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[12:52:12] <Bytram> g'day everyone!
[12:55:10] <Bytram> takyonAFK: janrinok: I'm updating the Triple Crown story to note the correctly quoted incorrect spelling of "Pharoah"
[12:55:18] <takyonAFK> no
[12:55:22] <takyonAFK> don't do that
[12:55:43] <Bytram> why not?
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[12:55:51] <Bytram> janrinok: g'day!
[12:55:54] <janrinok> takyonAFK: can you 2nd ed some of mine pse
[12:55:58] <janrinok> hi Bytram
[12:56:03] <takyonAFK> j/k bytram
[12:56:07] <Bytram> how's things?
[12:56:14] <Bytram> takyonAFK: whew!
[12:56:17] <janrinok> good, and with you ?
[12:56:30] <takyonAFK> janrinok you pushed a Microsoft/Apple story before merging it with the other one
[12:56:49] <janrinok> didn't see it!
[12:57:07] <janrinok> it came in as I was editing
[12:57:27] <takyonAFK> do we have a way to handle that situation
[12:57:36] <takyonAFK> other than copying the contents and deleting the 2nd sub
[12:57:43] <janrinok> I can still merge it, if that is what you mean
[12:57:45] <takyonAFK> it's not the first time it's happened
[12:57:51] <takyonAFK> ^ see above
[12:58:06] <janrinok> yes solution follows:
[12:58:25] <janrinok> start editing 2nd sub, but open 1st sub as well
[12:58:32] <janrinok> copy text of 2nd sub to first
[12:58:37] <janrinok> update 1st
[12:59:00] <janrinok> release 2nd at 0000/00/00 00:00:00 - never to be seen again
[12:59:06] <janrinok> but both get karma points
[12:59:09] <takyonAFK> ah
[12:59:18] <takyonAFK> wait a sec, accepted subs give karma?
[12:59:22] <janrinok> yep
[12:59:27] <takyonAFK> lol that's news to me
[12:59:47] <takyonAFK> that explains how I've recovered from downmods without getting upmods
[13:02:17] <Bytram> takyonAFK: 3 points for each accepted submission
[13:03:01] <Bytram> janrinok: easier way to 'disappear' a story: set the hour for the release to '25' (doesn't matter what the other values are)
[13:03:17] * Bytram lamx taught me that one!
[13:03:42] <janrinok> ah, OK, I suppose the others default to 00s anyway
[13:04:49] <Bytram> I don't recall, but it seems to do the trick. if you play with the story URL, you can go down to the bottom of the story list and find all the deep-sixed stories
[13:04:51] <janrinok> takyonAFK: merge done
[13:05:17] <Bytram> btw, I noticed that some stories have put the original submission link in the extended copy area...
[13:05:28] <Bytram> that changes how the story appears on the main page
[13:05:32] <janrinok> Yes, I always try to do that
[13:05:39] <Bytram> it adds a link of the form 'nnn words in story'
[13:05:41] <janrinok> no, not in the extened
[13:05:46] <Bytram> bingo
[13:05:54] <janrinok> I mean I always add both sub links
[13:06:10] <Bytram> submission link, IMHO, should remain at the bottom of the 'Intro Copy'
[13:06:22] <janrinok> yep - so that it is always seen
[13:06:22] <Bytram> and not be put into the 'Extended Copy'
[13:06:27] <Bytram> nod nod
[13:06:41] * Bytram addded original sub link to triple crown story
[13:06:54] <takyonAFK> boo
[13:07:31] * Bytram clicks update on triple crown story; could someone pls 2nd edit my additions?
[13:07:42] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[13:07:43] <systemd> ^ 03- SoylentNews User ( https://soylentnews.org )
[13:07:43] <janrinok> on it
[13:07:55] <Bytram> muchos gracias, mein herr!
[13:07:59] <Bytram> =)
[13:08:56] <janrinok> I was waiting with my wikipedia link for the first person to notice the spelling mistake - I had marked it with a [sic]
[13:10:01] * Bytram saw the sic
[13:10:03] <janrinok> if someone could also pse 2nd ed mine - especially the FBI story which has already gone out
[13:10:14] * Bytram has fbi
[13:10:20] * Bytram hopes it is not catchy!
[13:10:21] <janrinok> thx
[13:11:10] <janrinok> you can move the sub link if you have strong views - but the article does continue into extended anyway
[13:11:40] <janrinok> not many comments on the last 3 or 4 stories
[13:13:06] <takyonAFK> story list comment count isn't correct if that's what you're looking at
[13:13:24] <janrinok> ah, another bug that has crept in
[13:13:50] <Bytram> if the story is *already* in 'extended copy', then I think it's fine to put the original sub link there... I just object to having an extended copy that contains *only* the original sub link.
[13:14:04] <janrinok> me too
[13:14:37] <janrinok> but I must confess as to not having been kept awake at night thinking about it much :)
[13:14:40] <takyonAFK> if you can't be arsed to click on the story from the front page or RSS, you shouldn't see the original sub link
[13:14:51] <Bytram> Whew! that's a relief! :)
[13:14:55] * takyonAFK likes the idea of putting it in extended copy
[13:15:01] * janrinok thinks takyonAFK has strong views on this subject
[13:15:32] <janrinok> can you see the point that Bytram is making though?
