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[10:37:17] <Bytram> http://phys.org
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[11:40:24] <Bytram> cmn32480: g'morning!
[11:40:25] <Bytram> http://rss.computerworld.com
[11:40:48] <Bytram> http://phys.org
[11:41:08] <Bytram> hmmm, no title translation bot here?
[11:41:15] <Bytram> .op
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[11:41:20] <Bytram> .deop
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[11:41:25] <Bytram> http://rss.computerworld.com
[11:43:29] <cmn32480> Bytram!!
[11:43:33] <cmn32480> howdy sir!
[11:43:51] <Bytram> hows things?
[11:44:03] <cmn32480> error borked some days ago and so no title translations here.
[11:44:13] <Bytram> where is our whirled traveler today?
[11:44:17] <cmn32480> thigns are pretty good
[11:44:29] <cmn32480> I am actually in my office all of this week and next week
[11:44:41] <Bytram> I just brought in exec, but seems to not be helping much :/
[11:44:49] <cmn32480> when I told my wife she asked if I got fired
[11:45:06] <cmn32480> ~weather
[11:45:07] <exec> syntax: ~weather <location>
[11:45:12] <cmn32480> so he si working
[11:45:17] <Bytram> No weather for YOU!
[11:45:20] <cmn32480> www.google.com
[11:45:26] <Bytram> ~weather boston
[11:45:28] <exec> 03Boston, MA, USA - currently 68°F, partly cloudy, wind NW at 7 mph, humidity 59% - Thursday mostly sunny (62°F-76°F), Friday showers (58°F-68°F), Saturday mostly cloudy (59°F-69°F), Sunday thunderstorm (59°F-69°F)
[11:45:30] <cmn32480> I wish! after the storms a couple nights ago
[11:45:45] <Bytram> yeah, we had some interesting ones, too.
[11:45:55] <cmn32480> I think the whole east coast caught it
[11:46:03] <Bytram> tornado watch --- doesn't happen often up in the northeast
[11:46:05] <cmn32480> we got like 3-4 inches of rain in like 2 hours
[11:46:10] <Bytram> whoah!
[11:46:20] <Bytram> start gathering the animals 2x2
[11:46:21] <cmn32480> tornado warnings... it was fun!
[11:46:29] <cmn32480> uh huh
[11:46:38] <Bytram> prolly more fun to watch than participate, tho
[11:46:44] <cmn32480> one of the guys I work with almost had his inground pool overflow
[11:47:04] <cmn32480> he said he is 1 inch from the top. normally about 5 inches
[11:47:07] <Bytram> unless you look at a different passage in Genesis; I think that part says gather 8 of each.
[11:47:33] <Bytram> I would never have thought of that being a problem... yikes!
[11:47:43] <cmn32480> And Noah said "How big of a boat do you think I can build??????!!!!"
[11:48:11] * Bytram helpfully looks for a chainsaw
[11:48:35] <Bytram> IIRC, length of 300 cubits?
[11:48:43] <Bytram> 1 cubit ~= 18 inches
[11:48:48] * cmn32480 hopes Bytram has a BIG chainsaw
[11:49:03] <Bytram> don't need it; lotsa lotsa little trees!
[11:49:07] <Bytram> =)
[11:49:25] <cmn32480> my bible knowledge is not what it used to be when I was an alter boy growing up
[11:50:12] <Bytram> totally changing the subject, but I just downloaded an EXE for bind/dig/etc. and want to check the D/L...
[11:50:38] <Bytram> I'v got a PGP signature, but don't know how to check it
[11:51:13] <Bytram> for example, here's a link to the D/L: "ftp://ftp.isc.org/isc/bind9/9.9.7/BIND9.9.7.x86.zip"
[11:51:14] <cmn32480> http://www.openoffice.org
[11:51:33] <cmn32480> silly failed bots
[11:51:38] <Bytram> and here's a link to the SHA1: "ftp://ftp.isc.org/isc/bind9/9.9.7/BIND9.9.7.x86.zip.sha1.asc"
[11:52:01] <Bytram> hrm...
[11:52:09] <Bytram> do you have a fast connection where you are?
[11:52:16] <cmn32480> yes
[11:52:30] <cmn32480> 50/25, I think
[11:52:37] <Bytram> nice
[11:52:45] <cmn32480> happens when I am at the office
[11:52:55] <cmn32480> at home I get by on a measly 25/25
[11:53:03] <Bytram> could you D/l the zip and tell me what you get for SHA1 and MD5?
[11:53:10] <cmn32480> sure
[11:53:21] * Bytram is lucky to actually get his 924kbit
[11:53:53] <Bytram> SHA1: 9f6155a83caf332725e7cb0ca71b024f8547f1c0 C:\downloads\BIND\v9.9.7\BIND9.9.7.x86.zip
[11:54:16] <Bytram> MD5: ea0d8fa34e5c1e4c263d96dc7b344a03 C:\downloads\BIND\v9.9.7\BIND9.9.7.x86.zip
[11:55:32] <Bytram> I suppose I could fire up putty, ssh over to my account, and do it thru a shell there, but it would take me a few minutes to set up that connection
[11:55:45] <cmn32480> gimme a sec
[11:55:51] <Bytram> no hurry
[11:57:11] <cmn32480> you ever have too many thigns going on at once?
