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[00:39:56] <takyon> Charges Against Glenn 'Cannon Balls' Hughes Keep Piling Up
[00:40:13] <takyon> is this nickname for him common?
[01:00:39] <n1> the submitter claimed it as his own, i was on the fence about it
[01:00:54] <n1> would have prefered it in the summary over headline if at all
[01:01:10] <takyon> there's still time to change it
[01:01:25] <n1> would you remove it entirely?
[01:01:28] <takyon> Charges Against Gyrocopter Pilot Glenn Hughes Keep Piling Up
[01:01:36] <takyon> and then "Cannon Balls" in the summary if wanted
[01:02:02] <n1> yeah, will change it.
[01:04:44] <n1> think is ok now
[01:05:55] <takyon> ok
[01:06:54] <takyon> may need to alter the disclaimer now
[01:06:56] <takyon> I can do it
[01:07:06] <n1> thanks
[01:08:26] <n1> always appreciate feedback and fixing my fuckups :D
[01:08:45] <takyon> hmm my script isn't kicking in
[01:08:53] <n1> going to get some sleep hopefully now
[01:09:07] <takyon> night
[01:09:21] <n1> laters
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[13:37:42] <janrinok> hi guys
[14:58:54] <n1> hi janrinok
[14:59:31] <n1> how are you?
[15:22:29] <janrinok> hi n1
[15:22:49] <janrinok> sorry, I was editing stories and subs on my other machine and didn't look at the screen on this one!
[15:23:55] <janrinok> n1: I'm OK, but still get tired very easily. Apart from my usual domestic duties, I haven't done much today - or more correctly, I've done a lot but not achieved very much!
[15:24:09] <janrinok> Making jorim tonight!
[15:27:01] <n1> keep taking it easy as much as you can
[15:27:04] <n1> and as frustrating as it may be
[15:27:10] <n1> oh yeah?
[15:27:49] <janrinok> plenty of recipes on the net, so I'm playing with a fish and potato dish
[15:27:55] * n1 is currently eating pork schnitzel
[15:28:18] <n1> didnt have breakfast or lunch today so i'm damn starving
[15:28:19] <janrinok> you've started me drooling already - but that might be my age ;)
[15:28:23] <n1> sounds good
[15:28:24] <n1> lol
[15:29:39] <janrinok> what are you up to today - apart from eating now?
[15:30:47] <n1> did some site visits today, making sure projects are still going ahead as expected and trying to keep the work rolling in
[15:31:27] <n1> but also trying to avoid it as im going to be off tuesday for festival #1
[15:31:40] <janrinok> by the way - do you use Takyon's grease monkey script for editing - I've just started and it is a big improvement
[15:31:44] <n1> then a week or so after being back from that have another one
[15:31:54] <n1> i havn't yet, but i will give it a try
[15:31:59] <janrinok> ah, off on your travels again!
[15:32:20] <n1> tis the season
[15:32:40] <janrinok> It cleans up various subs to a consistent html markup, and makes editing much simpler
[15:33:07] <n1> sounds great, i was here when he was finishing it up but that was about 2-3am this morning
[15:33:40] <janrinok> lol - I was probably trying to sleep at around that time. Were you aware of the earthquake in Kent?
[15:33:53] <n1> i was not
[15:34:37] <n1> just googled it, surprised i didnt catch anything on radio about it
[15:34:45] <janrinok> S once slept through an earthquake as was woken by the fire brigade who were trying to rescue people!
[15:35:42] <n1> must have been a good nights sleep!
[15:35:50] * Azrael slept through the earthquake
[15:36:05] <n1> hey there, Azrael
[15:36:11] <janrinok> well, until it was ruined by big hunky men entering her room - er, I'll get back to you on that...
[15:36:11] <Azrael> :D
[15:36:16] <janrinok> Hi Az
[15:36:25] <Azrael> hey yo hi
[15:36:32] <janrinok> sup?