[13:15:47] <Bytram> takyonAFK: I like the *idea* but it has an unfortunate side-effect; it changes the links below the story on the main page to include text of the form '456 words in story'
[13:16:16] <takyonAFK> that's a feature
[13:16:21] <takyonAFK> word count on every story!
[13:16:22] * Bytram has a peeve that it should be phrased 'nnn more words in story...'
[13:16:23] <janrinok> and it makes people click another link just to see what the original sub looked like
[13:16:35] <Bytram> nod nod
[13:17:02] <Bytram> 'Oh! There's more? Nice! .... Wait. It just has a link to the original submission? WHAT A *&(^&*%% LAMER!"
[13:17:17] <janrinok> We will have to come to a consensus - I have to update the wiki pages anyway to account for the new changes to the editing page
[13:17:21] <Bytram> that's about how I reacted
[13:17:53] <Bytram> remember, this is just an interim measure until the site can do this automagically for us.
[13:18:41] * Bytram is done 2nd edit on FBI story. just moved an '</a>' to include a few more words after 'report' -- well done!
[13:18:56] <janrinok> my first impression is the sub link always goes at the end of the story, if that is in the Intro Copy then that is where it goes.
[13:19:01] <Bytram> I got to get going soon
[13:19:03] <Bytram> afk biab
[13:19:23] <takyonAFK> so the reason I put the supreme court story at 14:48 at undisplay is so it could be edited and so it got a better time slot
[13:19:32] <takyonAFK> maybe I should have merged with abercrombie and fitch one
[13:19:54] <janrinok> OK, I thought as much, but I didn't think it a very strong story personally
[13:20:09] <takyonAFK> the first one is
[13:20:28] <takyonAFK> i'm not sure the abercrombie and fitch one is very relevant, except for users trolling muslims
[13:20:54] <janrinok> horses for courses, I suppose
[13:21:43] <takyonAFK> It's the Supreme Court of the United States ruling on a digital free speech issue
[13:21:46] <takyonAFK> it's rather relevant
[13:21:59] <janrinok> yeah, I've read it
[13:23:13] <janrinok> it was left for the weekend having come in on Thursday. Didn't get used.
[13:23:31] <takyonAFK> there were like 30 submissions on thursday
[13:23:35] <takyonAFK> anything could have happened
[13:23:54] <janrinok> OK, it is only my view, I've got no problems with it.
[13:24:40] <takyonAFK> oh so the comment counts are borked not just on story list but on the home page too. that's a bug that needs to die
[13:24:44] <takyonAFK> later
[13:24:46] <janrinok> yep
[13:24:48] <janrinok> laters
[14:00:07] <Bytram> ok, I gtg
[14:00:19] <Bytram> hope to be back later some time today
[14:00:28] <janrinok> k have a good one
[14:16:50] <cmn32480_sleepy> hey kids
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[14:17:28] <janrinok> hi cmn32480
[14:17:43] <cmn32480> good afternoon JAnrink
[14:17:50] <cmn32480> janrinok
[14:17:55] <cmn32480> I can't spell yet
[14:17:58] <janrinok> having a good bit of family time?
[14:18:00] <cmn32480> first cup of coffee still
[14:18:26] <cmn32480> and I forgot to say yesterday... Ha[[y D-Day
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[14:19:35] <janrinok> thx, but most places here celebrate the liberation on the day that allied troops actually arrived in their location. We celebrate here in August when US/Can tps actually arrived
[14:19:47] <cmn32480> interesting
[14:20:09] <janrinok> but it is possible to follow the advance and party everyday for about 3 months!
[14:20:24] <cmn32480> that's cool
[14:20:33] <cmn32480> I might try that at some point
[14:20:45] <janrinok> I think that is why they call it 'D' day
[14:21:16] <janrinok> they get ever so 'D'!
[14:21:22] <cmn32480> I bet.
[14:22:24] <cmn32480> the shame is that most of the people who were alive when it happened, have passed, and many of the young'uns probably just use it as an excuse to party but I can only speak to it from what I woudl expect here, as opposed to what actually happens in France
[14:22:26] <janrinok> I join in the formal commemoration, and we still have the last few resistance fighters alive - although only a small number. But out come the banners, flags and medals!
[14:23:13] <cmn32480> I"ve never seen the balls of the men from the Frech Resistance, but the gotta be huge and made of solid steel
[14:23:48] <cmn32480> behind enemy lines w/ no chance of escape if they are found out.
[14:24:20] <cmn32480> and they still did what they did. Truly heroic and courageous
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[14:26:49] <cmn32480> heya juggs
[14:27:42] <janrinok> hi juggs
[14:28:00] <cmn32480> it could be his bouncer
[14:28:07] <janrinok> They are a brilliant bunch of guys to talk to.
