12:52:10] <janrinok> yay - I would call that a success for a failing drive
[12:52:23] <Bytram|alt> am now trying to activate Win 7 on the new lappy, but there's no phone # to call
[12:52:44] <Bytram|alt> I have three choices given after this mesage:
[12:53:08] <Bytram|alt> The Windows 7 Professionalproduct key you typed is innvalid for activation
[12:53:17] <Bytram|alt> * Buy a new product key online
[12:53:23] <Bytram|alt> Type a new product key
[12:53:35] <Bytram|alt> Contact Dell to help resolve the problem
[12:53:41] <cmn32480> don't do that
[12:53:42] <Bytram|alt> but...
[12:54:06] <Bytram|alt> when I clicked on contact dell, it said I needed to be on-line!
[12:54:08] <Bytram|alt> Doh!
[12:54:15] <janrinok> and you are correctly reading the number of the netbook, B/8 O/0 etc?
[12:54:27] <Bytram|alt> definitely
[12:54:58] <cmn32480> this is on the new laptop, yes?
[12:55:00] <janrinok> I think the MS is crap at printing those labels - the chosen font is terrible
[12:55:07] <Bytram|alt> cmn32480: yes
[12:55:10] <cmn32480> ok
[12:55:19] <cmn32480> you copied what is on the label carefully?
[12:55:40] <Bytram|alt> I have typed nothing in, I assumed you had already entered it.
[12:55:58] <cmn32480> I believe it was
[12:56:13] <cmn32480> BUT, copy down the 25 numbers from the label under the battery
[12:56:21] <Bytram|alt> is there any risk in my trying it again?
[12:56:23] <cmn32480> the white sticker, not the original COA
[12:56:32] <cmn32480> no risk
[12:56:34] <Bytram|alt> I've got several photos of that compartment!
[12:56:59] <cmn32480> I was going to suggest entering the key, and if you can get on a guest conenction, try to activate over the internet
[12:57:38] <Bytram|alt> nod nod
[12:58:13] <Bytram|alt> Now that I've got a safe backup of all of my old lappy, I'm reluctant to use it anymore and have things there that would need to be tracked and brought over to the new one.
[12:58:26] <Bytram|alt> IOW, I'm now really motivated to get that dell running!
[12:58:41] <Bytram|alt> You saw *patience* before, now you'll get to see the other side! =)
[12:58:43] <janrinok> Alternatively, make a backup of your Win7 drive for the future, and make the brave switch to Linux now
[12:58:45] <cmn32480> http://www.sevenforums.com
[12:58:49] <exec> └─ 13Activate Windows 7 by Phone - Windows 7 Help Forums
[12:58:54] <cmn32480> hush janrinok
[12:59:06] <cmn32480> leave the man on the Dark Side
[12:59:13] <cmn32480> we have cookies!
[12:59:27] <Bytram|alt> janrinok: that is on the agenda, ISTR someone posted a story about that very thing not-too-long ago! :)
[12:59:40] <janrinok> :)
[12:59:56] <janrinok> you could always make it dual-boot
[13:00:14] <cmn32480> the link I sent will allow you to open the activation wizard and run it by phone.
[13:00:41] <cmn32480> janrinok: asking for trouble today are we?
[13:01:04] <cmn32480> dual booting is a pain in the butt. better to run one or the other as a VM
[13:01:26] <janrinok> its dead easy - I've never had any problem with it.
[13:02:00] * Bytram|alt clicked the link and is reading
[13:02:10] <janrinok> but a VM is an alternative
[13:02:13] <cmn32480> agreed... but it measn shut down and restart instead of firing up a VM from right where you are
[13:02:30] <Bytram|alt> looks like Dell repplaced part of the normal menu with 'contact Dell' andthat 'slui.exe' is what I need to run?
[13:02:34] <cmn32480> VM is a much easier alternative
[13:02:38] <Bytram|alt> cmn32480:++
[13:02:51] <Bytram|alt> cmn32480++
[13:02:51] <Bender> karma - cmn32480: 8
[13:02:57] <cmn32480> SLUI.exe 4
[13:03:05] <cmn32480> the 4 puts you into the phone activation
[13:03:19] <Bytram|alt> oh! *nice*
[13:03:33] <cmn32480> removes online requirement
[13:04:19] <Bytram|alt> no joy. just sends focus to the same 'Windows Activation' dialog window
[13:04:34] <cmn32480> cancel the current activate dialogue
[13:04:45] <cmn32480> and rerun
[13:05:33] <Bytram|alt> no difference -- got the same dialog window
[13:07:11] <janrinok> guess what time it is here?
[13:07:13] <cmn32480> is this the part where I say "I hate Windows"?
[13:07:14] <janrinok> brb
[13:07:19] <cmn32480> tea time!
[13:07:22] <janrinok> yep
[13:07:39] <cmn32480> any luck bytram|alt?
[13:07:39] <Bytram|alt> ah, tea time, a totally *womderful* tradition!
[13:08:27] <Bytram|alt> noipe
[13:09:04] <Bytram|alt> I've had enough of this... time for a shower and a road trip to some free wifi at the library
[13:09:22] <cmn32480> no local open wifi?
[13:10:01] <Bytram|alt> nope...
[13:10:21] <Bytram|alt> I discovered a local guest wifi SIDF yesterday and tried it
[13:10:40] <cmn32480> rats
[13:10:41] <Bytram|alt> saw something out of the corner of my eye in sysinternals process explorer
[13:11:05] <Bytram|alt> looked like 'ARMseach.exe' or 'ARMfind.exe' or somesuch that was just finishing running
[13:11:19] <cmn32480> nod nod
[13:11:26] <Bytram|alt> gave me the heebee geebies
[13:11:35] <cmn32480> if you enter a new product key, and let it fail, does it give you the option of activating by phone?
[13:11:54] <Bytram|alt> that was on my netbook -- so it's gonna be quarantined from my really* good checkother boxes until I can give it a *
[13:12:30] <Bytram|alt> I just finished writing down the product key, lest my phone go gaplooey -- paper does not need batteries
[13:12:45] <Bytram|alt> I'll try keeing it in now... brb
[13:12:57] <cmn32480> okie
[13:13:04] * Bytram|alt clicks on 'Type a different product key'
[13:13:21] <Bytram|alt> do I type the dashes?
[13:13:31] <cmn32480> no. tehy will show up automagically
[13:13:39] <Bytram|alt> case sensitive?
[13:13:49] <cmn32480> nope shoudl enter itself all upper
[13:13:49] <Bytram|alt> I'd assume not
[13:13:53] <Bytram|alt> k
[13:13:58] <Bytram|alt> wish me luck!
[13:15:40] <Bytram|alt> is typed and double and triple checked
[13:15:54] <Bytram|alt> and i click 'next'
[13:16:11] <Bytram|alt> see three-line msgg:
[13:16:17] <Bytram|alt> Activating Windows...
[13:16:30] <Bytram|alt> The product key is being verified.
[13:16:32] <Bytram|alt> This might take a few minutews
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[13:16:49] <Bytram|alt> ugh. done with a dialog box (3 lines)
[13:16:52] <cmn32480> then it ought to fail
[13:16:55] <Bytram|alt> title: Invalid product key
[13:17:15] <Bytram|alt> The product key you entered does not appear to be a valid Windows 7 product key.
