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[01:41:03] <cmn32480|afk> nick
[01:41:18] <cmn32480|afk> the latest sub from HP is poorly written.
[01:41:24] <cmn32480|afk> kinda surprising for him
[01:41:37] <cmn32480|afk> his stuff is generally better
[01:42:02] <cmn32480|afk> lotsa quote problems in the sub
[01:44:18] <nick> yeah
[01:44:40] cmn32480|afk is now known as cmn32480
[01:44:43] <cmn32480> I'll fix it
[01:45:15] <cmn32480> need to put some stuff in thew queue... I'll also look at the stuff from ATK and see if there are stories there.
[01:46:03] <nick> i've read it a few times but it's not constructed very well, the hp sub
[01:46:17] <cmn32480> agreed
[01:46:23] <nick> stuff from atk?
[01:46:35] <cmn32480> arthur t knackerbracket
[01:46:43] <nick> yeah, just saw that
[01:46:48] <cmn32480> the storybot that janronok is writing
[01:47:07] <nick> yeah, tpb story was from the bot
[01:47:39] <cmn32480> cool... at least it is pulling some stuff that is good
[01:48:21] <cmn32480> have you done anythign on the HP sub? system shows youare still in it
[01:48:54] <nick> i'm not in it anymore
[01:49:07] <cmn32480> ok just makign sure. don't wanna step on each other
[01:51:07] <cmn32480> I know it is a proper noun, but I don't think Star Trek needs quotes at all. falls under the common knowledge/use exception
[01:53:22] <nick> normally it wouldnt be in quotes
[01:54:30] <nick> "Star Trek’"s “post-economic"
[01:54:37] <cmn32480> yeesh
[01:54:38] <nick> i just hate reading that
[01:54:40] <cmn32480> that's alrady gone
[01:56:40] <cmn32480> take a peek at the version I saved. It's better, but I am open to suggestion
[01:56:48] <nick> it's a bad one for me, i do not care for star trek at all, but do have an interest in economics, conflicted and confused by the premise
[01:56:49] <cmn32480> brb ... need a glass of water
[01:57:16] <nick> life saving water is always good
[01:58:04] <cmn32480> been busting my ass outside all day... little dehydrated
[01:58:25] <cmn32480> but I pulled enough lint from the dryer vent at my rental property to knit my tenant a sweater
[01:59:15] <cmn32480> it is an interesteing premise
[01:59:53] <cmn32480> that in the future, money only exists for dealing with the Ferengi, a society that hasn't gotten to the "pot-economic state"
[02:00:03] <cmn32480> er.. POST-economic
[02:00:13] <cmn32480> a pot economic state woudl eb good too though
[02:03:34] <nick> lol
[02:04:33] <cmn32480> ok take a peek at the hp sub. I fixed a few more bits that were wonky
[02:04:43] <cmn32480> it is in the story queue
[02:06:57] <cmn32480> minor change to the nanomaterials story. going to put in the first paragrah fo the article to give time context to the second paragraph
[02:07:53] <cmn32480> but your dept line is hilarious
[02:08:41] <nick> thanks for catching that, i curse the words "since then"
[02:09:07] <nick> every few hundred, i come up with a good dept. line!
[02:09:13] <cmn32480> np. I think every other editor has fixed stuff in my articles
[02:11:00] <cmn32480> we all gotta look out for each other.
[02:11:03] <cmn32480> teamwork++
[02:11:03] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 16
[02:11:05] <nick> indeed
[02:11:35] <cmn32480> shoudln't you be in bed yet?
[02:11:42] <cmn32480> it' like 3AM there
[02:12:14] <nick> i dont usually get to sleep much earlier than 2am
[02:13:00] <cmn32480> oof
[02:13:08] <cmn32480> I used to be able to do that.
[02:13:24] <cmn32480> 'course I used to be able to drink like a fish too
[02:13:38] <nick> heh
[02:14:04] <cmn32480> the day when I worked in a bar to put myself throuhg college
[02:14:07] <juggs> Does anyone else have a problem with people who say "very unique" "somewhat unique" etc. For some reason that really annoys me to hear...... unique is unique, there are not graduations of unique, something either is or is not unique. I have no idea why bring this up right now, I'm annoyed for no reason.
[02:14:26] <cmn32480> yes
[02:14:33] <cmn32480> drives me nuts
[02:14:40] <cmn32480> you are not alone jugss
[02:14:44] <cmn32480> juggs too
[02:15:32] <cmn32480> sorry juggs... that is only a somewhat unique feeling within the English speaking population
[02:15:39] <nick> it depends on context, but people shouldn't say it.
[02:16:26] <cmn32480> in truth, calling a spade a spade, most people have IQ's only slightly above moron
[02:17:00] <cmn32480> for crimony's sake, half the people in this world are dumber than the average person!
[02:17:30] <nick> people worry me.
[02:18:07] <cmn32480> just the ones that you wonder how they managed to get dressed and get to work? or all of them?
[02:18:36] <juggs> I hear it said and I insta-rage inside... I probably get physical ticks on hearing it. It makes me all "grrrrrrrrrrrr".
[02:18:44] <nick> a unique range of them.
[02:20:31] <juggs> are they a very unique range?
[02:21:13] <nick> somewhat unique, i'd think but i'm sure there are comparably unique examples.
[02:22:44] <nick> but seriously, i get that frustration, however i find language very dynamic at the same time and just accept people repurpose and diminish the value of many terms
[02:25:24] <juggs> true, true. English in all its forms is a living language with many dialects. For some reason the logic of graduated uniqueness really grates with me. I need to let it go, I know.