[14:28:16] <cmn32480> I can only imagine
[14:28:35] <cmn32480> I know the vets here that I have talked to who were on the front lines tell some stories that'd curl my hair if I had any
[14:28:51] <janrinok> they make it sound as if they had a great time - but, of course, we all know that it wasn't the case.
[14:29:44] <janrinok> cmn32480: if you have time for a bit of 2nd ed'ing, I would appreciate it pse
[14:30:00] <cmn32480> surely
[14:30:08] <janrinok> last 2 stories released have not be checked
[14:30:27] <janrinok> correction, just the last story released
[14:31:01] <cmn32480> mesopause... I read menopause
[14:31:31] <takyonAFK> quick q - do we care about dept. guidelines?
[14:31:37] <janrinok> no - that is probably not the story I edited!
[14:31:41] <takyonAFK> like not using capitals or punctuation in them
[14:31:49] <cmn32480> we do .. but if it isn't there, I can add them... no worries
[14:32:09] <janrinok> no capitals unless absolutely necessary
[14:32:19] <janrinok> for abbreviations etc
[14:32:30] <takyonAFK> I've seen apostrophes, periods, caps, you name it
[14:32:54] <janrinok> yes, punctuation is fine, but LSD connection for the song is intentional
[14:32:56] <cmn32480> fixed the lucy in the sky with diamonds
[14:33:32] <janrinok> that's why the song got its name ...
[14:33:39] <cmn32480> does anybody else really like the way AnonTechie submits?
[14:34:06] <cmn32480> I actually really like the links at the bottom approach he/she has
[14:34:13] <janrinok> no, I try to move his links to something in the story, but don't always suceed
[14:34:38] <janrinok> succeed* fingers not connected to brain
[14:34:53] <cmn32480> i read what you meant, not what you wrote
[14:35:00] <janrinok> lol
[14:35:18] <takyonAFK> cmn I updated drone story
[14:35:33] <takyonAFK> I put the links on one line with the source name
[14:36:01] <cmn32480> ok
[14:36:06] <takyonAFK> http://puu.sh
[14:36:10] <takyonAFK> I need breakfast
[14:36:49] <cmn32480> I like the way his subs read with the links at the bottom for additinoal source material. perhaps we shorten them to a bbc.com or wahatever site instead of the whole thing,
[14:37:05] <cmn32480> just like what TakyonaFK ALREADY DID
[14:37:13] <cmn32480> I was typing and missed the link.
[14:37:20] <takyonAFK> yeah now I have to do it again
[14:37:26] <takyonAFK> I can get rid of the line break this time tho
[14:37:37] <cmn32480> takyonafk... I'll unf**k it
[14:37:41] <cmn32480> go get your breakfasty
[14:37:44] <takyonAFK> no plz
[14:38:23] <CoolHand> cmn32480: I don't really care for the way anon submits.. I rewrite it lots of times
[14:38:27] <janrinok> 2nd eds are like busses. You wait a hour or more for one, and then 2 turn up together!
[14:38:44] <takyonAFK> hoheheheh
[14:38:45] <cmn32480> 3 of us now
[14:38:58] <takyonAFK> I'm pressing update
[14:39:04] <cmn32480> sheesh... all we need is bytram and mrcoolbp and we can have an editorial meeting
[14:39:16] <cmn32480> I'm not touching it takyonafk
[14:39:20] <takyonAFK> lol
[14:39:34] <CoolHand> I"m too lazy to go read all the logs... has anyone told dev that comment #'s aren't displaying correctly on main page?
[14:39:54] <janrinok> full house!
[14:40:01] <takyonAFK> It's a bug I reported before but was seemingly fixed
[14:40:02] <cmn32480> i think they only get updated every few min coolhand
[14:40:04] <takyonAFK> now it's just back
[14:40:20] <takyonAFK> it's not the behavior it had pre-rehash, and it's taking hours, not minutes
[14:40:28] <cmn32480> I see that
[14:40:34] <takyonAFK> Black Eye for the Red Cross CoolHand news mainp n/a 0
[14:40:37] <janrinok> def hours, not for over 10 hours here
[14:40:58] <takyonAFK> oh hi CoolHnad
[14:41:11] <cmn32480> probably need to get logged in github
[14:41:14] <CoolHand> hey takyonAFK :)
[14:41:30] <janrinok> got to go - afk 2 hours
[14:41:41] <cmn32480> have fun in the garden janrinok
[14:41:41] <CoolHand> c ya janrinok
[14:41:43] janrinok is now known as janrinok|afk
[14:41:50] <janrinok|afk> no, time to go do some cooking
[14:41:55] <cmn32480> even better
[14:42:30] <janrinok|afk> evening meal, get the wife to bed, prep the meds for tomorrow, and then back on here :)
[14:43:39] <takyonAFK> top lifestyle
[14:43:58] <cmn32480> go cook janrinok... before dinner is late
[14:44:21] <CoolHand> is there a reason janrinok's European article isn't 2nd edited yet?