[13:17:19] <Bytram|alt> Please check you product key, and type t again.
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[13:17:23] <Bytram|alt> [OK]
[13:17:42] <Bytram|alt> so, it failed
[13:17:47] <janrinok> even the bots are joining to watch you enter your product key
[13:19:05] <cmn32480> gimme sec
[13:21:28] <cmn32480> stupid caps lock
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[13:24:07] <cmn32480> am I that mean?
[13:27:55] <janrinok> he hasn't come back....
[13:28:08] <cmn32480> Am I that awful to deal with?
[13:28:14] <janrinok> how's J and the kids?
[13:28:17] <cmn32480> good
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[13:28:55] <janrinok> its nice to be home for home cooking and being close to the family
[13:29:21] * janrinok notes that they were stated in no particular priority
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[13:30:29] <cmn32480> yes on both counts
[13:30:36] -!- aqu4 [aqu4!~aqu4bot@universe2.us/ircbot/aqu4] has joined #editorial
[13:30:40] <cmn32480> J is relatiovely happy to have me home
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[13:32:34] <janrinok> I'm sure she is more than 'relatively happy' - she is just not letting you know how much :)
[13:36:02] <cmn32480> depends on the moment I guess... but I think we may be getting to that time of the month... and her joy is somewhat tempered
[13:37:06] <janrinok> ah, been there, but it is all in my past now. One of the few beneficial side effects of her medical problem.
[13:38:10] <cmn32480> even money you'd trade those in a heartbeat
[13:38:38] <janrinok> absolutely right
[13:39:03] <janrinok> what I would give to be able to hold her hand and go for a walk
[13:39:16] <cmn32480> hmmm... wonder if he is comping back or if he is planning on the shower /library
[13:39:56] <janrinok> not even sure if he got the second activation code
[13:40:01] <cmn32480> me neither
[13:40:41] <cmn32480> we'll find out when he comes back
[13:40:47] <janrinok> he had problems with PMs yesterday, because he is using the web IRC connection - it doesn't make them very clear
[13:40:55] <cmn32480> oh yeah
[13:40:59] <cmn32480> forgot about that
[13:41:04] <cmn32480> that was why we went to QA
[13:44:01] <cmn32480> guess we hurry up and wait.
[13:48:41] <cmn32480> *()^&)&*(^&*()^) ing printers
[13:52:39] janrinok is now known as zz_janrinok
[13:53:34] zz_janrinok is now known as janrinok
[13:54:02] <janrinok> back again
[13:55:13] <cmn32480> that makes two of the three musk-o-teeers
[14:07:32] -!- Bytram|alt [Bytram|alt!~a6b50399@166.181.z.qgl] has joined #editorial
[14:07:47] <janrinok> hey - welcome back - did you get the PM from cmn32480 ?
[14:07:47] <cmn32480> the prodigal son returns!
[14:08:04] <cmn32480> even $$ he is at the library
[14:08:05] <Bytram|alt> no, fraid not
[14:08:18] <Bytram|alt> nope, still at home -- long phone call
[14:08:25] <cmn32480> ahhhhhhhh
[14:08:31] <Bytram|alt> did not want to leave you all hannging
[14:08:44] <cmn32480> we 'preciate that
[14:08:49] <Bytram|alt> now I'm going to shower and had oveer to the library
[14:09:02] <Bytram|alt> I hope they're open -- summer hours, yanno?
[14:09:25] <Bytram|alt> if not, there's a public school right nearbby and I've been able to use their connection in the past
[14:09:47] <janrinok> best of luck!
[14:09:59] <Bytram|alt> merci!
[14:10:30] <Bytram|alt> so, it's gonna take a bit to get everything packed up, head on over, and unpacked... I expect at least an hour
[14:10:43] <Bytram|alt> I'll check in when I get there
[14:10:49] <janrinok> look forward to it
[14:11:13] <Bytram|alt> I can't thank you guys enough... it really means a lot to have your help guiding me through this process!
[14:11:17] <cmn32480> just sent A PM with that the leuy shbould be
[14:11:22] <cmn32480> did you receive?
[14:11:25] <Bytram|alt> ok, off to the showers
[14:11:38] <cmn32480> acccchhhhhh eye bleach
[14:11:40] <cmn32480> eybleach!!!!
[14:11:58] <janrinok> and the banter...
[14:12:36] <Bytram|alt> yes, I got the PM, but I can't seem to reply
[14:12:50] <Bytram|alt> what i saw there was entirely diffeent from what I saw in the battery compartment
[14:13:06] <Bytram|alt> im gonna try it anyway... give me a minute or two
[14:13:15] <cmn32480> I jsut sent a second key that ought to be the one from the battery compartment
[14:16:32] <Bytram|alt> I just tried the first one you gave mke.... activating windows...
[14:16:54] <Bytram|alt> heh!
[14:17:05] <Bytram|alt> got a different window!
[14:17:09] <janrinok> is that a happy 'heh' or not?
[14:17:13] <Bytram|alt> happy
[14:17:29] <Bytram|alt> title and 8 lines to come.
[14:17:39] <Bytram|alt> title: Windows Activation
[14:17:43] <Bytram|alt> Activate Windows Now
[14:17:45] <janrinok> you can rely on cmn32480 to correct his cock-ups ;)
[14:17:59] <Bytram|alt> Your computer could not connect to the online activtion service.
[14:18:04] <cmn32480> that resulted in kinds.l.. we don't do that anymore
[14:18:08] <Bytram|alt> -> Set upo an Internet connection
[14:18:20] <Bytram|alt> -> Activate Windows online now
[14:18:27] <Bytram|alt> -> Show me other ways to activae
[14:18:30] <Bytram|alt> -> Ask me later
[14:18:42] <Bytram|alt> <url>What is activation</url>
[14:18:45] <Bytram|alt> [Cancel]
[14:19:05] <Bytram|alt> end of window
[14:19:05] <cmn32480> choose Show other ways
[14:19:14] <cmn32480> select "Phonme Activation
[14:19:16] <Bytram|alt> nod nod
[14:19:41] <cmn32480> or "Phone Activation" if phonme isn't available
[14:19:41] <Bytram|alt> same window title; 3 lines coming
[14:19:47] <Bytram|alt> How do you want to activate Windows?
[14:20:02] <Bytram|alt> -> Use my modem to connect directly to the activation service
[14:20:09] <Bytram|alt> -> Use the automated phone system
[14:20:27] <Bytram|alt> I choosing 'use the automated phone system'
[14:20:35] <cmn32480> yes
[14:20:55] <Bytram|alt> 3 lines coming
[14:21:05] <Bytram|alt> Find available phone numbers for activation
[14:21:09] <Bytram|alt> Click the nearest location:
[14:21:13] <Bytram|alt> drop down list box
[14:21:54] <Bytram|alt> I selected the choice 'United States'
[14:21:56] <cmn32480> Choose United States form the drop down... if that is where you really are
[14:22:02] <Bytram|alt> clickng 'next'
[14:23:46] <Bytram|alt> ok, looks like I'm making progress!
