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[04:07:38] <paulej72> cmn32480|sleep: it does it for new subs
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[09:32:22] <janrinok> takyon: there are pluses and minuses with the new notes system, but on the whole I think it is a great improvement. I would suggest that we give it a month or two before looking at how to tweak it further.
[10:17:30] <cmn32480|sleep> it is excellent paulej72. I found that it was on new subs MUCH later. :-)
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[11:00:44] <cmn32480> janrinok !!
[12:18:02] <janrinok> cmn32480: !!
[12:18:12] <cmn32480> good mornign suir
[12:18:20] <cmn32480> er... good eraly afternoon
[12:18:42] <janrinok> good morning to you - I take it you are home now?
[12:19:06] <cmn32480> since 2am local time yesterday
[12:19:13] <cmn32480> wishing I was home in bed instead of at the office
[12:19:30] <janrinok> so not the best of weekends for you, and sorry that you are in work now
[12:20:21] <cmn32480> yeah... shitty week last week. came in adn got smacked with all the stuff that nobody else dealt with last week
[12:20:33] <cmn32480> 8am on a MOnday adn I already have that drowning feeling.
[12:20:40] <janrinok> I hope that they are paying you enough for this!
[12:20:46] <cmn32480> no. tehy aren't
[12:20:53] <cmn32480> hence me looking for a job
[12:21:09] <cmn32480> they aren't paying em even clsoe to enough
[12:21:14] <janrinok> yeah, I know, I was rather hoping that they would have twigged by now!
[12:23:30] <cmn32480> yeah... well.....
[12:24:11] <cmn32480> stiff upper lip and all taht crap 'till I find somethign'
[12:24:53] <janrinok> can you see any stories in the story queue with a notes mark - '***'?
[12:25:23] <cmn32480> yes.
[12:25:28] <cmn32480> there are two, I believe
[12:25:46] <janrinok> I can't see any - must be a bug somewhere.
[12:25:46] <cmn32480> One from NC, one from you with "dummy notes"
[12:26:00] <cmn32480> different front end?
[12:26:20] <janrinok> paulej72: I'm possible on a different front end - but no '***' markers are showing up for me regarding notes
[12:26:56] <cmn32480> you are looking at the end of the story title, right janrinok?
[12:27:03] <janrinok> yes
[12:27:21] <cmn32480> just checking...
[12:27:42] <janrinok> and I can see them on dev, but not on prod
[12:27:51] <cmn32480> heh
[12:28:04] <cmn32480> well... they look really nice
[12:28:22] <cmn32480> not that I'm helping much
[12:28:52] <janrinok> they are not the most important feature on the story page, but I'm flagging up the bug nonetheless. I deserve to see the '***' - I want my own!
[12:29:24] <cmn32480> you want a gold star?
[12:29:39] <cmn32480> check your profile preferences page.... :-)
[12:30:13] <janrinok> I'm not flash! I know
[12:31:25] <cmn32480> you know you are all about the bling
[12:31:48] <janrinok> that obvious, eh?
[12:31:58] <cmn32480> absolutely
[12:34:00] <cmn32480> hows things in your world? other than missing the ***
[12:35:01] <janrinok> well, that is a big issue! Other than that, S has an appt tomorrow to check in the recent surgery - all looking good to me but the specialist wants to have a look, not entirely unreasonable I suppose :)
[12:35:12] <janrinok> check on*
[12:35:33] <cmn32480> golly... letting the doctor do his job? who'd a thunk THAT to be a good idea?
[12:35:38] <janrinok> other than that I am now working on the GUI part of my bot prog
[12:35:46] <cmn32480> a gui?
[12:35:50] <cmn32480> oh my...
[12:35:58] <cmn32480> I woudln't tell anybody about that.
[12:35:59] <janrinok> well, being a Eurasian, it costs nothing of course
[12:36:10] <cmn32480> it'll get you ostracized by all these command line junkies
[12:37:17] <cmn32480> Eurasia - where socialized medicine works (mostly)
[12:37:21] <janrinok> the command line prog still remains, but I can now list the scraped stories, delete those that are simply not worth looking at, and start to submit them automatically. I had expected someone in the community to have commented and provided feedback by now
[12:37:49] <cmn32480> feedback on what part?
[12:38:21] <janrinok> well, I'm actually european, but europe seems to be spreading eastwards into what were formerly known as Asian countries, some of the 'stans etc
[12:38:59] <janrinok> well that fact that it is a bot, and that the scraped stories are not always as well edited as the other subs
[12:41:37] <janrinok> but if they don't notice, or don't care, then I will keep using 'bot stories to fill the gaps
[12:44:56] <janrinok> I note that takyon is MIA with regard to editing since Friday - I hope he is OK.