[14:44:45] <CoolHand> (currently #5 in queue with others above it that have been)
[14:45:06] <cmn32480> I haven't gotten that far yet
[14:45:11] <CoolHand> ok.. I can do it
[14:45:32] <cmn32480> I was too busy accidentally undoing takyonAFK's 2nd on another article
[14:45:34] <CoolHand> just making sure since so many were here and it's sticking out like a sore thumb
[14:45:48] <CoolHand> cmn32480: well, we all have to have priorities.. :)
[14:45:53] <takyonAFK> I was too scared by cmn to 2nd the article
[14:46:10] <CoolHand> he *is* scary..
[14:46:18] <cmn32480> I am a bit of a disaster this morning. need more coffee
[14:46:20] <CoolHand> I met him, and had to run away..
[14:46:44] <cmn32480> I'd say your just jealouse of my beard coolhand... but the opposite is totally true
[14:47:03] <CoolHand> lol
[14:47:25] <CoolHand> uh-oh, this is a "register" article... some ac is gonna be pissed.. ;)
[14:47:33] <cmn32480> I gotta haed down to work for some server maintenance.
[14:47:56] <cmn32480> it is actual physical maintenance tha I have to be on site for
[14:48:06] <cmn32480> this almost never happens anymore
[14:48:10] <CoolHand> cmn32480: been there done that.. take it easy
[14:48:26] <cmn32480> I'm sut gonna try to not drop anythgin into the servers when I have them open
[14:48:37] <cmn32480> and keep your fingers crossed that everythgin turns back on!
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[14:49:08] <cmn32480|afk> see? disaster this morning
[14:49:24] <CoolHand> hah, get sum coffe
[14:49:38] <cmn32480|afk> next stop after I shut this laptop down to take it with me
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[14:55:19] <CoolHand> janrinok|afk - if you get back and read this.. I had the idea to put original submission links in extended copy so they are easily accessible to user on the story page, but not cluttering the main page. Takyon agreed and told me to start doing that, so we both did.. I personally think it works beautifully and should appease users on both sides of the discussion.. (all pros no cons)
[15:02:57] <takyonAFK> consider that we didn't have them in there at all just weeks ago
[15:03:11] <takyonAFK> they did bring up a con though - it forces "X words in this article" on the main page
[15:03:14] <takyonAFK> later
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[17:33:30] <janrinok|afk> CoolHand: reference the links - it also means that, even if the story fits in the Intro Copy, you still have to press 'Read More' just to see the sub link. At the end of the story, wherever that falls, is the obvious place to put it in my view. There is no point in introducing something for the community but then making it harder for them to see it. We are not here for our benefit
[17:35:27] <n1> ahoy janrinok|afk
[17:35:32] <janrinok|afk> CoolHand: Takyon: Please check with mrcoolbp before changing editing procedures. He has assumed the role of Editor-in-Chief until LamX. We need to put out a consistent story view, and we all need to know where we are going
[17:35:36] <janrinok|afk> hi n1
[17:35:43] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok
[17:36:19] <janrinok> things good with you n1?
[17:36:56] <n1> ehhh sums it up i think...
[17:37:01] <n1> how about yourself?
[17:37:13] <janrinok> I'm ok, not been a bad weekend
[17:39:33] <n1> weather has been nice and avoided the apocalypse for another week
[17:39:34] <janrinok> n1: you travelling again soon?
[17:39:42] <n1> so i'll take that as a win
[17:39:52] <janrinok> agreed - great weather here too
[17:40:01] <n1> another week and then i'll be off again
[17:40:13] <janrinok> where to next?
[17:41:04] <n1> another folk festival, quite a small one from what i understand
[17:41:22] <janrinok> right up my street, taste-wise though!
[17:41:47] <n1> it's going to be an interesting contrast, for the two days before i leave for that, i'm going to have to put on a suit and tie and do business meeting bullshit as a manager/executive type
[17:42:08] <n1> then going off for the week after that to work on site-crew at a folk festival
[17:42:15] <janrinok> ..or get into character and wear flip-flops and beads...
[17:42:41] <n1> it's not something im looking forward to, but experience tells me this is a time to do it
[17:42:57] <janrinok> got to look after your future
[17:43:08] <n1> i dont put a shirt on for anything usually
[17:43:30] <n1> probably been 2 or 3 years since ive gone full formal
[17:44:05] <janrinok> for a minute I thought you had written full frontal - I was dreading ever having to attend such a meeting
[17:44:06] <n1> even when i went to a friends wedding last year, i only put a shirt on.
[17:44:14] <n1> lol
[17:44:27] <janrinok> no trousers, just a shirt?
[17:44:45] <janrinok> you will get locked up like that!
[17:45:01] <n1> i had the decency to wear jeans that time
[17:45:15] <janrinok> I'll let you off then
[17:46:28] <n1> which was the most formal i'd been for a while, yet everyone else went all out with the full suits, waistcoats and all that jazz
[17:46:58] <n1> so me in jeans, shirt with no tie, looked very under dressed for the situation
[17:48:14] <janrinok> did they still serve you beer? Yes - WIN!
[17:48:22] <n1> i know some people like any excuse to 'dress up' - i am not one of them.