[02:26:06] <nick> i was talking with a friend the other day about learning another language and thought it could be an idea to view the new language as an extension to english, rather than a whole new thing, as basic communication is more important for a second language than technical accuracy - it would be easier for me
[02:26:37] <juggs> What language?
[02:26:43] <cmn32480> http://www.theregister.co.uk
[02:26:56] <nick> spanish most likely
[02:27:12] <cmn32480> gaaa... no exec... no urls
[02:27:23] <cmn32480> !list
[02:27:23] <Bender> available plugins: admin, cfg, chan, chatlog, core, fleet, grabquote, ignore, irc, karma, koffie, lod, markov, more, plug, relay, soylentrss, sylnt, todo, twitter, uidchecker, urlinfo, user
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[02:27:40] <cmn32480> !urlinfo
[02:27:50] <cmn32480> well... that was useless
[02:27:58] <cmn32480> !urlinfo http://www.theregister.co.uk
[02:28:22] <cmn32480> we now return to our regularly scheduled programming
[02:28:44] <juggs> Catalan or Castilian nick?
[02:28:48] <nick> "Cause We Never Go Out of Style™"
[02:31:27] <nick> juggs, have not looked that closely, need to actually see what would be the best language still, what will help in more locations
[02:34:43] <juggs> Depends where you want to go. Portuguese may be a better choice for certain South American locations. I'm no expert, but apparently Catalan and Castilian have different roots.
[02:35:04] <cmn32480> both are rooted in LAtin
[02:35:39] <juggs> Sure
[02:35:41] <cmn32480> but the dialects of Spanish came from different parts of the country, if my memory from high school spanish servers
[02:35:59] <nick> castilian seems to be the most widely used in south america
[02:36:27] <cmn32480> castillian Spanish is, if I remember right, the more widely used world wide
[02:36:54] <cmn32480> Cuba, Mexico (though this has evolved since the Spaniards came around)
[02:38:00] <nick> seems like the logical choice
[02:43:34] <juggs> Lingua Franca these days is English..... international business uses it as a common ground and has done for many years now. Irony describing English as French :) There are changes afoot though..
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[02:44:20] <cmn32480> changes how? I'm not really plugged into the Europe scene. please explain
[02:45:28] <nick> in international business i expect it, but i'd also like to conduct local business around the world too, and not rely on the corporates
[02:46:19] <nick> showing some attempt to learn and speak the local language, or a common language should be a help in general
[02:46:28] <nick> we get it too easy
[02:46:51] <nick> i'm so used to going all over the world and people speaking english, it doesnt seem fair we dont even have to try.
[02:47:28] <cmn32480> ok fellas... I'm done.
[02:47:35] <cmn32480> the words are swimming on the screen
[02:48:00] <cmn32480> get some rest gentlemen.
[02:48:22] <cmn32480> night.
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[02:49:12] <nick> g'night
[02:49:25] <nick> sleep does sound like a good idea
[02:55:28] <juggs> cmn32480|sleepin, honestly I see a decohesion of the eurozone on the cards. It seems to me unpossible to meld so many very different nations and tie them to one currency as the euro project has tried to do. It's a laudable goal, but nationalism is still too rife for it to work at this point in time. That's my take on it at least.
[02:58:20] <juggs> Hell, we have intra-country disputes to deal with, let alone inter-country.
[03:00:09] <nick> there's a degree of theatre there really i think, international finance has made great efforts over the last 100 or so years to be quite above petty national politics
[03:03:21] <nick> although the NBD and AIIB could play key roles in shifting to 'nationalist' currencies, if that is policy, to maintain the desired state of stability
[03:06:15] <juggs> Yeah, I'm going to bed before I tear into a bankers and rent seeking rant diatribe. That'd do no-one any favours.
[03:07:07] <nick> just remember, even the BoE admits that the majority of money created is by private banks loaning money they created out of nowhere. :D
[03:07:11] <nick> g'night juggs
[03:07:14] * nick hat tip
[04:26:45] <takyon> gg
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[13:24:41] <nick> takyon, did you see my question yesterday regarding your 'sacred cow' story?
[13:25:15] <takyon> almost
[13:25:45] <takyon> If you want to run it I will make sure to do a search for the missing doc
[13:25:54] <nick> the story is very interesting, just wanted to know if you had anything to add
[13:25:54] <takyon> the EFF one
[13:26:03] <nick> although i think it's worth saving for 'prime time' tomorrow
[13:26:24] <takyon> that would be ideal, I'll be away soon
[13:26:52] <nick> noted about the EFF doc
[13:26:58] <nick> today, or generally?
[13:27:44] <takyon> I can get to it later today
[13:28:19] <takyon> is there anything new in the ICANN story? sounds like a dupe
[13:29:37] <nick> it could be a dupe
[13:29:45] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[13:30:10] <takyon> I mean, I think there are new elements in The Hill story
[13:30:26] <takyon> but not much
[13:32:05] <nick> it's a limited follow up to that story really, but you need to read TFA
[13:32:18] <takyon> these two could help out the story:
[13:32:19] <takyon> http://www.theregister.co.uk
[13:32:23] <nick> maybe need to add that to TFS
[13:32:23] <takyon> https://torrentfreak.com
[13:32:36] <takyon> one element of the new story is that the comment period ended
[13:34:52] <nick> im going to add in a bit from el reg
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[14:01:08] <cmn32480|sleepin> good morning
[14:01:14] cmn32480|sleepin is now known as cmn32480
[14:07:38] <cmn32480> janrinok !!