[11:57:34] <Bytram> usually do
[11:57:49] <Bytram> I draw the line at walking and chewing gum
[11:59:00] <cmn32480> it verifies OK based on teh PGP key
[12:00:03] <Bytram> NICE!
[12:00:05] <Bytram> thanks SO MUCH!
[12:00:19] * Bytram unzips his D/L
[12:00:40] <Bytram> hrm, prolly should have put it in a different dir
[12:01:25] <cmn32480> np
[12:03:04] <cmn32480> back in a minute. Windows needs a kick in the pants
[12:03:24] <Bytram> I know THAT feeling!
[12:05:14] <cmn32480> this is a good (small) Hash check utility
[12:05:15] <cmn32480> http://download.cnet.com
[12:05:37] <cmn32480> crap... can't reboot. need filesync to finish fisrt
[12:05:45] <cmn32480> 3 hours until reboot.... and GO!
[12:06:45] <Bytram> fisrt?
[12:06:59] <Bytram> is that like CHKDSK?
[12:07:45] <cmn32480> somethign like that.. :-)
[12:09:18] <cmn32480> ugh... I hate changing access cards.....
[12:09:20] <Bytram> or, like fsck?
[12:09:43] * Bytram remembers reading an explanation of that one calling it a neckbeard's favorite typing exercise
[12:14:19] * cmn32480 wants to beat the idiots who designed this access control system about the head and shoulders
[12:15:42] <Bytram> they's got *dandruff* ?? ;)
[12:15:55] <cmn32480> somethign like that
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[12:16:26] <cmn32480> think access card system that allows you to set times for access, but dones't do NTP.
[12:16:42] <Bytram> security is sometimes a fine line between useless (easy-to-use) and effective (PITA)
[12:17:12] <cmn32480> NTP = Network Time Protocol
[12:17:14] <Bytram> oh? oh. DOH!
[12:17:41] <Bytram> yeah, i knew that... but OMG, that's the whole thing with access cards is that it is based on the current date/time!!!!
[12:17:52] <cmn32480> yeah
[12:17:59] <cmn32480> I registered that bug 2 years ago
[12:18:18] <Bytram> blegh.
[12:18:22] <Bytram> my heart goes out to ya!
[12:19:02] <cmn32480> yeah I have to log into each door every month or two to reset the times. it is just poor design
[12:19:35] <Bytram> just wait until we have all these IOT devices none of which agree on the date/time
[12:19:46] <Bytram> especially if Congress changes DST again. :/
[12:20:16] <Bytram> time for me to get started on getting ready to head out the door; will hcekc back in in about a half hour or so.
[12:20:17] <cmn32480> nobody updates firmware for that stuff
[12:20:19] <Bytram> thanks again for the helo!
[12:20:28] <Bytram> *help!
[12:20:29] <cmn32480> have a good day Bytram!
[12:20:37] <Bytram> thanks, same to YOU!
[12:20:41] <cmn32480> I hope you enjoyed the hello too!
[12:32:44] <Phoenix666> hi guys
[12:34:07] <Phoenix666> is it possible to remove the speed bump from article submissions? i try to throw a bunch in the hopper at one time when the queue gets low, but the speed bump breaks that up and i find i'm getting pulled into other things and leaving submissions hanging
[12:39:02] <Phoenix666> whoops, running into lameness filter for an update on the Mystery Pooper story: http://arstechnica.com
[12:56:24] <cmn32480> not sure Phoenix666, paulej72 can you comment on this?
[12:58:25] <Phoenix666> i guess it's an anti-spamming feature but it is slowing down replenishment of the pipeline
[13:08:38] <cmn32480> correct. I believe it was implemented when we had a lot of spam coming in
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[13:10:07] <cmn32480> janrinok!!
[13:10:41] <janrinok> cmn32480: !!
[13:10:51] <janrinok> brb 1
[13:10:54] <cmn32480> how we doing this afternoon, sir?
[13:12:33] <janrinok> good thanks, and u?
[13:12:52] <Phoenix666> cmn32480, janrinok, can the speed bump be removed for registered users with sufficient karma?
[13:13:35] <janrinok> you mean with regards to submissions?
[13:13:42] <Phoenix666> yes--it would help
[13:13:58] <Phoenix666> i try to jump in and replenish the pipeline when i see it getting low
[13:14:09] <cmn32480> and we greatly appreciate it
[13:14:11] <Phoenix666> but i usually have discrete blocks of time
[13:14:22] <Phoenix666> and i've got my submission process down
[13:14:25] <janrinok> well, anything is possible, but it is a sw change. I don't think it would be a good idea though.