[17:49:00] <n1> when it's not a free bar, they'll serve anyone, probably could have forgotten the jeans and still got beers
[17:53:19] <janrinok> just 2nd'ed your stories
[17:53:47] <n1> think i have to accept that sometimes with how things are, i'm going to have to dress the part. when i'm being the engineer, its not a problem, but as things are going more 'business' than on the tools, i'm going to have to dress the right way
[17:54:10] <n1> can say the same shit in business, but get very different reactions depending on clothing choices.
[17:54:31] <n1> stories all good?
[17:54:43] <janrinok> but it is annoying that many people will judge you by what you are wearing, rather than looking at your business case or previous successes
[17:55:08] <n1> i liked the ubuntu one, but was disappointed that its a bit of self-promotion
[17:55:11] <janrinok> editing fine - content not too bad for a weekend
[17:55:25] <janrinok> yes, but he makes a fair point.
[17:55:37] <n1> he did it the right way
[17:55:40] <n1> so i wasnt going to hold it against him
[17:56:41] <n1> homebase story should be rejected/deleted
[17:56:46] <janrinok> agreed
[17:57:14] <n1> i would have given it a chance, but as half of it is because of a broken link, not a broken site
[17:57:30] <n1> it's totally pointless to make a story about some downtime of a webshop
[17:57:42] <janrinok> yep
[17:57:49] <n1> even if it is one that i dont like, for charging too much for MDF sheets
[17:58:07] <janrinok> lol
[17:58:18] <janrinok> you don't carry a grudge, do you?
[17:58:29] <n1> 'this is too expensive, but the time and fuel costs of driving to wickes... fuck you homebase'
[17:59:11] <n1> even the employees say 'yeah, dont buy that here, is cheaper anywhere else'
[17:59:22] <janrinok> lol
[18:03:33] <n1> but i appreciate that honesty
[18:03:46] <janrinok> well, you can't fault 'em for that!
[18:03:55] <janrinok> brb tea
[18:06:21] <janrinok> tea++
[18:06:21] <Bender> karma - tea: 6
[18:06:35] <janrinok> damn, that karma has fallen quickly
[18:07:19] <janrinok> n1, you know about the comment count bug?
[18:15:34] <n1> i've seen that they're not being counted
[18:16:15] <janrinok> neither on the front page or in the stories list. It is updating, but only after lots of hours
[18:16:38] <n1> im guessing theres a theme with this, as i made a journal entry a couple hours or so ago
[18:16:46] <n1> but it hasnt shown up yet in 'recent journal entries'
[18:18:33] <janrinok> I hadn't looked there - but I don't use my journal
[18:19:56] <n1> it's only the second one ive done, but im sure the first one came up very quickly
[18:30:26] <CoolHand> janrinok: sorry.. I missed where we ever had an official policy implemented I guess.. so, not trying to change policy - just didn't realize we had one.. I don't really understand why you think it's better for the users on the front page. I only ever saw one person really complain about the submissions being changed anyway, and I saw lots complain about it being on the front page, and they didn't want it there.. so if we're going to
[18:30:39] <CoolHand> the wife just yelled at me to go do something, so I guess I'm out again..
[18:32:36] * n1 is lost at whats going here
[18:32:51] <janrinok> CoolHand: Only one person complained initially, but in the story published by Juggs there were loads of comments. One suggestion, that had the support of many, was adding the link to the sub. I was amongst those who discussed it with mrcoolbp (bytram was also there I believe) and it was adopted as we do it now until the software gets updated to do it automatically. There is no problem with people having different ideas, but we do have
[18:34:16] <CoolHand> I hear ya.. shouldn't have done it without talking more.. it was bad.. got carried away with the initial enthusiasm
[18:34:22] <janrinok> n1: CH and TK started putting the link to the sub in the Extended Story field. It means that 1. the link cannot be seen on the front page, you get a message that there is more story to follow (which is wrong - only the link), and everybody has to press 'Read More' just to discover what we have already agreed we will put on the front page
[18:34:41] <n1> ok
[18:34:43] <n1> now it makes sense
[18:35:12] <janrinok> CoolHand: np, but we have to keep coordinated on where we are going
[18:36:25] <CoolHand> yes, understood and agree... sometimes I just get carried away with exuberance and don't think things through that I normall agree with..
[18:36:31] <janrinok> CoolHand: I've got to update the wiki to reflect the changes of policy and to document the changes to the pages that we use for editorial purposes
[18:36:58] <CoolHand> I need to rmemeber to put things thru change control... :)
[18:37:02] <janrinok> I'll get round to it!
[18:37:32] <janrinok> new ideas are good - just run them by us all before implementation
[18:38:18] <Bytram> janrinok: ((tuit))
[18:38:20] <Bytram> =)
[18:38:32] <janrinok> hi Bytram
[18:38:33] <CoolHand> nice gift there Bytram
[18:38:44] <janrinok> a round one too
[18:38:48] <Bytram> howdy doody!