[14:23:55] <Bytram|alt> and, that I'm going to have to go offline in a bit
[14:24:02] <cmn32480> 7 minutes... roughly
[14:24:30] <Bytram|alt> fwiw: here is what I'm seeing... be patient, it'll take a bit
[14:24:37] <Bytram|alt> Activate WWindows Now
[14:24:49] <Bytram|alt> Step 1: To get a confirmation ID, call:
[14:25:01] <Bytram|alt> 1-888-725-1047 (toll free)
[14:25:03] <Bytram|alt> ...
[14:25:24] <Bytram|alt> Step 2: Follow phone system instructions to enter the installation ID:
[14:25:36] <cmn32480> nod nod
[14:25:36] <Bytram|alt> 9 6-digit numbers:
[14:26:16] <Bytram|alt> 001771 864244 138541 301923 088831 847575 184230 442835 030951
[14:26:34] <Bytram|alt> Step 3: Type the confitmation ID the phone system gives you.
[14:27:28] <cmn32480> I know this screen all too well
[14:27:34] <cmn32480> hang up w/ us and dial!
[14:27:35] <Bytram|alt> and then there are 8 text entry fields, each under a letter from 'A' through 'H'
[14:27:56] <cmn32480> brief synopsis of what happens wehne you call them:
[14:28:10] <Bytram|alt> on my way.... and if they ask any questions why I need to activate? didn't the box come with Vista?
[14:28:15] <cmn32480> enter the 9 6 digit codes in order as they ask for them by number
[14:28:22] <Bytram|alt> nod nod
[14:28:40] <cmn32480> if they ask how many PC"s are active answer is 1
[14:28:47] <cmn32480> there shoudl be no humanb interaction
[14:28:47] <Bytram|alt> nod nod
[14:28:54] <cmn32480> this is all automated
[14:29:15] <Bytram|alt> k, if that doesn't work, I'll be back!
[14:29:20] <cmn32480> if there is human interaction answer 1 for the how many, there shoudln't be any other questions.
[14:29:33] <cmn32480> enter the nuymbhers they give you in the box tehy tell you
[14:29:39] <cmn32480> shoudl be a walk in the park
[14:30:17] <Bytram|alt> cmn32480: thanks for looking up the hours for me for the library! you're the best!
[14:30:24] <Bytram|alt> ok... hanging up now!
[14:30:28] <cmn32480> that is the main branch
[14:30:34] <cmn32480> there is another
[14:30:45] <cmn32480> that has different hours
[14:30:58] <cmn32480> bytram|alt
[14:31:18] * Bytram|alt clicked the link
[14:31:28] <cmn32480> ok
[14:31:31] <cmn32480> never mind then
[14:31:48] <cmn32480> didn't wantyou going to the library and me giving bad info becasue I dind't know your branch
[14:32:24] <Bytram|alt> got it; glad you clarified, as I would have gone to the wwrong location!
[14:32:32] <Bytram|alt> ok, hanging up now... c u all l8r!
[14:34:40] <cmn32480> good luck!
[14:35:03] <janrinok> ttfn
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[14:37:25] -!- chromas_ [chromas_!~chromas@0::1] has joined #editorial
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[14:42:49] -!- Bytram|alt [Bytram|alt!~a6b50304@166.181.y.m] has joined #editorial
[14:42:57] * Bytram|alt is smiling!
[14:43:07] <cmn32480> he's back very fast
[14:43:08] <janrinok> a happy Bytram !
[14:43:13] <Bytram|alt> thanks everyone! Worked like a charm!
[14:43:28] * Bytram|alt does the happy dance!
[14:43:30] <janrinok> don't thank me - I only laughed from the sidelines today
[14:43:32] <cmn32480> 6 minutes
[14:43:46] <cmn32480> quick get a picture!
[14:44:00] <cmn32480> we all trade places periodically janrinok
[14:44:03] <cmn32480> I did that yesterday
[14:44:07] <Bytram|alt> woulda been faster, but I wrote everything down as I went and had 'em repeat the whole confirmation sequence just to be sure!
[14:44:15] <janrinok> actually, we both did that yesterday :)
[14:44:16] <cmn32480> hehehe
[14:44:23] <cmn32480> very true
[14:44:47] <Bytram|alt> now, any bets on how long it'll take to do a ddrescue of the new lappy's 500 GB hard disk?
[14:45:20] <janrinok> if you are happy that it is a sound disk, you don't have to do a bit-for-bit copy
[14:45:54] <janrinok> there are other options available
[14:46:07] <cmn32480> I'd suggest Macrium reflect (Free
[14:46:10] <cmn32480> )
[14:46:30] <cmn32480> one thign I don't knwo is if it will do the system disk
[14:46:35] <janrinok> it would be much quicker that ddrescue of 50GB
[14:47:04] <janrinok> ddrescue of 500GB
[14:47:05] <Bytram|alt> will it let me format the hard diisk and re-load to a complete working image?
[14:47:46] <cmn32480> not internally on the machine. I think you woudl ahve to have it in an external enclosure
[14:47:58] <cmn32480> so that may nto be a good answer
[14:48:27] <janrinok> if the disk size stays the same then I think yes - otherwise you are better using a bit copy - but cmn's comments are correct, save on an external drive
[14:48:49] <Bytram|alt> external drive, yes.
[14:49:06] <Bytram|alt> on second thought, though, right now I've got the systerm disk as a single 500 GB partition.
[14:49:18] <cmn32480> yes
[14:49:28] <Bytram|alt> a bit-image backup would leave me in the same configuration
[14:49:35] <cmn32480> yes
[14:49:43] <Bytram|alt> i'm thinking about dual-booting vs running a VM
[14:49:47] <janrinok> don't go any further - saving it to another partition on the same drive is NOT a good idea. If you corrupt the partition table, you lose both sets of data
[14:49:48] <cmn32480> you need somethign like a PtoV image
[14:50:08] <Bytram|alt> as I'm not planning on gaming, any ideas of any other issues i should be concerned with in having linux in a vm?
[14:50:24] <janrinok> no linux will run fine
[14:50:30] <Bytram|alt> otherwise, I intend to skip bare metal install and only run linux/bsd/whatever in a VM
[14:50:30] <cmn32480> which direction you want to run? Linux in the VM or Windows in the VM
[14:50:52] <Bytram|alt> good question!
[14:50:56] <Bytram|alt> sugestions?
[14:50:59] <janrinok> if you try to re-install win in a linux VM, won't you have to activate again?
[14:51:00] <cmn32480> differnt way to ask same question: what is going to run on the bare metal
[14:51:10] <cmn32480> janrinok - yes
[14:51:19] <janrinok> leave win on the bare metal, linux in a vm
[14:51:26] <cmn32480> i tend to agree
[14:51:39] <cmn32480> side question for thought
[14:51:45] <Bytram|alt> I understand the question; havve no experience with VMs on x86 (but tested IBM's VM operating system on big iron so understand the concepts)
[14:51:49] <cmn32480> what are you going to use more? linux or windows
[14:52:14] <janrinok> install linux in an LVM as part of the VM, that way you don't have to worry about partition sizes or anything clever
[14:52:23] <Bytram|alt> for starters, prolly windows. Intend to gradually get everything on *nix
[14:52:30] <janrinok> most distros do it automatically
[14:52:43] <cmn32480> https://www.virtualbox.org
[14:52:45] <Bytram|alt> 'do it
[14:52:46] <Bytram|alt> ?