[13:14:36] <Phoenix666> so i tend to like to get a lot done, quickly
[13:14:41] <janrinok> it is only a 20 second pause
[13:15:17] <janrinok> but otherwise we get flooded#
[13:15:18] <Phoenix666> it does help to know the interval. i assumed it was 5 mins or so
[13:15:56] <janrinok> as far as I know, the reskey is issued and cannot be used for 20 secs. I have had no problem using it at that rate in sw
[13:16:13] <cmn32480> it's only 20 seconds? I didn't realize it was that short
[13:17:13] <Phoenix666> i does feel like a longer interval to me
[13:17:14] <janrinok> between each submission yes
[13:18:00] <Phoenix666> i've been finding the process of throwing 5-6 submissions in the hopper has been taking longer than the 15-20 minutes i typically have to pitch in
[13:19:07] <janrinok> http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[13:19:27] <janrinok> its documented as 20 seconds for subs, and 10 seconds for comments
[13:20:13] <janrinok> I've subb'ed 3 stories in succession using sw at that rate
[13:21:42] <Phoenix666> hmm, so i alt-tabbed over to submit one on a bloomberg article on 6 sea changes in electricity generation
[13:22:14] <Phoenix666> and have hit submit on another from the WSJ on Japanese utility-scale battery storage for alternative energy
[13:22:37] <Phoenix666> and it's been bouncing off the speed bump. definitely longer than a 20 second wait
[13:23:06] <janrinok> curious - I take it you are using the submission form on the site?
[13:23:16] <Phoenix666> yes
[13:23:25] <Phoenix666> i hit it again just now and still bouncing
[13:24:05] <janrinok> Perhaps the API doesn't delay the same way... I don't know. But the big boys are currently fixing a XSS problem so I won't disturb them at present
[13:24:40] <Phoenix666> ok. just wanted to check in and make sure you guys were aware of it. gotta run--reparking the car for alternate side parking
[13:25:05] <janrinok> cul8r Phoenix666
[13:29:44] <janrinok> cmn32480: how's life in the office today - and, no, I am not mocking you
[13:29:56] <cmn32480> :-p
[13:30:31] <cmn32480> you are mocking... just a little!
[13:30:37] <cmn32480> things here are good.
[13:30:51] <cmn32480> busy as hell. but I might be hiring another guy soon, so that ought to help
[13:30:57] <paulej72> feces is a verbotten word
[13:31:11] <paulej72> it is on the filter list
[13:31:17] <janrinok> does that mean that you can send him on the trips while you stay at home?
[13:31:47] <cmn32480> yes, janrinok, at least some of the time.
[13:31:48] <janrinok> paulej72: thank you for that specific pearl of wisdom
[13:32:56] <cmn32480> if you are pooping pearls paulej72, I'll glady go into business with you
[13:33:12] <janrinok> I think he is referring to one of the Phoenix666 subs
[13:33:23] <paulej72> you wanted to know why shit was not posting and that is why
[13:33:30] <janrinok> lol
[13:34:29] <cmn32480> it never ceases to amaze me how the devs can run multi threaded like that
[13:34:48] <janrinok> I can't even function unithreaded!
[13:34:55] <cmn32480> i know.. me neither
[13:41:10] <cmn32480> ack... I don't know who set it up, but I cjust had to change the pin code on my dell account from 1234
[13:42:33] <janrinok> that seems like a bit of a goof on somebody's part
[13:43:03] <cmn32480> or it was a default when the account got created long before I got here.
[13:43:17] <cmn32480> the kind of code an idiot would ahve on his luggage.
[13:43:31] * janrinok goes away to change luggage password
[13:43:50] * janrinok is happy now - its 4321
[13:44:14] <cmn32480> and posted in a public forum....
[13:44:36] <janrinok> yeah, but it is like the TFA - nobody _ever_ reads it!
[13:51:36] <cmn32480> lol
[13:54:30] <janrinok> cmn32480: If you get a second can you pse 2nd ed the next story?
[13:54:41] <janrinok> if not - it can go out unchecked
[14:11:00] <cmn32480> done
[14:12:08] <janrinok> noted - thx
[14:17:11] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #editorial
[14:17:17] <crutchy> ~title on
[14:17:19] <exec> titles enabled for 10#editorial
[14:18:22] <janrinok> hi crutchy
[14:18:29] <crutchy> http://news.sina.com.cn
[14:18:32] <exec> └─ 13ʡԺ߿Ϊҥ|߿_ [04J. ???? ʡ ???????? ??????? ߿ ????????? Ϊҥ ?? |? ߿ ????? _ ??????? ?]
[14:18:43] <janrinok> ah, utf-8 perhaps?