[18:39:02] <Bytram> lol, wsa wondering if that might have been a bit too obscure
[18:39:08] <Bytram> then again, knowing the source... ;)
[18:39:11] <CoolHand> I frequently need a round tuit
[18:39:30] <Bytram> likewise
[18:40:16] <n1> g'day Bytram
[18:41:51] <janrinok> having a good day Bytram ?
[18:42:30] <janrinok> site pages are not updating - I'll let dev/sys know
[18:42:37] * chromas notes that both CoolHand and janrinok had their long messages cut off; need message-splitting scripts in their clients
[18:43:58] <janrinok> chromas: what is the maximum length?
[18:44:08] * janrinok didn't know that there was one!
[18:44:23] * CoolHand didn't know either
[18:44:24] <chromas> I think it's just over 400 chars
[18:44:45] <chromas> <CoolHand>... "and they didn't want it there.. so if we're going to"
[18:44:48] <janrinok> thx
[18:44:58] <chromas> <janrinok>..."There is no problem with people having different ideas, but we do have"
[18:45:07] <janrinok> n1: NCommander is confessing to breaking the site on #soylent
[18:45:21] <CoolHand> so is the site currently down for anyone else?
[18:45:24] <janrinok> that is short
[18:46:09] <janrinok> CoolHand: everyone - NC borked it
[18:46:19] <Bytram> janrinok: am chatting with NC in #Soylent about a bug I ran into this AM
[18:46:20] <CoolHand> k
[18:47:03] <CoolHand> ..and its back
[18:47:23] <janrinok> mine isn't
[18:47:33] <n1> expired ssl cert i just got
[18:47:48] <janrinok> now a 503
[18:47:55] <CoolHand> ..and its gone
[18:48:00] <CoolHand> yep me 2
[18:48:09] <CoolHand> back now.. :)
[18:48:15] <CoolHand> see-saw action
[18:48:45] <n1> works without ssl
[18:49:08] <janrinok> works with ssl too now
[18:49:49] <n1> im still getting untrusted/expired cert
[18:50:15] <janrinok> it just doesn't like you
[18:50:30] <janrinok> but we have a comment count!
[18:58:24] * n1 is glad he's not the only person who breaks things by accident
[19:07:35] * Bytram can actually break things *on* *purpose*!!
[19:08:26] <Bytram> I've got a quick story set to go-live in about 7 minutes with a short descrip. of the current site prob
[19:08:30] <Bytram> need a 2nd look: https://soylentnews.org
[19:08:31] <systemd> ^ 03- SoylentNews User ( https://soylentnews.org )
[19:08:37] <janrinok> on it
[19:08:49] <Bytram> that round tuit seems to be working!!! =)
[19:09:31] <janrinok> 2nd ed done on that story
[19:09:49] <janrinok> do you want me to release?
[19:10:07] <janrinok> Bytram: ^^
[19:11:26] <Bytram> janrinok: yes, go for it!
[19:11:30] <Bytram> much obliged!
[19:13:25] <janrinok> Bytram: I can't get the Main Page nexus, or any nexus, to stick
[19:13:40] <janrinok> try it from your machine
[19:13:56] <Bytram> hrm... I created the story using the 'new' link in the admin menu... maybe that has something to do with it?
[19:14:18] * Bytram will copy paste and submit as a story
[19:14:22] <Bytram> give me a minutes
[19:14:25] <Bytram> give me a minute
[19:15:53] * Bytram clicks prevciew
[19:16:31] * Bytram forgot to choose a topic
[19:17:05] <janrinok> it wouldn't update my topic or nexus
[19:17:05] * Bytram clicks 'submit story'
[19:17:21] <Bytram> should be in the subs queue
[19:17:45] <janrinok> subs queue or story queue?
[19:17:53] <Bytram> subs
[19:18:01] <n1> Bytram
[19:18:06] <n1> your story has no nexus
[19:18:07] <Bytram> yeah
[19:18:10] <n1> which is why its not showing up
[19:18:31] <janrinok> I tried to set it but it wouldn't work
[19:18:35] <Bytram> I just now submitted another story via the normal process for all users
[19:18:43] <Bytram> let me give it a look
[19:18:56] <janrinok> there are 2 people logged in to the story in the sub queue
[19:19:06] <n1> i updated it with nexuses
[19:19:11] <n1> so it should display now
[19:19:14] <n1> the original 'new' one
[19:19:21] * Bytram clicks preview
[19:19:53] <Bytram> n1: go for it; I'll step aside
[19:19:53] <n1> if it was set to display...
[19:20:04] <Bytram> it *was* unless someone changed it
[19:20:10] <janrinok> it won't set to display because the nexus isn't sticking!
[19:20:19] <n1> it should be fine now, janrinok
[19:20:31] <janrinok> when you submit it, it removes the display tick
[19:20:37] <n1> although i did just get a 503 trying to update it
[19:20:44] <janrinok> got a green now!
