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[00:48:50] <takyon> so we've got this thing coming that I'm sure will start a flamewar: https://soylentnews.org
[00:49:23] <takyon> then we have this troll (?) submission along different lines: https://soylentnews.org
[00:49:25] <takyon> discuss
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[11:39:19] <CoolHand> takyon.. In your "smoking gun" article.. I think we should just drop the EFF document link since it doesn't seem findable, and run it...
[11:39:45] <CoolHand> Its not perfect, but what is? :)
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[13:26:53] <CoolHand> cmn32480..
[13:27:05] <cmn32480> coolhand..
[13:27:41] <CoolHand> I think the Exxon story is basically dupe of yesterdays "climategate" story...
[13:27:55] <CoolHand> so I think I'm gonna send it to /dev/null and move others up...
[13:27:57] <CoolHand> U agree?
[13:28:22] <cmn32480> yes
[13:28:23] <CoolHand> (I didn't see Climategate yesterday)
[13:28:27] <CoolHand> ok, thx
[13:28:58] <cmn32480> what? actually read the site? who has time for that anymore?
[13:29:19] <CoolHand> yeah, tell me bout it
[13:29:32] <cmn32480> stupid RL jobs
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[14:43:57] <janrinok> CoolHand, cmn32480|afk takyon !!
[14:45:05] <cmn32480|afk> janrinok !!
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[14:46:00] <cmn32480> welcome back to the land of the awake
[14:46:24] <janrinok> been awake for many hours - it's late afternoon here
[14:46:37] <janrinok> how's things?
[14:46:47] <cmn32480> workgin from home today
[14:46:56] <janrinok> yay!
[14:47:06] <janrinok> how's the family - all back home now?
[14:47:11] <cmn32480> yes they got home last night
[14:47:20] <cmn32480> felt nice to have the counterweight back in bed
[14:47:28] <janrinok> end of pseudo-batchelordom
[14:47:36] <janrinok> bachelordom*
[14:47:47] <cmn32480> kids were all over me. hugs and kisses adn "I missed you" all night until i put them to bed
[14:47:51] <cmn32480> it was nice
[14:47:55] <janrinok> great :)
[14:48:04] <cmn32480> i think the wife missed me too
[14:48:18] <cmn32480> happy to return to a clean house
[14:48:27] <janrinok> even better!
[14:48:34] <cmn32480> she was shocked that the dishes were done and the kitchen was clean
[14:48:53] <cmn32480> "Oh ye of little faith!"
[14:48:59] <janrinok> don't tell me that she's sulking because you managed to cope without her?
[14:49:10] <cmn32480> no
[14:49:13] <cmn32480> thankfully not
[14:49:28] <cmn32480> she knows that I can cook and clean... but I sometimes choose not to
[14:50:01] <janrinok> give her my best wishes - and I'm glad that she is back to take care of you again
[14:50:18] <cmn32480> i managed to get all the outside chores done... and man y of the inside ones
[14:50:23] <cmn32480> ME TOO!O!!!!!!
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[15:37:19] <CoolHand> janrinok !!
[15:37:33] * CoolHand is a bit slow on the uptake today..
[17:49:19] <janrinok> CoolHand, I'm slower than you now
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[18:38:42] <cmn32480|afk> shit shit shit shit shit
[18:38:57] <cmn32480|afk> heat pump at the rental property needs to be replaced
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[18:40:05] <janrinok> oooh, that sounds like work
[18:40:39] <cmn32480> not the work... it is the $$$
[18:40:51] <janrinok> even worse ....
[18:44:04] <cmn32480> yup... looking like $6k but I gotta get a few quotes
[18:45:59] <janrinok> that is serious $$$
[18:46:26] <cmn32480> yeah
[18:46:36] <cmn32480> last thign that has to be made new at that house.
[18:47:10] <cmn32480> we did all the rest of the big stuff... appliances, roof, water heater
[18:47:17] <cmn32480> over the last 10 years
[18:47:28] <janrinok> just that one left to do, eh?
[18:47:56] <cmn32480> yeah... but we knew the ehating system was gonna be the most expensive
[18:49:16] <janrinok> sorry, but I bet that's put a damper on the weekend for you all
[19:02:19] <cmn32480> trying to figure out where to find the $6k.. probably have to borrow it from Mastercard
[19:03:15] <janrinok> does it have to be replaced now? Can it wait a while?
[19:07:57] <cmn32480> it can wait for a while... but the tenant is having a new baby in a few weeks so it'd be nice to have it done before that
[19:08:26] <janrinok> well, it would be nice for them, so looks like you have few options
[19:09:26] <cmn32480> right. the old unit is still running... but it is about 25 years old
[19:33:57] <janrinok> gtg - see you all tomorrow
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[19:36:56] <cmn32480> night zz_janrinok
[20:41:44] <takyon> check in
[20:42:32] <takyon> dunno CoolHand. I'll search the db and grab the doc myself if necessary
[20:42:48] <takyon> the smoking library db
[21:16:17] <takyon> changed headline of security clearance story
[21:16:34] <takyon> From "21 Million Americans With Security Clearance Pwned by China"
[21:16:44] <takyon> to "21 Million Americans Associated With Security Clearances Compromised"