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[01:09:28] <n1_> cmn32480
[01:09:37] <cmn32480> n1_
[01:09:48] <n1_> how goes?
[01:10:09] <cmn32480> just got the kids in bed
[01:10:34] <cmn32480> you?
[01:11:33] <n1_> victory for the day?
[01:12:31] <n1_> it's not been a great day, but tomorrow will be a new one
[01:18:35] <cmn32480> I got 2 reports finished. That was my victory for the day. And I was home to kiss the kids goodnight
[03:38:47] <Bytram> http://feeds.sciencedaily.com
[03:38:48] <systemd> ^ 03Graphene quantum dot LEDs -- ScienceDaily ( http://www.sciencedaily.com )
[03:44:43] <Bytram> n1_: I noticed a story you pushed out looked familiar; covered same topic as another one I'd pushed out... but neither made it to the main page yet... I merged your stoy into mine and then flagged yours to NOT display.
[03:45:08] <Bytram> Your story: https://soylentnews.org
[03:45:09] <systemd> ^ 03Error
[03:45:22] <Bytram> merged one: https://soylentnews.org
[03:45:23] <systemd> ^ 03SN article:  Hacking of Federal Security Forms Much Worse than Originally Thought 04(9 comments)
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[14:13:07] <janrinok> it is certainly quiet on here today
[14:25:16] <CoolHand> t'is... 'lo janrinok
[14:32:19] <janrinok> hi CoolHand
[14:56:30] <janrinok> paulej72: I take it that you are pleased?
[15:09:34] <paulej72> No I was yelling so it was not quiet
[15:09:53] <janrinok> sorry - I couldn't hear you for all the noise in here
[15:10:10] <paulej72> they call that tinitus
[15:10:46] <n1_> afternoon
[15:10:51] <janrinok> hi n1
[15:11:33] <n1_> how goes
[15:12:33] <janrinok> not bad, S has just gone for an appointment at the hospital prior to minor surgery on Thursday, so I have an hour or 2 to myself :)
[15:12:56] <janrinok> how about yourself?
[15:14:01] <n1_> not all that awesome, i've been sick all day, and it couldn't have happened at a worse time, i have an exceptionally busy week and im already way behind on stuff now
[15:14:54] <janrinok> I'm sorry to hear that, just a 1-day illness or is it likely to be longer?
[15:15:23] <n1_> i think i should be ok by tomorrow, if not things are really fucked.
[15:15:45] <janrinok> well, go and get some rest now. We can manage.
[15:16:28] <n1_> ive been resting most of the day, trying to get brain in gear now to get some work done
[15:16:33] <janrinok> there's nothing in the queue worth looking at and the stories are good for another 12 hours or more.
[15:17:17] <n1_> was a story i did see which is probably worth a submission
[15:17:24] <n1_> http://www.bbc.co.uk
[15:17:26] <systemd> ^ 03Download festival: Leicestershire Police defend facial recognition scans - BBC News
[15:19:07] <janrinok> You know, I'm in 2 minds about this. I can understand the big brother concerns, but here the police are seeking known criminals who target festivals, and they have subsequently destroyed the records if they did not match. What do we want the police to do?
[15:19:25] <janrinok> a good story though
[15:21:00] <n1_> they 'destroyed' it this time
[15:21:25] <n1_> there's also an element about 'cashless payments' in there too
[15:21:33] <janrinok> well, that is going along the thought crime path - if they haven't bent the rules yet they haven't done anything wrong.
[15:21:35] <n1_> i think it's a 'welcome to the future' story
[15:22:10] <janrinok> by all means, hang them by the balls if they do break the rules, but we expect them to police as though it was 1915 not 2015
[15:22:16] <n1_> janrinok, the UK police are not known for destroying records of innocent suspects or other people not actually convicted
[15:22:46] <janrinok> and those who break the law should be punished.
[15:23:45] <janrinok> if the police haven't destroyed the records then those responsible should be held to account. You wouldn't suggest that, because one car is speeding, all drivers should be fined?
[15:24:24] <n1_> indeed not, i'm just seeing this as a datapoint into where things are going
[15:24:43] <n1_> an event of 90,000 people is a good place to try out this new tech before being rolled on a larger scale
[15:25:32] <janrinok> and eventually that will have to happen. And, if they then 'bend' the rules then punish them.
[15:26:11] <n1_> who has the authority to 'punish' or even stop it without sanction for previous action?