[14:52:48] <exec> └─ 13Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox
[14:53:12] <cmn32480> Free hypervisor for both windows and linux
[14:53:29] <cmn32480> to create your VM in, regardless of bare metal OS
[14:53:29] <janrinok> I prefer VMWare because I haven't bought the extensions to control USB2.0 from inside a virtualbox VM
[14:53:38] <Bytram|alt> I've heard of it... prolly already did a D/L a while ago on my old lappy
[14:53:43] <cmn32480> bought the extensions?
[14:54:13] <janrinok> well, it tells me I can't have the USB 2.0 controllers until I download the extensions which the site suggests cost money
[14:54:31] <cmn32480> nope
[14:54:34] * Bytram|alt watches attentively
[14:54:35] <cmn32480> free for personal use
[14:54:37] <janrinok> so I use VMWare which doesn't have this restriction at all, and works perfectly
[14:55:02] <cmn32480> "Support for USB 2.0 devices, VirtualBox RDP and PXE boot for Intel cards. See this chapter from the User Manual for an introduction to this Extension Pack. The Extension Pack binaries are released under the VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License (PUEL)."
[14:55:05] <janrinok> I can't download the extensions without getting to their pay up page
[14:55:30] <cmn32480> I click the link and it asks where to save it
[14:55:43] <cmn32480> http://download.virtualbox.org
[14:55:44] <janrinok> I'll look again, but I am happy with VMWare so I don't suppose I will change
[14:55:57] <cmn32480> if it does what you need.. don't change
[14:56:11] <cmn32480> I use VMware on my servers here
[14:56:15] <Bytram|alt> IIRC, VirtualBox is from Oracle?
[14:56:16] <cmn32480> and LOVE it
[14:56:17] * Bytram|alt shudders
[14:56:21] <cmn32480> correct
[14:56:25] <janrinok> brb - nurse here
[14:56:32] <Bytram|alt> janrinok: k, c ya
[14:56:42] <cmn32480> Bytram|alt - pick your poison
[14:57:01] <cmn32480> unfortuinately that is what it comes down to
[14:57:03] <Bytram|alt> wasn't VMware the first to get VMs running on PC hardware?
[14:57:12] <cmn32480> YOU can also use Hyper-V from MS
[14:57:31] <cmn32480> I do not know the answer to that one
[14:57:40] <Bytram|alt> forgot about that one, but that's MS -specific
[14:57:59] <Bytram|alt> with VMWare, I would think I'd have the most flexibility -- from what I've read
[14:58:13] <Bytram|alt> it's the one that others compare against and are compatible with
[14:58:31] <Bytram|alt> does that match your experience?
[14:59:31] <Bytram|alt> btw, pm me with where the act code came from -- don't see in batt comp.
[14:59:32] <cmn32480> MS Specific for the hypervisor, but you can run anythign inside it
[14:59:38] <Bytram|alt> nod nod
[14:59:53] <cmn32480> I'm nto sure what VMWare's free PC based hypervisor looks like abymore
[15:00:00] <Bytram|alt> k
[15:00:29] <cmn32480> used to be VMWare server....
[15:00:35] <cmn32480> that was the free one anyway
[15:00:39] <Bytram|alt> nod nod
[15:01:18] <cmn32480> v2.02 is that last one that I can find... released in 2009.
[15:02:47] <Bytram|alt> k
[15:02:50] <Bytram|alt> btw, pm me with where the act code came from -- don't see in batt comp.
[15:03:48] <cmn32480> ever hear the phrse "you don't wanna know"?
[15:04:07] <Bytram|alt> k
[15:04:09] <Bytram|alt> =)
[15:04:40] <Bytram|alt> just don't want any surprises down the road, that's all
[15:04:51] <cmn32480> you won't have any.
[15:04:58] <cmn32480> came from another machine on the scrap heap
[15:05:04] <Bytram|alt> LOL!
[15:05:18] <Bytram|alt> excellent!
[15:05:18] <cmn32480> brb... bio break
[15:05:29] <Bytram|alt> k
[15:05:39] * Bytram|alt seeks SystemRecoverCd
[15:06:38] <Bytram|alt> good idea, /me does same
[15:09:20] <janrinok> Bytram: VirtualBox has the better UI, in my opinion, but I have tried them both and they both do what they say. With the proviso, that I have had problems downloading the free extension
[15:09:46] <janrinok> ... but cmn has provided a link to get round that problem.
[15:10:32] <janrinok> Any idea which linux distro you will be using (at least at first :))?
[15:11:23] <janrinok> If you like the simple XP-style UI, then ubuntu-MATE is a good starter. If you install 14.04 you get 5 years support and NO systemd.
[15:11:46] <janrinok> However, systemd is in use here (Debian) and works equally well.
[15:12:13] <Bytram|alt> back
[15:12:15] <janrinok> I've got Ubuntu-MATE, Debian, and PC-BSD running at present
[15:12:25] <janrinok> Bytram: readback^^^
[15:12:38] <Bytram|alt> since NC hs mucho exp with ubuntu, I'm tempted to go with Ubuntu-MATE ...
[15:13:00] <Bytram|alt> there was a recent article (Ars Technica I think) recommending it, too
[15:13:48] <Bytram|alt> cmn32480: will the Dell autoboot from CD or will I need to change the boot order (and, if so, how do I do that?)
[15:14:14] <cmn32480> change boot order
[15:14:22] <cmn32480> F12 at the splash screen
[15:14:22] <Bytram|alt> k
[15:14:27] <janrinok> You can always install a more glitzy desktop if you decide that is the way you want to go
[15:14:28] <cmn32480> for a one time
[15:14:31] <Bytram|alt> gotta be quick then
[15:14:58] <Bytram|alt> first, I gotta get the CD out of the old lappy and it won't eject unless I power it on
[15:14:59] <cmn32480> F2 gets you into the BIOS for permanent change
[15:15:07] <cmn32480> paperclip
[15:15:09] <Bytram|alt> don't want that!
[15:15:16] <cmn32480> in the little emergency release hole
[15:15:31] * Bytram|alt looks for paperclip
[15:15:38] <janrinok> somebody actually makes a tool for the job!
[15:15:40] <Bytram|alt> where's clippy when you need him?
[15:15:45] <Bytram|alt> =0
[15:15:50] <cmn32480> dead thankfully
[15:15:53] <Bytram|alt> =)
[15:15:58] <Bytram|alt> NOD NOD
[15:16:25] <janrinok> if anyone can spare a minute to 2nd the latest story out pse
[15:16:48] <Bytram|alt> I got plenty of staples but no paperclips... powering up old lappy
[15:16:56] <cmn32480> got it janrinok
[15:17:00] <janrinok> thx
[15:17:46] <Bytram|alt> got cd
[15:19:03] <Bytram|alt> put in dell cd drive, but have not closed drive door
[15:19:07] <Bytram|alt> shutting down dell
[15:19:33] <Bytram|alt> down
[15:19:36] <Bytram|alt> closing cd drawer
[15:20:03] <Bytram|alt> pressing power button with finger hovering over F12 key
[15:20:20] <Bytram|alt> got boot menu
[15:20:31] <Bytram|alt> hit enter to select cd/dvd drive
[15:20:49] <Bytram|alt> see SystemRescueCD 4.5.3 boot menu
[15:20:54] <Bytram|alt> taking default boot options
[15:21:10] <Bytram|alt> loading rescue64......