[12:45:33] <janrinok> He 2nd'ed a story earlier today and he has been on here so that is a good sign
[12:48:27] <cmn32480> I was mia all week...
[12:48:35] <cmn32480> mostly
[12:49:36] <janrinok> well, we did know where you were
[12:49:45] <cmn32480> in a state of denial?
[12:49:51] <janrinok> probably
[12:50:03] <cmn32480> Denial... I think that is in DeEgypt
[12:50:18] <janrinok> v good - but do not pass Go
[12:50:35] <cmn32480> take the $200 from my editors pay
[12:50:45] <janrinok> we did that last week
[12:50:47] -!- crutchy has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[12:51:04] <cmn32480> explains why my paycheck was short
[12:51:06] <janrinok> bye crutchy - He went to sleep over an hour ago
[12:51:20] <cmn32480> everybody needs sleep
[12:51:22] <janrinok> mine was the full 6" that is normally is
[12:51:42] <cmn32480> !grab janrinok
[12:51:43] <Bender> Added quote 20
[12:51:48] <janrinok> and worth every cent of the value printed upon it!
[12:52:01] <cmn32480> !quote 20
[12:52:01] <Bender> Quote 20 - <janrinok> mine was the full 6" that is normally is
[12:52:06] <janrinok> ah, I cannot be shamed by such pitiful attempts as that!
[12:52:11] <cmn32480> do you see the dirty joke ther?
[12:52:23] <cmn32480> it made me giggle
[12:52:28] <janrinok> me too,
[12:52:56] <janrinok> but I'm not cutting the real thing in half just to make that statement true
[12:53:08] <cmn32480> !grab janrinok
[12:53:08] <Bender> Added quote 21
[12:53:16] <janrinok> there you go - matching set
[12:53:25] <cmn32480> exactly
[12:54:39] <cmn32480> thanks for keeping up on things while I was out of town.
[12:54:43] <cmn32480> I much appreciate it
[12:54:49] <janrinok> np - it's what we do
[12:55:20] <janrinok> I would have come round and played with your kids and drunk your beer, but I was a bit busy at this end
[12:56:46] <cmn32480> that woudl have been good. they about took me out at the knees when they saw me Sunday morning
[12:57:22] <janrinok> serves you right for deserting them just to earn filthy lucre. But it is good that they were pleased to see you ;)
[12:57:46] <cmn32480> just not enough filthy lucre
[12:58:05] <janrinok> yep, but not a lot I can do to help there.
[12:58:25] <cmn32480> on the upside.. Southwest Airlines offered me a volunteer bump to a later flight. the cost of my business class ticket ($517) + a $300 voucher
[12:58:38] <janrinok> the other reason that I didn't pop round is that I was frightened that your wife would make me go shopping - I HATE shopping
[12:58:56] <cmn32480> actually.. she'd have left you with the kids and SHE woudl ahve gone shopping
[12:59:09] <CoolHand> cmn32480!! janrinok!!
[12:59:17] <cmn32480> Coolhand !!
[12:59:18] <janrinok> good, so I saved you from the shopping spree from Hell
[12:59:24] <janrinok> CoolHand: !!
[13:00:45] <CoolHand> dang, I'm a convo killer...
[13:00:58] <cmn32480> nah... work does that without you
[13:01:19] <janrinok> I was waiting for you to speak first - I'm a polite Brit :)
[13:01:39] <CoolHand> indeed :)
[13:01:40] <cmn32480> J tried to make me go to the store yesterday... I looked at her... and closed my eyes again
[13:01:51] <cmn32480> I'm a rude American
[13:01:58] <cmn32480> I'll talk your fingers off!
[13:02:26] <CoolHand> I'm an American.. try not to be rude though..
[13:02:43] <janrinok> so you just wear the loud clothking
[13:02:47] <cmn32480> stereotypes exist for a reason.....
[13:02:55] <janrinok> loud clothing and speak at volumen
[13:03:07] <janrinok> shit - my fingers keep missing the keys!
[13:03:22] <cmn32480> volume is always at 11.
[13:03:28] <CoolHand> I haven't worn loud clothing since my hippy-dippy early 20's... have a "loud" beard though.. :)
[13:03:28] <cmn32480> just like the news!@
[13:03:47] <cmn32480> I can verify that. His beard is rather noticable
[13:03:48] <janrinok> so you just wear the loud clothing and speak at a volumn to match? is what I was trying to type
[13:04:09] <CoolHand> no, I"m definitely not a loud talker, quite the opposite..
[13:04:18] <cmn32480> also verified
[13:04:30] <janrinok> I have a beard, but it is going dulcet-toned and geriatric blond (i.e. grey)
[13:05:10] <CoolHand> my beard is also multi-colored... brown,black,red,grey,white..