[15:26:14] <janrinok> we want the police to catch the bad guys, but we don't want to be seen to be supporting them
[15:26:27] <janrinok> any judge
[15:26:50] <n1_> if we give 0 fucks about GCHQ storing every bit of information on anyone that they can get their hands on, i dont see how any fucks will be given about this
[15:27:34] <janrinok> and I am fully in favour of GCHQ being brought to task, or more correctly, Theresa May.
[15:27:42] <n1_> and will anyone do it? no.
[15:27:49] <n1_> national security, british values blah blah blah
[15:27:55] <janrinok> Ah, that is a different argument
[15:28:21] <n1_> but thats how this stuff happens though
[15:28:47] <n1_> vague bullshit put forward by the home office, used later as justification for anything police or security services do, no 'bending' rules needed
[15:29:17] <janrinok> so we have to develop a system that meets the needs of everyone - I can go with that
[15:30:05] <janrinok> The Anderson Report has rattled a few cages, and there is a more significant change in the US. It will happen, although much more slowly than either of us would like.
[15:30:55] <n1_> there seems to be a lot more action and people talking about this kind of stuff over there
[15:31:37] <janrinok> and whatever happens there will slowly have an effect over here too.
[15:31:56] <n1_> but we have a very different kind of culture and polite society which doesn't really enable criticism of government outside of 'labour party vs conservative' - completely ignoring all the stuff they agree on that the public should question
[15:33:00] <n1_> i've been reading a book lately about politics in UK between 1945-75 - and it's interesting that the most divisive issues for the public at the time where parts of policy the two parties didn't have any arguments about
[15:33:11] <n1_> so it was not debated or talked about during the election cycles
[15:33:51] <n1_> two examples of that being nuclear disarmament and the common market
[15:34:28] <janrinok> we see that today. The major parties like the idea of all this information being gathered. But there are individuals, and the LibDems, who are set against this. Unfortunately, the LD are a spent force for the next decade or more.
[15:34:56] <n1_> wouldn't even believe it, 'realities of the situation' suddenly become apparent when you get into office
[15:35:06] <n1_> and thens suddenly get forgotten when you retire from public office
[15:35:10] <n1_> and you become human again
[15:35:25] <janrinok> and that's where we need to hold their feet to the fire -when they are in office.
[15:35:29] <n1_> i believed Obama, don't i feel stupid.
[15:35:36] <janrinok> didn't we all?
[15:35:52] <n1_> and to be fair, the same does go for the LibDem
[15:36:29] <n1_> it's easy to talk a good game while not in office, but when they got a taste of that power, keeping that for 'possible future opportunities' was more important than sticking to their ideology
[15:36:51] <n1_> because maybe one day in a few years, they might get to make an announcement about something that their voters might like that might actually happen in 10 years from then
[15:37:46] <janrinok> well, I think that the LibDems did keep the brakes on government excesses, but unfortunately that was at a cost to them as a party.
[15:37:59] <n1_> but on the BBC story, it's less of a 'wow this is unreasonable' and more of a 'they got it together finally'
[15:38:20] <n1_> janrinok, both parties were at fault for pretending their ideologies are compatible
[15:38:22] <janrinok> and I think it should be published as that
[15:38:43] <janrinok> yep, but I do think some were genuinely trying to make it work
[15:38:56] <n1_> no disputes about that at all
[15:39:10] <n1_> there are honest and decent people in all parties
[15:39:52] <janrinok> but too few ;)
[15:40:07] <n1_> on a personal level, i have spoken to people from all the parties, and i dont have anything against them, obviously not high profile ones
[15:40:10] <janrinok> or just enough of the rotten apples to spoil the system
[15:40:50] <n1_> but their occupation in politics is a job and their employer (the party/donors) get priority
[15:41:04] <janrinok> as individuals I think they all are decent people. But they - like Obama - see things differently once in power. We've got to find a way of keeping them focussed.
[15:41:58] <n1_> janrinok, the scary thing to me is, you can have 98 decent people, it only takes two intelligent sociopaths to ruin it for the other 98 people,.
[15:42:36] <janrinok> true. I wonder why the other 98 don't string em up for us?
[15:42:40] <n1_> and i think thats how society is in general, and it just happens to be the people with the thirst for power and the drive to get it at all costs
[15:42:49] <n1_> are not of the other 98.