[14:18:49] <crutchy> wow. that didn't work very well :/
[14:18:53] <crutchy> hi janrinok
[14:19:16] <janrinok> I'm not sure that this channel is ready for encryption yet :)
[14:19:27] <crutchy> http://news.66wz.com
[14:19:29] <janrinok> we can barely type
[14:19:30] <exec> └─ 13ͦҦС_ٵ_ [04???????????????? ͦ ?? Ҧ ???????? C ???????? _ ????? اٴ? _ ???? ??]
[14:19:39] <crutchy> pfft. stupid google translate :/
[14:19:45] <crutchy> anyway
[14:20:19] <janrinok> er, does that page have any special connection for you?
[14:20:29] <crutchy> i have nfi what it says :p
[14:20:45] <crutchy> was just testing the translation feature
[14:20:54] <janrinok> well that is 2 of us then...
[14:21:03] <crutchy> bytram's comment earlier triggered a pm
[14:21:21] <crutchy> noticed he invited the bot but couldn't get the title thingy working
[14:21:47] <crutchy> would prolly help if i had some half decent documentation, but meh
[14:21:51] <janrinok> I missed his original comment
[14:22:04] <janrinok> who reads documentation?
[14:22:12] <crutchy> heh
[14:22:21] <crutchy> i got this in a pm:
[14:22:22] <crutchy> <exec> [#editorial] <Bytram> I just brought in exec, but seems to not be helping much :/
[14:22:36] <crutchy> (triggered by 'exec')
[14:22:47] <crutchy> also triggers on 'crutchy' and prolly a couple of others
[14:23:27] <crutchy> saves me having to trawl through backlog to find highlights :p
[14:23:43] <janrinok> I don't know how we've got by for so long without it.... ;)
[14:24:46] <crutchy> monopoly (or systemd/Error/etc) is better at titles imho
[14:24:58] <crutchy> exec is very slow and unreliable
[15:21:16] janrinok is now known as janrinok|afk
[15:39:14] <cmn32480> www.google.com
[15:39:31] <cmn32480> http://google.com
[15:55:37] <takyon> janrinok
[15:57:14] <takyon> I sent you an email janrinok|afk
[16:16:54] <cmn32480> anybody 2nd a hugh picken breaking stoy for the supreme court upholding obamacare
[16:17:03] <cmn32480> anybody available*
[16:17:05] <takyon> whoa
[16:17:48] <cmn32480> heya takyon
[16:18:06] <cmn32480> can double check the breaking that I put in?
[16:18:17] <takyon> kkkkkkk
[16:18:35] <cmn32480> thanks!
[16:18:45] <cmn32480> going out in about 6 min
[16:20:53] <takyon> no
[16:21:03] <takyon> I'm setting it to undisplay so you can check my changes
[16:22:00] <cmn32480> what was changed?
[16:22:18] <takyon> I fixed some words, added a bunch of commas, that kinda stuff
[16:23:29] <takyon> I changed the nexus to breaking too
[16:23:34] <takyon> it's no longer broken
[16:23:38] <takyon> so I've heard
[16:24:51] <takyon> we good though
[16:25:01] <cmn32480> we are good
[16:25:09] <takyon> ok
[16:25:10] <cmn32480> thanks for the help
[16:27:45] <cmn32480> I moved it into the slot that the Samsung Windows Update
[16:31:33] <takyon> whatever you want
[16:35:17] <cmn32480> no use putting out 2 stories 5 minutes apart.
[16:35:41] <takyon> I go as low as 30 minutes if there's a need to put a Breaking News story in there and the queue is already full for hours
[16:35:55] -!- Alberto [Alberto!~Alberto@Soylent/Users/3580/barrahome] has joined #editorial
[16:36:04] -!- Cubatron [Cubatron!~Cubatron@187.143.iup.li] has joined #editorial
[16:36:17] <Alberto> takyon, email it to Cubatron
[16:36:24] <Alberto> santiago@divalia.mx
[16:36:28] <takyon> ok
[16:36:31] <takyon> I'm half done
[16:37:06] <takyon> "discard the original programmer or his structure because a difference of opinion or marketing strategy"
[16:37:12] <takyon> Is this a reference to Red Hat or something?
[16:37:49] <Alberto> Redhat is an example, too many company's does that
[16:38:06] <Alberto> example Facebook did fork PHP to make their own language
[16:38:13] <Alberto> but they can build a php extension and they didn't
[16:38:18] <Alberto> i can give you a lot of examples
[16:38:18] <takyon> hah I just advocated that on the PHP article
[16:38:42] <Alberto> People do fork and don't collaborate
[16:38:45] <takyon> Facebook could fix PHP's unicode problems if they spent some $$$
[16:38:53] <Alberto> and almost all softwares allow plugins or extensions
[16:38:57] <Alberto> but they prefer to fork
[16:39:02] <Alberto> that is the github cancer
[16:39:07] <Alberto> "Fork fork fork"
[16:39:21] <Alberto> takyon, http://blog.steveklabnik.com
[16:39:24] <exec> └─ 13We Forget That Open Source is Made of People - Literate Programming
[16:39:27] <Alberto> this is my first link
[16:39:30] <takyon> I noticed
[16:40:00] <takyon> "several companies grow and return cents to large projects"
[16:40:14] <takyon> do we mean "large"? and do we mean they return nothing at all?
