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[11:29:03] <wantkitteh> Hey all, just noticed a typo in a story I submitted last night
[11:29:36] <wantkitteh> It's the ECHR story, the damages sought should be EUR30,000, not 300,000
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[12:31:53] <cmn32480> Apparently I need to steal Janrinok's signature, as lately, it seems to be always my fault.
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[12:42:18] <LaminatorX> Good morning, all.
[12:51:45] <wantkitteh_> Can someone fix a typo in my submission before it goes live plz? ;)
[12:52:26] <LaminatorX> Glad to. Which one is yours?
[12:52:32] <wantkitteh_> the ECHR ruling one
[12:52:50] <wantkitteh_> I put the damages in at 300,000, they should have been 30,000
[12:53:54] <LaminatorX> Corrected, thanks. Go, accuracy!
[12:53:58] <wantkitteh_> thank you! :)
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[13:07:49] <cmn32480> Thanks LaminatorX... I got hung up with my RL job
[13:11:01] <LaminatorX> No worries.
[13:22:36] <cmn32480> teamwork++
[13:22:36] <Bender> karma - teamwork: 13
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[14:00:57] <cmn32480> morning janrinok
[14:07:14] <janrinok> hi cmn32480 - good afternoon to you
[14:07:43] <janrinok> from empty sub queue to a full one in 12 hours
[14:07:44] <cmn32480> how's things? good? bad? fair to middlin'?
[14:07:56] <cmn32480> small victories
[14:08:09] <cmn32480> now if my plane leaves on time, that'd be nice
[14:08:19] <cmn32480> Id count that as a slightly better than small victory
[14:08:20] <janrinok> good here - S goes into hospital tomorrow for a minor surger, back home tomorrow evening, but elsewise, good!
[14:09:00] <janrinok> where you going today?
[14:09:00] <cmn32480> oh dear. I hope all is ok
[14:09:09] <cmn32480> today I head for Atlanta
[14:09:27] <cmn32480> got a meeting there tomorrow. Then a site survey in Mobile, Alabama on Friday
[14:09:33] <cmn32480> fly home Saturday AM
[14:09:43] <janrinok> well, I hope it is a 'good' trip (i.e. successful and rewarding)
[14:09:52] <cmn32480> <fingers crossed>
[14:10:17] <cmn32480> in all honesty, I hate flying in and out of Atlanta
[14:10:35] <janrinok> so that's you away, n1 too
[14:10:43] <cmn32480> busiest airport in the country, too many people, not enough security checkpoints.... bleh
[14:11:02] <cmn32480> I'll be around in the evenings after I get to the hotels
[14:11:10] <janrinok> I thought we were arguing for no security checkpoints .... ;)
[14:11:18] <cmn32480> I'll try to pull at least a little bit of my substantial weight
[14:11:31] <cmn32480> that'd solve my problem too
[14:11:50] <janrinok> don't worry, you concentrate on your professional side, we can manage
[14:12:07] <cmn32480> they just never have enough lanes open to process the large number of people that come through that airport
[14:12:15] <janrinok> so you should be in time to cut the grass again!
[14:12:29] <janrinok> should be back *
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[14:25:06] <cmn32480> janrinok - providing that I don't ahve to work on Saturday, yes, I should be home to cut the grass. But it is supposed to be a torrential rain on Saturday, so that may be off the table anyway
[14:25:33] <janrinok> I'll be doing the Soylent Rain Dance for you :)
[14:31:03] <cmn32480> does the Soylent Rain Dance put stuff in the submission queue?
[14:31:19] <janrinok> yes, but it often too wet to use
[14:32:25] <cmn32480> kinda like when it rains and I have to cut the grass... to wet to do it. OH WELL!
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[17:02:02] <paulej72> missing signoffs when previewing has been fixed
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[19:14:53] <janrinok> hi Lammy
[19:15:33] <LaminatorX> Howdy.
[19:15:36] <janrinok> that's helped fill the queue for a few more hours!
[19:15:46] <janrinok> how's things with you?
[19:15:57] <LaminatorX> Indeed so. I think the submitter blew a movie reference though.
[19:16:09] <LaminatorX> On the second face-rec chapter.
[19:16:28] <janrinok> Ah, I didn't understand it - not really a film buff
[19:16:45] <LaminatorX> Did "Scanner Darkly" deal with face rec? I remember it was all over Minority Report. Both Phil Dick adaptations.
[19:17:51] <LaminatorX> I'm going to refresh my memory on Scanner Darkly real quick. All I remember from that one are some really trippy rotoscoping.
[19:17:54] <janrinok> yep according to Wikipedia "life....under intrusive hi-tech police surveillance'
[19:18:55] <LaminatorX> Looks like tricking face-rec was a thing in Scanner Darkly. Good enough.
[19:19:26] <janrinok> well, I've learnt something, but I'll probably forget it again real soon
[19:20:21] <LaminatorX> We can only remember so much at a time, after all. I'll always remember Sherlock Holmes deciding to forget heliocentrism though.
[19:20:38] <janrinok> only got a few minutes before I must go.
[19:21:12] <janrinok> S has an hospital appt tomorrow and has to be up at 06:30. It's only minor so no particular worries.
[19:21:52] <LaminatorX> Get some good sleep then. I hope Sophie's visit remains worry feww.