[15:42:57] <n1_> because, you have to believe the best in people and have faith
[15:43:08] <janrinok> you mean - today a SN editor, tomorrow ...?
[15:43:19] <n1_> because you're good, everyone you know is good, these people sound and look just like you, they cant be all that bad
[15:43:46] <n1_> the less intelligent ones go for crime, the more intelligent ones become the rule makers.
[15:44:59] <n1_> i'm so power hungry, i dont even like using all my mod points as i'm an editor and i shouldnt be swaying the discussion
[15:45:06] <n1_> i'd never make it in politics.
[15:45:20] <janrinok> you and me both!
[15:46:25] <janrinok> I have just had a major success in my storybot program - I've just discovered how to format some stories effectively.
[15:46:32] <n1_> nice!
[15:46:57] <janrinok> still lots of other problems, but I can finally grok that bit of the problem
[15:47:14] <n1_> there was a story i edited yesterday, not appearing in the queue, was it a dupe?
[15:47:35] <janrinok> it was, by about 6 hours
[15:47:57] <n1_> i cant even remember what the storyw as#
[15:48:00] <n1_> was*
[15:48:40] <janrinok> I now know how to hide them completely. Just set the display time to 25:nn:nn and it will automatically move them to datetime 0000/00/00 00:00:00
[15:49:05] <janrinok> the US hacking story
[15:49:43] <n1_> ah yeah that makes sense
[15:49:46] <janrinok> but you can still search for them my name, link or whatevetr
[15:50:00] <n1_> to be honest it's hard to keep track of all these data breaches
[15:50:33] <janrinok> well, you wouldn't have seen the earlier story because at the time you were editing it hadn't gone out.
[15:51:08] <n1_> would have thought i'd noticed it in the queue, but mistakes happen
[15:51:16] <janrinok> and I suspect yours hit the queue after the earlier one had been processed
[15:51:33] <janrinok> easily done
[16:01:09] <n1_> did it get caught before going live?
[16:01:21] <janrinok> yep
[16:01:48] <janrinok> I think Bytram spotted it first, but I might be wrong on that. It _was_ spotted though
[16:02:46] <n1_> good, two dupes would have been bad form
[16:03:29] <janrinok> lol
[16:03:48] <janrinok> the second was my sub - and I edited the original
[16:04:21] <janrinok> it came up on rss-bot a day or two back - no idea why a story that old should have been pushed out again
[16:05:28] <n1_> happens a lot, but usually it is wrapped up in a 'new' article
[16:06:12] <n1_> i see it fairly often from BBC, you get a story, then a week later, you'll get it again, but with a later part of the original story
[16:06:18] <janrinok> there is no way I can remember stories going back to our early days, and we have only just passed the first year! I wonder if there is a better system?
[16:06:18] <n1_> being the 'main' story this time
[16:06:56] <n1_> just change emphasis/headline and is still same story, not so easy to do with that specific one
[16:06:59] <n1_> but it's a common thing in general
[16:07:37] <n1_> i dont really have any suggestions, we dont seem to push dupes very often
[16:07:58] <janrinok> I'd better go and slice some veggies for dinner. Then I can relax again until S gets home - I think...?
[16:08:24] <n1_> i should get some work done
[16:08:43] <n1_> enjoy relaxing :)
[16:08:55] <janrinok> you take it easy too
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[18:08:40] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok
[18:18:22] <n1_> wb janrinok
[18:24:10] <janrinok> sry n1 I was busy looking at something else
[18:27:21] <n1_> just read an interesting story, where the manchester police decided that a phone deleted voicemail by itself inside an evidence bag
[18:27:33] <n1_> because no officers said they deleted the voicemail
[18:28:14] <janrinok> er, I think someone is telling porkies, although there is some messaging system where the messages self-destruct after a certain time
[18:28:16] <n1_> and a forensics company run by ex-manchester police officers were the independent investigators that came to the conclusion
[18:28:46] <n1_> they did determine the voicemail was accessed and voicemail deleted, minutes before a police interview with a suspect was due to take place
[18:29:14] <n1_> this suspect was an ex-manchester police officer who apparently spoke out about some things
[18:29:47] <janrinok> book em, Danno
[18:29:50] <n1_> subsequently was charged with: Money laundering, Underpaying council tax (he says the investigation discovered he had in fact overpaid, and he was refunded £1,779.41 by Wrexham council). Misleading his mortgage company when borrowing money for a divorce settlement. Evading income tax. Having unregistered business interests in the construction industry. Making a fraudulent claim for flood
[18:29:50] <n1_> damage at his home.