[16:40:28] <Alberto> they return cents
[16:40:32] <Alberto> pennys
[16:40:37] <Alberto> or dunno how spell it
[16:40:39] <Alberto> example
[16:40:49] <Alberto> http://apache.org
[16:40:52] <exec> └─ 13Thanks
[16:40:53] <Alberto> Samsung is Bronze sponsor
[16:41:00] <Alberto> they give 4K/y
[16:41:11] <Alberto> If your company earn billongs
[16:41:16] <Alberto> why just sponsor for small amounts?
[16:41:17] <takyon> gotcha
[16:41:30] <Alberto> Also there is something wich i didn't write yet
[16:41:32] <takyon> this article could be better with more examples, but you have hyperlinks for that I guess
[16:41:44] <Alberto> example i know that the big ones does return a lot of open source or they made more
[16:41:47] <Alberto> but the question is
[16:42:02] <Alberto> if they use LibA and they open source LibB and LibC
[16:42:23] <Alberto> is that "returning something" or is that what they needed to finish the product itself?
[16:42:33] <Alberto> because Redhat release software doesn't make them "good"
[16:42:42] <Alberto> they release it because they needed the sofware anyway
[16:43:01] <Alberto> and the developer of the first library still poor or unfounded
[16:43:07] <Alberto> no resources and slow dev
[16:43:17] <Alberto> example, OpenSSL, Google fork it
[16:43:22] <Alberto> BoringSSL
[16:43:25] <Alberto> is a joke
[16:43:36] <Alberto> why those company's doesn't give that millons to OpenSSL?
[16:43:43] <Alberto> not just CENTS
[16:45:18] <Alberto> i'm not happy with little money and little support
[16:45:20] <Alberto> is crap
[16:45:43] <Alberto> i'm starting to belive that Smallman was right
[16:45:50] <Alberto> small things doesn't change nothing.
[16:46:34] <takyon> "I’m thinking not so evident in many tools that make up the GNU World."
[16:47:37] <takyon> changed to: "This is not so evident but describes many tools that make up the GNU ecosystem."
[16:55:39] <takyon> almost done
[16:56:44] <takyon> sent to both of you
[16:56:54] <Cubatron> thanks takyon
[16:57:01] <takyon> hope it helps
[17:00:44] <Alberto> thanks!
[17:03:08] <takyon> might want to hook up to some articles about that lone SSL developer who was funded to work full time after the Heartbleed fiasco
[17:03:30] <Alberto> yes
[17:03:39] <Alberto> thats the idea
[17:03:44] <Alberto> get sources, facts
[17:03:48] <Alberto> then list them ALL
[17:04:00] <Alberto> the second part of the article is the investigative part
[17:04:15] <Alberto> where we interview and see the situation of every single developer
[17:04:27] <Alberto> for example that french dude who wrote alove over 500 drivers for webcams
[17:04:32] <Alberto> :D
[17:04:35] <takyon> wow
[17:04:50] <takyon> well good luck
[17:04:59] <takyon> CC me if you send it to an editor for proofing
[17:06:09] <Alberto> yes
[17:54:46] <CoolHand> this article sounds like it will be interesting...
[18:01:01] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok
[18:01:05] <janrinok> hi Alberto
[18:01:15] <janrinok> CoolHand: !! takyon !!
[18:04:06] <cmn32480> Coolhand !!
[18:04:09] <cmn32480> Janrinok !!
[18:04:12] <janrinok> cmn32480: !!
[18:04:18] <cmn32480> takyon !!
[18:04:20] <janrinok> how's things !
[18:04:26] <janrinok> #er, that should be ?
[18:04:32] <cmn32480> looks like almost all the gang is here
[18:04:47] <janrinok> yeah, I think n1/nick has a meeting today
[18:05:14] <cmn32480> and of course mcbp
[18:05:23] <janrinok> not seen him for a day or two
[18:06:01] <cmn32480> I think he's been up to his rump in RL lately
[18:06:54] <janrinok> yep, I guess so
[18:10:11] <cmn32480> he's been running like 6 days on 2 off, and really long days I think. Pretty rough schedule.
[18:10:56] <janrinok> I hope he gets a break soon, and it would be good to see him back on here again.
[18:11:15] <cmn32480> yup. everybody needs a break sometimes
[18:11:44] <cmn32480> run too hard for too long and you burn up on re-entry
[18:12:45] <cmn32480> geesh... backups are still running.... that isn't good
[18:12:53] <janrinok> oh, I know, that's part of the problem that I had a few months back
[18:13:57] <cmn32480> the backups or burning up on re-entry?
[18:14:27] <janrinok> burning up on re-entry!
[18:15:25] <cmn32480> yes. but yours was rather spectacular!