[19:20:47] <n1> its up
[19:20:54] * Bytram refreshes main page
[19:21:58] <janrinok> I've got to go - you all be good boys and girls now
[19:22:13] <Bytram> ain't gonna happen
[19:22:15] <Bytram> =)
[19:22:18] <n1> take care, janrinok
[19:22:19] <Bytram> janrinok: thanks for all your help
[19:22:22] <janrinok> true, but I can hope
[19:22:24] <Bytram> have a great night!~
[19:22:27] <Bytram> lol
[19:22:28] <janrinok> I did nothing!
[19:22:37] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: leaving]
[19:26:49] <n1> juggs, taken note of the journal post by kurenai.tsubasa?
[19:27:13] <n1> for 'nuclear chicken wings'
[19:32:00] <juggs> not yet - will look it up in a bit
[20:40:34] -!- cmn32480 [cmn32480!~cmn32480@Soylent/Staff/Editor/cmn32480] has joined #editorial
[20:40:34] -!- mode/#editorial [+v cmn32480] by SkyNet
[21:56:22] <cmn32480> Another Kaszz deletion.
[21:56:44] <cmn32480> did you ever get an email from him mrcoolbp?
[22:02:38] <n1> 'American Pharoah Beats Science to Win Triple Crown' has not gone down so well
[22:10:39] <chromas> Don't you know you're supposed to check other websites for each story and read all the comments before posting it here?
[22:15:03] <n1> i responded to him on that subject
[22:15:27] <n1> but i cant do anything but agree that 1) the submission is shit and 2) 7 years ago is not 2 weeks ago
[22:16:14] <n1> in response to the 'was on slashdot':
[22:16:20] <n1> "However, what slashdot does or does not do, and indeed what their community thinks on any given story has no bearing on what happens here. This is SoylentNews, different site run by different people with a different methodology. SoylentNews is not supposed to be a supplement to the green site. It can be if that's what you want from it, but I don't think thats how any of us who work on the
[22:16:20] <n1> site view it."
[22:16:54] * chromas gets pedantic and notes the other site is actually cyan :D
[22:17:56] <chromas> The main tfa is actually recent though, at least
[22:18:23] <n1> it's something, but it's still a shitty submission
[22:19:03] <n1> Pretty sure the worst that ive seen from Hugh Pickens ever, and I dont like many of his submissions
[22:19:19] <n1> but they're usually far better constructed that this one
[22:21:41] <chromas> Maybe it's an imposter
[22:22:23] <n1> think he just dropped the ball
[22:23:20] <n1> and because he's usually very good with it, perhaps when being edited, his submissions are not looked at as closely as others
[22:25:15] <n1> oh great
[22:25:23] <n1> my reply to that comment is 'off topic' apparently
[22:26:06] <juggs> Some days there just is no right thing :D
[22:26:49] <n1> interesting that the person that modded the comment im replying to touché' is the same person who modded me offtopic
[22:26:55] <n1> make of that what you will
[22:31:36] * n1 bangs head on desk
[22:48:27] <cmn32480> don't sweat it n1. this week you get to be janrinok
[22:53:51] <takyonAFK> we should give hugh an ultimatum: use blockquote or his subs don't get accepted
[22:55:11] <n1> blockquote is rarely necessary for him as he writes mostly original submissions
[22:55:46] <n1> but both he and #editorial dropped the ball on the 2 weeks/7 years
[22:55:47] <takyonAFK> no
[22:56:08] <n1> no?
[22:56:10] <takyonAFK> large portions of his submissions are lifted from the articles. sometimes with one or two words changed to make it fit the context
[22:56:31] <takyonAFK> never with any blockquote around directly quoted text
[22:56:35] <takyonAFK> it's borderline plagiarism
[22:56:50] <n1> i'll believe you on that, although i havnt seen it myself personally.
[22:57:02] <n1> i'm guessing because he lifts bits from different articles and puts them into one?
[22:57:28] <takyonAFK> I can find an example if soylent search lets me find stories I've first edited
[22:58:12] <takyonAFK> http://soylentnews.org
[22:58:13] <systemd> ^ 03SN article:  California Looks to the Sea for a Drink of Water 04(64 comments)
[22:58:17] <n1> i generally am not a fan of his submissions so unless i'm editing i dont pay very close attention to them
[22:58:27] <takyonAFK> http://soylentnews.org
[22:58:28] <systemd> ^ 03SN article:  Google and Amazon Want to Send You a Plumber 04(25 comments)
[22:58:36] <takyonAFK> http://soylentnews.org
[22:58:37] <systemd> ^ 03SN article:  Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power 04(43 comments)
[22:58:52] <n1> i do see what you mean, i remember in the past ive done similar things with his submissions
[22:59:02] <n1> when i did catch a large portion was a direct quote
[22:59:45] <cmn32480> http://soylentnews.org
[22:59:45] <systemd> ^ 03SN comment by [02Anonymous Coward] (02Score:0)
[22:59:46] <n1> i will have to keep a closer eye in the future
[22:59:55] <cmn32480> this ACA actually makes some decent points
[23:00:04] <n1> thanks for pointing it out, takyonAFK
[23:00:29] <n1> it's the same point hes been making for months
[23:00:37] <n1> ignoring all the time he gets his own way
[23:00:44] <takyonAFK> the AC just wants us destroyed
[23:00:45] <n1> he just wants a different group think at best
[23:00:52] <n1> at worst, he's intentionally sabotaging the site
[23:01:31] <n1> note on that story ipids, the two early uprated AC comments
[23:01:45] <takyonAFK> http://soylentnews.org
[23:01:46] <systemd> ^ 03SN comment by [02Anonymous Coward] (02Score:-1, Flamebait)
[23:02:18] <takyonAFK> typical comment from our troll who is so concerned about every little mistake we make
[23:02:38] <n1> seriously, still using Michael Brown
[23:03:19] <n1> i guess he likes to think back to one of his big victories and how he got one over on us then, or so he thinks?