[18:30:00] <n1_> and found not guilty on all charges
[18:30:27] <n1_> oh, ahd mortgage fraud, which is the latest charge against him, also found not guilty
[18:32:02] <n1_> the officer in question made "protected disclosures about bullying and corruption" before all this began
[18:32:35] <janrinok> I'm a bit confused about who was doing what, but it sounds like someone was guilty (and should be punished) and someone else wasn't (and should be fully exhonerated)
[18:32:57] <n1_> yeah, it's confusing
[18:33:00] <n1_> which is why it's not 'news#
[18:33:05] <janrinok> lol
[18:33:24] <janrinok> its news, but not as we know it
[18:33:26] <n1_> 1) Chief Inspector makes complaints about corruption and bullying in the police force
[18:33:46] <n1_> 2) three years of investgations against ex-chief inspector, leading to charges listed above
[18:34:27] <n1_> 3) before being interviewed by police, a phone which had been confiscated as evidence in the case, had it's voicemails deleted
[18:34:40] <n1_> apparently whilst inside an evidence bag, pressing the right sequence of buttons by chance to delete them
[18:35:08] <n1_> 4) officer under investgation and charged, has been found not-guilty
[18:35:18] <janrinok> an evidence bag is clear - it wouldn't take much to operate a phone inside an evidence bag.
[18:35:40] <janrinok> glad he was found no guilty. It sounds like he was trying to do the right thing
[18:35:40] <n1_> 5) company that gave the police the report on how the phone messages got deleted, is run by 3 former manchester police officers, who rely on contracts from manchester police for their business
[18:35:54] <n1_> 2 not 3
[18:37:06] <n1_> although even then, apparently the forensics company report decided 'accidental dialling' was 'equally likely as hacking'
[18:37:23] <n1_> but the police decided after reading that it was "more likely explanation"
[18:37:53] <janrinok> I wonder if that will be good for future business? :)
[18:38:37] <janrinok> you are sounding a little bit better perhaps?
[18:39:23] <n1_> i am starting to feel hungry
[18:39:25] <n1_> so thats a good sign
[18:39:32] <janrinok> what's on the menu?
[18:39:58] <n1_> it was supposed to be bacon, pancakes and maple syrup
[18:40:04] <n1_> but im not sure about that now
[18:40:54] <janrinok> what, not a big enough meal?
[18:41:39] <n1_> feeling not 100%, it seems like a bad thing to eat
[18:42:01] <janrinok> what do you feel like eating?
[18:42:42] <n1_> pizza seems like a reasonable option
[18:43:07] <janrinok> go for it!
[18:43:45] * janrinok not quite sure why pizza should be more attractive than bacon, pancakes and maple syrup, but the body knows what it wants
[18:43:53] -!- Subsentient has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[18:44:11] <janrinok> didn't even know Subie was here
[18:46:02] <n1_> pizza seems more balanced and less fatty than pancakes and bacon
[18:46:19] <janrinok> if that what your body is saying, then do it
[18:50:15] <n1_> need to shave and cut my hair so im presentable for tomorrow
[18:50:26] <janrinok> got to look your best
[18:50:28] <n1_> should probably eat first though, as it's now nearly 8pm
[18:50:55] <janrinok> eat, do your hair, go to bed!
[18:53:29] <n1_> still got more work to do this evening sadly
[18:53:42] <n1_> shall go put the oven on now though
[18:53:44] <janrinok> well, do the best you can, but get some rest
[18:53:57] <janrinok> I've got to go soon
[18:56:38] <n1_> enjoy your evening :)
[18:57:02] <janrinok> and you. but try to get some rest mate. Good luck for tomorrow!
[18:57:19] <n1_> thanks
[18:57:20] <n1_> :)
[18:57:42] <janrinok> I'll be on tomorrow evening if you are around :) Bye
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[21:01:34] <Bytram> Guten tag, amigo!
[21:01:41] <Bytram> oops.
[21:01:51] <n1_> weird, i was just about to say "ahoy, Bytram"
[21:01:57] <Bytram> lol!
[21:02:12] <Bytram> avast thar matey!
[21:02:16] * Bytram adjusts his eye patch
[21:02:28] <n1_> how are you good sir?
