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[12:50:30] <n1> going to lidl, but if you have a moment janrinok
[12:50:31] <n1> http://soylentnews.org
[12:50:32] <pants--> ^ 03SN comment by [02Anonymous Coward] (02Score:5, Insightful)
[12:50:39] <n1> appreciate your thoughts on that comment, and my reply to it
[12:51:12] <n1> was still half asleep when writing that reply, so it's not exactly well written.
[12:51:19] <n1> but it gets the point over i think
[12:51:54] <janrinok> np - get ye off to lidl
[12:53:39] <janrinok> I don't see any significant problem with what you have said/written
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[13:03:15] <LaminatorX> Anyone else getting a nothing to see while trying to view a story in the queue?
[13:03:56] <LaminatorX> Ah, never ming. It seems I wasn't as logged in as I thought I was.
[13:07:02] <LaminatorX> CoolHand, if you're still in the Cheeta-bot story, "Over" in the headline should be lower-case, as it's a preposition.
[13:18:32] <janrinok> LaminatorX: have you just edited or viewed a story with a meta nexus?
[13:21:05] <LaminatorX> No, just Main.
[13:22:03] <janrinok> something to look for, if you edit a story with a nexus of other than front page, you end up only seeing stories in the same nexus. You have to go to the front page and reselect stories from there again
[13:22:38] <janrinok> its been snagged, but it caught me out several times yesterday
[13:22:41] <LaminatorX> Gotcha, thanks.
[13:29:17] <CoolHand> LaminatorX: ok, I'll change.. I've had discussions on that b4 and the style or editors guide says short prepositions, and some of us have had discussions on what constitutes "short". 3 or under seemed to be concensus with some others.. but if you don't like 4, I'll change it, as I don't care *that* much..
[13:29:41] <mrcoolbp> Hey everybody
[13:29:45] <CoolHand> hello mrcoolbp
[13:29:51] <mrcoolbp> Sup CooHand?
[13:30:41] <mrcoolbp> ehlo janrinok
[13:30:42] <CoolHand> just working, browsing SN, editing a couple things here and there, etc...
[13:30:44] <CoolHand> :)
[13:30:47] <mrcoolbp> cool
[13:30:49] <CoolHand> whaddup wit u?
[13:30:58] <mrcoolbp> I gotta work on the tax stuff today
[13:31:09] <CoolHand> oh.... FUN! :)
[13:31:12] <mrcoolbp> but I'm recovering from a truly insane weekend
[13:31:31] <mrcoolbp> I worked nearly 40 hours in 3 days....
[13:31:57] <CoolHand> I was wondering what kind of insane you meant.. I guess the bad kind... I was hoping you partied all w/e with hookers and blow..
[13:32:00] <CoolHand> hehe
[13:32:02] <CoolHand> :)
[13:32:25] <mrcoolbp> I partied last weekend in N'Leans
[13:32:35] <mrcoolbp> was plenty of partying for the whole month
[13:32:45] <mrcoolbp> LaminatorX: long time no see! Hoping you are well
[13:33:06] <janrinok> mrcoolbp: hi - sorry, diverted for a minute or two there
[13:33:12] <mrcoolbp> no problem
[13:33:22] <mrcoolbp> are you getting some rest here and there?
[13:33:52] <janrinok> mainly there, not so much here :)
[13:34:27] <n1> and i'm back
[13:34:32] <n1> ahoy mrcoolbp
[13:34:36] <janrinok> wb n1
[13:34:43] <mrcoolbp> eh matey
[13:34:55] <janrinok> LaminatorX: how did yesterday's gig go?
[13:35:10] <mrcoolbp> if takyon and cmn32480 show up we will have an army of editors
[13:35:18] <CoolHand> team meeting!
[13:35:41] <mrcoolbp> hey why not
[13:35:48] <janrinok> an army? - I thought the collective noun was 'rabble'
[13:35:48] <n1> thats when we find out we're all fired to be replaced by highly paid Dice PR men
[13:35:55] <janrinok> rofl
[13:35:58] <CoolHand> lol
[13:35:58] <mrcoolbp> "Bad news guys"
[13:36:12] <n1> ;)
[13:36:17] <mrcoolbp> "We are giving you all a pay-cut"
[13:36:42] <janrinok> how much?