[14:11:50] <cmn32480> and Who'da thunk it? is a n actual phrase
[14:20:50] <nick> howdy, cmn32480 & janrinok
[14:21:05] <cmn32480> just waking up, or still awake nick?
[14:22:56] <nick> been awake for quite some time, sunday have lunch with the family
[14:23:00] <nick> and i slept like shit
[14:23:03] <nick> how about you?
[14:23:19] <cmn32480> just getting up really
[14:23:23] <cmn32480> abotu 30 min ago
[14:23:52] <cmn32480> the kids let us sleep in today... we were shocked. the wife is still sleeping
[14:24:46] <nick> sounds like a good deal
[14:25:31] <cmn32480> yeah. could have been a lot worse
[14:25:43] <cmn32480> now if I can just get this laptop to cooperate
[14:25:55] <cmn32480> new guy starts on Wednesday and I will be out of town
[14:26:12] <cmn32480> so all his stuff needs to be done before I go
[14:26:45] <cmn32480> coffee is done... brb
[14:29:07] <cmn32480> oh blessed coffee... the other brown liquid of life
[14:59:34] <janrinok> cmn32480, nick - hi, sorry, minor medical mishap occurred
[15:00:00] <cmn32480> everythgin ok?
[15:00:11] <janrinok> yes, nothing too serious
[15:00:23] <janrinok> how's things with you?
[15:00:25] <cmn32480> I hope not.
[15:00:39] <cmn32480> doing ok
[15:00:53] <cmn32480> pulled enough lint fomr my tenant's dryer vent to make a sweater yesterday
[15:01:08] <janrinok> so you knitting today?
[15:01:19] <cmn32480> nah... I left it all on his couch]
[15:01:23] <cmn32480> :-)
[15:01:54] <janrinok> fair enough - get him/her to knit it for you
[15:02:08] <cmn32480> it was quite funny actually... I ran the brush through the vent several times, then turned on the dryer with no heat just to get the fan running....
[15:02:23] <cmn32480> it looked like the pipe barfed
[15:02:27] <janrinok> lol
[15:02:37] <janrinok> I bet they thanked you for that!
[15:02:44] <cmn32480> they haven't seen it yet
[15:02:51] <janrinok> keep running
[15:04:29] <cmn32480> they are still cleaning out their other house... the wife is 8mos pregnant
[15:04:34] <cmn32480> it is pretty funny
[15:06:11] <cmn32480> I was good. even killed a hornet nest under the deck for them
[15:06:24] <cmn32480> wasp nest rather
[15:06:33] <cmn32480> but it was AFTER I got stung
[15:06:34] <janrinok> so on balance, you think that they will forgive you?
[15:06:50] <cmn32480> as long as they get a nice sweater out fo it, who cares?
[15:07:10] <janrinok> fair point
[15:07:34] <cmn32480> I think they'll be happy the dryer works properly again
[15:10:14] <cmn32480> so other than the minor medical mishap, anything going according to plan on your end?
[15:11:47] <janrinok> yeah, still taking it very easy - we are both feeling tired after the last 4 or 5 days - but I'll have to change up a gear tomorrow and get back into the routine
[15:12:31] <cmn32480> other wise the garden gets overgrown...
[15:12:56] <janrinok> and the shopping doesn't get done, and the house doesn't get cleaned, and.... etc
[15:13:29] <janrinok> where are you off to on Wednesay?
[15:13:33] <cmn32480> ahhhh yes.... and a nasty routine it is
[15:13:41] <cmn32480> tomorrow mornign actually
[15:13:47] <cmn32480> flight leaves at 0855
[15:13:51] <cmn32480> Jacksonville, FL
[15:14:10] <janrinok> been there! I enjoyed it, but I suspect it will be less fun for you.
[15:14:20] <cmn32480> yes... and hot like fire nou doubt
[15:15:14] <cmn32480> exec> Jacksonville, FL, USA - currently 91°F / 33°C, sunny, wind SW at 3 mph, humidity 56% - Sunday scattered thunderstorms (75°F-97°F / 24°C-36°C), Monday isolated thunderstorms (76°F-94°F / 24°C-34°C), Tuesday scattered thunderstorms (77°F-94°F / 25°C-34°C), Wednesday isolated thunderstorms (77°F-94°F / 25°C-34°C)
[15:15:18] <janrinok> If my memory serves me well, we went about Oct/Nov time - flew in by mil jet and stayed a few days, then left again.
[15:15:33] <cmn32480> OCt/Nov is the perfect time to go
[15:16:57] <cmn32480> still warm enough to have a nice time... but the humidity has broken
[15:17:05] <janrinok> I think that we stayed in a Holiday Inn - but hell, I can't remember. They all seem the same - a phenomenon that you must be very well acquainted with
[15:17:42] <janrinok> this was back when HI were still decent places to stay
[15:17:57] <cmn32480> some of them are... some are not
[15:18:14] <cmn32480> that is the problem wiht the franchise.. some only hold to the minimum standards
[15:18:44] <cmn32480> I generally stay Hilton, and they are franchises, but there is a tougher adherance to the standard
[15:18:51] <janrinok> well, the place made it nice, and the work wasn't unpleasant, the people friendly, and the govt was paying
[15:19:04] <cmn32480> all told a good deal
[15:19:33] <janrinok> hard to fail with that many positives. And the girls still swooned at our strange accents
[15:20:04] <cmn32480> i bet
[15:20:15] <cmn32480> hell... I swoon at a (female) british accent
[15:21:03] <janrinok> they were also amused at our relatively pale complexions - as though we had never seen sunlight before!