[21:02:33] <Bytram> I've been chatting with PJ about automated testing in #soylent
[21:02:53] <Bytram> hading back to work tomorrow after a (much needed) week's vacation
[21:03:02] <Bytram> also starting to get hungry! =)
[21:03:26] <Bytram> am waiting on a phone call, so I may have to drop out at any moment
[21:04:49] * Bytram hears stomach growl; goes to make dinner
[21:04:58] <Bytram> afk
[21:08:05] <n1_> takyon, just reading sundaytimes/snowden?
[21:08:18] <Bytram> back
[21:08:32] <Bytram> n1_: how are YOU doing?
[21:09:07] <n1_> wb
[21:09:24] <Bytram> Warner Brothers?
[21:09:25] <n1_> shouldn't complain really, been sick today and have so much shit to do it's not funny
[21:09:30] * Bytram digs bugs bunnyt
[21:09:44] <n1_> and i'm about 24hrs away from being on the road and out of comms until next week
[21:09:47] <Bytram> sorry to hear you're feeling down
[21:10:11] <Bytram> sometimes, the only way I get to slow down is when my body rebels
[21:10:35] <Bytram> I believe pain is nature's way of saying that you might want to step back and take another look at what you're doing!
[21:10:58] <Bytram> few days ago I felt really wiped; had a bunch to do, but no energy.
[21:11:13] <Bytram> recognized it was going to be one of *those* days, and took it easy on myself
[21:11:16] <Bytram> took a nap,
[21:11:28] <Bytram> watched a video
[21:11:41] <n1_> also, really appreciate that you covered the weekend just gone filling the queue
[21:11:50] <n1_> so thanks a lot for that
[21:11:51] * Bytram does not watch TV and only watched a movie/video every few months, at best
[21:12:00] <Bytram> happy to help!
[21:12:19] <n1_> you need days to relax and not be busy, it's important as getting everything done
[21:12:41] * Bytram was employing the JT: Janrinock Technique; draw down the sub queue before the weekend hits and push 'em out to story queue so as to encourage submissions
[21:12:46] <Bytram> seems to work really well!
[21:13:15] <Bytram> I got 14 stories pushed out and then realized I forgot to add the 'Original Submission' link to them :(
[21:14:12] <Bytram> seems like we have pretty much come up with a 'standard' on how to 'phrase' that in the stories; should see if dev can automagically addd that to the end of the submission.
[21:14:38] <n1_> should be fairly easy to do it automatically i'd thing
[21:14:40] <n1_> think*
[21:14:55] <Bytram> <hr><small><a href="https://soylentnews.org/submit.pl?op=viewsub&subid=$(subid)">Original Submission</a></small>
[21:15:01] <systemd> ^ 03SN Submission by :
[21:15:19] <Bytram> hmm, justnoticed most recent story is missing its orig sub link... brb
[21:15:35] * Bytram hits refresh just to double check
[21:16:00] <Bytram> yup, still missing: https://soylentnews.org
[21:16:02] <systemd> ^ 03- SoylentNews User ( https://soylentnews.org )
[21:16:05] * Bytram goes to add it in
[21:17:19] <Bytram> ooops, looks like I didn't put the right link on here in IRC
[21:17:29] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[21:17:30] <systemd> ^ 03SN article:  FBI-Seized MegaUpload Domain Still in Limbo after DNS Hijacking 04(4 comments)
[21:18:16] <Bytram> WOW! that is one LONG title!
[21:18:16] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[21:18:17] <systemd> ^ 03Error
[21:18:26] <Bytram> Sunday Times 'Snowden' Propaganda Reporter, Admits That He's Just Writing What UK Gov't Told Him To
[21:19:03] <Bytram> Sunday Times 'Snowden' Propaganda Reporter Admits He Just Wrote What UK Gov't Told Him To
[21:19:28] <Bytram> Sunday Times 'Snowden' Propaganda Reporter Says He Wrote What UK Gov't Told Him To
[21:20:08] * Bytram notes that the long title seriously messes up the list of stories for him at: https://soylentnews.org
[21:20:10] <systemd> ^ 03- SoylentNews User ( https://soylentnews.org )
[21:21:41] <Bytram> n1_: breaking story(?) http://go.theregister.com
[21:21:43] <systemd> ^ 03LastPass password stash hacked – time to change your password • The Register ( http://www.theregister.co.uk )
[21:22:19] <Bytram> http://www.itworld.com
[21:22:19] <systemd> ^ 03Online password locker LastPass hacked | ITworld ( http://www.itworld.com )
[21:22:32] <n1_> im editing it now
[21:22:38] <n1_> but i dont really think it deserves a push
[21:22:49] <n1_> or we'll be forever pushing 'x service was hacked' type stories
[21:23:49] <Bytram> I'd generally agree with you on that count, but given that so many people give LastPass full reign over all their on-line access, I dare say it may have a larger impact than most other breaches
[21:24:49] <Bytram> huh! I didn't notice it was in the sub queue, I just noticed those being posted in the #rss-bot channel!