[13:36:52] <mrcoolbp> 99%
[13:37:02] <janrinok> that's ok then
[13:37:05] <mrcoolbp> cool
[13:37:11] * mrcoolbp rolls in money
[13:37:38] <n1> finally, we're 1%ers!
[13:37:56] <mrcoolbp> Uh...yeah
[13:38:36] <n1> im trying to be an optimist
[13:38:43] <n1> but its somehow manifesting itself as being even more cynical
[13:39:24] <n1> time for food before i start rambling with even less coherence
[13:45:11] <LaminatorX> New lyrics were well receiver, Janrinok. Thanks.
[13:46:29] <janrinok> pleased to hear it
[13:54:42] <mrcoolbp> CoolHand: I changed "exii" to "exiii" in that story
[13:55:03] <janrinok> well, I'm not sure I would have spotted _that_!
[13:55:10] <mrcoolbp> = )
[13:55:23] <mrcoolbp> LaminatorX: everything good with you?
[13:55:26] <CoolHand> mrcoolbp: ok..
[13:55:43] <CoolHand> I saw a comment about it then got sidetracked..
[13:56:47] <CoolHand> thank you, sir!
[13:56:52] <mrcoolbp> no problem
[13:57:37] <LaminatorX> Pretty good, Mrcoolbp, thanks. Work has become less gogogogogogogo for a while, which is a welcome respite.
[13:58:10] <mrcoolbp> LaminatorX: good to hear
[13:58:19] <janrinok> ... and having the extra eds has made this job much more enjoyable again!
[13:59:49] <n1> if it's enjoyable, it's not a real job!
[14:00:09] <janrinok> hence the 'real' pay
[14:01:30] <n1> will make all the difference when we finally get a pay rise, after that pay cut we just took
[14:01:54] <LaminatorX> As I understand it, the truckload of money is due to arrive once an axle capable of supporting the enormous mass of funds can be installed.
[14:01:57] <janrinok> I'm planning on what to spend it on already!
[14:02:49] * mrcoolbp sighs
[14:03:02] * mrcoolbp hides the company card from janrinok
[14:03:43] <janrinok> company card - you guys kept that quiet
[14:04:06] <n1> wonder if it's contactless...
[14:05:20] <n1> does the USA even do contactless payments at the moment?
[14:05:26] <janrinok> this takes me back to an almost identical conversation on here about a year ago!
[14:06:41] <n1> i look forward to it again next year
[14:07:16] <janrinok> when mrcoolbp cuts our pay again by 99%
[14:09:37] <mrcoolbp> janrinok: see this is why I didn't tell you about the card
[14:10:08] <mrcoolbp> I'm a harsh bastard I am
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[14:25:02] <n1> ¬_¬
[14:26:08] <n1> i disagree with using 'breaking news' on the intel story
[14:27:51] <n1> it wasn't a time sensitive story and didnt jump the queue, i dont think 'breaking news' should be used in those circumstances
[14:28:17] <n1> even if it was 'breaking news' at the time it was submitted, as it was when takyon did it
[14:30:34] <janrinok> It would have gone into the 'breaking news nexus' if we had one. The 'BREAKING NEWS' wasn't in the title
[14:31:06] <n1> that seems to be where it is?
[14:31:10] <janrinok> ...and I think on that nexus it would have gone straight out
[14:31:35] <n1> http://soylentnews.org
[14:31:44] <janrinok> curious - I could have sworn that got taken out.
[14:31:50] <n1> it only appears in the title on main page
[14:31:57] <n1> and then when you view the story
[14:32:10] <n1> it comes up as breaking news as a header, what im assuming is for the nexuses
[14:32:22] <janrinok> I edit it now - but look at the very bottom line near the Read More comment
[14:32:38] <n1> when submitted, it was probably selected as breaking news
[14:32:43] <n1> as well as it being included in the headline
[14:32:50] <n1> as that appears to be possible now
[14:33:20] <n1> yeah
[14:33:23] <janrinok> If you edit, you will see that it has been inserted 'automatically' - I wasn't expecting that!
