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[18:08:56] <Bytram> g'day all!
[18:09:43] <Bytram> janrinok: hey there!
[18:11:55] <janrinok> how's things?
[18:11:59] <Bytram> janrinok: question for ya: 'boffin' -- would you consider that a pejorative or not?
[18:12:05] <janrinok> no
[18:12:11] <Bytram> okay, taking things easy for a bit
[18:12:25] <janrinok> we've had this discussion several times - not you and I - but others on here.
[18:12:40] <Bytram> for me, I take it to be sort of a portmanteay of 'baffingly' 'intelligent'
[18:12:51] <Bytram> thanks for the confirmation!
[18:12:58] <janrinok> Some take offence at it, but I worked with a group of scientists who had their own bar - called the Boffins' Bar
[18:12:58] * Bytram goes to hit submit on a comment
[18:13:06] <Bytram> Noice!
[18:13:11] <janrinok> They thought it very appropriate and laughed at it
[18:13:45] <Bytram> nod nod
[18:14:13] <janrinok> It is an old term - dating back to WW2 at least - some younger scientists believe that it is too archiaic, but it was an affectionate term for a scientist in its day
[18:14:22] <Bytram> for me, a boffin is someone at a level of intelligence and ability that defies easy explanation or complrehension.
[18:14:48] <Bytram> janrinok: pls read and feel free to comment on: https://soylentnews.org
[18:14:48] <Scruffy> ^ 03SN comment by [02martyb (76)] (02Score:2)
[18:15:13] <janrinok> Possibly, or just someone who is at home with a very specialised subject, but uncomfortable out of it. Almost like a higher-level geek or nerd today
[18:15:20] <janrinok> k reading
[18:15:47] <Bytram> btw, that was in reply to this comment: https://soylentnews.org
[18:15:49] <Scruffy> ^ 03SN comment by [02bziman (3577)] (02Score:4, Informative)
[18:16:40] <janrinok> I'll reply to it
[18:17:26] <Bytram> obliged! Did you read the parent comment I was replying to?
[18:23:58] <Bytram> afk making lunch brb
[18:30:00] <janrinok> I think that, between us, we've covered all the bases!
[18:30:29] * Bytram goes to look
[18:31:55] <Bytram> janrinok: nicely done! thanks for the confirmation!
[18:31:59] <janrinok> np
[18:32:22] <Bytram> how's S?
[18:33:51] <janrinok> We've just had a doctor's visit today. S is doing OK, a few minor issues that will now be treated, but otherwise in good form. I got a friendly telling off - for overdoing things this last week or so - but she left laughing so I'll just take it easier for a few days.
[18:34:43] <Bytram> good she's okay and under close care; as for YOU...
[18:35:01] <Bytram> 'take it easy' is HARD! =)
[18:36:45] <janrinok> Yes, but I couldn't avoid the discussions this week seeing that I caused them, and I have strong views on what we are trying to do.
[18:37:18] <Bytram> nod nod
[18:37:55] <janrinok> And if I have got to sit on the site in order to fight the fires as they begin, I might as well post a few stories at the same time :)
[18:37:57] <Bytram> speaking of which, it seems that the community is mostly behind us and that we are basically on the right course; that this was mostly a 'tempest in a teapot'
[18:38:10] <Bytram> LOL!
[18:38:26] * Bytram tries to wiggle out from underneath -- hey! no farting!!!
[18:38:30] <janrinok> Yes agreed. But I wish that more had spoken out earlier which would have diffused the situation before it escalated
[18:40:03] <Bytram> agreed. Still, I've yet to find a way to change the past, and I've come to the realization that things tend to work out okay in the long run... but sometimes it's a bear to wait to see the value of the experience.
[18:40:28] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[18:40:30] <Scruffy> ^ 03SN comment by [02martyb (76)] (02Score:3, Informative)
[18:40:42] <janrinok> But, had I been out of step with the wishes of the community, I was happy to stand down if they thought that would have been for the best
[18:41:01] <janrinok> lol!
[18:41:06] <janrinok> good comment!
[18:41:38] <Bytram> I appreciate your integrity, and I think that, above all else, is what came out in the discussion. You done good, my friend!
[18:42:03] <Bytram> huh? I already got modded up on that one? Kewel!
[18:42:31] <janrinok> the Gods are smiling on you tonight
[18:43:25] * Bytram instinctively braces for the 'other shoe to drop' then decides otherwise and relaxes his shoulders and tries to accept the complement
[18:43:39] <janrinok> what, who, me?
[18:44:06] <Bytram> nope, that one was self-referential, but if it applies... ;)
[18:44:36] <Bytram> janrinok: btw, do you have any throwaway mail accounts? I'd really like to test creating a new acct on dev, but it's quite a chore to do from my end
[18:45:01] <Bytram> (it would be a shame if we go live with rehash and find users can't create a new account... and we didn't test it!)