[15:21:49] <Bytram|alt> loading initram.igz....
[15:21:57] <Bytram|alt> loading kernel modules
[15:22:03] <Bytram|alt> US keymap
[15:23:40] <cmn32480> This ought to finish sometime tomorrow....
[15:23:54] <janrinok> well, the USB should be faster now, shouldn't it?
[15:23:57] <Bytram|alt> am now at root prompt: root@sysresccd /root %
[15:24:28] <cmn32480> yes.... faster drive too. SATA if I recall
[15:24:33] <cmn32480> vs. IDE
[15:24:45] <janrinok> whoosh - by comparison, crawl in reality still
[15:25:05] <Bytram|alt> much faster, also I intend to use a larger 'block' instead of the default of 128 sectors (@512B each) I plan to use 65536 sectors; instead of 64 KiB per read, it'll get 32 MB per read
[15:25:13] <Bytram|alt> I think.
[15:25:22] <janrinok> I know a good way to find out :)
[15:25:43] <janrinok> make sure of your drive names first though!
[15:25:52] <Bytram|alt> fdisk -l reports:
[15:26:48] <Bytram|alt> 1.) /dev/sda1 63..80324 'Dell Utitlity'
[15:27:29] <Bytram|alt> 2.) /dev/sda2 81920..976767151 'HPFS/NTFS/exFat'
[15:27:36] <Bytram|alt> so, i am copying form /dev/sda2
[15:27:49] <janrinok> do you want to copy the partition or the drive?
[15:27:50] <cmn32480> yes
[15:28:01] <cmn32480> sda1 is the Dell utility partition
[15:28:05] <Bytram|alt> hmm good question
[15:28:11] <Bytram|alt> nod nod
[15:28:29] <janrinok> If you want to get back to this state copy the whole thing - /dev/sda
[15:28:42] <Bytram|alt> from what I've seen, the utility is small, and there is a way with loopback and offsets tto access either one if I grab thewhole drive
[15:28:51] <janrinok> correct
[15:28:53] <Bytram|alt> so I'm leaning to all of /dev/sda
[15:29:09] <janrinok> I would, but it is your choice. there is no right or wrong
[15:29:12] <cmn32480> you have enough space on your external, so that shoudl not be an issue
[15:29:28] <cmn32480> no harm in taking the whole thing
[15:29:37] <janrinok> don't forget to mount your external on backup again
[15:29:45] <cmn32480> the dell partition is usually only abou 50-100MB
[15:29:52] <janrinok> or whichever mount point you choose
[15:30:22] <cmn32480> janrinok - can you hear Bytram's excitment in his typing?
[15:30:28] <janrinok> yep
[15:31:14] <cmn32480> and the drive is SATA 3GBps far outstripping the USB 2.0 468MB transfer rate
[15:31:42] <Bytram|alt> k
[15:31:48] <janrinok> so hopefully much faster but also 6 times the amount of data
[15:32:13] <cmn32480> right
[15:32:27] <janrinok> I'm going for 3.5 hours
[15:32:51] <janrinok> that's a wild ass guess - not a calculation
[15:32:53] <Bytram|alt> note; there is a msg wrt the internal drive:
[15:32:58] <cmn32480> I'm not even trying the math
[15:33:11] <Bytram|alt> "Partition 2 foesnot start on physical sector boundary."
[15:33:15] <Bytram|alt> s/foes/does /
[15:33:22] <cmn32480> interesting
[15:33:27] <Bytram|alt> "Partition 2 does not start on physical sector boundary."
[15:33:29] <cmn32480> never seen taht before
[15:33:54] <Bytram|alt> fdisk -l now reports I also have /dev/sdb1'
[15:34:30] <cmn32480> http://askubuntu.com
[15:34:32] <exec> └─ 13partitioning - Partition does not start on physical sector boundary? - Ask Ubuntu
[15:34:53] <janrinok> yeah, I have, nothing to worry about
[15:35:01] * Bytram|alt clicks
[15:35:13] <janrinok> if you ever reformat you can correct that
[15:35:18] <cmn32480> that is what I get from the link
[15:35:23] <cmn32480> nothign to worry about
[15:35:44] <CoolHand> janrinok!! cmn32480 !!
[15:35:50] <cmn32480> CoolHand!
[15:35:51] <janrinok> CoolHand: !!
[15:35:53] <cmn32480> !!
[15:35:54] <CoolHand> w00t! woot!
[15:35:56] <CoolHand> :)
[15:36:03] <CoolHand> Bytram|alt: !!
[15:36:08] <CoolHand> missed bytram being here..
[15:36:23] <janrinok> CoolHand: you won't any longer - on his new machine!
[15:36:24] <cmn32480> pay attention CoolHand... there is gonna be a quiz later
[15:36:41] <CoolHand> sorry guys... happy for Bytram|alt though!
[15:36:49] <CoolHand> hey janrinok -- you're N Korea story
[15:36:51] <janrinok> not as happy as Bytram
[15:37:00] <CoolHand> ..seemed to be missing link.. I added it..
[15:37:00] <janrinok> CoolHand: yeah?
[15:37:04] <janrinok> thx
[15:37:11] <CoolHand> if you wanna see if you like how I did it
[15:37:46] <janrinok> I'm happy with what you do CoolHand
[15:37:57] <CoolHand> cool
[15:38:02] <janrinok> hand
[15:38:25] <cmn32480> you fond the missing link?
[15:38:35] <cmn32480> dude.. you gonna be RICH!
[15:38:50] <janrinok> I've got loads of them on an old disk here
[15:38:51] <CoolHand> haha, I'm sure
[15:38:51] <cmn32480> what DOES Bigfoot look like?
[15:39:10] <CoolHand> he's about 3 fee tall with eyeglasses and sneakers
[15:39:16] <CoolHand> s/fee/feet
[15:39:17] <janrinok> every time I try to use it, it says 'Link Missing...' or something
[15:39:32] <cmn32480> HEY!!! I resemble that remark you insensitive clod!
[15:39:45] <janrinok> he didn't mention your hair
[15:40:10] <Bytram|alt> I am currently at /root
[15:40:15] <Bytram|alt> mkdir BACKUP
[15:40:19] <janrinok> gtg - it's time for pizza - Thursday is no-cooking day!
[15:40:33] <janrinok> uppercase and lowercase are different
[15:40:37] <Bytram|alt> pizza++
[15:40:37] <Bender> karma - pizza: 1
[15:40:45] <Bytram|alt> janrinok: c ya later! thanks for the help
[15:40:46] <CoolHand> do u have marty setting up LVM on his new machine? :)
[15:40:59] <Bytram|alt> janrinok: ye, I'm aware that *nix is case sensitve
[15:41:11] <cmn32480> see you janrinok
[15:41:17] <Bytram|alt> makes it easier to follow logs and know which system was being backed up!