[15:21:26] <cmn32480> yes... that'd be Floridians in general... they worship the sun
[15:21:33] <cmn32480> not all.. but many
[15:22:23] <janrinok> well by the end of the season they were all looking much better than we were
[15:23:18] <cmn32480> "better" is a relative term
[15:23:29] <cmn32480> unless you mean that you were all sunburnt and crispy
[15:23:38] <janrinok> ...and we weren't
[15:24:22] <cmn32480> then better is quite relative
[15:25:08] <janrinok> If we had been steaks we would have been termed 'blue'
[15:25:29] <cmn32480> raw?
[15:25:44] <janrinok> walked past a candle at ten paces distance
[15:25:51] <cmn32480> ahhhhhh
[15:25:52] <cmn32480> lol
[15:26:12] <janrinok> and we probably shielded our eyes from the glare
[15:26:47] <janrinok> ah, whatever happened to the 1980's?
[15:26:50] <cmn32480> vampires... only go out after sunset!
[15:27:31] <cmn32480> the future is still bright... but you don't ahve to wear shades
[15:28:11] <janrinok> Jax was an unusual visit for us, spent lots of time in Omaha, Nebraska. But not much chance of ever returning now. Travel is not a thing to be undertaken lightly nowadays.
[15:29:08] <cmn32480> Omaha... well... at least you coudl see form one end of the state to the other... and identify each anthill in between
[15:29:29] <cmn32480> no, given the current state of things, travel is certainly tougher
[15:29:48] <janrinok> yep, we would fly for hours and not see much. If we saw a moving tractor, we would carry out a dummy attack on it.
[15:30:23] <janrinok> must have frightened the hell out of some farmers - we were a very big nuke bomber!
[15:30:27] <cmn32480> you were a pilot or a passenger?
[15:30:41] <janrinok> electronic warfare and comms specialist
[15:30:52] <cmn32480> I suppose I shoudl ahve seen that coming
[15:31:13] <janrinok> there were only enough seats for workers - no pax
[15:32:26] <janrinok> just noticed the time - I'd better go get a meal ready
[15:32:32] <janrinok> cu in a while?
[15:32:46] <cmn32480> likely... working on my expenses and some over due other stuff
[15:32:58] <janrinok> and my pay...?
[15:33:09] <cmn32480> absolutely
[15:33:32] <janrinok> laters
[15:33:38] janrinok is now known as janrinok_afk
[17:03:32] <Bytram> http://www.sciencedaily.com
[17:04:57] <nick> hey Bytram
[17:06:12] <Bytram> nick: hello!
[17:06:34] <Bytram> tried to follow that link in my browser (pale moon) and no script blockewd me
[17:06:40] <Bytram> was trying to find out where it went
[17:06:45] <Bytram> no joy here.
[17:06:55] <Bytram> ditto on #Soylent
[17:07:07] <nick> "Volcanic rocks resembling Roman concrete explain record uplift in Italian caldera"
[17:07:09] <Bytram> .op
[17:07:09] -!- mode/#editorial [+o Bytram] by SkyNet
[17:07:11] <Bytram> am now!
[17:07:13] -!- exec [exec!~exec@utioner/T-800/BeVeryAfraid] has joined #editorial
[17:07:21] <Bytram> .deop
[17:07:21] -!- mode/#editorial [-o Bytram] by SkyNet
[17:07:26] <Bytram> http://www.sciencedaily.com
[17:07:46] <nick> link works fine for me
[17:10:29] <Bytram> strange
[17:11:08] <Bytram> I did a wget of the page source and saw a couple of encoded scripts -- no normal text at all.
[17:11:27] <Bytram> does it leave you on the same page? Is there an IFRAME?
[17:11:53] <Bytram> I'd like to read the article, but if I am having difficulty with it, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would.
[17:12:59] <nick> no iframes that i can see in the source
[17:13:16] <nick> but it might be blocking you from the entire page because of no script.
[17:14:17] <Bytram> yuppers
[17:14:37] <Bytram> I found an alternative source: http://news.stanford.edu
[17:14:39] <exec> └─ 13Volcanic rocks resembling Roman concrete help solve a mystery, Stanford scientists say
[17:15:18] <nick> that is a much cleaner page source
[17:15:57] <Bytram> thanks for th eocnfirmation!
[17:16:09] * Bytram not so good at typing this PM
[17:16:29] <Bytram> btw, the story I am reviewing does not really support the story title :/
[17:16:38] <Bytram> "Volcanic Rocks Resembling Roman Concrete Explain Record Uplift in Italian Caldera"
[17:16:54] <Bytram> except the story just talks about the 'Roamn concrete' aspect
[17:16:57] <Bytram> not sure which to fix
[17:17:49] <nick> "Fiber-reinforced rocks discovered at the site of Italy's dormant Campi Flegrei volcano are similar to a wonder-material used by the ancients to construct enduring structures such as the Pantheon, and may lead to improved construction materials today."
[17:17:54] <nick> make a headline out of that?
[17:18:17] <Bytram> I like the one that exec gave us
[17:18:32] <nick> P666 goes a bit tabloid with the headlines on submissions sometimes
[17:18:43] <Bytram> but, the upwelling is ALSO an important story, maybe even more interesting than the concrete aspect!
