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[13:27:28] <LaminatorX> Howdy.
[13:27:50] <janrinok> hi LaminatorX
[13:28:09] <janrinok> that was a rapid series of posts there!
[13:28:51] <LaminatorX> They were pretty clean to begin with.
[13:28:54] <janrinok> I took your advice, and hid the storybot scrapes in the 'Hold' queue
[13:29:55] <janrinok> I've got to have a chat with TheMightyBuzzard and see if I can use his API to post directly to the 'Hold' queue in software
[13:30:01] <LaminatorX> I saw. Were you able to post them with Classification 9 via the api, or did you move them by hand?
[13:30:16] <LaminatorX> Ah, cross-typing.
[13:30:37] <janrinok> no, I've been moving them by hand. What is Classification 9 - is that the 'Hold' queue
[13:31:10] <LaminatorX> 9 is hold, 2 is none. I wonder if any other classifications exist in the code.
[13:31:27] <janrinok> My program will submit them automatically, but until I can hide them, I'm having to do it by hand. Ah, thx, I'll try that!
[13:32:18] <janrinok> I'm try to see if I can get enough material for a post every hour like the 'good 'old days'
[13:33:03] <janrinok> The bot can produce upto 300 stories a day, no problem
[13:33:43] <janrinok> brb - tea!
[13:35:04] <janrinok> tea++
[13:35:04] <Bender> karma - tea: 10
[13:39:58] <LaminatorX> Hah, looks like I was misinterpereting those numbers. We had 9 stories with classification "Hold" and 2 stories with classification "None."
[13:52:55] <nick> hi people
[13:54:02] <LaminatorX> Hello.
[14:01:19] <janrinok> hi nick
[14:03:29] <nick> how is everyone today?
[14:03:40] <janrinok> this bit of everyone is good, and you?
[14:05:40] <janrinok> LaminatorX: further to our discussion a few lines up the page, you can submit by Topic code but TMB has just confirmed that, currently, it is not possible to post directly to the 'Hold' queue. He does suggest a solution however so we will look at that in slower time
[14:06:15] <LaminatorX> Cool.
[14:09:34] <LaminatorX> Things are good here. I'm poking around at Salesforce trying to curb some misbehavior. I also learned about a trick using a hot spoon to treat the many mosquito bites I picked up over the weekend. Supposedly pressing an uncomfortably-but-not-damagingly-hot spoon to the bite breaks down the mosquito protein that is aggrivating your immune system into something less offensice.
[14:10:10] <janrinok> that's a handy tip - no doubt learnt through painful experimenation!
[14:12:37] <LaminatorX> Our tap-water seems to get a spoon to the necessary temperature without risking trading a bug-bite for a burn scar.
[14:14:39] <janrinok> so not silly hot then - just hot enough to do the job.
[14:15:46] <LaminatorX> Right, just like you want a slow-cooker to be hot enough to denature collagen, but not so hot as to boil water.
[14:16:51] <janrinok> you have a technologists appreciation of the culinary arts!
[14:24:35] <janrinok> LaminatorX: is this day 2 or 3 of the week-without-kids?
[14:35:40] <LaminatorX> Well, five sort-of. I dropped them off at their grandparents' place on my way to the music festival over the weekend. This would be day three of "normal" life with them away though.
[14:38:14] <LaminatorX> Wendy's parents are about two-hours from Nashville, so they were on-the-way-ish. I got my folding chair set in front of the sound tent fifteen minutes before Ralph Stanley went on.
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[14:44:16] <LaminatorX_> Whoops, dropped there.
[14:46:11] <janrinok> almost prime position for the show!
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[14:48:29] <LaminatorX_> Ralph was a bit inconsistent, as one might expect for a man of 88, but still put on a great show overall.
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[14:48:52] <janrinok> If I can even get on stage at that age I'll consider it a plus
[14:50:47] <janrinok> so you hinted that someone was misbehaving on your network - the usual culprit (pron) ?
[15:28:38] <LaminatorX> Oh no, not someone, the software itself. The current gotcha is that Salesforce only lets you get status updates via "Chatter" (an internal Twitter-like thing) for up to 500 records (accounts, orders, files, topics, etc) at a time. We were having a problem where a Planner on several Salespeople's teams was at the limit, and none of those salespeople were able to create new accounts or orders since the system would try to set their wh
[15:29:47] <LaminatorX> ...Planner to follow the new account, the entire transaction would fail without telling you who on the team was the problem.
[15:30:10] <LaminatorX> Not cool.
[15:32:26] <LaminatorX> Chatter is kind-of neat apart from that. A lot of comments and instructions that might otherwise be scattered around people's email boxes end up right there on the same page as the account/order. The conversation resides where it is meaningful.
[15:34:03] <janrinok> a good piece of software - when it works. And I accept that this might be an edge case or unusual occurrence.
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[15:45:25] <LaminatorX> Well, it's something that would never show up in piecemeal testing, but emerges when you start to scale-up. We wen't months without having a problem, and then had several instances crop-up at once. They seem to have to 500-limit hard-coded for performance reasons, but the insert-error should really fail more elegantly. We're adding workflow-rules to automatically unfollow closed-business after a while. That'll keep most people under
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[18:21:41] <janrinok_afk> gtg guys - 8 more stories hidden in the 'Hold' queue
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[21:22:47] <cmn32480> good eeeevening