[23:03:38] <takyonAFK> http://soylentnews.org
[23:03:39] <systemd> ^ 03SN comment by [02Anonymous Coward] (02Score:-1, Flamebait)
[23:04:36] <n1> http://soylentnews.org
[23:04:38] <systemd> ^ 03SN article:  SoylentNews' Michael Brown Shooting Discussions: Six Months Later 04(137 comments)
[23:06:03] <cmn32480> think it's poutine?
[23:06:13] <cmn32480> he's been a dbag since day 1
[23:07:11] <n1> i dont think so
[23:07:39] <takyonAFK> there's only one way to find out
[23:08:04] <n1> from how poutine was/is, this guy operates in a different style
[23:08:08] <n1> and at a totally different level
[23:08:23] <cmn32480> no IPID's on poutine's commetns
[23:08:28] <n1> as in "i have nothing else to do with my life but try to fuck over this niche community news site"
[23:08:32] <cmn32480> they have been purged from the db already
[23:08:39] <cmn32480> last comment was Feb.12
[23:08:42] <n1> is what AC does, poutine was/is just cynical
[23:08:50] <takyonAFK> it also doesn't really matter if nothing can/will be done about it
[23:09:13] <n1> my opinion is, if we even try to do anything more, he has won
[23:09:54] <cmn32480> ignore him and let the community beat him down for us?
[23:10:20] <takyonAFK> that doesn't work since it's an AC
[23:10:36] <n1> it works to a point, but not enough
[23:10:39] <takyonAFK> plus as long as enough legit issues crop up for him to bitch about it
[23:10:48] <n1> mainly due to he makes more comments than there are modpoints to downmod him
[23:11:01] <n1> and he does make reasonable posts inbetween being a total asshole
[23:11:19] <n1> but often the reasonable posts are calculated in a way to inject some bullshit into it later
[23:11:22] <juggs> There's not much that can be done other than let the community handle it.
[23:11:55] <n1> there's nothing that should be done, he is abusing the system but we shouldnt destroy the system because of it
[23:12:14] <juggs> aye
[23:13:08] <n1> otherwise it's just like industry reaction to piracy, hello DRM... social reaction to terrorism, goodbye freedom... or government reaction to welfare fraud, fuck over the most vulnerable.
[23:13:54] <n1> might be some extreme examples there, but i think it's a valid comparison
[23:14:33] <juggs> Yep. This really isn't a top down kind of a place thankfully :)
[23:14:36] <takyonAFK> maybe if the site 503s enough AC will just leave permanently
[23:14:59] <takyonAFK> quick NCommander, code some new bugs
[23:15:43] <juggs> I think he's busy enough as it is right now :D
[23:24:03] <cmn32480> I had a thoght as I was opening this beer.
[23:24:14] <cmn32480> what if we kill the shithead with kindness?
[23:24:54] <NCommander> takyonAFK, its 503ing again?
[23:24:55] <NCommander> -_-;
[23:25:05] <takyonAFK> no
[23:25:13] <juggs> cmn32480, nah, trolls feed on kindness :)
[23:25:18] <cmn32480> every time he posts, one two or as many editors as we can get posts a "Hey thanks, we appreciate your feed back. we sill take a look into your issues and suggest a good source of cyanide
[23:25:36] <takyonAFK> I don't remember the last time it did. Probably within the last hour - I don't remember
[23:26:18] <juggs> cmn32480, better just to leave it be I think.
[23:26:25] <cmn32480> okie
[23:26:42] <n1> cmn32480, i think we already do, he has a platform and we dont do anything to stop him, and he gets an elevated one when he can be bothered to formulate a submission out of it.
[23:26:59] <n1> thats far more kindness than he'd get anywhere else i think
[23:28:29] <cmn32480> it was a thought. Nothing more.
[23:29:30] <n1> its good to share the thoughts, and we're far better talking about it in here
[23:29:43] <n1> even if it's just to vent, than to let it spill out onto the main site
[23:56:07] <cmn32480> I think I jsut found one of our shitheads
[23:56:12] <cmn32480> http://soylentnews.org
[23:56:13] <systemd> ^ 03- SoylentNews User
[23:56:31] <cmn32480> this guy is having conversations with himself as multiple AC
[23:56:58] <juggs> woah, how bored does one have to be to do that
[23:57:37] <cmn32480> about as bored as the guy looking up the IPID's