[15:36:49] <Azrael> home looking after an ill boy today
[15:37:01] <janrinok> sorry to hear that - hope he recovers quickly
[15:37:53] <Azrael> yeah, he hasn't been that bad, just not well enough for nursery
[15:38:06] <janrinok> time for me to go and start preparing for this evening's meal
[15:38:17] <janrinok> hopefully see you guys later on
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[15:39:09] <Azrael> tata
[15:39:20] <n1> laters, janrinok|afk
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[17:37:52] <n1> afternoon, Bytram
[17:38:17] <Bytram> n1: and the same to you!
[17:39:04] * Bytram has lunch cooking atm and is catching up on his SN messages
[17:57:56] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok
[17:58:19] <janrinok> hi Bytram
[17:58:39] <Bytram> janrinok: hiya! how are you doing?
[17:59:15] <janrinok> not bad and you?
[17:59:46] <Bytram> okay thanks.
[17:59:57] <janrinok> have you eaten lunch now?
[18:00:04] <Bytram> have the day off so did some testing, submitted some bugs, and am now eating lunch
[18:00:09] <Bytram> lol, ye!
[18:00:27] <janrinok> and a day off, you're getting spoiled!
[18:00:46] <Bytram> geting sloppy in my old age, eh?
[18:01:09] <janrinok> good to chat with you again. It's been a week since our last, I think
[18:01:28] <Bytram> nod nod
[18:01:32] <Bytram> how's S?
[18:02:03] <janrinok> short term OK, but in the longer term needs surgery. But we'll worry about that closer to the time
[18:02:17] <janrinok> ...but thanks for asking, appreciated
[18:02:21] <Bytram> waiting is hard.
[18:02:46] <Bytram> and, if there's surgery, it means that someone's been down that path before and that there's hope.
[18:03:05] <janrinok> yeah, I suppose so.
[18:03:30] <Bytram> intellectually, that's all well and good. emotionally? not so much.
[18:03:47] <Bytram> the difference between theory and practice, yanno?
[18:04:18] <janrinok> you're right of course, but unfortunately the final outcome is not debatable, only a matter of when.
[18:04:57] <janrinok> but that could be years away so no point on dwelling on it
[18:05:02] <Bytram> my heart goes out to you.
[18:05:12] <Bytram> one day at a time
[18:05:37] <janrinok> thx again, but we've known this for 7 years now so, as you say, one day at a time and live for today :)
[18:06:05] <Bytram> or, as I heard it explained once, "When one door closes, another opens... but it can be hell waiting in the hallway."
[18:06:12] <janrinok> lol
[18:06:59] <Bytram> My problem is that I like to get what I want when I want it: everything, and Right Now! =)
[18:07:09] <janrinok> if not sooner
[18:07:14] <Bytram> LOL. bingo!
[18:07:44] <Bytram> and while I'm chasing after the Next Big Thing, I miss the little stuff that is even more important and valuable.
[18:08:16] <janrinok> appreciate those who are around you, or who mean something to you.
[18:09:04] <Bytram> exactly, like *you*
[18:09:33] <janrinok> thx again - you'll have me surrounded by onions if you carry on!
[18:10:04] <Bytram> huh? Onions? I don't understand.
[18:10:13] <janrinok> in tears!
[18:10:19] <Bytram> OH! Doh!
[18:10:22] <Bytram> =)
[18:10:38] * Bytram was thinking of vampires and garlic or somesuch
[18:10:40] <janrinok> obviously not an Imgurian...
[18:10:57] <Bytram> nope
[18:11:28] <Bytram> nor do I tweet or fb or G+ or any of thast other stuff which tracks my every move and reply
[18:11:42] <Bytram> 'cept here, of course.
[18:11:49] <janrinok> try it, I've found it a great source of humour, decent people, and cats. Although I can do without the latter...
[18:12:05] <Bytram> purr
[18:12:12] <janrinok> and you don't have to log in - just browse whenever you want to
[18:12:47] <Bytram> true, but they'll still track me... panopticlick, cookies, brwoser info, etc.