[19:22:33] <LaminatorX> s/feww/free
[19:22:51] <janrinok> the problem of going to bed _knowing_ that you have to get up early is that you can never get to sleep as easily as you normally might do
[19:23:50] <LaminatorX> I just had a sleep study done. Apperently I'm not breathing enough at night and will need to wear a blower to keep my airway open, like my father before me.
[19:24:26] <janrinok> I had a test for that a month or two back. I also have a sleep problem but the blower is not the solution for me
[19:25:03] <LaminatorX> His was untreated for decades though, seriously messed him up. I'm annoyed, but glad to be able to avoid further problems.
[19:25:22] <janrinok> a good night's sleep is worth a lot
[19:26:34] <LaminatorX> Years of nightly asphyxia and no REM sleep did some permanent brain damage, in his case. He'f functional for the most part, but has real problems with long-term thinking. We had him move in with us so we can handle that part.
[19:28:57] <LaminatorX> He's great with the kids, works in the yard, all that sort of thing, but on his own he gets in trouble. He let his water get turned off rather than pay a disputed bill, then his house got condemned because it had no running water. All over something like a $60 error dispute.
[19:30:46] <LaminatorX> He rents that house out to a nursing student now, and she handles the utilities.
[19:35:52] <janrinok> gtg - take care LaminatorX - and all the best to you and yours.
[19:36:05] <LaminatorX> Same to you. :)
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[20:23:35] <LaminatorX> Howdy.
[20:23:46] <cmn32480> Heya LaminatorX
[20:24:07] <cmn32480> I'm sitting in the airport.... flight is 2 hours late. Been on one plane, it broke 30 seconds after pushing back from the gate
[20:24:28] <cmn32480> rescheduled flight is in another hour
[20:24:33] <LaminatorX> Ouch. Good they let you off the plane at least.
[20:24:40] <cmn32480> they had to.
[20:24:48] <cmn32480> it was broken, and they couldn't fix it
[20:25:09] <cmn32480> though, I suppose in hindsight, better atht ehy pull us off then try to go anyway'
[20:25:17] <LaminatorX> I'm glad to hear it broke 30 seconds from the gate and not 30 minutes.
[20:25:34] <cmn32480> me too!
[20:25:36] <cmn32480> :-)
[20:25:41] <cmn32480> just frustrating
[20:25:58] <LaminatorX> Sure.
[20:26:19] <cmn32480> but I feel better ahving vented
[20:26:38] <cmn32480> and I'm traveling with a VP who is a tee-totler
[20:26:51] <cmn32480> so I can't even go to the bar in the airport and get a beer or two in mew
[20:27:30] <LaminatorX> Ooh, extra one on one time with an exec. Such a double edged sword.
[20:27:45] <cmn32480> I've known the guy 10 years
[20:28:30] <cmn32480> Honor Flight coming in...
[20:29:09] <LaminatorX> I remember a VP I used to work closely with who would always talk about the Freemasons when the two of us were driving somewhere. I'm pretty sure he was fishing for me to ask to join, as their rules forbid them inviting people.
[20:29:32] <cmn32480> soon as the regular passengers get off... they'll bring off all the vets
[20:29:58] <cmn32480> nice guy... but I coudl really use a drink
[20:30:14] <LaminatorX> I wonder how long those will still be a thing. Ten years?
[20:30:33] <cmn32480> they are running them w/ WWII, Korea, and Vietnam vets currently
[20:31:15] <LaminatorX> Ah, I thought it was just WWII. Glad to hear they're not leaving out the later generations.
[20:31:51] <cmn32480> everybody deserves to see the memorial dedicated to to war they sacrificed themselves for
[20:32:26] <cmn32480> the guy here just sadi there are 25? WWII, 10 Korea, and 3 Vietnam vets on this flight
[20:33:55] <LaminatorX> The last Civil War veteran died in 1956. He was an early-teen-aged drummer boy for the Union.
[20:34:14] <cmn32480> sounds about right from what I've heard
[20:34:36] <cmn32480> the last WW 1 vet dies in the late 80's or early 90's if I recaall correctly
[20:35:33] <cmn32480> I am totally wrong
[20:35:39] <cmn32480> Wikipedia says 2011
[20:38:24] <cmn32480> now they can't decide if they are pushing us to another gate
[20:38:26] <LaminatorX> I thought it was kind of a shame they built the WWI museum in KC after all the Doughboys were gone. I wonder if he made a trip.
[20:38:45] <cmn32480> brb
[20:41:46] <paulej72> LaminatorX: hows it been. Long time no see
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[20:43:12] <LaminatorX> Busy, but less so lately. It's good to be more active here again.
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[20:44:55] <paulej72> yes, it's nice to see the old faces around
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[20:46:08] <paulej72> did you go out and push cmn32480
[20:47:23] <LaminatorX> Nay, I used the power of my mind.
[20:48:05] <cmn32480> I thought about it... but I couldn't flap enough to get it up in the air
[20:48:44] <paulej72> you need captain caveman
[20:48:47] <cmn32480> apparently no body skinny on the plane
[20:49:11] <cmn32480> that was the first time I have been at the gate where the honor flight came in.
[20:49:21] <cmn32480> gotta run
[20:49:25] <paulej72> I guess it's a wide body plane
[20:49:26] * LaminatorX had not thought about Captain Caveman in a very long time.
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[20:50:23] <paulej72> gtg myself. need to get some bike riding in while the weather is still nice.
[20:56:06] <LaminatorX> Adios.
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