[14:33:52] <janrinok> It doesn't exist on the edit page!
[14:34:12] <n1> more things to watch out for
[14:34:23] <n1> gotta love change :D
[14:34:59] <janrinok> yep - I'd better start rewriting the wiki!
[14:38:37] <janrinok> so, a story can be front page, breaking news or both. But how many know about the breaking news nexus or would think of looking there?
[14:39:00] <n1> at the moment, i doubt anyone
[14:39:11] <janrinok> and if BN is selected, it automatically inserts the prefix in the title
[14:39:12] <n1> but it only took the second comment to point out how the green site had this 'breaking news' yesterday
[14:39:36] <janrinok> That's why I took it out!
[14:39:59] <janrinok> I had noticed that before editing it in the first instance
[14:45:02] <n1> keeps us on our toes
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[17:49:03] <janrinok> thanks CH - you're editing as fast as I am pushing them out :)
[17:55:42] <n1> you didnt have to jump in again, janrinok, was on my agenda for this evening
[17:55:51] <n1> but is still appreciated!
[18:07:21] <janrinok> takyon: ping
[18:12:31] <janrinok> n1: love the dept "Gillette Not Impressed"
[18:13:21] <janrinok> np - I'm testing Takyon's latest software as well
[18:14:07] <paulej72> you should now see the mainp(age) back in the stories list
[18:14:23] <janrinok> yes I do - thx paulej72
[18:15:15] <paulej72> i broke that one myself with far off template change. Stupid perl and passing around pointers to hashes.
[18:15:35] <janrinok> paulej72: when all the dust settles, can someone explain all the changes and how they work pse?
[18:16:06] <paulej72> janrinok: will someone find all of the changes so I can explain them :)
[18:16:13] <janrinok> e.g. I didn't know that breaking news automatically puts that prefix in the title.
[18:16:18] <janrinok> lol - OK
[18:17:33] <paulej72> yes that is how nexii work. on the mainpage the titles are prefixed with the nexus name. when in the nexus the prefix is dropped, but the banner show up in the header with the nexus title
[18:18:06] <janrinok> well, that is something else I didn't know. Don't remember noticing that on dev
[18:18:27] <paulej72> there are probably some bugs around deling with how links work in different areas.
[18:18:41] <paulej72> http://soylentnews.org
[18:19:02] <janrinok> yes, I've also discovered that by accident too
[18:19:54] <janrinok> We will have to decide what timescale makes breaking news no longer breaking!
[18:20:51] <janrinok> I suspect that I have missed a critical discussion on nexuses sometime in the last few months... :(
[18:20:53] <paulej72> I think it should just stay in the breaking news nexus, but we should decide when it should go there.
[18:21:31] <paulej72> lie the current Apple one that was posted a day after the incident. Not realluy braking news
[18:21:33] <janrinok> well, it sat in the sub list for over 14 hours - one comment pointed out it was no longer breaking by the time we had pushed it out
[18:22:01] <janrinok> and I didn't know what the Breaking News tick box was for
[18:23:22] <paulej72> well we should be letting our submitters to select breaking news as the nexus if they feel it is breaking news.
[18:23:44] <janrinok> are you suggesting that they also release stories themselves?
[18:24:14] <paulej72> then the subs queue will shwo the breqaking news as the nexus and will be easier to spot by the eds
[18:24:47] <janrinok> we have a period of some 5 - 8 hours which usually has no editor coverage. What might be BN when it hits the subs list might not be by the time I get up
[18:24:55] <paulej72> No, but they need to select a nexus and topic to submit
[18:25:13] <janrinok> k - we will have to devise a procedure to suit
[18:26:18] <paulej72> better yet, we now have the condensed editor list at the bottom of the pages :)
[18:27:07] <paulej72> i no longer need to see barabas in the list all of the time :)
[18:27:23] <janrinok> lol - has he gone?