[18:13:45] * Bytram liked your replies on NC's story on moderation -- about Russian translation difficulties
[18:13:52] <janrinok> ah, but I delete those several times during the day etc. OK, browser info not so often
[18:14:01] <Bytram> speceba (or however it's spelled)
[18:14:08] <janrinok> spasibo
[18:14:20] <Bytram> gesundheit!
[18:14:29] <janrinok> but pronounced as you spelled it
[18:14:56] <Bytram> ?and: pejalsta
[18:15:03] <janrinok> you're a proper little polyglot when you get started
[18:15:41] <janrinok> pozhalysta - is the nearest I can do it with latin characters
[18:15:54] <janrinok> but again pronounced exactly as you wrote it
[18:16:11] <Bytram> I work in a *very* metropolitan community; each week I'll likely encounter folks from a dozen different countries. I've tried to learn Hello, Thank-You, You're Welcom, and Good-Bye in each language I encounter.
[18:16:40] <janrinok> yeah, you've mentioned that before. Must be interesting to me so many cultures in a single day
[18:16:53] <janrinok> to meet*
[18:17:10] <Bytram> I developed a nice friendship with a couple young russian women a few years ago, simply by saying "Previet" as they walked by.
[18:17:26] <janrinok> you smooth devil you
[18:17:40] <Bytram> "How you speak Russian?" was the immediate reply!
[18:17:53] * Bytram loves it when they trill their "R"s
[18:18:19] <Bytram> every time they stopped by the store, they'd come over to see me.
[18:19:04] <Bytram> nothing deeper or more intimate than that, but they knew they had a friend. What can be more important than making a positive difference in someone's life?
[18:19:10] <janrinok> Russian women, in the main, look beautiful until they hit 40-45 and then they do one of two things. They either look better still, or they get clubbed with an ugly bat
[18:19:37] <n1> lol
[18:19:46] * Bytram looks in the mirror and wonders what happened to himself?
[18:19:50] <Bytram> ;)
[18:19:55] <janrinok> it's a difficult call....
[18:20:52] <Bytram> whenever I think I'm attracted to someone, I try this simple test. I imagine them in 20 years with 30 more pounds and 40 more wrinkles... does the attraction still hold?>
[18:21:06] <Bytram> If not, then it was purely superficial and lacks substance to last.
[18:21:22] <janrinok> I wonder if they are doing the same to you?
[18:21:49] * Bytram works in a dept that overlooks a half-dozen cosmetic counters and sees lots of amazing applications of paints and potions.
[18:22:14] <janrinok> you can't judge a person solely on that though, getting to know a person and developing that close relationship is far more important IMHO.
[18:22:20] <Bytram> I'd like to think that I'm holding up pretty well under the scrutiny, but I know there's always room for improvement.
[18:22:42] <janrinok> I'm certainly not the same shape that I was 10 years ago
[18:22:43] <Bytram> janrinok: I agree. It is what is on the *inside* that counts.
[18:22:51] * n1 has learned not to trust his eyes
[18:23:02] <Bytram> same hre.
[18:23:20] <Bytram> Ecclesiates -- change change change
[18:23:27] <n1> if someone is attractive, thats fine, but then its important to listen to what they say and how they are as people
[18:23:34] <Bytram> yuppers
[18:23:43] <janrinok> but I found that I discovered the 'one' when I stopped looking and trying so hard
[18:23:44] <n1> i have let the physical appearance cloud the judgement of the rest on several occasions in the past
[18:24:03] <janrinok> we all have, and will do again to some extent
[18:24:07] <Bytram> attract - ive gets me to notice, but not enough to keep me attentive
[18:24:22] <janrinok> no rampant sex is also good
[18:24:45] <janrinok> sorry that should read 'no, rampant sex is also good'
[18:24:51] * Bytram is still waiting for that one
[18:25:08] <janrinok> when you stop looking Bytram, when you stop looking
[18:25:43] * Bytram was referring to your comment about what seemed to be an orgy.