[13:05:13] <cmn32480> mine is headed the same way
[13:07:20] <CoolHand> the wife is getting more heavily on cutting my beard bandwagon... it's time is limited I'm afraid
[13:07:44] <cmn32480> nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[13:07:51] <cmn32480> !
[13:08:09] <CoolHand> lol
[13:08:17] <cmn32480> has she ever seen you without it?
[13:08:30] <CoolHand> oh yeah, I've only had it long a couple years now
[13:08:51] <CoolHand> I had a very short well trimmed beard when we wed 15 years ago, that is the look she prefers...
[13:09:27] <cmn32480> oh.
[13:09:36] <cmn32480> then yeah.. you might as well get out the hedge trimmer
[13:09:51] <cmn32480> she ever see you sans beard?
[13:10:43] <cmn32480> janrinok - by long, coolhand means he can tuck it into his belt
[13:11:31] <janrinok> surprised you didn't grab that comment too, the playful mood you are in.... But point taken
[13:11:39] <CoolHand> whe actually made me 'trim' a couple inches a week or 2 ago to get rid of the dry split ends... :)
[13:12:02] <janrinok> !grap CoolHand
[13:12:09] <CoolHand> yes, I've been beardless a lot too.. I have a photo id at work with no beard
[13:12:09] <janrinok> !grab CoolHand
[13:12:09] <Bender> Added quote 22
[13:12:34] <janrinok> I've moved my second keyboard on the desk, and now my fingers keep missing!
[13:13:30] <cmn32480> mine saw me twice... about 15 years ago... there was an unfortunate accident with a beard trimmer....
[13:14:01] <cmn32480> but I had a pornostache for the two weeks it took to regrow
[13:14:03] <CoolHand> cmn32480: haha! was it while you were sleeping? :)
[13:14:16] <CoolHand> janrinok: move it back? :)
[13:14:35] <janrinok> I can't - there is something else in its place now
[13:14:50] <CoolHand> cmn32480: I've tried both a porn stash and a handlebar stash both a few times.. never kept long though
[13:15:38] <cmn32480> no... it was while I was trimming... the attachment slipped
[13:15:46] <janrinok> I've had a moustache for over 40 years now, but a few years ago I decided to grow the full set - and it's staying!
[13:16:26] <cmn32480> S doesn't mind it?
[13:17:17] <janrinok> no - but we have had much bigger things to worry about so it hasn't been thought about much, I guess
[13:17:37] <cmn32480> touche
[13:18:31] <cmn32480> I gotta make more coffee
[13:18:42] <janrinok> no, I'm serious. She has a hospital-style bed and her own modified room. She really only gets to look at my beard rather than have to cuddle up to it
[13:18:42] <cmn32480> If I don't todayu is gonna suck worse than it already does
[13:18:48] * CoolHand has to go get more coffee - hpefully won't have to make it
[13:19:25] <janrinok> tea for me - I'll get my own thanks
[13:19:28] <janrinok> brb
[13:21:01] <cmn32480> I wasn't implying that you weren't serious... I don't know all the details but I know enough. It was a thoughtless flip answer, and for that I apologize.
[13:24:37] <CoolHand> At the center of an uncertain and possibly illusionary universe there would always be tea. --HHGTTG
[13:26:40] <cmn32480> coffee needs to brew faster
[13:28:13] <janrinok> cmn32480: no need to apologise - I hadn't read it like that at all
[13:28:43] <janrinok> just make sure that you show your other half all the affection that you can while you can - you never know when it might have to change
[13:28:59] <cmn32480> sound advice.
[13:29:42] <cmn32480> 9:30.. and I'm ready to rage quit
[13:29:48] <cmn32480> this isn't good
[13:30:02] <janrinok> at anyone in particular?
[13:30:11] <cmn32480> just the job in general
[13:30:21] <cmn32480> not SN.
[13:30:32] <cmn32480> y'all have bene my sanity lately (scary as that is)
[13:30:49] <janrinok> yep, it doesn't say much for your sanity
[13:31:09] * cmn32480 grumbles something about it failing
[13:31:27] <CoolHand> touche janrinok :)
[13:36:28] * CoolHand isn't surprised cmn32480 is going crazy @work.. he wears so many hats he needs to grow more heads...
[13:37:26] <janrinok> so, your prognosis is that, if he could grow more heads, he would be coping well. You're probably right but he would also scare a lot of kids during his daily commute
[13:38:47] <janrinok> CoolHand: do you have to travel much with your job?
[13:39:09] <cmn32480> If I grow more heads... will they also be bald?
[13:39:09] <CoolHand> janrinok: well, besides 40-55 minute commute each way, no...
[13:39:23] <CoolHand> cmn32480: you could have different facial hair on each at least..
