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[13:05:46] <janrinok> hi guys
[13:09:44] <Bytram> hi!
[13:09:55] * Bytram will be heading off to work in a couple minutes
[13:09:56] <Bytram> http://phys.org
[13:09:57] <systemd> ^ 03Israeli archaeologists find inscription of name from Bible ( http://phys.org )
[13:12:28] <janrinok> Bytram: hi how's things?
[13:12:37] <Bytram> good, but really gotta run
[13:12:44] <janrinok> k bye!
[13:12:47] * Bytram needs to be AT work in 30 minutes
[13:12:56] <Bytram> good to 'see' you!
[13:13:00] <janrinok> u2
[13:13:03] <Bytram> hope you and S have a great day!
[13:13:06] <Bytram> l8rs
[13:13:12] <janrinok> thx - don't work too hard
[15:25:45] <SoyGuest68093> day i have to wear a long sleeve shirt, feels like the warmest day of the damn year
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[15:28:11] <nick> formal clothing, walking in london, public transport and a summers day :|
[15:33:05] <janrinok> hi nick how's it going today?
[15:39:30] <nick> good but im exhausted now
[15:39:34] <nick> and day has barely begun
[15:39:39] <janrinok> not surprised
[15:39:50] <janrinok> are you still on your way to the meeting?
[15:39:52] <nick> how about you?
[15:40:08] <janrinok> I'm good - or we are good thx
[15:40:13] <nick> i did meetings and such this morning and early afternoon
[15:40:15] <nick> good to hear
[15:40:20] <janrinok> same hot weather but we are enjoying it
[15:40:30] <nick> but i have other work stuff to do this evening, and then tonight im on the road for next festival
[15:40:35] <nick> to start that on-site tomorrow morning
[15:40:49] <janrinok> everything go OK, and how is your illness?
[15:40:59] <nick> so i'll be doing a 3hr drive starting from 11pm :|
[15:41:13] <nick> feeling much better today thanks
[15:41:20] <janrinok> that's not so good, but the meetings went as well as you would have hoped?
[15:43:03] <nick> pretty much, was constructive
[15:43:09] <nick> good things should come of it
[15:43:17] <janrinok> well that's OK then
[15:44:00] <nick> it's unlikely i'll be doing any editing until this time next week now, ive only got the time to chat at the minute as im eating kfc as my first meal of the deal
[15:44:54] <janrinok> np - we can manage. I hope everything goes well at the festival. KFC eh? I actually fancy one of those from time to time
[15:45:41] <nick> i dont have it very often, so it's quite nice
[15:45:56] <nick> but i just wanted food more than anything and no energy to prepare it myself
[15:50:47] <janrinok> I understand - sorry for the delay, had to correct a story
[15:53:33] <nick> an editors work is never done
[15:53:44] <janrinok> true
[15:54:17] <janrinok> we've got stories until midnight, but the sub queue is looking low. I'm sure something will come along.
[15:54:49] <janrinok> ..and I'm going to have to go a cook for us - No KFC here you know!
[15:54:57] <nick> heh, sucks for you :p
[15:55:10] <nick> im going to take a much needed shower right now
[15:55:40] <janrinok> have a good one, enjoy your festival, and we'll chat when you get back and get yourself sorted out :)
[15:56:00] <nick> take care, janrinok, and give my regards to S
[15:56:06] <nick> :) thanks
[15:56:12] <janrinok> will do, thx. Take care
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[16:38:44] <CoolHand> a week ago we had such a plethora of riches in the subs queue...
[17:01:25] <nick> a week is a long time in newsland
[18:06:48] <CoolHand> true... ahhh,the good 'ole days...
[18:06:50] <CoolHand> :)
[18:08:58] <janrinok|afk> CoolHand: hi, how's things?
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[18:13:30] <cmn32480> Is it beer:30 somewhere?
[18:13:48] <nick> it is here, cmn32480
[18:14:05] <janrinok> well past it here, could've started ages ago!
[18:14:10] <nick> i just found out i dont have to leave tonight, so im drinking to that
[18:14:56] <janrinok> I'm tempted to have one with you!
[18:15:38] <nick> im not actually drinking yet though sadly, need to buy cold beer first for this evenings activities
[18:16:58] <janrinok> why the later start tomorrow?
[18:18:43] <nick> apparently we dont have too much to do and everyone is very chilled on site
[18:19:10] <nick> so i dont have to rush to get there, and we'll have about 24hrs before the public start to arrive to get our things done
[18:19:41] <nick> i was supposed to be there midday tomorrow anyway, but at 3hours, means leaving at 9, which means it will actually take 4 hours
[18:19:48] <nick> which means really leaving at 8 to be on time
[18:19:58] <nick> thats why i thought going tonight would be better
[18:20:13] <nick> if that makes sense
[18:20:21] <janrinok> well, you could surely do with the good night's sleep
[18:20:48] <nick> that was why i was going to leave tonight instead of in the morning, so i could sleep until 9 or 10 on-site and then have a full day
[18:20:52] <nick> without a 3 hour drive before
[18:21:10] <nick> have today as the long day, rather than tomorrow
[18:21:12] <janrinok> Looking at the subs, I don't think much of MDC's thoughts about going to law school.