[18:25:58] <Bytram> one is plenty, and I'm in no hurry.
[18:26:04] <janrinok> I look for a good sense of humour, because if someone is going to stay with me they will need it :)
[18:26:10] <Bytram> LOL!
[18:26:43] <Bytram> also, an Attitude of Gratitude. If they look on the bright side of things, that bodes well for the future, too.
[18:27:01] * n1 is doomed
[18:27:04] <janrinok> very true
[18:27:22] <janrinok> not to you n1, I meant Bytram's comment before yours!
[18:27:29] <n1> yeah yeah, sure :p
[18:27:47] * Bytram has had struggles with bouts of depression; knows how hard that can be at times, and all the more about how important it is to practice it regularly.
[18:28:07] * Bytram watches janrinok try and stop chewing his foot
[18:28:17] * Bytram offers janrinok some onions
[18:28:31] <janrinok> boff ovv my feeet?
[18:28:47] <n1> i would say, in general terms, if people dont have to deal with bouts of depression in some form or another
[18:28:49] <Bytram> that's easy for YOU to say!
[18:28:52] <n1> they're delusional
[18:28:55] <n1> but lucky them
[18:29:32] <Bytram> it's one thing to feel a little down once in a while; clinical depression is an entirely different matter alltogether. Major depression is even more so.
[18:29:36] <janrinok> if you try to go through life laughing all the time you end up with a sore jaw and being described as mad
[18:29:48] <n1> Bytram, i wouldnt wish on anyone what i go through
[18:29:57] <n1> which is what i meant in general terms and some form
[18:30:12] <Bytram> same here... I'm just coming out of a mild bout and it was bad enough.
[18:30:29] <janrinok> Bytram: it seems it is a lot more common than many people realise. I was chatting to Subsentient a while back about his problems. Made mine look like trivial things
[18:30:47] <n1> good to hear you're coming out the other side, Bytram
[18:31:10] <n1> our chat all those months ago was very helpful to me, i'll do my best to help you if you ever need a chat
[18:31:10] * Bytram notes this channel is logged and suggests some circumspection might be appropriate
[18:31:32] <janrinok> and we're always here if you need us - we may joke a lot but that is only to hide our own problems
[18:31:41] <Bytram> likewise... I'm reminded of something by Ralph Waldo Emerson...
[18:32:01] <Bytram> It's one of the great rewards in this life, that one cannot genuinely try and help another person without also helpiong yourself.
[18:32:35] <Bytram> that's from memory, so I probably got it wrong, but that was the gist of it.
[18:32:41] <n1> the point is valid
[18:33:11] <Bytram> thanks
[18:33:13] <n1> although vague, i genuinely tried to help someone, what it helped me to learn was not to try and help people who dont really need it
[18:33:20] <Bytram> okay, time for me to do the dishes and catch a nap
[18:33:34] <n1> but in general, it's a positive thing :)
[18:33:37] <n1> take care, Bytram
[18:33:46] <Bytram> n1: true. and beware of the 'takers' too
[18:33:59] <janrinok> sleep well (nap well doesn't sound right)
[18:34:22] <Bytram> Just beacuse they want, and I can, doesn't mean I *should*. (painful and expensive lesson i've learned)
[18:34:56] <Bytram> jammies and milk and cookies and nappies; good, and simple.
[18:35:07] <Bytram> sometimes I tend to overcomplicate things.
[18:35:20] <janrinok> nappies mean something else to us brits, but no matter
[18:35:39] <Bytram> oh? Oh. Are those for infants?
[18:35:40] <n1> heh
[18:35:43] <janrinok> yep
[18:35:46] <Bytram> LOL
[18:35:59] <janrinok> you can wear want you want - not our business...
[18:36:00] <Bytram> I suspect I have quite a few years ahead of me before I'll need those!