[15:41:19] <janrinok> you said 'mkdir BACKUP'
[15:41:27] <Bytram|alt> nod nod -- intentional
[15:41:35] <janrinok> ok. laters
[15:41:38] * cmn32480 thinks he missed janrionk announcing he had to go when his connection dropped
[15:41:42] <Bytram|alt> ciao for now!
[15:41:48] janrinok is now known as janrinok_afk
[15:42:19] <CoolHand> bye janrinok_afk !
[15:43:56] <Bytram|alt> ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 ./BACKUP
[15:46:25] <Bytram|alt> cd BACKUP
[15:46:34] <Bytram|alt> am now at /root/BACKUP
[15:47:29] <Bytram|alt> touch before.txt
[15:47:31] <Bytram|alt> ls -ltr
[15:48:06] <Bytram|alt> 0 Jul 23 11:47 before.txt
[15:48:08] <Bytram|alt> yay!
[15:48:40] <cmn32480> excellent
[15:48:40] <Bytram|alt> cd ..
[15:49:12] * Bytram|alt is referring to log from yesterday's efforts -- thank goodness for logging bots!
[15:49:19] <Bytram|alt> http://logs.sylnt.us
[15:49:22] <exec> └─ 13#qa | Logs for 2015-07-22
[15:50:00] <Bytram|alt> ddrescue --help | less
[15:50:39] <Bytram|alt> looks like I want to set the cluster size...
[15:51:04] <Bytram|alt> -c, --cluster-size=<sectors> sectors to copy at a time [128]
[15:51:47] <Bytram|alt> I still want the -v for verbose
[15:52:14] <Bytram|alt> and I still want the -n to skip the splitting phase
[15:52:33] <Bytram|alt> I would expect there are no disk errors, so it *should* just run right through, but ya never know!
[15:53:04] <cmn32480> right
[15:53:40] <Bytram|alt> this is the command I used yesterday:
[15:53:40] <Bytram|alt> ddrescue -n -v /dev/sda /root/backup/hp_internal.img /root/backup/hp_internal.log | tee -a /root/backup/hp_internal_tee.txt
[15:53:53] <cmn32480> be sure to change the file name
[15:54:14] <cmn32480> other than that, its should be the same
[15:54:18] <Bytram|alt> understood -- just pasted that here as a reference to start from
[15:54:37] <cmn32480> figured. just adding my $0.02
[15:54:38] <Bytram|alt> note, my backup dir is now all uppercase
[15:55:44] <Bytram|alt> ddrescue -c 65536 -n -v /dev/sda /root/BACKUP/dell_internal.img /root/BACKUP/dell_internal.log | tee -a /root/BACKUP/dell_internal_tee.txt
[15:56:09] <Bytram|alt> how does that look?
[15:56:57] <cmn32480> yes
[15:57:03] <cmn32480> looks correct
[15:57:23] * Bytram|alt starts typingon dell
[15:59:31] * Bytram|alt verifies typing..
[15:59:59] <Bytram|alt> waits 5 sec for noon
[16:00:04] <Bytram|alt> presses enter
[16:00:10] <CoolHand> nice touch
[16:00:15] <Bytram|alt> =)
[16:03:33] <Bytram|alt> at run time: 2.98 m rescued 3556 MB current rate: 33554 kB/s average rate: 19307 kB/s
[16:05:04] <Bytram|alt> looks like I'm getting just over 1 GB/minute atm
[16:05:29] <Bytram|alt> 500 GB ==> over 8 hours
[16:06:00] <CoolHand> not too bad if it's really hoarked up... (if it survives that long)
[16:06:45] <Bytram|alt> thisis the new lappy, don't *expect* any problems (/me crosses fingers)
[16:07:08] <CoolHand> ah, ok.. thought you had your old disk mounted in new system..
[16:07:37] <Bytram|alt> understandable; that was yesterday!
[16:07:57] <Bytram|alt> see: logs.sylnt.us/%23qa/2015-07-22.html AND http://logs.sylnt.us
[16:07:57] <CoolHand> :)
[16:08:02] <exec> └─ 13#qa | Logs for 2015-07-23
[16:09:37] <Bytram|alt> ran from 15:22 to 18:13 local time for yesterday's backup of 80 GB drive
[16:10:27] <Bytram|alt> at 9.98 m, am noww at 10633 MB rescued
[16:10:51] <Bytram|alt> IIRC yesterday's backup slowed down as it progressed. :(
[16:11:54] <Bytram|alt> I've got plans for this evening and will be out for a bit; won't be back from that until about 9 hours from now
[16:13:38] <cmn32480> 9 hours it ought to be done
[16:13:47] <Bytram|alt> but I won't have to leave for quite a while... I'll post occasional updates
[16:13:51] <Bytram|alt> cmn32480: nod nod
[16:14:26] <cmn32480> let it run. gget lunch adn a nap!
[16:14:30] <Bytram|alt> seems faster than yesterday; 80 GB took just under 3 hrs; 500 GB in about 8/9 hours is quite an improvement!
[16:14:41] <Bytram|alt> cmn32480: sounds like a plan!
[16:14:42] <Bytram|alt> FOOD!
[16:14:44] <Bytram|alt> =)
[16:14:53] <Bytram|alt> biab afk
[16:15:32] <Bytram|alt> cmn32480: thanks again for the help with the activation -- I am one super happy camper today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:28:56] <Bytram|alt> at 28.48 m rescued: 29997 MB
[16:31:10] <cmn32480> 1.5GB/minute... roughly 5.55 hours to completion
[16:47:52] <Bytram|alt> at: 47.48 m 49593 MB rescued
[16:48:09] <Bytram|alt> 47.5 m for 50000 MB
[16:49:14] <Bytram|alt> I see about 1000 MB / minute or approx 1 GB/min
[16:50:55] <cmn32480> yup... math waws never my strong suit
[16:51:18] <Bytram|alt> np
[16:51:24] <cmn32480> 8:20 from start
[16:51:41] <Bytram|alt> huh?
[16:51:57] <cmn32480> 8 hours 20 min from start
[16:52:01] <cmn32480> 500 minutes
[16:52:15] <Bytram|alt> oh, I thot u meant 8m20s !!
[16:52:28] <Bytram|alt> yup
[16:52:51] <cmn32480> golly I wish... and I bet you do too!
[16:52:57] <Bytram|alt> seems that I am better at unix than units
[16:53:02] <Bytram|alt> yeah!
[16:53:34] <Bytram|alt> then comes the 'joy' of bring over my old programs and utilities
[16:54:06] <Bytram|alt> that'll take at least a day, just for the first pass.
[16:54:48] <Bytram|alt> fortunately, I did something like it once before in getting things to this netbook, originally
[16:55:10] <Bytram|alt> but, that was XP --> XP
[16:56:15] <Bytram|alt> fortunately, I have tried to write stub programs that 'know' where things are located and take care of setting Environment Variables and/or do thechdir for mme
[16:56:38] <Bytram|alt> IOW, it could be a *lot* worse!
[16:56:43] <cmn32480> at least you are prepared
[16:57:27] <Bytram|alt> I genuinely try to learn from my mistakes
[16:57:27] <Bytram|alt> =)
[16:57:50] <Bytram|alt> 'Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from poor judgement.'