[17:19:04] <Bytram> I think he wrote the headline, then got caught up on one aspect, and failed to note the divergence
[17:19:09] <nick> see the 'privacy advocates' story i did earlier... his submitted headline was "End Times for Anonymous Cowards"
[17:22:50] <Bytram> Okay, I just clicked update. put in an alternate link (to the stanford.edu story)
[17:23:22] <Bytram> am gonna read that version closely and see if I can conjure of a short version of the upwelling aspect, o/w will prolly just leave it out of the title
[17:23:40] <nick> sounds good
[17:24:33] <Bytram> huh? Is my memory of ancient history that whacked out? Get this quote from the story:
[17:24:33] <Bytram> The "natural concrete" at the Campi Flegrei volcano near Naples is similar to Roman concrete, a legendary compound invented by the Romans and used to construct the Pantheon, the Coliseum and ancient shipping ports throughout the Mediterranean.
[17:24:50] <Bytram> I thought the Pantheon was *Greek*
[17:25:14] <Bytram> pan: across + theon (from theos - god)
[17:26:03] <janrinok_afk> Bytram, !!
[17:26:08] janrinok_afk is now known as janrinok
[17:26:16] <Bytram> janrinok: heya!
[17:26:24] <janrinok> nick !!
[17:26:35] <janrinok> hi Bytram how's the new comp?
[17:26:35] * Bytram had a couple of wicked long days and was certifibly fried as a result
[17:26:55] <nick> janrinok !!
[17:26:58] * Bytram is exercising tremendous restraint... powered it on, saw that it worked, and shut it down.
[17:27:11] <janrinok> wow - that _is_ restraint
[17:27:31] <Bytram> am now reading up on ddrecover (or whatever it's called) so i can do a full image of the disk before I change *anything*
[17:27:39] <janrinok> just missed you before nick - how's things?
[17:28:01] <nick> Bytram, completely new system?
[17:28:13] <Bytram> new to me.
[17:28:24] <nick> things are alright, the to-do pile only seems to get bigger though
[17:28:28] <Bytram> it's a donation from an extremely generous member of our community
[17:28:35] <Bytram> Dude, I got a Dell!
[17:28:51] <nick> thats pretty awesome
[17:29:08] <Bytram> yuppers!
[17:29:15] * Bytram is STILL smiling from ear to ear!
[17:29:27] <janrinok> better having too much to do than not enough work
[17:29:36] <Bytram> Dell Latitude E6400 w/ 6 GB RAM and 500 GB disk
[17:29:55] <Bytram> being bored once in a while does have its attractions
[17:30:46] <Bytram> also, this box has win 7 Pro! So, when I'm done, I can finally retired my Win XP/SP3 lappy
[17:31:33] <nick> thats not a bad laptop
[17:32:12] * nick is currently still brooding over the death of his laptop
[17:33:40] <Bytram> it's a much-needed upgrade! My current lappy has 1.25 GB RAM and 80 GB (5400 RPM) HDD
[17:34:22] <Bytram> so, I've picked up a 2 TB external USB drive to put the backups on and have started reading up on how to make a complete image of the drives
[17:34:31] <janrinok> Bytram, just a thought, you might know someone local to whom your old lappy is a dream come true?
[17:35:34] <janrinok> but perhaps I'm speaking out of turn. if so, ignore
[17:37:04] <Bytram> it's well nigh completely spent. 10 years old. Screen is BADLY cracked, so I'm using an external monitor. Battery is dead, so I've got it plugged in all the time.
[17:37:21] <Bytram> and the HDD is in prefailure -- death is only a matter of time.
[17:37:34] * janrinok - it was just a thought ;
[17:37:37] <nick> maybe give it to someone you dont like :p
[17:37:42] <janrinok> lol
[17:37:51] <Bytram> yeah, I *hate* to throw away good stuff
[17:38:18] <Bytram> the proc is still going strong, and with over a decade with this beast, it's hard to think of parting with it!
[17:38:33] <janrinok> run it as a headless server?
[17:39:16] <Bytram> maybe, but I'd have to replace the HDD, and there is a genuine risk that in opening the box to do so, the broken display may crap out enough to short out the whole shebang. :/
[17:39:44] <janrinok> more than enough power to stream music, run a git repos for all of your stuff, or play with linux without risk?
[17:39:46] <Bytram> wouldn't know unless I go through the effort and see if it releases any magic smoke.
[17:40:02] <Bytram> oh yeah, it could do that.
[17:40:02] <nick> now it might just be because of my age, but it's very hard to find good reasons to keep those old systems alive, for me anyway
[17:40:21] <janrinok> I've got several very old machines doing useful work here
[17:40:26] <Bytram> OTOH, it is nowhere near as energy efficient as the machines that are out today.
[17:40:40] <janrinok> In fact, the only thing not doing useful work is me!
[17:40:46] <Bytram> LOL!
[17:40:51] <nick> energy efficiency and space is a big reason i cant justify it
[17:41:02] * Bytram notices the time and realizes he really needs to get some lucnh
[17:41:02] <Bytram> back in a bit
[17:41:04] <Bytram> =)
[17:41:09] <nick> enjoy
[17:41:11] <janrinok> bon appetite
[17:42:16] <nick> my main pc works pretty good for nearly everything, and if not there's the work server at the office, or the two VPS we have for the biz too
[17:42:51] <janrinok> we are all different
[17:42:57] <nick> between my main PC and the server, have 14 CPU cores and 44GB of ram
[17:43:09] <nick> oh indeed, im not saying anyone is wrong
[17:43:20] <janrinok> "that should be enough for anybody" ...