[18:36:18] <janrinok> I hope so
[18:36:43] <Bytram> ok, I'll prolly pop back in some time later tonight or maybe tomorrow am.
[18:36:50] <Bytram> take care and nice chatting with yas!
[18:36:52] <janrinok> K, have a good one
[18:36:54] <n1> :)
[18:37:57] * n1 is already sick of making signs
[18:38:01] <janrinok> n1: I'm amazed that there are so many good guys on this site - (not B of course, if he is still listening ;p )
[18:38:39] <n1> it is amazing
[18:38:48] <janrinok> a good proportion of the one's that I've chatted to seem to be people that I wish I could meet IRL.
[18:38:53] <n1> gives me some hope for humanity
[18:39:40] <janrinok> what is your plan for tonight's meal? The Korean dish was a success, by the way.
[18:39:44] <n1> this site has brought a lot of good people together, and we're working together for a common good
[18:39:58] <n1> awesome, glad to hear it. was it spicy or something else?
[18:40:05] <janrinok> I'd like to think so, and many of them give more than is expected
[18:40:37] <janrinok> sweet and savoury mainly, but the fish was nice and spicy - we both enjoyed it
[18:41:03] <n1> nice, glad i could contribute!
[18:41:17] <n1> my plans this evening for dinner are probably beef stirfry of sorts
[18:41:19] <janrinok> I'm not sure that a Korean would call it authentic, but it did the job!
[18:41:31] <n1> the chicken wings last night were good, as in the chicken was good
[18:41:36] <n1> but the seasoning didnt make me sweat
[18:41:41] <n1> so a little disappointed by that
[18:42:34] <janrinok> the French don't go for really hot chillies and spices, so I was pleased to find some on sale locally and I have frozen them or preserved them in some other way.
[18:43:08] <n1> yeah, dont think ive ever heard of a spicy french dish
[18:43:20] <janrinok> surprised me, because they had quite a lot of influence and history in vietnam and the region around it
[18:44:05] <janrinok> French curries seem to be cooked with the curry held in a sealed container about 10 paces away from the dish being prepared
[18:44:39] <n1> that sounds odd
[18:44:54] <n1> doesnt cook the meat/veg etc with the curry sauce?
[18:45:55] <janrinok> well, not much anyway. A pinch of curry powder where we would be shovelling it in. A bit of chopped chilli where we would use a couple of whole ones etc
[18:46:36] * n1 notes not to get a curry in france
[18:46:43] <n1> unless you're cooking it ;)
[18:48:33] <janrinok> There might be good curry restaurants in Paris, but not here in rural France
[18:49:07] <n1> im guessing the french dont rush to try foreign cuisine
[18:49:20] <n1> with the long proud history of french cooking
[18:50:28] <janrinok> very true, they can be quite xenophobic when it comes to cuisine
[18:51:23] <n1> reverse of the british really
[18:51:57] <n1> it's a bad day around here when you end up with traditional british fare
[18:52:25] <janrinok> yep, we often decry our own traditional food in favour of foreign tastes. But we have a history of an empire, and we do have a few good dishes to our credit.
[18:52:49] <n1> examples?
[18:53:09] <janrinok> Roast beef and Yorkshire puds, done properly, can be as good as anyone's dishes. IMHO
[18:53:33] <n1> ah yes, yorkshire puds
[18:53:59] <janrinok> Traditional lamb dishes are also good, but we tend to use imported lamb rather than home grown
[18:54:04] <n1> cant have a roast without them :D
[18:54:34] <n1> whoever said there was rules about 'you cant have yorkshire puddings with chicken' can fuck off.
[18:54:50] <janrinok> And S really love roast chicken, but I'm not sure that is a 'British' dish
[18:55:03] <n1> that was more about yorkshire puds than chicken
[18:55:23] <n1> im pretty sure it was my mum that told me some time ago that you're only supposed to have yorkshire puddings with one type of meat
[18:55:25] <n1> i forget which one
[18:55:34] <n1> but that was why she rarely cooked/made them
[18:55:35] <janrinok> understood - we eat what we like, tradition doesn't come into it.