[18:16:00] <janrinok> I don't do things by halves
[18:18:24] <cmn32480> obviously not!
[18:21:41] <cmn32480> and we can reference this as proof of that: https://soylentnews.org
[18:21:47] <exec> └─ 13Calling All Editors - Past or 'Resting' - SoylentNews
[18:22:06] <janrinok> yep
[18:22:23] <cmn32480> sorry... took me a few minutes to find it
[18:22:42] <janrinok> Plus the workload of looking after S and trying to manage the house.
[18:23:14] <cmn32480> i didn't say it was JUST us. All I said was that the burn up in reentry was spectacular
[18:23:34] <cmn32480> and we absolutely appreciate what you do and the guidance you give.
[18:23:40] <janrinok> I know, and I was just explaining why it occurred :)
[18:24:10] <janrinok> I have a lot more practical help here now, and we have a good team of eds
[18:24:16] <cmn32480> speaking of the house...
[18:24:21] <janrinok> go on
[18:24:26] <cmn32480> lunch today was a medly of stuff from my CSA
[18:24:39] <janrinok> CSA?
[18:24:45] <cmn32480> sauteed squash, leeks and bok choy
[18:24:52] <cmn32480> Community Supported Agriculture
[18:24:56] <janrinok> ah, thx
[18:25:07] <janrinok> sounds good to me
[18:25:15] <cmn32480> basically, you sign up wiht a local farm for $x in the spring
[18:25:37] <janrinok> I'm not growing much this year, but I have a good sized plot for edibles and herbs
[18:25:47] <cmn32480> for that you get a share of the crops each week from sometime in May (depending on the winter) until sometime in October (depending on the winter)
[18:26:58] <cmn32480> this was in addition to a slad made with romaine lettuce, fresh blueberries, cucumbers, diced apple, a little cheddar cheese
[18:27:39] <janrinok> I've just eaten, and you are making me feel hungry again...
[18:28:05] <janrinok> what are your winter temps like?
[18:29:22] <cmn32480> depends on the winter
[18:30:01] <cmn32480> two years ago we hovered in the -5C range
[18:30:22] <cmn32480> last year really sucked and we were in the -15 range a lot
[18:31:18] <janrinok> yep, too low to grow very much, even under plastic sheeting. We hover around freezing here and I can grow kale and other winter crops in the open, and some tender veggies under plastic
[18:31:59] <cmn32480> it was the snow and the dips to around -20 that really hurt.
[18:32:15] <janrinok> I can imagine
[18:32:15] <cmn32480> not really normal for this area.
[18:32:22] <cmn32480> damn it was cold
[18:33:46] <janrinok> I take it things have calmed down a little bit at work now - you seemed very busy earlier?
[18:34:38] <cmn32480> still up to my ass in people wanting stuff....
[18:34:46] <janrinok> ...as usual
[18:34:51] <cmn32480> but things are <slightly> quieter
[18:35:18] <janrinok> sshhh, they'll hear you
[18:35:27] <cmn32480> this usually happens around July 4, and again around Labor Day at the beginning of September
[18:36:00] <janrinok> why should the holidays affect your work level?
[18:36:54] <cmn32480> people take off. and for some reason, shortly before and after, as they wind up and down, orders get slower.
[18:37:14] <cmn32480> July 1 is also end of fiscal year for a lot of companies
[18:37:18] <janrinok> I wouldn't have thought it would make a difference to orders
[18:37:30] <janrinok> the fiscal year stuff makes more sense
[18:37:57] <cmn32480> I think that is probabyl the real cause. same in Sepetember. peopalwe are trying to stretch the budget to get to Oct. 1 fiscal year start
[18:38:42] <janrinok> I'm a bit confused - what happens to the 'fiscal year' between the 2 holidays?
[18:39:03] <cmn32480> fiscal year ends vary company to company.
[18:39:15] <janrinok> bizarre
[18:39:17] <cmn32480> some (like my employer) go calendar year
[18:39:40] <cmn32480> some are July 1 - June 30
[18:40:13] <cmn32480> and others start at the quarters (April 1 and October 1)
[18:40:30] <Bytram> http://feedproxy.google.com
[18:40:32] <janrinok> Its a lot easier here - 1 April I think it is, but whenever, all companies have to use the same date for finacial reporting
[18:40:33] <cmn32480> the first company I worked for out of college was on the October 1 schedule
[18:40:33] <Bytram> janrinok: hi.
[18:40:43] <janrinok> hi Bytram how's things?
[18:40:47] <Bytram> cmn32480: g'day!
[18:40:50] <cmn32480> Bytram !!
[18:40:54] <cmn32480> again!!
[18:40:56] <Bytram> tired but good.
[18:41:03] <janrinok> working hard?
[18:41:12] <CoolHand> Bytram: !! cmn32480 !! janrinok !!
[18:41:49] <Bytram> woke at 0500... had an appt at 10:00; rand errands; met friends @ 11:30; doing laundry now; and this is my day *off* !!