[13:39:34] <cmn32480> hmmmm.... that'd be interesting
[13:40:08] <janrinok> and one clean shaven for when she thinks she might like you to shave again
[13:40:28] <cmn32480> my kids want mew to shave.
[13:40:33] <cmn32480> I'm nto sure why
[13:41:25] <CoolHand> kids r funny creatures
[13:41:48] <janrinok> I'm told that it can feel a bit rough on younger skin - but as I haven't kissed any young bearded men I will have to take someone's word for that
[13:42:19] <janrinok> ... old bearded men either, for that matter
[13:42:22] <cmn32480> I am currently "spikey" according to my 3 year old
[13:42:34] <cmn32480> 5 o'clcok shadow will do that
[13:42:36] <CoolHand> I remember my dad's stubble... it would sometimes hurt.. his beard was much nicer
[13:43:02] <janrinok> I guess CoolHand is well passed that point!
[13:43:10] <janrinok> past*
[13:43:35] <janrinok> you know, as editors, we are either crap at spelling or crap at typing, and possibly both
[13:43:35] <CoolHand> yep.. my kids old enough, I'm not usually rubbing faces with him either
[13:44:35] <cmn32480> possibly both? giving a littel too much credit, aren'tyou?
[13:45:16] <janrinok> I quote "littel" and "aren'tyou" in my defence
[13:46:10] <janrinok> I have tears running down my face - better timing I couldn't have asked for!
[13:46:29] <CoolHand> I'm just a lazy typist on irc..
[13:46:35] <janrinok> we all are
[13:47:24] <janrinok> unfortunately for me, it spills over into life elsewhere too...
[13:48:09] <janrinok> I'm just writing some python code - I _know_ what I want to type, but it keeps finding typos to mock me with
[13:48:14] <cmn32480> well... ummm... yeah.. my fingers move faster than my brain
[13:56:19] <janrinok> my fingers couldn't fail to move faster than my brain
[13:56:32] <cmn32480> ^^^^
[13:56:34] <cmn32480> This
[13:56:40] <cmn32480> a thousand times
[13:56:52] <janrinok> I resemble that remark!
[14:02:41] <cmn32480> I shoudl think so.... you wrote it
[14:03:15] <cmn32480> IS it wrong that I jsut submitted a resume while I ought to be working?
[14:03:39] <CoolHand> cmn32480: if that is wrong, I don't ever wanna be right... ;)
[14:03:45] <janrinok> nope - you are only reclaiming all that time away that they haven't paid you for
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[16:25:49] <cmn32480> my head hurts.
[16:25:53] <cmn32480> and I think I hate people
[16:25:58] <cmn32480> all of them.
[16:26:55] <CoolHand> :(
[16:27:03] <CoolHand> hey --- I'm a people!
[16:27:27] <CoolHand> SN is people!
[16:30:16] <cmn32480> except you guys. And SN, as it is people
[16:48:04] <CoolHand> ok, well, then I'll let u hate the rest of the people.. :)
[17:39:04] janrinok_afk is now known as janrinok
[17:43:24] * cmn32480 grumbles something about idiots
[17:43:43] <janrinok> still not going well, cmn32480 ?
[17:44:43] * cmn32480 grumbles something about stupid questions
[17:45:53] <cmn32480> bad enough that I have turned on 80's metal
[17:46:09] <janrinok> which band?
[17:46:12] <cmn32480> old school Metallica... Sabbath....
[17:46:33] <cmn32480> even some of the hairbands...
[17:46:40] <cmn32480> GNR, Poison, Bon Jovi
[17:46:44] <janrinok> I could enjoy that
[17:46:52] <cmn32480> it's keepiong people out of my office
[17:47:34] <cmn32480> I do enjoy it. very much
[17:47:53] <cmn32480> J can't understand it
[17:48:17] <janrinok> lol
[17:49:38] <cmn32480> she's into like Phish and hippie jam bands and stuff
[17:49:48] <cmn32480> whcih I despise
[17:50:17] <janrinok> its the differences that make us all individuals, you know?
[17:50:48] <janrinok> although 'hippie jam bands' is a term that has passed me by
[17:51:14] <cmn32480> yes... and thankful for headphones as well
[18:41:25] <takyon> I deleted my ashley madison dupe
[18:47:36] <takyon> seems like krebson is getting ddosed or just slow
[19:09:34] <janrinok> gtg - cu all tomorrow
[19:10:16] janrinok is now known as zz_janrinok
[21:45:09] <paulej72> zz_janrinok, cmn32480, takyon, CoolHand: I fixed the issues with the servers not in sync and got the counts fixed in the submission list
[21:53:14] <cmn32480> your the best paulej72... we appreciates what you do.
[23:07:37] <takyon> neat