[18:55:41] <n1> because 'theyre supposed to go with x'
[18:55:48] <n1> which is just stupid for something like yorkshire puddings
[18:55:59] <n1> like saying you can only have chips with fish
[18:56:02] <n1> because fish and chips
[18:56:37] <n1> damn right, eat whats good, not whats traditional
[18:56:38] <janrinok> Yorkshires are traditionally served with beef, and the best use the fat off the joint to oil the tin for the puds. But that doesn't mean that they can't be eaten with anything else, well not in my book
[18:57:51] <janrinok> I do like the French willingness to try lots of different seafood though, they are not squeamish about the more unusual fish that we often neglect
[18:58:34] <n1> what good is it if they're not going to drown it in chillies and other spices? :P
[18:58:49] <janrinok> lol
[18:59:43] <n1> full english, scotch eggs, pork pies
[18:59:53] <janrinok> now you're talking!
[18:59:58] <n1> just thinking about british foods i eat on a reasonably regular basis
[19:00:19] <n1> nothing beats a good scotch egg
[19:00:23] <janrinok> I have a full english every weekend - it is one of my rare treats
[19:00:44] <n1> whats the bacon like over there?
[19:01:08] <janrinok> and I like that fact that every butcher sells good quality veal - at reasonable prices too
[19:01:38] <n1> damn you, i tried to forget about the veal!
[19:01:51] <n1> i probably havnt had any in 10 years
[19:02:01] <janrinok> bacon as you know doesn't exist here. It is almost always smoked, and unless you specifically ask, it will be sliced very, very thinly.
[19:02:18] <janrinok> as you know it*
[19:02:41] <n1> there was/is an italian restaurant near where i used to live, only place i ever got veal, but it was what i had on any occasion i went there
[19:02:42] <janrinok> My butcher is getting used to my preferences now
[19:03:58] <n1> good to have a local butcher
[19:04:17] * janrinok reckons that if this conversation continues, he will have to cook something else tonight just to ward of the hunger pangs!
[19:04:25] <n1> my business partner is the only person i know in this country who goes to one
[19:04:39] <n1> but it is always great stuff he gets from there
[19:05:12] <janrinok> Most people here still support their local shops and producers. They cannot compete with the big chains on price, but they win hands down on quality
[19:05:29] <n1> does these awesome little chicken parcels, ball of stuffing inside some chicken, then a chicken skin wrap around that meat
[19:05:49] <janrinok> mouth is watering just thinking about it
[19:06:11] <n1> thats why i go to the koreans for my fresh meat now, the price is about the same as the supermarkets
[19:06:18] <n1> but the quality is much higher
[19:07:11] <n1> i could probably get them to cut it how i'd like too, as they butcher it there
[19:07:48] <janrinok> I've posted 4 stories today and made 5 submissions - I'll be getting told off for spending too much time on the computer. I am rationed on it, after all
[19:08:17] <n1> thats more than enough work here for one day
[19:08:24] <janrinok> do the koreans understand our descriptions of the various cuts of meat?
[19:08:27] <n1> i'll top up the queue this evening
[19:08:32] <n1> or soon, as it's now 8pm
[19:09:09] <janrinok> I'll watch 'Have I Got News For You' in just under an hour, and then call it a day
[19:09:25] <janrinok> that'll make it 22:30 here
[19:09:27] <n1> new HIGNFY?
[19:09:31] <janrinok> yep
[19:09:37] <n1> first episode or the series?
[19:09:43] <n1> i forget to check iplayer
[19:09:45] <janrinok> 3rd in the series
[19:09:55] <n1> started pre election?
[19:10:22] <n1> will have to watch them this evening
[19:10:26] <janrinok> yes, although they had an 'election special' on the Friday immediately after the election
[19:10:58] <janrinok> they were making jokes about resignations and then getting the real news as it happened!