[17:43:28] <nick> just my personal experience, especially with the lack of space and being transient in my locations
[17:43:40] <nick> it's not easy to setup a bunch of old machines anymore
[17:44:02] <nick> i was actually expecting to have upgraded my PC by now
[17:44:12] <janrinok> I have managed to keep one room in the cellar for my computers and workshop. It's a proper Aladin's cave down there.
[17:45:31] <nick> i used to have a several system setup, but travelling and time slowly ate them all
[17:45:45] <janrinok> yeah, I know that experience too
[17:45:56] <nick> i built this PC when i first moved back to the UK, would have thought by now it would need updating as it's 4-5 years old now?
[17:46:14] <nick> but i dont actually have any incentive to upgrade, and i'm not really all that excited by any of the subsequent hardware releases
[17:46:36] <janrinok> it depends what you use if for - if it did what you wanted to do then, and it does it now, why upgrade or change?
[17:46:56] <nick> when the business stuff is going more web (cloud) based, there's a lot less demand on the local pc to run third party software
[17:46:56] <cmn32480> mine is older than 4-5 years
[17:47:00] <nick> compared to the old days anyway
[17:47:11] <cmn32480> no reason to upgrade at this point.
[17:47:14] <cmn32480> not gaming.
[17:47:18] <cmn32480> Windows still runs fine
[17:47:29] <cmn32480> why spend the $$?
[17:47:29] <janrinok> I've still got 32 bit machines running here, as well as 1 x 486 which still serves music without a problem
[17:47:39] <nick> and for 'personal' projects, im actually using the same resources that i did 10+ years ago on <1GB of ram
[17:47:55] <janrinok> although most are now dual core 64 bit with 4 Gb each
[17:48:12] <nick> dual core? psh, so last decade!
[17:48:33] <janrinok> absolutely - I'm quite the retro guy
[17:48:43] <cmn32480> back in a few. gotta run my sone around the corner for a birthday party
[17:49:01] <nick> a few months ago i did upgrade the GPU, so i could play games, but i'm not really getting much use out of it
[17:49:02] <janrinok> your birthdays don't last long then?
[17:49:03] <cmn32480> retro = remembers punch cards
[17:49:12] <janrinok> and used them!
[17:49:32] <cmn32480> a whole day... but it is a 7 year olds party.. they last about 2 hours
[17:49:39] <cmn32480> this is a drop off.
[17:49:42] <nick> rather you than me, cmn32480!
[17:49:44] <janrinok> they age so quickly
[17:51:00] <nick> not quick enough, or they'd be chimney sweeps like in my day!
[17:52:47] <janrinok> I suppose you'll be claiming that you sing Chimchimeny all the time too
[17:53:13] <janrinok> I'll have to start calling you Bert
[17:53:45] <nick> i would, but it's not public domain, so i can't afford it being a 19th century chimney sweep
[17:53:54] <janrinok> lol
[17:54:28] <nick> in my day we had respect for intellectual property
[17:55:31] <janrinok> tell me what it was like when Victoria was still queen - hang on, I'll get a cup of tea, this could take a while :)
[17:56:02] <Bytram> hey, my brain is on the fritz... can't bring myself to come up with a succinct summary of the 'other part of the story' for the the Intalian Calera uplift story
[17:56:31] <Bytram> anyone else want to take it on?
[17:56:49] <Bytram> very well-written explanation of what is going on is available here:
[17:56:53] <Bytram> http://news.stanford.edu
[17:56:56] <exec> └─ 13Volcanic rocks resembling Roman concrete help solve a mystery, Stanford scientists say
[17:58:21] <Bytram> here's our story that needs updating: https://soylentnews.org
[17:58:26] <exec> └─ 13- SoylentNews User - 03https://soylentnews.org/users.pl
[17:58:58] <Bytram> either we need to elaborate on 'Explain Record Uplift in Italian Caldera', or that part of the title should be removed.
[17:58:58] <janrinok> I'm back with my tea - go ahead Pops, and tell us a story
[17:59:03] <janrinok> Bytram, looking
[17:59:07] <Bytram> thanks
[17:59:31] * Bytram hums the tune to the Beverly Hillbillies
[18:01:01] <Bytram> hmmm, I just found a link to a pdf, might be interesting: http://phys.org
[18:01:07] <janrinok> Bytram, you want to rewrite the original completely? Or just include a link to the new stuff?
[18:01:33] <Bytram> ugh. nothing new in the PDF
[18:01:41] <Bytram> I'm not sure.
[18:01:58] <Bytram> the current story is a really nice summary of the lanation of how the roman
[18:02:10] <Bytram> concrete is similar to what they found in the caldera,
[18:02:26] <Bytram> but the title suggests much more with respect to the elasticity of the caldera
[18:02:41] <Bytram> and including *that* would take up several paragraphs to do it justice.
[18:02:57] <Bytram> maybe put THAT explanationin the extended copy?
[18:03:02] <janrinok> Personally, I'd be tempted to include a link with a covering small para explaining 'further details can be found here, with additional background etc'
[18:03:48] <Bytram> good idea. I'd thought of that, too... but RTFA is a thing, and need some kind of 'hook' to motivate folks to actually go there and read it
[18:03:54] <janrinok> or in extended if you want to summarize it
[18:04:30] <janrinok> well, just find some catchy way of phrasing the intro para to the link.
