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[00:26:16] <paulej72> !quote cmn32480
[00:26:16] <Bender> No quotes found with the text 'cmn32480'
[00:26:25] <paulej72> !grab cmn32480
[00:26:25] <Bender> Added quote 19
[00:26:30] <paulej72> !quote cmn32480
[00:26:30] <Bender> Quote 19 - <cmn32480> !quote cmn32480
[00:26:39] <paulej72> so meta
[01:59:43] * juggs peeks in
[02:04:07] <cmn32480> hilarious paulej72
[02:04:19] <cmn32480> Bender is channel specific
[02:05:24] <paulej72> yes for quotes
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[11:58:00] <janrinok> hi guys
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[13:00:30] <janrinok> Bytram: ping?
[13:16:38] <paulej72> hey janrinok how's it going
[13:16:45] <janrinok> paulej72: good, and you?
[13:17:51] <paulej72> not bad. I was fixing bugs yesterday and will be doing some more today. anything special scheduled for you and your's today
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[13:18:41] <janrinok> no, we take it easy on a Sunday, and I get a chance to do some coding. I'm working on my story-bot
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[13:45:24] <janrinok> paulej72: did your work yesterday or today include the tag balancing (i.e. is the list 'bug' fixed?)
[13:46:34] <paulej72> janrinok: no I did not tackle that yet. It is a big pos that will need some serious work. I am trying to get a bunch of small high priority bugs.
[13:46:51] <janrinok> yeah, I don't blame you :)
[13:47:06] <janrinok> thx anyway
[13:47:13] <paulej72> I did fix the order of the signoffs in the story pages
[13:47:47] <janrinok> it's funny how we all noticed that at roughly the same time, although Bytram thought it had been around for a while
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[13:54:52] <paulej72> the new mysql cluster does not send back results ordered by autoincrement id by default like the old mysql setup we had. any queries that relied on that need to be fixed.
[13:55:57] <paulej72> janrinok: was just looking at the balance tags bug and I can reporduce on dev. which story was it again that had the problem?
[14:12:28] <paulej72> janrinok: do you remember if you were editing the uls in the submission editor or story editor.
[14:17:59] <paulej72> janrinok: are you useing takyon's script for editor stuff? it may be the issue as I can not replicate.
[14:20:40] <paulej72> janrinok: from takyon's script: temp = temp.replace(/<\/li><\/ul>/g,"<\/li>\n(<\/ul>|<\/ol>)"); // Add newline after last list item
[14:20:58] <paulej72> the replace fucks up the uls
[14:43:00] <paulej72> https://soylentnews.org
[14:43:06] <systemd> ^ 03SN comment by [02paulej72 (58)] (02Score:2)
[15:57:35] <cmn32480|sleepin> Good afternoon kids
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[16:14:17] <nick> hi cmn32480
[16:14:25] <cmn32480> hey nick
[16:14:30] <cmn32480> how life treating you?
[16:15:23] <nick> cant complain, busy but productive
[16:15:28] <cmn32480> that's good
[16:15:29] <nick> how about for yourself?
[16:15:41] <cmn32480> busy... but not dfeeling productive
[16:15:58] <cmn32480> trying to get some reports done for work so people will stop jumping all over me.
[16:16:06] <cmn32480> leaving IRC on was probably a bad idea
[16:17:53] <cmn32480> but oh well I don't wanna do the reports...
[16:19:49] <nick> yeah, doesnt sound like fun
[16:20:02] <cmn32480> doing the job is fun... doing the paperwork sucks
[16:20:18] <nick> paperwork is part of the job ;)
[16:20:56] <cmn32480> doing the ON_SITE part of the job is fun... doing the paperwork sucks
[16:22:12] <nick> if you can have fun at work, it's pretty good
[16:22:52] <cmn32480> yeah. all the travel this year has put me a bit behind (about 6 weeks) on paperwork
[16:24:37] <nick> so glad i dont have to do much paperwork
[16:24:57] * cmn32480 is jealous of people who don't ahve to do paperwork
[16:25:44] <nick> well, the only way it works is my business partners job is do to paperwork 100% of the time basically]
[16:26:05] <cmn32480> hehehe.... somebody got the shit end of the stick...
[16:27:17] <nick> we both do what we're best at, is the idea anyway
[16:28:24] <cmn32480> fair enough.