[16:58:19] <Bytram|alt> coming up on 1hr
[16:58:36] <cmn32480> don't forget your nap now that you have had lunch
[16:58:40] <Bytram|alt> starting exactly at noon came in handy!
[16:59:10] * Bytram|alt is still eating
[16:59:30] <Bytram|alt> last nice day this week -- gotta get myself outside and enjoy some of it!
[16:59:39] <Bytram|alt> maybe I can nap outside?
[16:59:46] <cmn32480> certainly
[16:59:50] <Bytram|alt> 15 seconds to go
[17:00:25] <Bytram|alt> 63015 MB rescued: at 59.98m
[17:01:18] <Bytram|alt> current rate: 33554 kB/s average rate: 17487 kB/s
[17:01:36] <cmn32480> let it ride
[17:01:50] <Bytram|alt> and, no errors yet (shhhh!)
[17:02:06] <cmn32480> so in an hour, it did about 75% of the disj fr4om yesterday
[17:02:28] <Bytram|alt> hmm, yeah! WOW!
[17:02:47] <cmn32480> that's a pretty significant increase
[17:02:48] <Bytram|alt> I think the larger block size was a big factor
[17:03:08] <cmn32480> I would agree. But I wonder where the bottleneck is.
[17:03:13] <cmn32480> likely the single thread
[17:03:32] <Bytram|alt> instead of 64 KB per block, I'm now getting 32 MB per block
[17:04:14] <cmn32480> but we averages 9MB/s yesterday
[17:04:24] <cmn32480> that is pretty close to the max you can get on USB1.1
[17:04:29] <Bytram|alt> looks like it 'blocks' on read when the write buffer to the USB fills up.
[17:04:48] <Bytram|alt> isn't the dell capable of USB 2.0 ???
[17:04:58] <Bytram|alt> the drive will handle USB 2.0 AND USB 3.0
[17:06:10] <cmn32480> yes... but the HP I think was 1.1
[17:06:11] <Bytram|alt> in all my decades of using computers, this has to be the single longest-running command I have *ever* issued!
[17:06:18] <Bytram|alt> agreed.
[17:06:19] <cmn32480> nope
[17:06:30] <cmn32480> I did a DB conversion from a VAX to SQLServer
[17:06:32] <Bytram|alt> I wonder if the rescue CD defaults to USB 1.1 ??
[17:06:43] <cmn32480> unlikely
[17:06:46] <Bytram|alt> oh. my.
[17:06:57] <cmn32480> if you ate averaging 17MB, you are FAR beyond the capabilitiews of 1.1
[17:07:03] <Bytram|alt> how long did *THAT* take?
[17:07:20] <Bytram|alt> good point.
[17:07:30] <cmn32480> that conversion took 3 days... it was AWFUL....
[17:07:57] <cmn32480> that was a VERY stressful 3 days.
[17:08:08] <cmn32480> had to keep checking oto make sure it hadn't failed.
[17:08:15] <Bytram|alt> fire and forget it, or did you have to wait for one thing to finish and then manually check and run the next thing?
[17:08:51] <cmn32480> fire and forget... but we had to keep checking to make sure it didn't error out
[17:09:01] <Bytram|alt> nod nod
[17:09:50] <Bytram|alt> nowadays, you could have set up a parallel process that monitored the logs and had it give you a call/email/txtmsg if there was an issue; o/w a heartbeat every hours or so giving progress statement
[17:10:08] <Bytram|alt> dishes brb
[17:10:11] <cmn32480> froze the DB at midnight on Thursday night
[17:10:23] <cmn32480> kicked it off and prayed.
[17:10:31] <cmn32480> finished around 10pm Sunday
[17:16:00] janrinok_afk is now known as janrinok
[17:18:07] <janrinok> so how is my 3hrs 30min estimate looking?
[17:19:14] <Bytram|alt> run time: 1.31 h rescued: 82778 MB
[17:19:29] <cmn32480> math says about 8 hours 20 min janrinok
[17:19:33] <janrinok> ah, very optimistic then
[17:19:39] <Bytram|alt> janrinok: looks like you are abut 5 h optimistic
[17:20:06] <janrinok> but 8-10 hours isn't bad either
[17:20:19] <Bytram|alt> true that!
[17:20:29] <Bytram|alt> It is a lot faster than I can type!
[17:20:57] <Bytram|alt> average rate: 17482 kB/s
[17:22:11] <Bytram|alt> my first hard disk was a Seagate ST-251 half-height 5.25" with a capacity of 40MB; at current rate, it would be copied in under 3 seconds
[17:22:32] <janrinok> I've got a 5MB drive downstairs
[17:22:46] <Bytram|alt> yikes!
[17:22:48] <janrinok> you can really hear the head moving
[17:22:55] <cmn32480> anchor for your boat?
[17:22:57] <Bytram|alt> I bet!
[17:23:47] <janrinok> mind you, I've still got a stack of 8" floppies and a drive to match. Not sure why I keep them other than I have a very old Nascom 1/2 computer from the mid 70s which can still run it
[17:24:20] <Bytram|alt> color me *very* impressed!
[17:24:46] <Bytram|alt> I once worked on an Altair like was used in 'War Games'
[17:25:07] <janrinok> At the time it was cutting edge, especially for a home user. Now, it can run Modula 2 but I can't think why I would bother
[17:25:18] <Bytram|alt> dual floppy - ran CP/M
[17:25:31] <janrinok> CP/M - yep, that's it
[17:25:46] <Bytram|alt> Modula 2? Really? I never met anyone else who ever heard of it, never mind used it!
[17:25:58] <cmn32480> WHOOSH!
[17:26:23] <cmn32480> you guyys are talking about equipment that was obsolete before I was born.
[17:26:30] <janrinok> true
[17:26:35] <cmn32480> just sayin'
[17:27:26] <Bytram|alt> I have learned some personal higiene over the years and do not have a neck beard.
[17:27:28] <janrinok> at the time, everyone was saying that Modula2 was the future etc
[17:27:53] <janrinok> I use my beard to carry bits of my last meal around in case I get peckish
[17:29:00] <Bytram|alt> I can't remember how much memory the Altair had, but I do remember my first machine I worked on was a PDP-8 and it had *core* memory. You could see each *bit*!!
[17:29:31] <janrinok> I also started on a PDP-8 and subsequently a PDP-11
[17:30:05] <Bytram|alt> DEC hired 'little old ladies' who were skilled in knitting and needlepoint to thread the wires through the magnetic donuts.
[17:30:33] <janrinok> The details are hazy now, but I seem to remember having to toggle the first few op-codes by hand, before you could load the OS with a paper tape
[17:30:35] <Bytram|alt> yup, after the PDP-8 our High School got a PPD-11/70 running RSTS/E
[17:30:47] <Bytram|alt> ISTR the whole OS was written in Basic/Plus
[17:31:20] <janrinok> don't know about that, I was learning COBOL, Fortran and CORAL66
[17:31:26] <Bytram|alt> for all that we students threw at it, it was a pretty stable beast.
[17:32:18] <Bytram|alt> rescued: 96368 MB at 1.53 h
[17:32:56] <janrinok> do you know how much of the 500GB was actually in use before you started the copy?