[21:25:19] * Bytram thinks it would be nice to scoop /. and ars every once in a while to shutup the naysayers
[21:25:54] * Bytram fetches dinner
[21:27:15] <n1_> i'll swap it out with the wifi story
[21:28:09] <Bytram> nod nod
[21:28:15] <Bytram> n1_: need a 2nd edit?
[21:28:28] <n1_> any minute
[21:28:33] <Bytram> no hurry
[21:32:33] <n1_> 's ready
[21:43:27] <Bytram> back
[21:43:39] <Bytram> sry about that; expected important phone call just came in
[21:46:32] <Bytram> n1_: I *love* the dept line!
[21:47:47] <Bytram> I added a coupkle more para's from the linked story
[21:49:51] <n1_> ok
[21:53:17] <Bytram> and acouple more from el reg and it world
[21:54:18] <Bytram> I've put them in the extendede copy area
[21:55:39] <Bytram> n1_: Okay, I've pasted those in... I'm not at all attached to them in any way, but thought they might provide a bit more 'color' to the story besides it being just a 'password hacking story'
[21:55:54] <Bytram> n1_: have at it!
[21:57:34] <Bytram> here's an additional link with an interesting view on it: http://www.securityweek.com
[21:57:35] <systemd> ^ 03LastPass Breached, Users Advised to Update Master Passwords | SecurityWeek.Com ( http://www.securityweek.com )
[21:57:40] <Bytram> http://www.securityweek.com
[21:58:42] <n1_> updated, couple of minor format changes
[21:58:56] <n1_> everything you added is fair
[21:59:31] <Bytram> thanks!
[21:59:58] <Bytram> I went to the Scarboro fair. The birds and the bees were there...
[22:00:37] <Bytram> or, if you prefer: "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme"
[22:01:03] <n1_> heh
[22:01:35] * Bytram notes that was a bit, umm, obtuse, reference
[22:01:53] <Bytram> btw, key note from the securityweek article:
[22:01:55] <Bytram> Rapid7 Security Engineering Manager Tod Beardsley said that he was pleased to see that LastPass disclosed the breach in a weekend's time. He added however that the attackers apparently have all they need to start brute-forcing master passwords.
[22:01:55] <Bytram> "The fact that the attackers are now armed with a list of LastPass users by e-mail means that we may see some targeted phishing campaigns, presenting users with fake “Update your LastPass master password” links," said Beardsley. "So, while further direct communication from LastPass to their users about this breach should be welcome, it should be treated with suspicion if there are any embedded link
[22:01:57] <Bytram> s and calls to action."
[22:02:18] <Bytram> do wityh it as you wish
[22:04:09] <Bytram> break time, back in a bit
[22:04:59] <n1_> k
[22:09:42] -!- Tachyon_ [Tachyon_!~Tachyon@xuco.me] has joined #editorial
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[22:14:02] <takyon> submitted an update to AnonTechie's Sunday Times story
[22:14:10] <takyon> but then deleted and added an extra TechDirt link instead
[22:14:59] <takyon> basically Sunday Times/News Corp DMCA'd The Intercept over a thumbnail of the front page of the Sunday Times in print
[22:15:36] <takyon> even though a BBC reporter tweeted that same image, and the BBC does a feature where they feature the front page of all the major tabloids and newspapers in a slideshow
[22:15:44] <takyon> pretty funny
[22:16:47] <n1_> comedy has taken a strange turn
[22:16:50] <takyon> https://s3.amazonaws.com
[22:16:51] <paulej72> takyon: there is a bug on your regex in your greasemonky script. See a comment I made in your journal
[22:18:28] <takyon> i'
[22:18:57] <takyon> i'll check paulej72. you wrote that comment on an older version but I don't remember fixing anything like that
[22:19:51] <takyon> I must have been on the wrong plane of existence when I wrote that code
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