[18:05:05] <Bytram> Caldera rises 6 feet in two years but doesn't explode -- here's why!
[18:05:05] <Bytram> =)
[18:05:24] <janrinok> I'm not sure that a lot of people will read it - but it is interesting and will be useful to a small number to whom this is right up their street
[18:05:54] <Bytram> nod nod
[18:06:00] <janrinok> that sounds OK to me - I'd be tempted to read it
[18:06:04] <Bytram> better pics in this version of the story: http://phys.org
[18:06:07] <exec> └─ 13Volcanic rocks resembling Roman concrete explain record uplift in Italian caldera
[18:06:18] <Bytram> it's otherwise known as 'click bait' -- I was just kidding
[18:07:03] <janrinok> well, it needs padding out, but it is explaining why the new piece is worth reading
[18:07:04] <Bytram> that said, this is an excellent intro from the phys.org story:
[18:07:05] <Bytram> The discovery of a fiber-reinforced, concrete-like rock formed in the depths of a dormant supervolcano could help explain the unusual ground swelling that led to the evacuation of an Italian port city and inspire durable building materials in the future, Stanford scientists say.
[18:07:30] <Bytram> and the next sentence ties it in with the Roman concrete angle:
[18:07:30] <Bytram> The "natural concrete" at the Campi Flegrei volcano is similar to Roman concrete, a legendary compound invented by the Romans and used to construct the Pantheon, the Coliseum, and ancient shipping ports throughout the Mediterranean.
[18:08:04] <Bytram> btw, if I am not mistaken, the Pantheon was built by the Greeks, not the Romans!
[18:08:21] <janrinok> ture
[18:08:43] <janrinok> true, but the fact that the Romans invented it doesn't mean the Greeks can't have used it.
[18:09:05] <janrinok> Their banks must have been investing in _something_ to get in the bad state that they are today!
[18:09:22] <Bytram> LOL!
[18:09:42] <janrinok> I try to be topical
[18:10:19] <Bytram> I'm feeling kinda tropical 'bout now!
[18:10:58] <janrinok> have a pina colada!
[18:11:18] <Bytram> temps are in the low 80's (F) right now
[18:11:37] <Bytram> that's about 28 deg C
[18:12:15] <janrinok> same here - but very low 80s, around 68 deg F!
[18:13:04] <Bytram> those are rather low 80's all right!
[18:13:25] <janrinok> exactly - but it is 20:13 at present so no surprises!
[18:14:15] <Bytram> yeah, not so late over here. Yet!
[18:15:25] <nick> going for a smoke/walk/tesco trip
[18:15:34] <janrinok> well, I know about meteorology - and mark my words, it will either rain or go dark before morning!
[18:15:59] <janrinok> nick - what is it for tonight?
[18:16:37] <nick> that remains to be seen, i have some beef to cook, but nothing to go with it
[18:16:43] <nick> so i will have to see what tesco express has to offer
[18:16:55] <janrinok> well, good luck hunting out those bargains!
[18:17:37] <nick> lol, thanks
[18:17:41] <nick> i shall be back soon
[18:18:15] <janrinok> stay safe, mighty hunter, may you return with much sustenance for the days ahead
[18:19:51] <Bytram> nick: good luck, as well!
[18:20:13] * Bytram remembers the Gary Larson comic depicting vegetarians returning from the hunt
[18:20:41] <janrinok> I haven't seen that one!
[18:21:40] <Bytram> NO? Oh MY!!!!! it's a *classic*
[18:22:19] <janrinok> Bytram, I note that you were discussing balancing tags in html before - what is your own particular interest?
[18:22:56] <Bytram> noticed there was an issue with our site... seemed some tags were extending past the closing div and i was wondering how that happened?
[18:24:06] <janrinok> ah, I fix it by using the libxml module - it can read dirty html and clean it up. Read it in as a string and then print it straight back out again. There is a Perl module although I do it in python
[18:24:55] <janrinok> not sure if that is overkill for the backend here, but it does the job and works, is supported software, and has a clean API
[18:25:05] <Bytram> <div>text <del>nore text</div> this should not be struck through.
[18:25:28] <Bytram> my understanding was that the close div tag terminated any pending, and as yet unclsed, block tags
[18:25:59] <Bytram> s/unclsed/unclosed/
[18:26:03] <janrinok> correct, the text portion finishes with the end of the enclosing tag
[18:26:40] <janrinok> so the closing </div> should stop the striking through
[18:27:11] <Bytram> well, from what I've seen/heard, we had problems with the <small> tab in the story extending into the comment section
[18:27:17] <Bytram> ditto for a '<strike' tag
[18:27:22] <Bytram> ditto for a '<strike>' tag
[18:27:22] <janrinok> I use the libxml module to do the storybot scraping too
[18:27:52] <Bytram> so, that runs against what I understood how things should work.
[18:28:06] <janrinok> Yes, but that shouldn't happen, although I'm not sure how the surrounding code is handling it.
[18:29:01] <Bytram> ok, glad to hear that I'm not totally misremembering things
[18:29:03] <janrinok> Just as we have to treat the intro text and extended text as entirely separate - no html formatting flows from the former to the latter - then nothing should flow from the last bit of the story
[18:29:17] <Bytram> I suppose I should just write up some test cases and confirm what is/should be happening
[18:29:27] <Bytram> 'xactly!