[17:33:01] <Bytram|alt> low-level operations were implemented with a call to sys() with chr$(x) values
[17:33:14] <Bytram|alt> darn. off-hand, I do not
[17:33:23] <cmn32480> <20GB
[17:33:27] <Bytram|alt> ISTR about 468 GB free?
[17:33:35] <janrinok> np - I suspect that it won't be much for Win-7
[17:33:46] <cmn32480> probably <10GB
[17:34:08] <janrinok> so you are backing up a lot of nothing for the next couple of hours
[17:34:24] <Bytram|alt> yup, nothing to it!
[17:34:32] <janrinok> better safe than sorry though, and Windows used to put things in funny places
[17:34:47] <Bytram|alt> that is for sure!!!!
[17:35:08] <Bytram|alt> I'd rather backup too much than too little.
[17:35:09] <janrinok> I seem to remember it used the start, middle and end but left the inbetween bits for future use
[17:35:30] <Bytram|alt> been burned way too many times
[17:36:28] <Bytram|alt> I suppose that I could have used gparted and shrank the OS down to, say, 50 GB.
[17:36:55] <Bytram|alt> then I could have separately backed up the dell diagnostics, the OS, and forgotten about the remainder
[17:37:12] <janrinok> Yeah but doesn't win-7 then think that you have changed the disk drive?
[17:37:22] <Bytram|alt> still, if I want to, I could still go back and do that. first rule of backups: make sure what you are backing up is a clean copy.
[17:37:29] <Bytram|alt> prolly.
[17:37:38] <janrinok> you are safe doing what you are doing
[17:37:57] <Bytram|alt> thanks for the confirmation!
[17:38:41] <Bytram|alt> post-lunch sleepies are hitting me. think I'll take a nap for an hour or so.
[17:39:00] <janrinok> cu laters
[17:39:08] <Bytram|alt> just hit rescued: 103347 MB at run time: 1.64 h
[17:39:21] <Bytram|alt> 20% done!
[17:39:52] <cmn32480> have fun Bytram
[17:40:28] <Bytram|alt> janrinok: thanks to your clear instructions and copious notes in the channel log, was *much* easier on this second ddrescue attempt!
[17:40:59] <Bytram|alt> cmn32480: and none of this wood bee possible without ewe!
[17:41:02] <janrinok> lol - I can never tell when he is winding me up!
[17:41:17] <cmn32480> ewe betcha!
[17:41:24] <Bytram|alt> no 'winding' there -- genuinely serious!
[17:41:28] <Bytram|alt> cmn32480: lol!
[17:41:37] <janrinok> welk thx, you def need a nap
[17:41:42] <Bytram|alt> ok; nap time! c u all later
[17:44:36] <cmn32480> hilariously, he notated in #qa that the dell backup info is in today;s editorial log
[17:45:04] <janrinok> ah, he will always be qa to you and me
[17:45:20] <cmn32480> right
[17:45:50] <Bytram|alt> why is that so hilarious? That's a pointer from the first effort at using ddrescue to the subsequent one here. I'll need that at some time in the future if/when I write a guide to donig all this stuff.
[17:46:12] <janrinok> go to sleep! we can't laugh at you if you are still here
[17:46:22] <Bytram|alt> I'll remeber that this effort was logged somewhere else, but I doubt I'll remember where!
[17:46:38] <Bytram|alt> i thought i was not all here?
[17:46:44] <cmn32480> what he said!!!
[17:46:55] <Bytram|alt> that's why I fit in so well with you guys!
[17:46:55] <cmn32480> go get your nap time. You need your beauty rest
[17:47:13] * Bytram|alt is gonna be *beautiful* =)
[17:47:19] <Bytram|alt> laters!
[17:47:19] <janrinok> I'm sure he is right
[17:47:24] <cmn32480> .kick bytram|alt
[17:47:24] -!- Bytram|alt was kicked from #editorial by SkyNet!SkyNet@services. [(cmn32480) No reason given]
[17:47:39] <cmn32480> now he is gone!
[17:47:47] <janrinok> lol
[17:48:00] <cmn32480> I'm sure he is giggling
[17:48:08] <janrinok> you have a cruel streak - I like that...
[17:48:26] <cmn32480> sometimes... but not as often as I want
[17:48:44] <cmn32480> brb.. gotta run to the server room for some cable
[17:49:02] <janrinok> k
[17:57:14] <cmn32480> backl
[17:57:41] <janrinok> frontl
[17:58:47] <cmn32480> side 2
[17:58:55] <janrinok> top
[17:59:49] <cmn32480> bottom
[18:00:00] <janrinok> your being rude - I'll tell J
[18:00:07] <janrinok> you're*
[18:00:25] <cmn32480> ruide?
[18:00:28] <cmn32480> rude?
[18:00:31] <cmn32480> how so?
[18:00:35] <cmn32480> and please feel free
[18:00:43] <janrinok> you said the 'b' word
[18:00:47] <cmn32480> we already too the dog's name off the doghouse and put mine init's palce
[18:00:54] <cmn32480> a few words from you won't make much difference
[18:00:57] <janrinok> lol
[18:01:10] <cmn32480> bottom?
[18:01:18] <janrinok> that's twice!
[18:01:36] * cmn32480 looks around.. lost in his own office
[18:01:56] <janrinok> what did/do you need the cable for?
[18:02:11] <cmn32480> says janrinok changing the subject
[18:02:57] <cmn32480> trying to use he GPIO Port on an RFID reader to fire the attached 24v light
[18:03:16] <cmn32480> and am failing miserably at it right this moment
[18:03:34] <janrinok> well, I suppose it passes the time...
[18:03:53] <cmn32480> this is for the job in New Orleans.... where the lights are already installed adn wired
[18:04:03] <cmn32480> I am trying to determine if the wiring is done wrongly
[18:04:42] <janrinok> and your initial impression is...?
[18:06:36] <cmn32480> that I have been screwed in a very uncomfortable place
[18:06:45] <cmn32480> and I don't mean the back of a volkswagon.
[18:06:55] <janrinok> but both might well be true
[18:09:50] <cmn32480> yes
[18:41:40] <janrinok> solved it?
[18:41:45] <cmn32480> no
[18:41:55] <cmn32480> now you sound like management around here
[18:42:18] <janrinok> I was going to suggest you bin it :)
[18:43:03] <cmn32480> I already wanted to do that
[18:43:07] <cmn32480> they won't let me
[18:43:21] <janrinok> do you wire the original?
[18:43:33] <cmn32480> no
[18:43:47] <cmn32480> well sort of
[18:43:52] <janrinok> blame them, and move on
[18:43:59] <janrinok> whoa, a slight change there
[18:44:10] <cmn32480> he's an owner. so it isn't his fault
[18:44:16] <cmn32480> ever
[18:44:25] <janrinok> damn. you kept that bit quiet
[18:44:47] <cmn32480> like my hair.. it is all under my hat
[19:27:39] <janrinok> time for me to be on my way - cu tomorrow?
[19:40:04] <janrinok> bye!
[19:40:38] janrinok is now known as zz_janrinok
[19:44:17] <cmn32480> zz_janrinok - I'll be here again tomorrow. Night!