[18:42:01] <Bytram> CoolHand: hola!
[18:42:10] <cmn32480> coolhand !!
[18:42:14] <CoolHand> Bytram: sounds bout right..
[18:42:20] <CoolHand> hola amigos!
[18:42:25] <janrinok> well, I wouldn't want you to have things too easy
[18:42:27] <cmn32480> hail hail the gang's almost all here !!
[18:42:30] <Bytram> thas okay; tomorrow I work 0900 to 2130
[18:42:35] <Bytram> :/
[18:42:39] <cmn32480> ick
[18:42:43] <Bytram> overtime++
[18:42:43] <Bender> karma - overtime: 1
[18:42:48] <janrinok> I hope they pay you well for the effort!
[18:43:00] <Bytram> not enough, but every bit helps
[18:43:08] <cmn32480> "well, I wouldn't want you to have things too easy" - says the guy sipping tea in the garden
[18:43:10] <janrinok> it's never enough
[18:43:35] <janrinok> wrong - sipping tea in front of the window looking out on to the garden - thank you!
[18:43:50] <Bytram> so far, I've managed to make ends meet, I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and bunches of friends. life is good.
[18:43:53] <CoolHand> cmn32480: he got u there..
[18:44:22] <cmn32480> he's got me jealous is what he's got!
[18:44:24] <Bytram> but, /me occasionally still wants more than good enough!
[18:44:24] <janrinok> CoolHand: he's just jealous because I'm getting older (as, of course, we all are)
[18:44:46] * Bytram looks around for a DeLorean
[18:45:22] <janrinok> Bytram: hang in there bud, one day you'll look back at this and laugh. (That's what they told me too - it can't be long now before it happens :) )
[18:45:28] <cmn32480> you just missed it Bytram.... it went past my window at 88mph and POOF!
[18:45:41] <Bytram> rats.
[18:46:02] <Bytram> and cats and elephants and sure as you're born, none was as lovely as the unicorn
[18:46:12] <Bytram> =)
[18:46:43] <Bytram> oh, and I've been laughing, too. Problem is, my brain is wired to pay greater notice to the tears than the joy.
[18:47:01] <Bytram> I have to consciously make a gratitude list each day to try and keep my perceptions in line with reality
[18:47:12] <CoolHand> the tears are what make the joy so sweet though...
[18:47:16] <janrinok> nice song that - Irish in origin I think?
[18:47:21] <Bytram> janrinok: bingo
[18:47:46] <CoolHand> what's an Irish song?
[18:47:57] <Bytram> if forced to, I could prolly recall all the arm motions that go along with it, too!
[18:48:14] <janrinok> CoolHand: the lines that Bytram quoted above
[18:48:23] <cmn32480> coolhand - it's like Irish whiskey but louder
[18:48:31] <CoolHand> ahh, the rats and cats and unicorns..
[18:48:33] <Bytram> http://www.youtube.com
[18:48:41] <Bytram> http://thebards.net
[18:48:44] <exec> └─ 13THE UNICORN SONG - Irish Rovers Song, Lyrics, MP3, Chords, Sheet Music
[18:48:55] <CoolHand> well, there we go... :)
[18:48:55] <janrinok> a quick round of Whiskey in the Jar and we will finish with the Wild Rover
[18:49:05] <cmn32480> crutchy "fixed" exec, by the way
[18:49:08] <Bytram> naye no never no more!
[18:49:12] <Bytram> YAY!
[18:49:18] <janrinok> clap clap clap clap
[18:49:19] <Bytram> who borked it?
[18:49:36] <cmn32480> there was a command that you needed to run to enable titles in this room
[18:49:46] <cmn32480> *channel
[18:49:46] <Bytram> or was that "fixed" as in being spayed/neutered?
[18:50:00] <cmn32480> we can only wish that on ciri
[18:50:01] <Bytram> ~help
[18:50:02] <exec> http://sylnt.us
[18:50:23] <Bytram> which reminds me, it seems that the cert for the staff site has expired.
[18:50:41] <Bytram> I know they're working hard at fixing the XSS problem, but just a heads up in case you run into it.
[18:51:15] <janrinok> yeah, NC knows , he is intending to get them renewed soon. I think he mentioned it in his last 12 page note
[18:51:53] <Bytram> lol
[18:52:04] * Bytram is glad it was just a note and not an essay!
[18:52:44] <janrinok> we'd still be downloading it if it had been....
[18:53:06] <Bytram> sorta like that 10GB favicon.ico file?
[18:53:08] <janrinok> perhaps we ought to send out Meta comments from NC by torrent?
[18:53:23] <Bytram> LOL
[18:53:36] * Bytram is gonna need a much bigger pipe
[18:54:00] * janrinok might just not download them :)
[18:55:06] <Bytram> abstinence, eh?
[18:55:20] <janrinok> Actually, by the time they go out, they are usually very good and pretty informative
[18:56:20] <Bytram> true that.