[19:12:29] <n1> probably skip that one now, as i know what happens :p
[19:12:50] <janrinok> still well worth a watch!
[19:13:00] <n1> will keep me entertained this evening regardless
[19:13:25] <n1> nice to watch a show about the news of last week, whilst editing the news to come for this week :p
[19:14:04] <janrinok> I hadn't thought of it like that :)
[19:17:41] <n1> the MS/UK story in the queue is interesting
[19:18:14] <janrinok> yes, I wasn't quite sure how to pitch it, but didn't want to leave it to rot
[19:19:23] <n1> looks good to me
[19:19:41] <janrinok> I'm happy then
[19:31:25] <janrinok> time to go, see you over the w/e perhaps?
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[23:31:51] <n1> Bytram
[23:34:00] <Bytram> n1: hi!
[23:34:45] <Bytram> I just pushed out a couple stories.
[23:34:52] <Bytram> and updated the poll, too.
[23:37:45] <n1> http://www.zerohedge.com
[23:37:56] <n1> worth making a submission on that story, do you think?
[23:39:41] <takyon> this is the site Gewg used for the Seymour Hersh submission
[23:41:45] <Bytram> a vaguely recall that zerohedge is, ummm, not the most impartial source.
[23:41:50] <n1> we have run stories via zerohedge before, not from gewg that im aware
[23:41:52] <Bytram> s/a/I/
[23:42:03] <n1> Bytram, then we'd have to discount all sources :)
[23:42:09] <Bytram> I could be mistaken... am a bit tired.
[23:42:23] <Bytram> some are less partial than others.
[23:42:46] <n1> if gewg made a submission from zh, it flies somewhat in the face of gewg being a typical leftist/liberal
[23:42:47] <Bytram> can you find an alternate source, whether for or against?
[23:43:11] <Bytram> yanno, point / counterpoint
[23:43:14] <n1> as all they do on there half the time, is talk for days about it's the liberals at fault for everything
[23:43:43] <n1> well we could print the government position of
[23:43:56] <n1> 'we'll pay it off, soon, not telling you how or when though, but trust us'
[23:44:29] <n1> at least thats how the UK government approaches the situation
[23:44:29] <Bytram> point well taken.
[23:45:19] <n1> although i'm up for putting both sides across
[23:45:33] <takyon> I think the Seymour Hersh story was a special case
[23:45:59] <Bytram> total change of subject but do you happen to know offhand what the UTF-8 char is for pile-of-poo?
[23:46:08] <n1> how do you mean, takyon?
[23:46:21] <takyon> in that it's a leftist that was making extreme allegations against Obama and the official narrative of an iconic event, and the mainstream media was pretty dismissive of the story
[23:46:33] <takyon> see the article we ran for more details
[23:46:36] <n1> i have found stories on zh before and then got them from alternative sources
[23:46:53] * Bytram launches BabelMap
[23:46:54] <n1> the Kansas 'poor tax'
[23:46:56] <n1> being one of them
[23:48:34] <takyon> about the Pfizer Viagra story
[23:49:00] <n1> ?
[23:49:06] * Bytram finds PILE OF POO: &#x1F4A9; &#128169; \U0001F4A9 💩
[23:49:19] <takyon> I briefly considered running it myself from El Reg but seemed a little meh. The Gates Foundation does a lot of research, they just happened to fund a viagra beats malaria study
[23:49:36] <takyon> did you find that in my extension?
[23:49:39] <n1> i remember looking at it a few days ago
[23:49:57] <takyon> also I wouldn't post too many emojis in here, I think I crashed paulej72 with them last week
[23:50:25] <n1> the viagra story is not very interesting
[23:51:03] <takyon> it's time for me to submit to Soylent
[23:51:09] <takyon> (sounds degrading)
[23:51:24] <n1> it will be
[23:51:26] <n1> ;)