[18:27:35] <janrinok> I didn't notice :)
[18:27:56] <paulej72> that stupid list never got rid of eds that were no longer eds.
[18:28:20] <janrinok> now it is settling down - I like the improvements
[18:28:27] <paulej72> i made it just post current sessions since we have so many eds now
[18:29:09] <janrinok> ..and you've brought back the Hall Of Fame page - thx
[18:29:19] <paulej72> we still need to figure out were some of our slow downs are coming from. I think we has some db tuning to do.
[18:30:28] <janrinok> yes, but it is still usable - not too much to worry about in that respect
[18:32:05] <janrinok> there is an irritation with the current editor list - even though you have shortened it. When an ed closes the editing page, it still shows him as being logged in to that page. We need some kind of timeout I guess, but it is not a bug to worry about now
[18:33:07] <janrinok> or perhaps there is one - I note that n1's name has just disappeared
[18:33:08] <paulej72> yea, I know that, but I was not sure how to fix it.
[18:33:32] <n1> doesnt help having multiple tabs open im guessing
[18:33:45] <janrinok> no, probably not
[18:33:50] <n1> but im not in the editor at the moment on any stories
[18:34:04] <n1> i was replying to a comment, but also have some other stories and queue open
[18:35:02] <janrinok> hey, when we start being picky about little bugs like that, we have things well under control
[18:35:58] <n1> i have no place to be picky about minor bugs here, people in glass houses and such
[18:36:21] <janrinok> n1: if you see takyon, can you remind him that he has a story on 'hold' in the list at the moment.
[18:36:30] <n1> aye
[18:36:58] <janrinok> I've got about 20 minutes left then I must go
[18:37:31] <n1> i will be loitering for this evening, got lots on for tomorrow, so might not be back until the evening or thursday
[18:38:23] <janrinok> ok, there seem to be enough of us around at present
[18:38:47] <janrinok> and it's good to see Lammy making an appearance again
[18:39:21] <n1> i was happy last night to see some subs come in, i guess people saw mine in the queue and thought 'fuck that, must do better'
[18:39:22] <n1> :p
[18:39:38] <janrinok> hehehe
[18:40:07] <n1> maybe i should have that threat in my signature
[18:40:12] <n1> 'if you dont submit stories, i will'
[18:40:35] <janrinok> sort of "If _you_ don't post soon, _I_ will!"
[18:40:54] <janrinok> crossed comments - almost the same wording :)
[18:41:17] <janrinok> scarey
[18:41:37] <n1> people dont want that heheh
[18:52:24] <janrinok> OK, I'm out of here until tomorrow. Be safe, and cu then.
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[21:03:08] <takyon> usa freedom act doesn't appear to be... appearing on the front page
[21:03:52] <n1> i was just trying to figure out why
[21:04:04] <n1> its showing up in the rss im figuring?
[21:04:11] <takyon> i'd say it has to do with "breaking" nexus
[21:04:13] <takyon> hang on
[21:04:21] <takyon> no
[21:04:26] <takyon> I saw it in the list and clicked on it
[21:05:02] <takyon> let me second it, see if that does something
[21:05:11] <n1> go ahead
[21:05:27] <n1> was a bit on the fly, but i figure its legit breaking news that shouldnt wait for a submission
[21:05:55] <n1> the other stories
[21:06:01] <n1> have Breaking News in the topic
[21:06:04] <n1> not in the nexuses
[21:06:33] <takyon> this is not working
[21:06:43] <n1> let me update it to how the others are
[21:07:01] <takyon> it appears here: http://soylentnews.org
[21:07:02] <pants--> ^ 03SoylentNews: SoylentNews is people
[21:07:06] <takyon> but not frontpage
[21:07:13] <takyon> do we have to add both nexii to it?