[18:57:08] <Bytram> I always cringe a little when I go in and edit his posts; i don't want to put words in his mouth, but there's usually a need for some gramma/spilling changes
[18:57:42] <Bytram> then again, mayhaps I worry too much... I never once heard him criticize my edits.
[18:57:42] <cmn32480> I get the same feeling bytram.
[18:57:48] <janrinok> his spolling mistooks can take some deciphering but are usually do-able
[18:57:55] <Bytram> glad to 'hear' I'm not alone in that.
[18:57:58] <Bytram> lol
[18:58:26] <Bytram> we just need a filter: NC_lint
[18:58:30] <Bytram> ;)
[18:58:54] <janrinok> I'll get Smallman on to it
[18:59:13] <janrinok> damn Stalman
[18:59:27] <janrinok> oh shit - fingers and brain disconnected
[19:00:44] <janrinok> In my defence - I'm trying to type keywords and topic scores on one machine, and these comments on the computer next to it.
[19:08:16] <Bytram> sorry, helping out with trying to slay the XSS bug;
[19:08:23] <Bytram> might not check in here for a bit
[19:08:39] <janrinok> yeah, I noticed. have a good one, I've got to go soon
[19:16:06] <Bytram> nod nod
[19:16:14] <Bytram> nice seeing ya! give my best to S!
[19:16:30] <janrinok> will do thx cu
[19:21:27] <janrinok> got to go guys - see you tomorrow
[19:23:20] <cmn32480> night janrinok!
[19:24:10] <Bytram> janrinok: g'night!
[19:24:29] <janrinok> cheers Bytram
[19:25:25] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: byeee]
[20:36:31] -!- cmn32480 has quit [Quit: See You Later]
[21:01:21] <takyon> ugh I missed janrinok
[21:24:05] -!- Cubatron has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[21:31:08] -!- cmn32480 [cmn32480!~cmn32480@Soylent/Staff/Editor/cmn32480] has joined #editorial
[21:31:08] -!- mode/#editorial [+v cmn32480] by SkyNet
[21:33:46] <takyon> you're gonna love my stories
[21:37:46] <cmn32480> I generally do
[21:37:57] <cmn32480> thoughtful, well written and informative
[21:38:40] <takyon> I want something on the French Uber protests
[21:40:43] <takyon> too bad I gotta write it
[21:40:48] <takyon> however now I'm distracted by
[21:40:53] <takyon> http://www.marketwatch.com
[21:40:57] <exec> └─ 13Sam Adams is about to be kicked out of the ‘craft beer’ category - MarketWatch
[21:43:30] <cmn32480> meh... I don't really like Sam Adams.
[21:48:02] <takyon> the bigger point is that taxes on small brewers are going down
[21:48:14] <takyon> it's $18/barrel now
[21:48:33] <cmn32480> drops to $3.50/barrel for small quantity stuff
[21:48:37] <cmn32480> that's good.
[21:48:47] <cmn32480> might bring down the price of some of the really good stuff
[21:48:48] <takyon> right, and $16/barrel for everybody for the first 6 million
[21:49:09] <cmn32480> 6 million barrels is a lot of beer
[21:49:28] <takyon> yeah but Sam Adams will burst past it
[21:50:03] <takyon> maybe some of the other big players like New Belgium, Magic Hat, etc. will too
[21:50:27] <cmn32480> agreed. but the key words are "big players"
[21:51:01] <cmn32480> small time stuff like your local brew pub are the people this is designed to really help
[21:51:43] <cmn32480> the rest of them (at least in theory) might as well be Anheiser-Busch or MillerCoors
[21:54:03] <takyon> well my favorite brewery appears to be under 60k. I was kinda surprised
[21:54:34] <cmn32480> which one?
[21:54:39] <takyon> my second favorite is Lagunitas and they appear to be at 400,000 barrels
[21:55:14] <takyon> maybe my third favorite, Sierra Nevada, is near 800,000 barrels
[21:56:15] <cmn32480> my favorite stuff is actually owned by MIller Coors. Leinenkugels
[21:56:30] <takyon> top pleb
[21:57:13] <takyon> Leinenkugels Summer Shandy?
[21:57:21] <cmn32480> yup
[21:57:28] <cmn32480> I also like their berry weiss
[21:57:31] <takyon> get hopped cmn
[21:57:35] <takyon> IPAs for days
[21:57:45] <cmn32480> I don't really like the taste of IPA
[21:57:53] <cmn32480> they never really did anythgin for me
[21:58:11] <takyon> you have to drink them to appreciate them
[21:58:13] <takyon> for example
[21:58:51] <takyon> Sierra Nevada has a beer called Ruthless Rye
[21:59:18] <takyon> it's somewhat bitter, 58 on the "IBU bitterness scale", so when I first tried it was hard to even finished
[21:59:43] <takyon> now I can appreciate the taste, and handle bitter beers
[23:16:03] cmn32480 is now known as poo_ping