[18:32:02] <Bytram> http://www.worth1000.com
[18:32:06] <exec> └─ 13Unauthorized Far Side Tribute 2 - Worth1000 Contests
[18:55:04] <janrinok> gtg - cu tomorrow!
[18:58:04] janrinok is now known as zz_janrinok
[19:02:25] <nick> survived
[19:02:30] <Bytram> I'm wiped out and need a nap. hope to check in later, but can't say for sure.
[19:02:34] <Bytram> nick: yay!
[19:02:49] <Bytram> 'youth is wasted on the young' eh?
[19:03:33] <nick> lol, indeed
[19:03:38] <nick> enjoy your nap :)
[19:03:59] <Bytram> I'm not as young as I used to be, but thank god I'm not yet as old as I'm gonna be! =)
[19:04:15] <Bytram> sounds like you could use one, too!
[19:05:09] <nick> a nap would be nice, but i actually have to get an early night
[19:05:15] <nick> so napping at 8pm seems like a bad move
[19:05:19] <Bytram> ahhh, got it.
[19:06:21] <Bytram> nick Bytram|afk
[19:06:25] Bytram is now known as Bytram|afk
[19:06:46] * Bytram|afk apologizes to nick for accidentally pinging him
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[21:25:23] <nick> yet another hughpickens sub i'd like some feedback on from anyone who's around
[21:27:59] <cmn32480> I have no clue WTF he is talking about
[21:28:17] <nick> "Frank if there’s any blame to be doled out in connection with political hypocrisy, it’s to be placed on the heads of voters who criticize legislators for it, instead of accepting it as a necessary part of democratic politics."
[21:28:41] <nick> Frank being an american politician and current congressman
[21:29:21] <nick> i get the point of the article, but it does make me kind of sick thats where we are at now apparently
[21:30:09] <cmn32480> it si a matter of trading votes for votes. that is the currency of the legislature in a democracy
[21:30:31] <nick> 'you vote for this, and i'll owe you one'
[21:30:38] <nick> which if it wasn't politics, would be called corruption
[21:30:43] <nick> not just hypocrisy
[21:31:04] <cmn32480> vote X direction to get somebody else to vote Y direction on something you really care about.
[21:31:21] <cmn32480> corruption would be the lobbyists. and their $$
[21:31:38] <nick> it's an attempt to say, 'if you want to make change (from the inside), you have to play the game for a couple decades, preferably until you have no credibility left and have lost sight of your original ideology'
[21:32:52] <cmn32480> adn that, my friend is why we need term limits.
[21:33:08] <nick> i 'assume/hope' HP knows this, and is intending to trigger a good discussion
[21:33:14] <nick> term limits just change the name plate on the door
[21:33:26] <nick> the party establishment has no restraints
[21:33:42] <nick> the point is you dont get a name plate on the door, until you're willing to play the game
[21:34:04] <cmn32480> but it prevents (in large part) the I've made a career out of congress, you need to listen to me.
[21:35:00] <nick> especially for those that dont play the game, who dont get onto the special committees/commissions and various boards
[21:35:35] <cmn32480> correct. it woudl put everybody on a much more equal playing field
[21:36:15] <nick> it's all window dressing when the vote for the most part comes down to voting against the other guy
[21:36:36] <cmn32480> yup
[21:36:54] <nick> in my recent readings on political history, nothing has changed for well over 100 years, the parties are the same, the talking points are the same
[21:36:56] <nick> the names change sometimes
[21:37:01] <nick> but otherwise, the machine works quite well
[21:38:45] <cmn32480> works is a relative term
[21:39:11] <nick> for those at the captains table, it's quite fine
[21:39:34] <cmn32480> sadly... for those of us in steerage....
[21:39:55] <nick> for an example, an essay i read recently illustrated that 'foreigners coming over here and taking advantage of our welfare state' has been a recurring theme in the UK since about 1700
[21:41:19] <nick> and for more recent examples the idea of 'too many managers in the NHS (public health system)' was the subject of a 'Yes Minister' episode in 1981
[21:41:31] <nick> and the debate on both topics has moved forward approximately: fucking nowhere.
[21:42:46] <cmn32480> it's only been 300 years on the first... and only 30 yeasr on the second... how else are they gonna keep their phony baloney jobs?
[21:45:44] <nick> well, it only took 2 months from winning the election
[21:46:08] <nick> that the UK gov decided the deficit wouldn't be paid down until 2019 at least
[21:46:57] <nick> 2months ago it was 2018.
[21:47:06] <nick> 5 years ago it was 2015
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[21:53:18] <cmn32480> ok. I gotta drop off. Need to get pack and make sure I get some sleep tonight. tomorrow is gonna be a hella long day
[21:53:54] <cmn32480> nave a good day nick. I'll try to hop on tomorrow night when i get to the hotel
[21:55:42] <cmn32480> I will be traveling all week (returning home next Saturday morning). Will do my best to help from the road as best as I can.
[21:57:15] <cmn32480> Unfortunately, I'm backed up on projects and need to get them done as well. Updates to follow as they are available.
[21:57:40] <cmn32480> zz_janrinok bytram|afk mrcoolbp coolhand nick takyon ^^^
[21:57:53] cmn32480 is now known as cmn32480_travelin
[22:01:51] <nick> take care cmn32480_travelin
[22:02:16] <nick> takyon, for your reference: https://industrydocuments.library.ucsf.edu
[22:02:20] <exec> └─ 13Industry Documents Digital Library
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