[18:45:21] <janrinok> I'm just 2nd editing a pile of stories by somebody who uses the ridiculous nick of martyb - sorry if my responses on here are a little slow
[18:45:46] <janrinok> so you want me to create an account?
[18:46:16] <janrinok> why do I need to use a throwaway email account?
[18:46:45] <Bytram> ISTR that one cannot use the same e-mail acct twice when creating a new acct on the site
[18:47:09] <janrinok> do you want to actually send an email to it, or can it just be a dead email address?
[18:47:40] <Bytram> part of signing up for a new acct is reading the e-mail sent to that e-mail acct which has the acct's password.
[18:48:17] <janrinok> hmmm, I suppose I could always create one
[18:48:21] <Bytram> ISTR if I try to use the same email addy that I used on a prior acct's creation, it get's kicked out.
[18:48:43] <Bytram> it's been so long, I'm not certain, but that is what I seem to remember.
[18:48:55] <janrinok> well that means no-one will be able to join rehash. I'm not creating a new email account just because the site updates
[18:49:29] <janrinok> ...or am I misunderstanding?
[18:51:27] <Bytram> janrinok: as i understand it, rehash is a new implementation of the UI on top of an updated Perl and Apache underlayer. All the user accts and comments and stories and all that will (well, SHOULD) come across unscathed.
[18:51:57] <Bytram> that is the accts, stories, and comments that were on prod will stay on prod, but we'll have an updated infrstructure that we can use to access them
[18:52:00] <Bytram> does that make sense
[18:57:18] <janrinok> yes, ok. I'll have to create a new account
[18:57:26] <janrinok> new email account
[18:57:59] <Bytram> k
[18:58:00] <Bytram> thansk!
[19:20:23] * Bytram clicks save on one more story in the queue
[19:22:44] <Bytram> janrinok: only one story left in the sub queue -- I don't think I can do much with it. I vote to delete it. do you concur?
[19:23:10] <Bytram> linky: https://soylentnews.org
[19:23:11] <Scruffy> ^ 03SN Submission by Anonymous Coward: 2/2 from Hackernews: Project Jacqaurd
[19:23:48] <janrinok> No, I can do something with it - I did the first one of the pair
[19:24:35] <janrinok> let me finish the 2nd ed'ing, create an email account, test dev, and I'll be right on it
[19:27:45] <Bytram> wonderful!
[19:27:52] <janrinok> :)
[19:28:50] <Bytram> I didn't really do much with the subs I processed; mostly: typo fixes, grammar, and s/<br>[[:blank:]]*<br>/<p>/g
[19:30:27] <janrinok> Bytram: there is a little niggly bug on the editing page. Although you finished editing the NVIDIA story about 20 minutes ago, it still shows you being in the editor. I don't think it did this a year ago, but I can't remember when it started. We need to set a value somewhere when you press save or update, to take you out of the document. Does that make sense?
[19:30:54] <Bytram> yes.... let me try something
[19:30:57] <Bytram> ...
[19:31:19] <Bytram> janrinok: now look
[19:31:47] <janrinok> currently show us both in it, but I have closed my window
[19:32:02] <janrinok> and yours is showing 22m to me
[19:32:29] <Bytram> really?
[19:32:31] <Bytram> huh!
[19:32:44] <Bytram> I just clicked on 'stories' in the admin menu and it shows me as:
[19:32:55] <Bytram> martyb - / Update your TV to the Digital Revolution; NVIDIA S
[19:33:05] <janrinok> yeah, others have commented on it too. It is not a serious bug, if you know about it you can just ignore it
[19:33:34] <janrinok> yes, it never shows your own time, only to others
[19:34:22] <janrinok> it's currently saying to me that you have been editing it for the last 24m
[19:34:50] <Bytram> HUH! I assumed you saw what I saw... interesting!
[19:34:57] <janrinok> when 2nd ed'ing it is sometimes difficult to tell if the first editor has actually finished or not
[19:35:26] <Bytram> nod nod -- I've encountered that, too.
[19:35:48] <janrinok> as I say, not a biggie
[19:36:27] <Bytram> true, but it is bothersome
[19:36:59] <janrinok> as you wander around with your QA hat on, you might stumble upon the cause - who knows?
[19:47:15] <Bytram> janrinok: yes, I'd been unaware, before -- I'm certtainly more attentive to it, now!
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[21:01:35] <Bytram> https://terrytao.wordpress.com
[21:01:36] <Scruffy> ^ 03A differentiation identity | What's new
[21:01:52] <Bytram> http://www.latimes.com
[21:01:54] <Scruffy> ^ 03Elon Musks growing empire is fueled by government subsidies - LA Times