[16:28:30] <cmn32480> coffee++
[16:28:30] <Bender> karma - coffee: 9
[16:28:45] <cmn32480> just enough left in the pot for one more cup
[16:29:11] <cmn32480> I'd offer some to you, but it might be cold by the time you get here
[16:29:26] <nick> but with the launch of the new venture next week, it will mean i'll be doing some of the paperwork and admin stuff
[16:29:36] <cmn32480> new venture?
[16:29:42] <cmn32480> right
[16:29:46] <cmn32480> you told me about it
[16:29:51] <cmn32480> MNVO was it?
[16:30:09] <nick> MVNO
[16:30:23] <cmn32480> I had all the letters right at least
[16:30:32] <nick> indeed ;)
[16:30:48] <cmn32480> see? I DO pay attention when people talk. even if my wife doesnt' think so
[16:31:20] <nick> paying attention is one thing, remembering is another, and you get points for that
[16:32:10] <nick> i seem to suffer from information overload of some sort, as i generally dont remember things unless i specifically make effort to, as so much information comes my way (and applies to many people)
[16:32:19] <nick> it's impossible to try and retain it all
[16:32:32] <cmn32480> I know the feeling sometimes...
[16:32:56] <cmn32480> being awash in information feels liek getting hit by a big wave at the beach
[16:33:51] <nick> yeah, and it's a continual thing, not just a random/one time thing
[16:33:56] <nick> there are new waves every day
[16:34:09] <cmn32480> believe me. I know.
[16:34:32] <cmn32480> "Do you remember this one setting change we had to make for a customer 3 years ago when he some problem?"
[16:34:37] <cmn32480> Seriously?
[16:34:50] <cmn32480> I get this a lot.
[16:35:04] <cmn32480> and oddly enough, I usually can remember it.
[16:35:29] <nick> yeah, i know how that goes, and usually it's a case of me talking to myself about it
[16:35:43] <cmn32480> I get the question from other techs at the office
[16:35:52] <nick> i dont like it if a customer calls me and the brain doesn't process an appropriate response quick enough
[16:36:03] <cmn32480> apparently since nobody documented it, I have to remember it
[16:36:04] <nick> when im trying to remember what it's all about
[16:38:30] <cmn32480> "Let me look in your file" is the answer I generally use while trying to remembers tuff like that
[16:38:41] <nick> documentation is all well and good, until there's an update that makes something redundant but no one has the process to go back and remove stuff
[16:38:52] <nick> just new gets added on the end and only the most obvious stuff gets replaced
[16:39:09] <nick> which leaves lots of useless shit in documentation sometimes that sends you down the wrong path in trying to find a solution
[16:39:19] <cmn32480> agreed
[16:39:29] <cmn32480> but it is better than relying on my memory
[16:39:38] <nick> quite right
[16:40:25] <nick> i probably should keep better documentation on some projects, but it would only be for my own benefit mostly, so getting the motivation to do extra work that might save extra work in the future...
[16:40:32] <nick> hard to get around to doing it until it's too late
[16:41:02] <cmn32480> front load the work and save time later or not is a good question
[16:41:16] <cmn32480> and it usually depends on how busy you are when you need to front load the work
[16:42:04] <nick> im usually more caught up in 'what i should have done yesterday' than 'what would be useful in 2 years'
[16:42:32] <nick> but thats just personal experience and my own methods, everyone has different ways of doing things
[16:43:13] <cmn32480> I'm very much in the same boat. see the earlier line about being 6 weeks behind on doc
[16:50:03] <nick> aye, its not much fun and doesnt really enable future planning too well :(
[16:51:52] <paulej72> FYI guys, takyon's greasemonkey script has a bug regarding uls: https://soylentnews.org
[16:51:52] <systemd> ^* 03SN comment by [02paulej72 (58)] (02Score:2)
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[16:55:35] <cmn32480> paulej72 - some of us have opted not to go down that path quite yet.
[16:56:49] <cmn32480> back in a bit. gotta go feed my kids
[17:51:29] <janrinok> hi guys - back again
[17:53:20] <janrinok> paulej72: thx for the heads up regarding takyon's script - does he know yet?
[18:11:40] <paulej72> no, but he should see the comment to his journal entry.
[18:11:49] <paulej72> or in the backlog
[18:12:31] <janrinok> thx paulej72 - although I had problems doing it manually too, but I suppose there could have been some faulty code left behind?!
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