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[06:02:05] <takyon> if anyone is awake, check out the articles
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[09:32:52] <cmn32480> editing from the airport.... but at least I am on my way home! :-)
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[17:49:14] <janrinok> hi guys
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[18:48:00] <janrinok> hi cmn32480
[18:48:52] <cmn32480> hey janrinok
[18:49:10] <janrinok> how's things? SO and kids OK?
[18:50:57] <cmn32480> things are good got homethis morngin adn just woke up
[18:51:18] <janrinok> at least you are home - a bit cooler there?
[18:53:00] <takyon> posted Charleston story
[18:53:22] <janrinok> hi takyon - I'll 2nd it, how's things?
[18:53:31] <takyon> pretty good
[18:53:38] <takyon> I added a lot of links, but could always add more
[18:54:04] <takyon> included is a link to archive.org with the manifesto from the shooter
[18:54:25] <janrinok> I think that's plenty - that should stir up the AC's for a Saturday evening :)
[18:55:49] <takyon> oh yeah
[18:55:56] <janrinok> cmn32480: you pressed refresh on the story page - and now you have 2 stories with the same title at the same time :)
[18:56:09] <cmn32480> yes. not sure how I did that
[18:56:19] <cmn32480> I was in the airport adn thel called us to board this morning
[18:56:35] <janrinok> you pressed refresh F5 and not select 'stories' from the top of the page
[18:57:01] <janrinok> you will have to decide which is the one you want and then lose the other
[18:57:13] <janrinok> ... but we won't mock you for that mistake - much
[18:58:36] <cmn32480> meh. It was 5am local time. I'd had about 90 minutes of sleep.
[18:58:39] <cmn32480> mock away.
[18:59:01] <janrinok> I'm working on my storybot prog - Out of yesterday's logs I have extracted over 300 stories automatically. I'm feeling pleased with myself
[18:59:45] <janrinok> cmn32480: we all make that mistake at least once - and I can't recall you doing it before so it will be a mild mocking
[19:00:16] <takyon> so I proposed merging my WikiLeaks story with Hugh's
[19:00:26] <janrinok> good idea
[19:00:42] <cmn32480> agreed takyon
[19:00:44] <janrinok> they are not the same but certainly related
[19:00:47] <takyon> could end up quite big
[19:01:02] <takyon> I recommend putting most of my stuff in extended. Maybe mashing my two sentences together
[19:01:26] <janrinok> you throw it together and we can all look at it afterwards if you want
[19:01:26] <cmn32480> I'll have to finish editing the Newspaper story.
[19:01:59] <janrinok> cmn32480: do you know how to hide a story completely?
[19:02:19] <cmn32480> nope
[19:02:45] <janrinok> set the release date to 0000-00-00 and it will stay in the db but right at the beginning
[19:02:55] <takyon> that sounds like a plan
[19:03:08] <cmn32480> ahhhhhhh
[19:03:08] <takyon> isn't it bytram or somebody who can nuke it
[19:03:12] <janrinok> nobody will ever look there. There must be over 20 stories at least hiding there
[19:03:26] <janrinok> he does the same
[19:03:27] <cmn32480> I think mcbp can do it too
[19:03:35] <takyon> jesus will know
[19:04:05] <janrinok> it can cock up the db if the sid or something disappears - but I might be mistaken with that.
[19:04:41] <cmn32480> done
[19:05:53] <cmn32480> seems like a fine workaround to me
[19:06:14] <cmn32480> if jesus wants it fixed.. he can come fight with rehash
[19:06:23] <janrinok> if you delete a story and it has comments, the comment links are left dangling. Putting the story at 0000 leaves the db intact
[19:07:34] <janrinok> I suppose if someone zeroes the clock on their machine they might see the dead stories, but I've not heard of that happening yet ;)
[19:07:35] <takyon> wikileaks/assange is a little janky, but it's there
[19:08:01] <janrinok> janky - that is a ver Firefox word
[19:08:22] <takyon> I think I picked it up from the webassembly/multiprocess story
[19:09:24] <janrinok> yep - mozilla describes FF's random pauses as janking
[19:09:47] <takyon> so cmn32480
[19:09:52] <takyon> when do you want that newspaper story to run
[19:10:09] <cmn32480> I'll set it as soona s I am done editing
[19:10:40] <takyon> ok so I could run the Mike Crawford thingy on Sunday morning
[19:10:52] <takyon> but is there a reason not to
[19:11:18] <cmn32480> what reason?
[19:11:21] <janrinok> takyon: you are doing a good job of missing of the original submissions links today :)
[19:11:28] <janrinok> missing off*
[19:12:27] <takyon> I barely care when I run the story with no changes
[19:12:36] <takyon> but the main thing is that it's annoying to get them for merged stories
[19:12:49] <takyon> I merge with extreme prejudice
[19:12:58] <cmn32480> the newspaper story can run at any point. I was trying to put some stuff in the queue while I waited for my flight to board this morning. The flight boarded early since there were only 49 people on it.
[19:14:11] <cmn32480> what is the fast forward checkbox on the ed page?