[21:07:23] <takyon> NCommander
[21:07:36] <n1> you cant add more than one nexus i believe
[21:07:51] <n1> but the other 'breaking news' stories that ran today have 'breaking news' in the topic section not nexus
[21:08:05] <takyon> i'm not so sure
[21:08:15] <n1> i just compared it to how the previous two stories have been set up
[21:08:25] <n1> and when i tried to add main page as well as breaking news to the nexuses
[21:08:25] <takyon> http://soylentnews.org
[21:08:26] <pants--> ^ 03- SoylentNews User ( https://soylentnews.org )
[21:08:32] <n1> it said it would delete the existing one
[21:08:50] <takyon> several have "break" in the "skin" column
[21:09:00] <takyon> well whatever you did, it's working now
[21:09:00] <n1> yeah
[21:09:05] <n1> but if you go on the story to edit it
[21:09:11] <n1> see how the topic/nexuses are setup
[21:09:24] <n1> thats what i changed
[21:09:50] <n1> how it was before, it appeared in the breaking news part of the site
[21:09:52] <n1> but not on the main page
[21:10:30] <takyon> so is the Breaking News Nexus non-functional, and the topic is what has been applied recently, which also edits the "skin"? that's a bit confusing
[21:10:51] <n1> that seems to be how it works
[21:10:53] <n1> and yes, it is confusing
[21:11:07] <n1> as you can see looking at the stories queue
[21:11:13] <n1> its still showing breaking as the skin
[21:11:27] <NCommander> takyon, add both main page, and breaking news
[21:11:30] <n1> even though it's not in that nexus anymore, in the way you'd assume to do it
[21:11:35] <takyon> especially since when you submit a story, you are using the nexus dropdown to pick Breaking News
[21:11:47] <n1> NCommander, if you try to add two nexuses 'properly'
[21:11:51] <NCommander> n1, ?
[21:11:52] <n1> it says it will delete the existing
[21:12:02] <NCommander> huh?
[21:12:07] <n1> you might be able to add it as a topic, then move it up into a nexus
[21:12:10] <n1> i didnt try that
[21:12:11] * NCommander has done it with all previous articles
[21:12:20] <NCommander> I click the add icon, then add the nexuses
[21:12:26] <n1> i'll try again to see what it says
[21:12:35] <takyon> get both in there before you save it
[21:12:38] <NCommander> In case of multiple nexus (the main page is special), the top nexus gets first dibs
[21:13:20] <n1> i see what it is now, if the current nexus is highlighted it wants to replace it
[21:13:26] <n1> so you have to add it and then sort it manually
[21:13:34] <n1> for the priority, and to actually move it into a nexus
[21:13:46] <n1> but even if it's in the topic section, it still seems to do the same thing
[21:16:08] <takyon> how's it going n1
[21:16:53] <n1> if you add breaking news as a topic
[21:16:58] <n1> it still puts it breaking as a skin
[21:17:31] <n1> so it doesnt seem to have any affect if breaking is put in nexus or topic in the menu
[21:17:41] <takyon> I notice that Breaking News: with a colon is added to the title on the front page
[21:17:54] <takyon> but on the actual story that is moved out of the title to elsewhere
[21:18:21] <n1> same happens with the others
[21:18:39] <n1> only for the main page, but if you're in the 'breaking news' nexus
[21:18:41] <n1> it doesnt appear
[21:23:40] * n1 fixes the broken AP link before anyone notices
[21:38:14] <paulej72> n1 that is how it works the nexus is at the top of the page below the main header
[21:40:06] <n1> yeah, i get that, but when selecting nexuses and topics in the editing process, as long as main page is in the nexus part, it doesn't matter where 'breaking news' goes, it appears to have the same effect
[21:40:29] <n1> or, if it's in topics and not nexuses it adds the 'breaking news' to the headline when being viewed on the main page
[21:41:08] <n1> but NCommander's meta stories for example, both main page and meta are in the nexuses section, but it doesnt prefix Meta: to the story on the main page
[22:23:20] <NCommander> I think the site having a seizure
[22:23:58] <NCommander> n1, ugh
[22:24:02] * NCommander hates bugs
[22:25:31] <n1> :(