[18:21:44] <nick> can you give me a tl;dr?
[18:21:47] <nick> i'm about to head out
[18:22:49] <janrinok> Yeah, he's thinking of changing careers, and it is more about pontificating about why he should rather than asking anyone how he should go about it - despite what the title says.
[18:23:18] <janrinok> But, perhaps another ed can see a story in it
[18:24:11] <takyon> how about run red cross story next
[18:24:39] <janrinok> just looking at it....
[18:25:38] <janrinok> yeah, post it, it is the best that is ready to go at present. Takyon, how soon before you update your AMD story?
[18:26:03] <takyon> it's waiting for Tom's Hardware and AnandTech to publish actual articles about the chips
[18:26:54] <janrinok> ah, OK
[18:27:03] <takyon> most of the 300 series chips are rebrands except for those ones with names
[18:27:17] <janrinok> I'll take your word for it :)
[18:27:20] <takyon> and there's a VR angle that AMD is pumping up. you can get the gist by glancing at the text
[18:27:53] <takyon> I'd also like to try and add that slide image into the story
[18:28:10] <takyon> since it makes a pretty powerful statement about where GPUs are going
[18:28:20] <takyon> or want to be going
[18:28:23] <janrinok> beware of in wrath of those who have limited download caps....
[18:28:46] <janrinok> did you mean the image or a link to it?
[18:28:53] <takyon> yeah the image right in there
[18:28:58] <takyon> considering it's mostly textual, I could degrade the quality, probably make it less than 5 KB
[18:30:59] <takyon> I'd like the AMD story to run around 12:00 GMT
[18:31:01] <janrinok> I would advise against it, but it is your call. I wouldn't want there to be a battle between those who want more images and those that cannot stay with the site because they get images pushed upon them.
[18:31:17] <takyon> let me see what I can do with the image real quick
[18:31:52] <janrinok> if you post one, then others will either expect/demand them, or equally curse them. A link gives them the option to download if they wish.
[18:32:22] <takyon> I wish we had table functionality
[18:33:19] <janrinok> are you sure that we haven't?
[18:34:35] <takyon> ill test
[18:36:53] <takyon> oh we do wow
[18:37:19] <janrinok> eds have more html tags than other users
[18:39:58] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[18:39:59] <systemd> ^ 03Error
[18:40:33] <janrinok> looks good to me - despite the error warning
[18:40:56] <takyon> blame systemd
[18:41:32] <takyon> http://www.tomshardware.com
[18:41:33] <systemd> ^ 03AMD Introduces Radeon R9 Fury Series Graphics Cards With Fiji GPUs
[18:49:04] systemd is now known as Error
[18:50:18] <takyon> good news, got a new story
[18:59:05] <janrinok> the one you are editing or has another come in?
[18:59:57] <janrinok> I'm still only showing 2 subs - neither of which deserve the front page imho
[19:01:05] <takyon> there
[19:01:29] <janrinok> ah thx
[19:04:07] <takyon> Hack might need to be "Hack"
[19:04:23] <takyon> from the context it seems like employees that worked with the guy may have guessed his passwords
[19:04:34] <takyon> truly the l33test of hax
[19:05:57] <janrinok> ... and posted
[19:06:53] <takyon> and I'm being generous when I said guessed
[19:07:08] <takyon> he probably gave passwords away to his assistants, and then reused them over at the astros
[19:08:15] <janrinok> time for me to be on my way. See you tomorrow, takyon?
[19:08:24] <takyon> see you
[19:08:32] <janrinok> have a good one!
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[21:38:14] <paulej72> Any eds around?
[22:13:22] <cmn32480> no paulej72
[22:13:50] <paulej72> I just posted a site update story and was looking for a quick second
[22:14:28] <cmn32480> looking now
[22:15:06] <cmn32480> what the heck is the 4th bullet supposed to say?
[22:15:26] <cmn32480> I guess a better question... what is commentwrap div
[22:16:53] <cmn32480> paulej72 - you want me to adjust the timing on some stories?
[22:17:30] <paulej72> only if you think we need to. A meta story is more for info purposes and can sit there
[22:18:19] <paulej72> commentwrap this box above below the sotry and just above the first comment has all of the inof and controls
[22:18:27] <cmn32480> I'm looking at the lack of subs in the queue... and thinking that we can buy some time by making a few adjustments
[22:18:45] <cmn32480> <blink><blink
[22:18:48] <cmn32480> >
[22:18:48] <paulej72> sure go ahead and adjsut then
[22:18:56] <cmn32480> ok... so the wording is right?
[22:19:08] * cmn32480 shows his ignorance
[22:20:20] <paulej72> yes in technical terms
[22:20:55] <cmn32480> ok
[22:21:06] <cmn32480> I will re-time everythgin. +1 hour
[22:22:37] <cmn32480> Done and done
[22:22:41] <cmn32480> can I go home now?
[22:22:52] <paulej72> only if you want to
[22:23:13] <cmn32480> please? been here 11 hours already
[22:23:22] <cmn32480> and I'll go home and work more. I promise
[22:25:18] <cmn32480> back in a while. Nice job on the bug kill list. :-)
[22:25:24] <cmn32480> paulej72^
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