[19:14:24] <janrinok> just link to your merge - all the relevant data is there
[19:14:39] <janrinok> puts a story out NOW I think
[19:15:23] <janrinok> takyon: I'll do the link
[19:15:29] <takyon> thx
[19:20:21] <takyon> note to self: add feature to extension that warns you before you run a story in the past
[19:20:29] <takyon> didn't do it this time, just scared
[19:20:37] <takyon> note to self: adaptive URL spacing
[19:21:10] <cmn32480> I like the extension takyon. Very nice job
[19:21:13] <janrinok> takyon: any chance of an update to fix the list bug please?
[19:21:19] <takyon> what list bug
[19:21:30] <cmn32480> I thoguht that got fixed in 9.1?
[19:21:37] <takyon> is this the paul bug ... that's what 9.1 was for
[19:22:13] <janrinok> paulej72 found a bug in your regex which he thinks is cocking up the tags for UL and OL. He left a note in your journal I believe
[19:22:20] <takyon> yeah it's fixed
[19:22:29] <takyon> moreover I never did anything that would address that disappearing macro problem you had (probably browser related). so if you see that again let me know
[19:22:47] <janrinok> ah. I didn't get the 9.1 update notification.
[19:23:36] <cmn32480> hey janrinok... v9.1 was release to fix that list bug
[19:24:48] <janrinok> thanks for the notification - I will away and download it as soon as I can :)
[19:25:23] <takyon> yeah next one will be a feature release so pitch those idea
[19:25:51] <janrinok> takyon: OK, I simply avoid using the macros now. I'm using a standard FF 38 - can't see why I should have problems with that...?
[19:26:27] <janrinok> takyon: where does it save the macros?
[19:26:30] <takyon> the code is fairly complex so I could have bugged it. I had a problem similar to what you had yourself
[19:26:35] <takyon> localStorage, a browser object
[19:26:45] <takyon> it's like HTML5's version of cookies
[19:26:54] <takyon> and it can be cleared if you clear your browser
[19:27:14] <janrinok> well, that will be it then. All history, cookies, links are destroyed each time I log out.
[19:27:20] <cmn32480> gents - I am gonna go spend some time with my kids since I have been gone most of the week.
[19:27:28] <takyon> yeah well that would be it exactly
[19:27:29] <janrinok> cmn32480: go for it
[19:27:31] <takyon> have fun
[19:27:35] <cmn32480> Janrinok - don't forget to go to bed
[19:27:38] <janrinok> I was hoping to save it in my user area
[19:27:44] <takyon> yeah I think it will be treated as a cookie for clearing purposes
[19:27:53] <cmn32480> om my, that sounds dirty janrinok
[19:28:00] <takyon> exactly
[19:28:17] <cmn32480> I'll be back later, most likely
[19:28:22] <takyon> I don't know how I could make it more permanent. I'll research it
[19:28:28] <janrinok> it's my user area - I'll use if for whatever I want
[19:28:28] cmn32480 is now known as cmn32480|afk
[19:28:36] <janrinok> thx
[19:29:31] <takyon> my datestamps in the story list are purposeful
[19:30:07] <janrinok> you fancy that law school story then...
[19:30:28] <takyon> I think it will be infested
[19:30:41] <takyon> MDC is a bit of a joke bloke
[19:30:50] <janrinok> I felt it made MDC look like an idiot
[19:31:04] <takyon> oh right, I didn't set it to display
[19:31:08] <cmn32480|afk> I agree w/ janrinok
[19:31:14] <cmn32480|afk> it shoudl not run
[19:31:18] <janrinok> but I wouldn't help him to look even more silly
[19:31:18] <takyon> because you or someone else could definitely just not run it
[19:32:43] <takyon> I killed it
[19:33:26] <janrinok> TEMPEST has been extracting data using EM for over 50 years now, and a range of 50cm wouldn't get me worried. They used to test our mil systems from a vehicle parked outside!
[19:33:45] <cmn32480|afk> ok
[19:33:47] <cmn32480|afk> kid time
[19:33:50] <cmn32480|afk> sorry to butt back in
[19:34:07] <takyon> yeah that's true
[19:34:13] <janrinok> Only when you get to v high sy systems do they worry about 50cm
[19:34:29] <takyon> maybe throw in a TEMPEST link
[19:34:36] <takyon> or scan the PDF to see if it's mentioned
[19:34:42] <janrinok> but someone else will point that out to DonkeyChan, so he'll learn from it.
[19:35:02] takyon is now known as baryonAFK
[19:42:09] <janrinok> baryonAFK: takyon: I'm fairly sure that the Yanking Secret Keys story is a dupe from a few months ago, but I can't find it at present. You can always leave it in and let the community find it for us :)
[19:42:32] <janrinok> I recognise the PDF
[19:53:21] <janrinok> Found it - 6 Mar - Stealing Keys from PCs using a Consumer Grade Radio
[20:07:11] <janrinok> gtg - bye guys
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[20:42:46] <baryonAFK> I saw a report very recently that was similar
[20:42:48] <baryonAFK> i will check
[20:58:16] baryonAFK is now known as takyon
[22:21:01] <takyon> I loaded up Charleston with links
[22:21:22] <takyon> figured out how to do nested lists properly, wrapped it all in a small tag.